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TAP OUT Subwoofer Demos u0026 LOUD Car Audio BASS Systems @ The XS POWER Show u0026 SPL Competition

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Information TAP OUT Subwoofer Demos u0026 LOUD Car Audio BASS Systems @ The XS POWER Show u0026 SPL Competition

Title :  TAP OUT Subwoofer Demos u0026 LOUD Car Audio BASS Systems @ The XS POWER Show u0026 SPL Competition
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Frames TAP OUT Subwoofer Demos u0026 LOUD Car Audio BASS Systems @ The XS POWER Show u0026 SPL Competition

Description TAP OUT Subwoofer Demos u0026 LOUD Car Audio BASS Systems @ The XS POWER Show u0026 SPL Competition

Comments TAP OUT Subwoofer Demos u0026 LOUD Car Audio BASS Systems @ The XS POWER Show u0026 SPL Competition

David Teruel Gardon
Con esas vibraciones se os desmontara el xusco de cochebrTontitos americanosbrOMG!!!!
Comment from : David Teruel Gardon

Comment from : rotaryskratch

Tambak setoran chenel
Comment from : Tambak setoran chenel

Morten West Ørngreen
That's freaking insane ! brI have only once in my life since something similar to this at a gas stationbrA Swedish guy came to Denmark and I was there at that spot by luck, and he told me he used 20000 $ on his systembrWhen he turned up the system to the max to showoff for me at the gas station, the roof over us started to fall down piece by piecebrAbsolutely amazing !
Comment from : Morten West Ørngreen

Goldstoneholh Khumalo
My i have 1 car
Comment from : Goldstoneholh Khumalo

Rose Todaro
Windshields may have been broken but How many orgasms were produced?
Comment from : Rose Todaro

sprout sisters
Their tinnitus and the constant ringing in the ears it causes is gonna suck
Comment from : sprout sisters

Black folks music gets u the best bang for yo buck
Comment from : KING EDWARDS

Robert Lawson
Is there such thing as an Eardrum transplant??
Comment from : Robert Lawson

marco gutierrez
Gracias por ver mi video de mecanicaya me suscrivi a tu canalesta chingon
Comment from : marco gutierrez

13:55 song???
Comment from : Luke

Random Modified
Intro song: Clean Up - Navie D
Comment from : Random Modified

I luv loud music,but this goes beyond sanityThis is destroy your car,ruin your body and break everything around you madnesslol I luv it
Comment from : WillSr70

John Foreman
Hustler John company donations want one big tube guy I no they de grade onlynthey but maybe not hustler John company
Comment from : John Foreman

JD Fenix
All participants can no longer reproduce
Comment from : JD Fenix

Cecil Jones
I have a psi platform 4 15 beefed up put a Taramps 8k on it and played it until surround started to ripple and the coils started to smell? Those subwoofers can take a lot of abuse
Comment from : Cecil Jones

What song version @ 17:02 ??
Comment from : DubRpanda

MMatts back in the days Super loud Bass 🎉🎉 with their D amps
Comment from : M A

Kenson Bain
S d r ssssssss a aaaà0
Comment from : Kenson Bain

Cristian Brianzo
Name si music 4:20?
Comment from : Cristian Brianzo

Hyper Jhonnie
They need play sun trap music in these hoes
Comment from : Hyper Jhonnie

ZupGarage JPN
3,400th comment
Comment from : ZupGarage JPN

Your cute
Comment from : lil_A

J Far
Comment from : J Far

Gauge Pevahouse
what was the song at 12:25 ?
Comment from : Gauge Pevahouse

shippy shank
W video
Comment from : shippy shank

Jerrylou Nolasco
amazing! too much focus on damn loud bass! the boy forgot to clean his yellowish teeth 😂😅
Comment from : Jerrylou Nolasco

aleksander trindade
I was into loud systems as a teen ! It’s was awesome days but now 20 years later deaf in one ear and constantly ringing in the other! Wear ear plugs plus ear muffs people don’t be stupid like me and full of regret 20 years down the road 👍
Comment from : aleksander trindade

shouldnt even have windows lmao
Comment from : Damn

not enough bass
Comment from : Damn

Eljay CQB
Just out of this world aye
Comment from : Eljay CQB

Brian Locke
Great video man great content
Comment from : Brian Locke

Matthew Daugherty
What song is playing at 18:30 ?!
Comment from : Matthew Daugherty

Omkar Dhange
Those vibration actually interfere with ur heart beats
Comment from : Omkar Dhange

mmmm broken glass yummy!
Comment from : IamtheLordofDoom

Good to see there's no age discrimination Happy to make children or adults deaf ;)
Comment from : Beau

Let me stick my head in the deaf tube
Comment from : Beau

Gotta have a good hobby, but yall gunna be deaf as shit lol
Comment from : Beau

Sergey Matytsyn
Oxycon what let that dude finish what track he was playing man
Comment from : Sergey Matytsyn

First mf build a fcling subwoofer tank holy
Comment from : SavekillqqpSounds

What? What? What? That will be his only vocabulary in 10 years
Comment from : 68M35A2

Дедовский пердёжь любите? тогда мы идем с дедом к вам
Comment from : D T

Do you know a good amp that goes to 16 V to 18 V that is kind of cheap that has 20000 W of power?
Comment from : STREAMBOT6000

So can anybody tell me what is the point in the system you can't listen to for more than a minute??? Not to mention that you hearing will be done in no time
Comment from : P B

Jr R r
Its stupid
Comment from : Jr R r

03:37 Hates the bass monsterwhile currently building A BASS MONSTER!!! 🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : Heisenberg

Iain Mac
Some beautiful builds here, best thing is the audio community 👍🤙
Comment from : Iain Mac

