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Memorize The Full Guitar Fretboard in Seconds!

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Information Memorize The Full Guitar Fretboard in Seconds!

Title :  Memorize The Full Guitar Fretboard in Seconds!
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Frames Memorize The Full Guitar Fretboard in Seconds!

Description Memorize The Full Guitar Fretboard in Seconds!

Comments Memorize The Full Guitar Fretboard in Seconds!

very cool, whered you learn this?
Comment from : Jarnat3h

Eric Williamson
Great video Your dog sounds adorable Invisible, but adorable
Comment from : Eric Williamson

Best way I remember all the fret notes : remember all big major notes on each string from neck head up to guitar body and then remember the big major notes on all 6 strings going up and down ( cross way ) alphabetical order from A - G br# & b ‘s will fall into place
Comment from : RocknGpa

William L
I memorized them, yupin weeks not minutes
Comment from : William L

Wow you actually used to make content that appeals to guitar players at one point
Comment from : RhythmOvPain

Keith Conner
Very helpful
Comment from : Keith Conner

What about F?
Comment from : FreeRageChicken

Chuck Davenport
Great job! It works for me thnx
Comment from : Chuck Davenport

Kipperbob Sam
I learnt the fretboard notes from high to low in a similar way with the acronym, FCGDAEB, Fat Cats Get Drowsy After Eating Bananas, or the order of 5th's,
Comment from : Kipperbob Sam

What happens when your dog's name is rover ❓😂👍
Comment from : I AM AN OVERCOMER

Kawaii Carrot
Great lesson Dave 😄
Comment from : Kawaii Carrot

Chagas Fernandes
Comment from : Chagas Fernandes

lee shafer
So the top of that diagram shows the bottom or 6th string of the guitar?
Comment from : lee shafer

Gotta be honest--I'm getting a headache just watching this
Comment from : CSharp

Josh Cobb
Liked him a lot better when I thought he had named a dog after a note selection
Comment from : Josh Cobb

Colin K
Great vid, very well explained
Comment from : Colin K

Rayan Agarm
Comment from : Rayan Agarm

Comment from : smiley60ish

Within seconds I’m lost
Comment from : J J

Peter Boyle
This is an amazing video the BEAD Great Catch method works so well for me Thanks so much
Comment from : Peter Boyle

Ramiro Diaz
Excelente video, saludos desde Argentina!!
Comment from : Ramiro Diaz

Comment from : 🫀Peaxce🫀

I used to learn this with B E A D and G C F (= get close friends) with a one fret up on the B string Easy way
Comment from : Rob

I love free! Lol! Youtube should always stay that way (Free with sign-up) no thank you
Comment from : pararanman58635

Steve Hilliar
What a fantastic description, thanks a lot, a master at work
Comment from : Steve Hilliar

Pete Sesplankis
This is probably the easiest one if found on youtube Thanks!
Comment from : Pete Sesplankis

Great teacher gifted with wisdom Subscribed
Comment from : AMDG

Baxter B
You should get a dog (or cat) as there are so many animals that need a good home if you can give one, and only if you can give a good home There is responsibility though Thanks for the teaching - it helps a lot! brA
Comment from : Baxter B

F Coleman
Love this - every beginning guitarist should see this
Comment from : F Coleman

Just found You! Keeping it simple is a winner Great lesson I am now "a follower" :-)
Comment from : SKOVDEPETE

OK use the circle of fourths to find the notes, but how do you group octaves?
Comment from : WES

Andy Davies
Holy crap! how have I never heard of this before Thank you!!!!!
Comment from : Andy Davies

paul Newman
seconds,the video goes on for six minutes,nah thanks
Comment from : paul Newman

Another exercise, is to play the notes on each string in the order BEADGCF, saying (or better yet, singing) the name of each note If you do not say/sing the notes, it will take longer to learn - as much as 5 times longer !!!!brDo this for, say, 10 minutes each day You can do the strings in any order, and make it different each day Add/alternate the notes at the 12th fret and above when you have mastered the first 12 Reverse the order, start at a different note in the sequence (B comes after F), etc and you iwill/i know the fretboard inside out in under a week
Comment from : Kyrelel

Achmea Eureko
Battle Ends And Down Goes Charles Farther)
Comment from : Achmea Eureko

angela s
Thank you! I play piano, so it's different because you can't take the same chord and just move it up an octave like a piano This makes a lot of sense!
Comment from : angela s

