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How to Mine Doge and LTC with Antminer L3+

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Information How to Mine Doge and LTC with Antminer L3+

Title :  How to Mine Doge and LTC with Antminer L3+
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Frames How to Mine Doge and LTC with Antminer L3+

Description How to Mine Doge and LTC with Antminer L3+

Comments How to Mine Doge and LTC with Antminer L3+

Son of a Tech
The first 1000 people to use the link will get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership: sklsh/sonofatech04214
Comment from : Son of a Tech

Francis Junior
Does this works in Nigeria? And how can one get all complete device?
Comment from : Francis Junior

L3 will still work on these in september? I like this option Thanks for the explanations
Comment from : Loulxidouxxah

tiara sills
How do you know if your rig is mining?
Comment from : tiara sills

tiara sills
Hello my name is Ashley I just received my acis antminer l3+ an have no idea what pool to inter can you help
Comment from : tiara sills

How much can I earn daily if I have a 3090 if I mine litecoin?
Comment from : MisterWealth

hi i just got an l3+ I would like to mine only litecoin for maximum performance, mining litecoin and dogecoin would be half?
Comment from : fenixcl

Thomas Marshall
You probably already know but FYI, Poolin has changed the way you go through the merged mining process a bit from your video
Comment from : Thomas Marshall

Is merge mining more profitable than just mining one or the other?
Comment from : Alan

roe shambo
did poolin remove merged mining
Comment from : roe shambo

Riley Johnson
I love you Son of a Tech!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Riley Johnson

Francisco Lizarraga
is this miner loud? like it has to be in its own room?
Comment from : Francisco Lizarraga

R Dibble
Thank you Very helpful for a guy just starting in this brbrI purchased my second rig, an Antminer L3++ thinking it could do more than it does (meaning mine different coins) It also came with a 240v power supply and that was contradictory to the power consumption calcs I had done at 1050w at 120v I was thinking it would not be profitable at 240v at 1050watts, but I realize now, I just ended up with a 240v Ppower supply because it came from ChinabrbrThis was very helpful to get me back on track
Comment from : R Dibble

Jonathan Guerra
Can this miner be connect in a regular apartment outlet? I would like to start mining but I wouldn’t be sure is this is a good fit
Comment from : Jonathan Guerra

Thanks Mate for guideline Well i saying today who is the best Miner for Litecoin dogcoin in cheap and best price???
Comment from : Roganworld

David Gagne
Man this is exactly what I needed!!! U are the man!
Comment from : David Gagne

Website: iminers,co
👆 Hi, If you need any antminers or GPU (NON LHR) We offer best miners for cryptocurrencies We have more thank 1000+ happy customer and work with 100+ resellers MINE FOR THE FUTURE⛏
Comment from : Website: iminers,co

Hey! I need some help, how do I know how many dogecoins I have? Because right now, I can see my litecoins earnings, but I don't know how to see my dogecoin, because I don't see it's "dashboard" on the website How do I know I am mining dogecoin as well, and where can I see it?
Comment from : XXNewEraXX

The sub-account settings to add account for merged mining does exist! This is BS
Comment from : MINING COINS

Red Foster
Excellent video ,,I had bought an L3++, found and followed your video instructions and now I'm off to the races made a little ove 9 $ today Thank you
Comment from : Red Foster

All About PC
thanks for this video i just bought L3+ today my first asic miner and you helped me set it up 😁
Comment from : All About PC

Hey brother configuring the miner, can please talk little more about why there re 3 pool options? you just keyed in the same url,worker name, pass same in all 3 pools? can it be differ for LTC and Doge?
Comment from : Yelpee

Great video still no idea how to merge
Comment from : DDK

Carlos Bautista
Thanks for the great video
Comment from : Carlos Bautista

Great guide! Waiting for mine!
Comment from : T0mcat33

Manuel Napolitano
I had only one question, and you answered here 5:15 lol
Comment from : Manuel Napolitano

Spotless Bird
I have coin base how do i set it up with coinbase?
Comment from : Spotless Bird

David Wencil Outdoors
Very informative video I learned a lot Thanks for the information I'm going to check this out Just subbed
Comment from : David Wencil Outdoors

If I am mining with prohashing using Scrypt am I merge mining?
Comment from : TheQuacken

Todd Gaito
Honestly man, don't know what I would do without you and your content IMO the best of the crypto channels
Comment from : Todd Gaito

I have a Question brother Do you leave this miner working 24/7 or you have to turn it off for some time to cool down ?
Comment from : CMoykful

Isaac Franco
please do a video of how to setup asic on hiveos, the video made by hiveos official is awful
Comment from : Isaac Franco