Ike Raymond
Yaa that's dumb Kill people doing that Brain will move
Comment from : Ike Raymond

mike gabail
These are "excercise to break your ear drum" Said the ENT doctor 😂
Comment from : mike gabail

RichSCRatch Benitez Jaramillo
17:04 name pls
Comment from : RichSCRatch Benitez Jaramillo

Maleny Gomez
Que porkeria
Comment from : Maleny Gomez

Intune Box Designs
12:29 you can literally see the windshield eat itself
Comment from : Intune Box Designs

Timothy Datamo
Is there such a thing as negative frequency? Can a coin toss result in the coin landing on its edge, instead of heads or tails? Greetings, and welcome, I'm Chris Formage, and this is the Epsilon program
Comment from : Timothy Datamo

Jose jesus Medina jimenez
Hola saludos desde mexico
Comment from : Jose jesus Medina jimenez

Шилов Егор Петрович
There's not even a bass smell here, just a fart🔥
Comment from : Шилов Егор Петрович

I can't believe how dumb this is
Comment from : Justin

5:57 song?

Kristopher De Tar
This stuff is not musical whatsoever, it’s just body vibrators using audio Totally ridiculous how this has developed over the last 35 years
Comment from : Kristopher De Tar

Leonardo Oliveira
E forte até não ver a carreta treme treme
Comment from : Leonardo Oliveira

Jules Tielens
And obese ofcourse
Comment from : Jules Tielens

Comment from : SkywodLimule

Christian Smith
"Aw man I hate having to buy a new windshield every time I listen to music"
Comment from : Christian Smith

The Drift Nation
Where can I go to one of these events? I live in south Georgia so I've never seen stuff like this on this scale
Comment from : The Drift Nation

Derlis Ruiz Djs
That fashion is from the 90s haha It's a waste of time and money to put the speakers inward We put it here so that it is heard outside as if it were a disco or where the trunk door opens Then you stay anywhere you open the door and that's it
Comment from : Derlis Ruiz Djs

Comment from : くり

teeth runied but got good bass 🤣
Comment from : ba-zou-KA

Faraz Khan
Yeah this can only be done in one of those old Chevy trucks but damn my ears even from the headphones lmao
Comment from : Faraz Khan

That 36 mafia was slamming
Comment from : Kalek

Abdi Piano Channel
Tell me Are human ear drums stronger than car windshield glass?
Comment from : Abdi Piano Channel

Kevin Rayner
I remember in the 80s I had an 18 inch kicker In my Honda crx man did that bass with an alpine pull out 🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊
Comment from : Kevin Rayner

fariq addin
Imma pump up da bass till the gear shifter change gear it self! 😂😂😂
Comment from : fariq addin

Lazaros Kesidis
didnt knew hannibal was into loud systems @20:47
Comment from : Lazaros Kesidis

Jay Griffin
6:55 ishould I go to the dentist or buy a sound system?/ibrbrA decision was made that day
Comment from : Jay Griffin

how is that song named in the start of the video
Comment from : Zogis

breaking bad
Comment from : LEANDRO SUMIDA

Lightning Strikez Gaming
Just stupid Even ear plugs want help U can get air bubbles in ur blood at that decibel
Comment from : Lightning Strikez Gaming

Lightning Strikez Gaming
The military use noise to kill people with the new decibel weapons
Comment from : Lightning Strikez Gaming

Lightning Strikez Gaming
U don’t know it but u are damaging ur organs when u get that close to that decibel of noise U get older u will find out Not to mention ur ears
Comment from : Lightning Strikez Gaming

Larry Manning
I like how stuff just floats/vibrates around in the cabs That's awesome I'm almost 50 now and back when I was in high school bass was just becoming a thing Couple people had a couple twelves in their vehicles back then It has become way more powerful since then
Comment from : Larry Manning

atom Reynolds
No girls anywhere
Comment from : atom Reynolds

Holy piece of sh*t boii
Comment from : Kemo

Richard Thompson
What's the amount
Comment from : Richard Thompson

yu mi be ach
I have a kidney stone that I need broken up into smaller pieces, when's the next show? LOL!!!!
Comment from : yu mi be ach

Dytt Dyrt
Comment from : Dytt Dyrt

Dytt Dyrt
Comment from : Dytt Dyrt

Dytt Dyrt
Comment from : Dytt Dyrt

Matheus moreira
O cara é muito humilde parabéns exo
Comment from : Matheus moreira

Duwi Ag
Horeg 😂
Comment from : Duwi Ag

Michael Robinson
If you played that underwater the fish would be floating up dead
Comment from : Michael Robinson

“that if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation”br‭‭Romans‬ ‭10:9-10‬ ‭KJV‬‬
Comment from : allnone504

Henry Hallmann
So stupid
Comment from : Henry Hallmann

All you really need is 2 12s fr, anything more and you just looking for hearing problems
Comment from : chrisonthebeat

Comment from : NAC OK

Michael Byers
What was the song that Blake Hunt was playing?
Comment from : Michael Byers

I guess if you can afford to put a system like this in your vehicle, you can afford replacing the windshield 100-200 times a year No problem
Comment from : DaSpacechoechechoz

Alisabri Sadi
Is it possible for EV?
Comment from : Alisabri Sadi

como se escuchara una guaracha en esa madre??
Comment from : Bucio

would that shatter my gall bladder stones by any chance?
Comment from : CaLiDaRi

Matthew Derry
I got 4 6x9s that hit 1833db literally blew my trunk deck off, 15k RMS on a 6x9 it's crazy!
Comment from : Matthew Derry

yilbert Rosales
vaan a quedar chiclanees jajaja
Comment from : yilbert Rosales

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