Barry Stephens
Very helpful David - thanks so much - combined this with the visual patterns of the natural notes on each fret and i think i actually have them memorized finally!
Comment from : Barry Stephens

I memorizedbrThe guitar fretboardbrBy the key of C brCbrc# brbrDbrd#brbrE brFbrF #brG brg#brbrAbra#brbrB
Comment from : D

Bike Life
Holy fuck I’ve been working on this for a long time Now I’m done after this one video You are a god damn genius Just changed my life
Comment from : Bike Life

I lately have been playing a game Can't always remember to do it I try to get a unfamiliar fretlike say Dbthat would be be Db Gb Cb Fb The b string is bra 3rd up as you know E to G#G# better be a fourth up G# A# B# CbI actually like to see patternsbrlike on the 12th fret 3rd string (G)brnote That G better have the major 6 on 12th fret (e) Using the fretboard is actually a super good way to see the intervals I sometimes am totally amazed This year after playing bar G7 at the 3rf Fret I made what I thought was a G6 I thought why don't I get a G13 from the bar chord I looked at it I was already making the easiest full G7 that I have made I had been making it since about 1978 I got involved in jazz guitar sometime in the early 90sWhat I was thinking was a G6brwas a G7 Nice way to remember the fretboard
Comment from : PIANOSTYLE100

I find it very helpful No matter what I am trying to memorize to take a quick look at the keyboardPiano Guitarit's a good thing to just draw things out in a spiral notebook I use them because pages don't fall out Fellow creator since 2007 Started Pianostyle100 in 2013
Comment from : PIANOSTYLE100

Thanks David, love your lessons Lightbulb moments all over the place
Comment from : Rohit

kamaksh Sharma
this is absolutely brilliantthanks for the lesson david
Comment from : kamaksh Sharma

This 'aide-memoire' is new to me Very nice presentation David This has been very helpful Many thanks
Comment from : arthurmee

Andrej Z89
Love your lessons, but frankly think that this one just won't work for me Have other ways of getting around, and this way seems kinda complicated to me Great that others seem to really like this approach Thank you for your lessons, it's appreciated! :)
Comment from : Andrej Z89

Sushant M
Great smile you have Sir 🤘🥰☺️
Comment from : Sushant M

Also Step 3 - E and F to 3rd string E and F to 2nd string
Comment from : Danpoet

Step 3 - Add add F to fifth string, and E and F to fourth string Step 4(BEAD Great Catch!)- Add E and F to fourth string, F to second string, F to 3rd string, and F to fifth string Step 4(BC-EF)- Add E and F to fourth string, and F to fifth string
Comment from : Danpoet

Johnson Q Emphaasis
BEAD GCF - LOL :) nice
Comment from : Johnson Q Emphaasis

Rocko Zipzone
I tried the download the lesson files link, it didn't work :(
Comment from : Rocko Zipzone

Fingers of fire
Interesting way of learning the freeboard For me I just I learned it my visualizing all the notes on the fretboard going up lineally For some strange reason I could always look at the fretboard and see the notes I think because as soon as I started playing the guitar I taught myself to read music at the same time which forced me to think of the fretboard as notes not just shapes Anyway great lessons and very well made videos
Comment from : Fingers of fire

Timothy Smith
Chords 7,9,11,13 sus
Comment from : Timothy Smith

Malcolm Brewer
Great Lesson Dave, I love this concept
Comment from : Malcolm Brewer

cool learning trick! thanks for the video!!
Comment from : zetaminor77

Jonathan King
Excellent David - the last sus4 shape finalised the picture - great stuff
Comment from : Jonathan King

Nancy Washor
I agree with Ryan,this is not for beginners plus can not be downloaded
Comment from : Nancy Washor

Kirk Wrinkle
Awesome way to memorize the fretboard! Thanks for sharing!
Comment from : Kirk Wrinkle

Brian Newman
So you are saying there’s a patternhmmm:)
Comment from : Brian Newman

Eddie Doyle
This method is strange , but I can understand why it could work , I have seen countless ways or methods geared at memorizing the fretboard , this one combines linear and vertical aspects , but in a more compact way , I started learning guitar when I was 8 , and I am 57 now ! Holy crap ! Where did the time go ? Believe me , it goes fast ! But information like this didn’t exist , there was very little to help learn back then , what took me 10 years to learn would take only 2 years today , amazing , thanks David
Comment from : Eddie Doyle

