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The Gold Maple Leaf Coin! Why It Is So Special!

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Information The Gold Maple Leaf Coin! Why It Is So Special!

Title :  The Gold Maple Leaf Coin! Why It Is So Special!
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Frames The Gold Maple Leaf Coin! Why It Is So Special!

Description The Gold Maple Leaf Coin! Why It Is So Special!

Comments The Gold Maple Leaf Coin! Why It Is So Special!

Silver Lover
I just love the Canadian coins I think because I find them much more attractive than any other
Comment from : Silver Lover

jean dubreuil
Just bought a 10 0z maple leaf with a 50$ face value!brGreat information, thanks for making these videos
Comment from : jean dubreuil

Absolutely beautiful coin I plan to buy one tomorrow Thanks for the video
Comment from : Mkundera

Joe Schebler
Comment from : Joe Schebler

Hugo Stiglitz
I can't stand the queen She looks like a dull caricature on the maple Now the queen on the 2021 Britannia is the way the queen should look If we have to look at that androgynous reptilian wench
Comment from : Hugo Stiglitz

Skyler Small
The golden buffalo is both thicker and larger in diameter according to JM bullion numbers If both are 9999 gold how is that possible being 1 oz in weight but different volume?
Comment from : Skyler Small

B&N Ferguson
Damn Sal I cringe when I see your not wearing gloves,but that is just me😱
Comment from : B&N Ferguson

Burn Stillskin
You should be wearing a white glove handling that gold coinmint gives them for free if you buy enough gold
Comment from : Burn Stillskin

Beautiful coins! I just bought two quarter once Gold Maple Leaves I'd love to get more US gold coins but the premiums are too high right now I will probably get some more of these or the slightly less expensive Philharmonics
Comment from : J L

I like the size too But would have been fine with 32,7 mm too Perhaps that would have been slightly better although I too like the even smaller size The reason: The Krugerrand was first so it could just set the size IMHO if you don't have the most popular bullion in the world and also a different size then you're behind on points right from the start A very large portion of the stackers don't mind mixing a lot of different coins When it's time to sell them you'll sell one or max two at a time It's not like silver and you grab the phone to call you dealer and say "Hey, I got 10 Maples can you make a great offer?!" No most likely (for me) it also comes down to storage when choosing which coin to buy based on availablility and premiums Unfortunately no really great system exist so keeping them same size is a huge plus With the same capsules I can store Krugerrands, Britannias, Eagles and Buffaloes If only the Buffaloes wasn't that exorbitant a premium outside US that'd be an easy choice for 24K gold since my local dealer still hasn't got Britannias Maples he has but then there's the storage issue For all the other coins out there you need a different size I'd really like a system with an outer diameter big enough to fit Philharmonikers and either direct fit or by rings to fit all other bullion coins Fine that one capsule is not multi rings so has to be bought for that diameter/thickness but the outside diameter should be the same The closest to such a system I've found is the Leuchtturm (Lighthouse) Quadrum but it also wastes more space Not that it matter that much with my amount but none the less
Comment from : HifiCentret

There also is a 1 gram maple leaf coin
Comment from : theDodgyBeaver

HD Dyna lowrider
Dont they make a five nines fine br99999 ???
Comment from : HD Dyna lowrider

B Picard
Nice coin but if you can’t afford the big boys the little brothers are just as nice
Comment from : B Picard

Accumulating Au
I went back and rewatched this video I appreciate you making this particular one especially I've been trying to get around these crazy high premiums recently and I'm about to pull the trigger on an order within a few weeks As much as I would like to buy a buffalo, I see these coins on par with their US Mint cousin It's hard for me to justify a nearly $200 premium buffalo when I can save $90 in premiums with this coin I still haven't made my mind completely up yet but I'm definitely leaning towards ordering a maple leaf 👍🤘
Comment from : Accumulating Au

Edgar Wilson Roial
The Maple Leaf is beautiful except that I don't like the queen's bust on it
Comment from : Edgar Wilson Roial

Ilija Bosnjak
Yes Maples are nice, I only have silver but my favourite for looks is Brittania and StHelena
Comment from : Ilija Bosnjak

Nice video! I ordered my first maple today, can’t wait to see it
Comment from : ThomasAnonymous

Lucky Winner
Sal!brbrI don't think if you take the American gold Eagle in Asia they'll take it because it's only 22K Asian countries want 24 K so the Maple Leafs are better to have than American Gold Eagle
Comment from : Lucky Winner

