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How to break into a Greenwald coin box . coin op laundry vault

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Information How to break into a Greenwald coin box . coin op laundry vault

Title :  How to break into a Greenwald coin box . coin op laundry vault
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Frames How to break into a Greenwald coin box . coin op laundry vault

Description How to break into a Greenwald coin box . coin op laundry vault

Comments How to break into a Greenwald coin box . coin op laundry vault

Dan Lux
What size drill bit?
Comment from : Dan Lux

Brandon Dunn
what size bit did you use
Comment from : Brandon Dunn

Tricia Bartoletta
no waydoesn't work that easy
Comment from : Tricia Bartoletta

Thanks 👍 I sure will try to get it done soon
Comment from : TIPS FOR DUMMIES

Thanks for your response, I watched the video however the video showed how to open the cabinet with the key and I don't have the key I need to open the top lid because I want to change the price on the mechanism I will try to dril it, thanks again for your response
Comment from : TIPS FOR DUMMIES

I lost the key for the top access little plate, do you have a video on how to remove that part?
Comment from : TIPS FOR DUMMIES

Constantine La
I just did this and it works! You have to PUSH the drill into there really, really hard I had to lean all of my body weight into it You are drilling into metal after all Took out $220!
Comment from : Constantine La

Sonali Abraham
Thank you for this video! I'm in the exact same position (our keys got stolen) We don't want to put in coins any longer since it is a personal machine Quick question- after drilling out the coin box, would it be possible to NOT install a new coin box and just use the washer as is? Would the coins drop into the empty part (where the box used to be) if we insert coins into the slots and push it in to start as normal?
Comment from : Sonali Abraham

I want to know if the machine still works if the coin box is opened like this I have one of these at my house that my mom wants to use but doesn't want to give it quarters because we lost the key It's either use what we have or buy a new one Please tell me
Comment from : KillerGames

Zac Smith
Where can you get keys for this
Comment from : Zac Smith

Colony House Apartments
I have some newer machines but the lock system looks like yous mine says ESD on mine?? what is the part number on yours so i can order it to see if it would work for me if you dont mind
Comment from : Colony House Apartments

If I apply today’s days gained YouTube knowledge: Lock Picking Lawyer: Mad Skill, nondestructive & 1 minute This guy: Meh Skill & Destructive, 3 minutes Dallas SWAT on A&E: 0 skill, 6 hours of negotiating with the quarters to come out + 3 flash bangs, 2 gas canisters and 4 shape charges, and then the scene cuts to everyone retiring from the force I guess this guy wins
Comment from : ETOPS

Alexis Shuffit
Someone stole your video and got a lot of views on it
Comment from : Alexis Shuffit

Guy Code Academycom
Great video I bought a cheap coin-op washer from the Habitat for Humanity Restore Some a-hole stole the key from the machine while it was for sale (I told the lady working there to keep all coin-op keys behind the counter) What I'll do now is drill out the box and order a new box and key on eBay Many thanks
Comment from : Guy Code Academycom

Jeff Moos
My Greenwald UGH-800 boxes that utilize the flat style key were just broken into on 3 week old machines I didn';t even have the first chance to empty them! They hit 8 machines and who knows how much they got, but I assume quite a bit! We just took 1 new box to try an experiment on, so we installed the box and then ran a fair size flat head screw-driver into the lock key-way, tapped a few times with a hammer to set the screwdriver then with a pair of vice grips locked on the shaft of the screw drive I just twisted it clockwise and it opened What a piece of garbage from Greenwald and they have to know this! I have found the best coin box locks to be the barrel style and I am now looking around to find the barrel style locks that I can install into these brand new boxes I bought (machines came with the Greenwald flat key style coin box and I had no choice of lock style) Buyer we aware
Comment from : Jeff Moos

Addi Bear
Will a 7/64 bit work
Comment from : Addi Bear

stacey salas
So we are trying to get the coin box off of our dryer and have broken 4 bits inside of the key hole, any suggestions?
Comment from : stacey salas

Enmanuel Sosa
Thank you !!
Comment from : Enmanuel Sosa

Awesome videothanks
Comment from : Thomas11wjy

Seems like it would take less time to just pick the lock
Comment from : nikushim666

Oscar Garcia
I am toying with the idea of buying a coin operated business such as a laundromat or DIY car wash I would be very grateful if I could get some insight into the business from people who are or were in the business Thank You
Comment from : Oscar Garcia

chris papa
Hahaha lots of trouble and lots of tools and noise for stealing a few dollar coins Don’t forget that they empty these money boxes daily
Comment from : chris papa