Jack Wislen
Do you get paid out daily?
Comment from : Jack Wislen

Aeon Mouse
litecoinpool only pays out in litecoinsupposedly you get more ltc than other pools They are stable and long established
Comment from : Aeon Mouse

Alexander Priore
There is literally a link that says "Use email instead"
Comment from : Alexander Priore

AI with Daniel
in Singapore here e-cost is 0168 kw/h, so Litecoin outcome cant cover the cost, but when merged with dogecoin, it sounds profitable, i will get one L3+ and have a try Anyways, thanks for this awesome tutorial video!
Comment from : AI with Daniel

Sheen Cyril Durens
Hi can you please help Me and my wife just recently bought a secondhand L3+ miner and we can't access the miner's user interface Can you give us tips how we can solve this issue because we have tried to reset it and everything but still the interface won't load
Comment from : Sheen Cyril Durens

john johnson
Hey son of a tech thanks for what your doing Question can I mine eth with me antminer l3+ or be paid out in eth? thanks
Comment from : john johnson

Artilugo online
if you merge mine ltc and DOGE do you you get less doge then if you only mine Doge?
Comment from : Artilugo online

Sharon Louisa
why would anyone choose this over seekhash with much more th/s?
Comment from : Sharon Louisa

Jaime Vargas
Thank you for the thorough explanation sir! Much appreciated!!!!!
Comment from : Jaime Vargas

Tudor Georgescu
You can actually register with an email address also You just have to click "Use email instead" on the sign up page
Comment from : Tudor Georgescu

A Memes
How much doge coin can I mine in a day
Comment from : A Memes

Rafael Miranda
How come when I click the Dashboard setting after we set up the Doge merge mining the URL option doesn't come up? It doesn't let me set up the final URL step even though I have the Doge Merge Mining settings turned on Any help would be appreciated Thanks!
Comment from : Rafael Miranda

[TTV]Pirates Booty
THIS VIDEO IS AWESOME! THANK YOU!!! Finally someone was able to explain things in a way that was easy to understand I actually bought an L3+ because of this video and I have another one on the way Thank you Keep the video coming!
Comment from : [TTV]Pirates Booty

Justin Nix
I would love to know what the best upgrades for the L3+ is
Comment from : Justin Nix

debbie brown
How do you set 2 of them to mine
Comment from : debbie brown

Peyo Weyo
My L3+ miner keeps saying Socket connect failed: Connection refused no one has been able to fix it any recommendations?
Comment from : Peyo Weyo

C Gleck
Oh yeah I ate a big red candle
Comment from : C Gleck

could it be possible doing all this from an android phone ?
Comment from : shemphen9

How i can see my Doge coin payments ?
Comment from : Falksympatico

Hòang Nguyễn Minh
i have a l3+ should i imne nice hash or pool ming
Comment from : Hòang Nguyễn Minh

Hey I am using @t to mine LTC and Doge and my haste dropped to 272 after 2 weeks of mining with l3+, how can I boost my hash rate?
Comment from : LondonGurl85

Salam Khan
Sir with an antminer l3+ how many litecoin can we get in 24 hours And what is the maximum hashrate that you have got sir Reply is very much appreciated thanks
Comment from : Salam Khan

If only this was available months ago when I nearly bought an l3+ Great video again
Comment from : TheDbn16

Sheraki Music
where do i see my doge earning
Comment from : Sheraki Music

Yes,,,,,,great bro thanks for the knowledge
Comment from : shemphen9

Art Gutierrez
I would like to start off saying I find most of your videos informative As someone who received their first L3's I learned how to set up merge mining and I thank you for that HOWEVER, if you r going to say which pool you have been using you could talk a little bit about it Like you need AT LEAST 500 DOGE before you can make a withdrawal ALSO when you go to make the withdrawal the fee to withdraw is 110 DOGE!!!! So the actual minimum you need is 610 DOGE Charging 110 DOGE to withdraw is a rip off, and I feel you should have told the viewers that trust you about the way the run DOGE withdrawals!!!
Comment from : Art Gutierrez

Castaly Canada
good video and content but tooooo much commercial on it :S
Comment from : Castaly Canada

Samario Torres
how do you turn off the litecoin just want to mine doge also, do you have any videos with your hash rate and preferably latest hash rate for doge? also best place to get an ant miner?
Comment from : Samario Torres

I'm mining an L3+ currently Been good Curious what may happen to these current yields after Eth 1559 and also Ethereum 20, even though they aren't directly related Any thoughts from anyone?
Comment from : P

Hey Son, I just ran IP scanner but nothing has names just addresses
Comment from : W H