Good video A quick note about the queen on this coin is that she had requested that she not wear a crown to respect Canada's soveregnty She is only symbolic in Canadas constituional monarchy If you have Netflix, consider watching The Crown to learn about her she is quite likable in that series Finally The 1oz Britannia coin for 2021 has four security featurea and I might try to buy one of those this year
Comment from : dwaynejava

mark Markg
i stack eagles and maples the maple is stunning!
Comment from : mark Markg

The RCM recently came out with (5) 99999's for their largest coins
Comment from : TypeSly

Capsules are less than a dollar get one on that beautiful bitch 9999 FTW!
Comment from : TypeSly

I have just checked out a Canadian Maple 2021 and discovered 3 vertical scratches (visible by eye, no need for magnifying glass) the weight is 3122how much less do you think it would worth due to the scratches?bralso, i just pinged it and it doesn't chime like my golden 1 oz schillinghave you pinged yours?
Comment from : needsomehike

Fiat Destroyer
This was interesting, Sal, thanks for sharing!🔥🔥
Comment from : Fiat Destroyer

Raf Tea
I live in Europe and this coin is not behind American Eagle in terms of popularity It is ahead of it American Eagle is not very popular The most popular based on my experience is Britannia Krugerrand and Philharmonic
Comment from : Raf Tea

Savage Stacker
If I can’t find my Buffalo’s then I grab the maple leafs as for the 1oz gold coins Love the maple 🍁
Comment from : Savage Stacker

hope RCM gave you a 1oz gold freeby for your stellar review of their products Sal :) greetings from England
Comment from : Pauluss

Fred Watson
Ya sal i have to admit the maple leaf is a very detailed coin i own only silver and i do have a few of these coins in silver and i have noticed that the care that the put into these is unmatched
Comment from : Fred Watson

mrr smithh
I’m personally partial to the wildlife 99999 series!
Comment from : mrr smithh

Franz Alyn Yarra
You need some ginger tea for that sore throat
Comment from : Franz Alyn Yarra

I hate your video! I just bought a gold maple leaf because of youbrbrAnd one of these - wwwapmexcom/product/197568/2-oz-silver-high-relief-round-salivate-metal
Comment from : EndtheDrugWarTodaycom

Larry Kenyon
Looks like crap
Comment from : Larry Kenyon

Chris MacDonald
Beauty Eh??
Comment from : Chris MacDonald

Garry McCollum
I’ll give $60 for that $50 coin😉
Comment from : Garry McCollum

Martial Health
Look at that gorgeous luster! There's just something about pure Au Stack it high and wide!
Comment from : Martial Health

I wish the US had a real competitor to the Maple Leaf :(brI know you have the Buffalo but it's only in 1 oz No 1/2, 1/4 or 1/10 oz of pure US gold coin
Comment from : Olivier

Billy Bob Mirango
Enjoyed the vid Sal Very cool history! The one thought which occured to me though, with the DNA security element, do you think governments can track where your gold is? brbrThe only issue I have with the vid today is your terminology It is either a coin or bullion Cannot be a "bullion coin"it is a conflict of terms Bullion by definition is: br1)"bul·lionbrbr/ˈbo͝olyən/ brnounbr1 brgold or silver in bulk before coining, or valued by weight "brb**before coiningbefore coiningbefore coining**/bbrbrbr2) bullion brnoun [ U ] brUK /ˈbʊliən/ US /ˈbʊliən/ br gold or silver in the form of barsbrbr3)bul·lion (bo͝ol′yən) brn br1 bra Gold or silver considered with respect to quantity rather than value brb Gold or silver in the form of bars, ingots, or platesbrbr> Coins have a government stamped value on them regardless if being made of a precious metal or not If the price of gold goes very low in the future due to excessive supply from mining asteroids and the ocean, those gold coins are legal tender worth a minimum of $50 However, in the same situation, bullion bars would be near worthless A question to ask yourself considering the above scenario: If gold's designation as a PM was lost due to massive supply and gold became en par with copper's price today, would you still call the maple a "bullion coin"? (not sure if you would)brbrSorry Sal, I will continue to disagree with your use of "bullion coins" rather than calling them bullion or coins
Comment from : Billy Bob Mirango

James M
Love thick coins, kind of a throwback to old school treasure IIRC The gold libertads came out in 1981 and they were 999! Silver Libertads were the first pure silver bullion coins, coming out in 1982
Comment from : James M

2 is 1
My first 1oz gold coin was a CML They have some kind of magic in them
Comment from : 2 is 1

johnny b
Gold maple leaf is one of my favorite coins!!
Comment from : johnny b

Gaz Grill
I do like the smaller diameter making for a thicker coin
Comment from : Gaz Grill