I actually use this with students to a high degree of success I call it Ghost String theory and ask students to imagine a 7 string guitar That 7th string would be tuned to B (mirroring the 2nd string; just like the 1st mirrors the 6th) If we add that "ghost string" and use the circle of fourths the fretboard just loops around in the following pattern on strings 7 thru 3, B E A D G C F Bb Eb Ab Db, all the way up the neck (you stop at Db because Cb and Fb are B and E and they are just the start of the next cycle) knowing this means that if you know where you are currently then POSITIONALLY you can know the notes above you, below you and around you as David showed us here in this video - and that is the real power (It also allows them to equate the 1st and 2nd strings with the ghost and 6th much like we allow students currently to equate the 6th and 1st now) And understanding where you are positionally is super important when you're trying to teach economy of playing because now that the student knows what is around them you can teach them what I call string forms They are basically the caged forms, but I decouple the form from the letter (which I find is slightly confusing to a newer student) So I show them a 6th sting major/minor/7th form that corresponds to the root note being on the 6th (in caged this would be the E forms), then a 5th string major/minor/7th, the name of which is based on a 5th string root note they are on (the A form in caged), then 4th M/m/7 = D forms, then 3rd string root M/m/7 = G form The C form form caged is a bit different because you can view it from either a 2nd string root or a Ghost String root (so that one takes a bit longer to teach but opens up a different fingering that I like (if you view it as a Ghost String root) that includes the 6th string and skips the 3rd and 1st strings) For my more intermediate students I can then teach them the positional formula for finding chords in the key positionally (in place) based on which string your key note is located 2-6 I then have 2 scale teaching methods that help them see things easier, one called "Guitar '65" and the other called "The Block" Just things I've developed to make the transition to understanding the fret board easier, wish I had the budget and studio to disseminate these tricks but for now it is just me and a few students but just to bring it back to this video - alot of this exploration and discovery absolutely started with this positional awareness that the circle of 4ths brings to the fretboard Great that David is getting this out there!!!
Comment from : nangemi1

Juan Teppa
I'm literally mindblown again by your amazing pedagogical approach to guitar David! Mindblown! Thanks for another amazing lesson!
Comment from : Juan Teppa

Muad Dib
Absolutely the best version of this lesson I have ever seen
Comment from : Muad Dib

David Neal
“I am alone in this office” Something I can really identify with 😉
Comment from : David Neal

I love this approach of easy to learn steps that you can use to figure stuff out Absolutely worth learning the circle of fifths too - its just the BEADGC(F) backwards From any given position in the sequence, go left and right and you know the 4th and 5th above any note Drop the 4th a semitone and you have the 3rd, so you then know notes in a major chord Also learning the "Chess Moves" for intervals is super useful, eg down a string goes up a forth, down one up two fret is a fifth A forth + A fifth is an octave, so down two string up two frets is an octave The forth and fifth are good because they are in the middle of the scale You can get to 2nd and 7ths from the root, and 3rds and 6ths from 4th and 5th I dont usually think of the fretboard in terms of note names, though - I prefer to see it in terms of intervals to the root of current scale Its seems dauntingly complex at first, but it really isn't Once you nailed this stuff - triads!
Comment from : Citizen

Rafael Hernandez
Great tutorial Thanks
Comment from : Rafael Hernandez

Good lesson, left a like, Im just a bad learner
Comment from : Tripples

Jerry Dechant
I tried the download the lesson files link, it didn't work :(
Comment from : Jerry Dechant

Lesson files can't be found
Comment from : Danpoet

Ryan Harvey
Very random patterns and not very helpful for beginners, plus there's no way that this video will help memorize THE FULL FRETBOARD in seconds come up with different titles that don't lie to the viewers
Comment from : Ryan Harvey

Harvey Gitarista
This is genius!
Comment from : Harvey Gitarista

tim taylor
Can't find the download for this lesson Great stuff, genius
Comment from : tim taylor

Nagesh Cavatur
hi nice lesson bractually, the circle of fourths goes b e a d g c f, now when we cross strings 3 to 2 shift up by one fret and apply your method, this will map out all the notes
Comment from : Nagesh Cavatur

Alejandro Gutierrez
Hello David, nice video thanks
Comment from : Alejandro Gutierrez

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