Rachel K
It’s makes too much noise
Comment from : Rachel K

Terry Wilson
something else to consider is if your worried that folks may do this to your vending machines, use a stronger lock(they make medeco, abloy, etc locks to fit these) and welli hope you have a LOT of drill bits for those locks to do this Also keep in mind that this also cuts down severely on folks just having a key made and dumping the profits away from you
Comment from : Terry Wilson

Why not just buy a replacement key for 4 bucks
Comment from : FlyLikeKingz

GAR mind DFKutulas
Pays to use 6our own mind excellent
Comment from : GAR mind DFKutulas

Gloria Montgomery
Question: What size drill bit is that?
Comment from : Gloria Montgomery

To all you haters There's nothing new about drilling out locks breakerbroke23 showed everyone how not to get ripped off by locksmiths, that's all!
Comment from : augenbutter

Debbie Black
It seems as though you had good intentions, but you effectively showed everyone how to defeat the lock Most are likely not machine owners Please pull the video
Comment from : Debbie Black

grab the sky
I have some for sale
Comment from : grab the sky

Thanks for the video! Saved me $300 on a locksmith
Comment from : Киров

Richard Eugene Gower
what size drill bit did you use?
Comment from : Richard Eugene Gower

Hi, Im thinking your bit is for steel What size of a bit? 1/4 "??? It would have been so much easier if I just made a note of the key code on the key Live and learn the hard way :)br I do have to say"lock only keep honest people out"
Comment from : Eveyd

Dude! I love your replies to the negative comments I just purchased a building with a no keys to the washer I will try this technique later Thanks for posting!!!
Comment from : kevin

Queen nelly
where do you order the locks from?
Comment from : Queen nelly

black black
does this work for all kind of machines
Comment from : black black

Racheal Johnson
Comment from : Racheal Johnson

Kirino Kousaka
just use the master key
Comment from : Kirino Kousaka

World-Traveler Don Leske
Thanks, the owners bought this building at Auctionno keys of course, so I spent about 2 hours, burnt out 8 drill bits and finally chiseled off the heads with a numismatic air chisel Whew 11 more machines to go if the keys are different I am betting, hoping, that they are the same key I guess if someone wants to get in, you can't keep them out
Comment from : World-Traveler Don Leske

Ashley Benner
We've recently lost the keys to 2 of our coin op dryers They have cylinder locks instead of regular key locks We've gotten past the drilling part but can't seem to get the box to release Any tips?
Comment from : Ashley Benner

Timothy Wojnar
what drill bit size did you use?
Comment from : Timothy Wojnar

Keeping Up With Chels
I've drilled mine as my keys lost and it won't come out , it won't break the back it's made a hole but no joy , what have I done wrong it is a green Walt ultra lock is that the same as your machine , I've lost 6 keys and need to empty my machines asap
Comment from : Keeping Up With Chels

Abram Ruelas
how to steal 101 haha
Comment from : Abram Ruelas

Bee Ess
Isn't this like a tutorial for thieves? Is this presentation even legal?brI find this outrageous I will ask my lawyer if such videos are legal
Comment from : Bee Ess

Sunny Jim
Thanks, that is exactly how the thieves got into my coin boxes Have to replace eight locks now Where do I send the bill?
Comment from : Sunny Jim

We have a Maytag washer and this method hasn't worked Should we try something different? Please help!!
Comment from : BernFam

Can I use this method to break into any brand coin boxes? My laundry key got stolen as well
Comment from : Arunita

Justin Kvols
Does the top have to be open? I can't find my 7 pin key either
Comment from : Justin Kvols

Hello can you send me a message we have a couple questions Where can we buy the box with the key?
Comment from : Anitakiss20

Woodberry Maxima
I cant even get pass the screw driver part of bending it
Comment from : Woodberry Maxima

Woodberry Maxima
That shit dont work i tried it
Comment from : Woodberry Maxima

Sogand Tehrani
Hi, i can't seem to even get past the screwdriver part going back-and-forth to open up space for my drill bit Any advice? Thanks
Comment from : Sogand Tehrani

m green
This wasn't as easy as it looks Seems a 5/16 bit is too big even after widening the slot I have been trying a 3/16-which does fit but I've broken a few bits already!
Comment from : m green

Marcial Mendez
What size Drill but n type? Thanks
Comment from : Marcial Mendez

Dr Mark Alan Manning, DNP
Thanks buddy, great video
Comment from : Dr Mark Alan Manning, DNP

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