Eddies Little Stack
The Gold Maple Leaf Coin!brWhy It Is So Special ?brOh that just reminds me of the church lady from SNL, back when they were a touch funny "Well isn't that special !?"brCool history lesson there
Comment from : Eddies Little Stack

Lucy Stacks
And the security features are great and the purity You are very right Sal!
Comment from : Lucy Stacks

Lucy Stacks
I like the maple leaf 🍁
Comment from : Lucy Stacks

If you breathe on it the wrong way and ding it you will get quoted a "special" price when you sell itbrLOL
Comment from : melbedewy

Tomokos Enterprize
I must say it is a true beauty made from our purest gold I have a few but have far more than it's little brother They both are 4 x 9's and I just rightfully love them There will be more of both to find there new home here with me As much as this will irritate some down there, "God Save Our Queen" Great post old friend
Comment from : Tomokos Enterprize

kuna coins
Still don't have one yet but love the maples
Comment from : kuna coins

Fun useless facts: Canada started making the fractional 1/10 gold Maple Leaf in 1982 (9999 fine) South Africa began making fractional 1/10 gold Krugerrand two years earlier in 1980
Comment from : HiSteve

Stacking Silver Counting Sheep
I'd ruther have a buffalo
Comment from : Stacking Silver Counting Sheep

Aloha Stacker
I enjoy my Canadian Maple Leafs gold and silver! Now that they are trying to prevent milk spots on silver and the gold is just so nice!
Comment from : Aloha Stacker

Thomas Crowne
Always been one of my favs Who's the d*$k that gave you a thumbs down?
Comment from : Thomas Crowne

Barbara Carbone
Surely a beautiful coin, Sal The very first coin I ever purchased was the silver incuse maple leaf RCM always delivers, in my opinion Thanks SFU
Comment from : Barbara Carbone

Terence McKenna
I only have 50 oz of gold Of the 50, only 10 1oz Canadian Looking to buy another 30-50 oz in the coming weeks All of my coins are Canadian and pre 1933 American What do you recommend I should get?
Comment from : Terence McKenna

Ess Jay
I buy maples for the same reasons It's globally recognised and highly liquid If I can't get maples I buy Perth mint coins, preferably maples though
Comment from : Ess Jay

I don't like the current maple leaf design All those parallel lines in the background just look horrible I understand that it is for security reasonsbut you would think they could come up with something better 🍻
Comment from : SCAM DEMIC

Coin Hound
Very nice history of the maple leaf Thanks for putting that together
Comment from : Coin Hound

Coins A-Z
Sal: "gold maple leaf is soooooooo special awesome unique blah, blah, blah"brMe: b"Meh, whateverit's just a generic bullion round with a boring never changing design & a nominal fiat value stamped onto it"/b
Comment from : Coins A-Z

Geoff Bosco
Got one the way following the recent gold correction
Comment from : Geoff Bosco

Donald in New Mexico
Comment from : Donald in New Mexico

stackn and packn
If you leave the US you will find that US issued gold and silver coins are not the most recognizable or the most sought after That is a premium ploy that fools people into overspending The East has never placed the faith in Govt fiat like the West has done This translates to a greater trade and holding of physical gold in the East over Western countries The US issued gold and silver is not the most recognized nor the most sought after That false hood is like saying the USA is the most free country in the world It is just not true
Comment from : stackn and packn

Prospector James Marshall
Im partial to them but I also live in Canada Great video Sal, thank you for putting the spotlight on the maple and describing the security features on it
Comment from : Prospector James Marshall

4th effigy
Comment from : Krzysiufpp

Injunjim Winner
More recognizable than a Buffalo?
Comment from : Injunjim Winner

You can buy a lot of Molson and donuts with a Maple and have enough left over for a pair of skates and a hockey stick when you're oat and a boat!brGet In!
Comment from : Gringo

It's ok i suppose, but I never have liked that rendition of the queen
Comment from : CyberCurtainTwitcher

I love those kind of videos Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge Cheers to you Sir
Comment from : ikust007

Question : it has the bad reputation of milking spot What’s your view on that please ?
Comment from : ikust007

Interesting from where I am :)
Comment from : ikust007

gold maple
This is an awesome video, Sal I really enjoyed it so much My favourite Sal video of all time It gives me a great pleasure as a Canadian to hear about the 1 Oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf It's my favourite bullion coin of all gold bullion coins I get passionate whenever I see the 1 Oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Whenever I see this coin, I feel I died and went to heaven
Comment from : gold maple

My Kitten Is A Black Belt
Sup Mister SM and everyone
Comment from : My Kitten Is A Black Belt