Fabio Ferrante
Hi! thanks for the video, have you thought of using the Hiveos custom firmware? That would be an awesome following video of this series to check if you can still merge-mine the 2 coins like that and if any benefits associated with the use of Hiveos firmware
Comment from : Fabio Ferrante

Ryan Hull
Awesome, thanks!
Comment from : Ryan Hull

How many Doge coins can you mine in one day?
Comment from : cosmokramer4215

can't you just point this thing to a doge pool like unmineable? since the 1st URL is your main and the rest are failovers and use your own wallet
Comment from : bosskaggs

Hi, I followed your tutorial, all done and perfect, thank you I configured the Merged Mining with my own wallets address, but, I don’t know how where I see the Dodgecoin mined? Can you help me?
Comment from : rasstaylor

Elio Longhi
Isn’t the hashrate to low for an antminer? Is it possible to mine with another machine? I am starting mine and here in Brazil there is no information
Comment from : Elio Longhi

How do you mine litecion with gpu
Comment from : smaddogs

John R
I can't find a way to show the Doge mined in Poolin, only the LTC Is it possible?
Comment from : John R

I honestly dont even find the antminer l3+ to be that loud If I close the door to the room that the antminer is in, I cant even hardly hear it
Comment from : japanesecinema

says URL 3 is "dead" what does that mean?
Comment from : OurSerraFamily

can you provide a link to another reliable power supply? I just ordered the L3+ from amazon and unfortunately parallelminer is out of stock on the PSU
Comment from : W H

There’s a option so you can use mail Adresse to sign up
Comment from : Alex

Northern Virgina Homes Active Tours
Prohashing VS Zergpool Scrypt pool Any ideas?
Comment from : Northern Virgina Homes Active Tours

Sheraki Music
Comment from : Sheraki Music

How to mine just ltc, also is it less profitable?
Comment from : ahamdulila

Claus bmf
is prohashing worse?
Comment from : Claus bmf

Sir you are a gem amongst men Your mining ideas are the very best
Comment from : Genxrush

Hey manbrCould you make a vid on how to find brNew RPC URLbrChain idbrTo add different coins to metamask ?
Comment from : KnygnešyS

Adrian Hatwell
Thanks for this video, still waiting on my l3 but was wondering how to set it up Would love a follow-up in few days to see if has been making the dosh or should I say doge
Comment from : Adrian Hatwell

Coin Orca
Ok looking for as many opinions as I can get brbrI want to get started mining and don’t have a lot of money to start with brbrWhich road should I start down first:brbrA Helium hotspot mining brB GPU miningbrC Asus mining brbrI want to eventually do all 3 but which one is a better springboard?
Comment from : Coin Orca

The Ninja
What if I want to mine just DOGE and convert in myself? How would I go about doing it that way I mention this because doge is more profitable I believe at the moment
Comment from : The Ninja

i didnt see prohashing, thats what i am using i wonder whats the difference between pools
Comment from : Cryptechology

Rk -
Comment from : Rk -

Cup of Julia
I was incredibly tempted to buy one of these, but the noise and heat they put out just would be too much
Comment from : Cup of Julia

bluhanzo kappateam
What’s up with the hive pool significantly dropping $ for ethereum
Comment from : bluhanzo kappateam

Cameron Diaz approves this video 😂
Comment from : Anamnesis

David Farang
Exactly the video i needed thx bro Just bought 2 L3+
Comment from : David Farang

Simple Sailor
Comment from : Simple Sailor

Meet Step Sis Alcoholic Douchebag named  Kevin
Litecoin pool is the best but you won’t get any dogebrbrThey sell every doge block for more ltc So on this last doge rally you were getting 360 more ltc at the peak Currently at 280 pps
Comment from : Meet Step Sis Alcoholic Douchebag named Kevin

Way diff energy then that how to cpu mine doge 2 months ago
Comment from : Wave-fi

Matheus Costa
Thanks for the video, I was searching for this yesterday and found almost nothing good on youtube btw a quick tip, only talk about the thing that bothered you (in this case the coconut in the hair) latter in the video, I didnt notice until you written it on the screen hahaha much love from Brazil <3
Comment from : Matheus Costa

Paid the 199 for a month or 2 now and have not been able to get in to Rocket chat Been a while since I tried Sort of gave up on it
Comment from : DavenportTuber

AC Milan 1899
Gave up using loud ass asics a long time ago Horrible things Made good money though
Comment from : AC Milan 1899

You been pulling cables man? Looks like you got a little sheetrock dandruff there
Comment from : digus

Jerry Melinda
People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in cryptocurrency
Comment from : Jerry Melinda

Bullish life
Comment from : Bullish life

Stirta Productions
Hey father, what is the payout ofter 24h Thanks
Comment from : Stirta Productions

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