Dissident Aggressor
The quarter ounce pieces come with various imagesbrBut I’ve only seen 1 ounce pieces with a leaf, and the number 40 wrapped around it
Comment from : Dissident Aggressor

silver scientists
Beautiful coin I have yet to add a gold maple 🍁 to my stack, I agree they are great looking and love the radial lines
Comment from : silver scientists

I'm glad you like the Gold Maple Leaf 4 9s fine I prefer to 4-9s fine American Buffalo But, alas to broke in retirement to acquire any
Comment from : MDH

Very nice Sal You are probably aware of the 5 nines pure with a $200 face value In the wild life series
Comment from : SilverLion

Chris Phipps
Maple Leafs are my favorite gold coin They may have not gone up in $ value as much as bitcoin, but at least I can hold them in my hands & let my cats play with them
Comment from : Chris Phipps

The Royal Canadian Mint now has 99999 products Personally I don't think it makes any difference being 3, 4, or 5 nines purity but it's still impressive they can do it
Comment from : Silverholic

Bob Sullivan
I also don’t like the radial lines on silver 🪙 and gold 🟡 Maples 🤮brI much prefer the chain weave look of the Royal Mint coins, or the simple beauty of American Buffaloes 🦬 and Eagles 🦅
Comment from : Bob Sullivan

Mark B
Comment from : Mark B

Bob Sullivan
6:40 Thicker is better - that’s what she said
Comment from : Bob Sullivan

Bob Sullivan
I think the RCM were the first to use electrolytic purification so the could get to four-nines (9999) and then five-nines (99999)
Comment from : Bob Sullivan

Bob Sullivan
I haven’t been a fan of recent Maples🍁 because - just bein’ honest - I don’t like that effigy of the Queen brbrEarlier versions are nice, but not this recent design
Comment from : Bob Sullivan

Jade Nephrite
Regarding 9:02, the Royal Canadian Mint Anti-Counterfeiting Device features Bullion DNA technology which is a digital fingerprint reader that can identify if a coin is genuine in reference to its data base Watch the demonstration @ wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=9T_vk_foH50&feature=emb_logo Read the article @ coinweekcom/bullion-report/royal-canadian-mint-launches-bullion-anti-counterfeiting-device/
Comment from : Jade Nephrite

Happy Sunday from 🇨🇦🍁🇨🇦brShe's a beaut, for sure!
Comment from : TheRazzaManazza

Opted for the 1st year of the 25 x 1g sheet of RCM G coins They look like exclusive contraception pills Each packaged with COA number Bought when G was low and now proven to be a quality purchase
Comment from : mazza

mike gee
Sal, beautiful gold Maple leaf it is beautiful coin so is a silver maple leaf for nines beautiful thank you
Comment from : mike gee

Dazedandconfused stacker
Liz the lizard
Comment from : Dazedandconfused stacker

Rick Endfed
Can’t argue with quality
Comment from : Rick Endfed

Northern Coins
She's s little beauty, it's on my list, just behind the buffalo and Britannia coins, God bless you sir, don't have a good day, have a great day
Comment from : Northern Coins

Silver Honda
Is 999 and/or 9999 fine still 24 karat gold?
Comment from : Silver Honda

Sal you should follow GeorgeNews on T3lagram
Comment from : LittleZeke78

Silver Wolverine
That coin laying flat like that looks like it has water drips all over it
Comment from : Silver Wolverine

Talking Bullion
Beautiful coins for sureI love the purity of them as well! Thanks Salanother great video!!!
Comment from : Talking Bullion

I like the polished details of the Maple Leaf Last year, these coins were available without backorder, while Eagles were a little harder to come by Maybe because Canadians don't buy them?
Comment from : DudeDave

Rocky superstar
LIKEEEE Last What are you doing up this early on a Sunday brSAL THIS is the Day of Rest GOOD MORNING Tere , brGood Morning Barbie :-))
Comment from : Rocky superstar

John Doe
the Canadian weed leaf
Comment from : John Doe

richard c
It is so sad Salivate, the virus mutation occurring will not be arrested by the current vaccines, the world is going to hell, people are starving and here we are talking about metals as people starve, its over my man!
Comment from : richard c

Money Stacker
I love the details with the radial lines This is a high quality peice from the RCM I don't own any canadian gold but I appreciate the beauty of their work
Comment from : Money Stacker

So much dislike for the queen I don’t mind her at all, now when she is replaced Charles that will be odd to see
Comment from : wheelzwheela

Steve AU/AG
One of my favorite coins to own I love them, especially if I get them new with no scratches on them and can put them in a capsule to keep them in great condition
Comment from : Steve AU/AG

Silver Honda
Like # 60 and I still beat Rocky superstarvooom vooom 🚙🚙🚙
Comment from : Silver Honda

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