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The Top Five Rarest £2 Coins in Circulation!

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Information The Top Five Rarest £2 Coins in Circulation!

Title :  The Top Five Rarest £2 Coins in Circulation!
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Frames The Top Five Rarest £2 Coins in Circulation!

Description The Top Five Rarest £2 Coins in Circulation!

Comments The Top Five Rarest £2 Coins in Circulation!

Danny Ezel
I have same 2 powand anyone want to buy
Comment from : Danny Ezel

I have the Roman solider !!!
Comment from : dmg_duo

I just found scotch one:)i get luck in the local shop, make my day lol :)
Comment from : Tom

Simon Rodgers
I can't reach my back too well, can she pat it for me?
Comment from : Simon Rodgers

Carrera hellcat Ltd boys
I have the navy one
Comment from : Carrera hellcat Ltd boys

Alberto Edgar Nunes Da Silva
I have,1 side
Comment from : Alberto Edgar Nunes Da Silva

Alison Leach
Found the northern Ireland one in a Tesco machine
Comment from : Alison Leach

Amanda Cameron
I'm so lucky I work with tills I end up rooting through what coins go in and out of the float and I do believe I'm sitting on one of those Northern Ireland £2 coins, is there anyone who can help me with checking if it is or is the England variant?
Comment from : Amanda Cameron

I got so lucky, I wasn't even hunting and got Welsh common wealth in my common change
Comment from : Bacon

Rico Smooth
Are they actually selling though
Comment from : Rico Smooth

Peter Lewis
The 1998 Tercentenary of the Claim of Rights, minted exclusively for Scotland, has a lower mintage than the Northern Ireland Commonwealth games coin
Comment from : Peter Lewis

Nathan Hopkins
I have the battleship two pound coin
Comment from : Nathan Hopkins

i have 2 WW1 Navy coins and 1 2015 Britannia coin
Comment from : Knives

BronzieGold Model
I have a First World War One but has a different picture on it, it’s a picture of a man pointing and it’s written YOU on it Is it fake?
Comment from : BronzieGold Model

Grand Zeno

Comment from : Grand Zeno

Eyyy I have the 3rd rarest coin
Comment from : ACID RAINER

Mansueto Dorillo
Where can I sell my coins?
Comment from : Mansueto Dorillo

Mahsuni Demir
I’m one of the 485500 people I’m very lucky
Comment from : Mahsuni Demir

P the BOOM Scott
What about the lion 1pound coin 1994
Comment from : P the BOOM Scott

Simon Howard
But what were the mintage figures for the Britannia £2?? The only one you didn't give the figures for Also where do I get a change checker phone o scope??? So many unanswered questions Good film though, so thanks!! I also have one of the original £2 ( the non bi metallic one's ) any estimate on mintage numbers / values on that? In anticipation, and again thanks for any information or where I can get this information would be greatly appreciated!!
Comment from : Simon Howard

•Blossom Gacha•
Comment from : •Blossom Gacha•

Raj Srivastav
n0 [email protected]
Comment from : Raj Srivastav

Aelivia Cameron
I have 3 of these how doing sell them
Comment from : Aelivia Cameron

Charlie Bond 08
I have the 3rd rarest one OMG just found it after watching the video thanks
Comment from : Charlie Bond 08

trigger titley
I've got the 3rd rarest ,the first world war one and I've got the Britannia,also 1807 slave trade,William Shakespeare,trinity house
Comment from : trigger titley

Caroline Steward
I have got in my change today the First World War 1914-1918 2015 I actually got 4 of them and 1 has a flag How much are they worth pleas?
Comment from : Caroline Steward

Evil Morty
I found the northern irland 2 pound coin and the navy coin but the 5 raf coins are still my faveourite
Comment from : Evil Morty

How much Is the £2 WW1 Navy?brCause I got one
Comment from : ShaunM

Stephen Halpin
I have the 1st world wAr coin how much is it worth
Comment from : Stephen Halpin

Petrus Cristian
Just let me know if you know every one who is interested with a small collection of 50p 23pieces and smaller ones of 2pound [email protected]
Comment from : Petrus Cristian

I spent one of these today 😬😬😬😠😠😡😠😡😡😡😠😠brI'm pissed
Comment from : Cobra

Dr Degree
While I was in work I found the first world war £2 with the printing error I almost shit myself
Comment from : Dr Degree

I have one with a man and a monkey how much is it worth?
Comment from : AtomicFlames

Kaede Simp
I thought the rarest £2 coin was the St Mary ship one lol
Comment from : Kaede Simp

frank west
Where can i get a change checker phoneiscope from(probably spelt it wrong)
Comment from : frank west

I have that Britannia one I found it about a year ago
Comment from : Trippy0x0

John Badger
Just got a ww1 navy
Comment from : John Badger

I have the Navy/ world war one coin! ^^
Comment from : Sceneryx7

Vin Cent
I haven’t seen a £2 coin in months, I think everyone is saving them
Comment from : Vin Cent

Dave innes
I've got them all twice over I'm a bus driver I get them all the time 😆😆😆
Comment from : Dave innes

Dan S4n
I have a Scotland Commonwealth games £200 I found it from a Tesco Machine 😂😂😂
Comment from : Dan S4n

YT Ninja
I have 2 first world war coins
Comment from : YT Ninja

Jenny Rockall
I have the commen wealth games England one
Comment from : Jenny Rockall

Le G amagono Fuck forbidden
i have number 3
Comment from : Le G amagono Fuck forbidden

Deshi Ranna Gor
I have 1 1807 coin and 2 lord kitchenery
Comment from : Deshi Ranna Gor

Kezia Cotterrell
I have the First World War £2 coin Does anyone know how much it’s worth?
Comment from : Kezia Cotterrell

Papa Duiucon
All my coins are worth 114k
Comment from : Papa Duiucon

Kayum Miah
They go for real cheap on ebay
Comment from : Kayum Miah

Zaaina Kalyana
Comment from : Zaaina Kalyana

Shadow Kid
3:16 OMG I got that coin!!!!
Comment from : Shadow Kid

I have all em teehee
Comment from : Table

Comment from : MTS FUN

Caroline D
I have the Britannia one
Comment from : Caroline D

Zoltán Fazekas
I have a one of a kind misprinted £2 coin, her majesty's face is on the tail side, and is the wrong way up compared to the text I accept offers to it
Comment from : Zoltán Fazekas

Colene Hopkins
I brought 3 and It’s comming next week
Comment from : Colene Hopkins

(1:09) - I take issue with your assertion that the flags on these £2 coins are bi"less than 1mm in size"/i/bbrLooking at your onscreen representation, even if they were 1mm in size, that would make the outside diameter of the coins a mere 6mmbrNah !brYou're wrong on this one, lovebr>
Comment from : Bodragon

Holly Graham
I have 2 navy 2 pound coin
Comment from : Holly Graham

Walter Junior
I got 2 Britannia £2 coins
Comment from : Walter Junior

James Fearn
Where can you sell these rare coins?
Comment from : James Fearn

Roblox player
Is the Shakespeare coin rare?
Comment from : Roblox player

Jackbrush 1
I have a few Britannia coins What do I do with them,???
Comment from : Jackbrush 1

Graham Hobbs
WHY OH WHY Would any sane person spend £200 on a £2 coin when you could be buying Gold / Silver instead?brAt the end of the day it's intrinsic value is, at best £2
Comment from : Graham Hobbs

Jay Gibson
I’ve got all of them
Comment from : Jay Gibson

Luke Wallis
I have them all how much do u think I can sell the whole collection for
Comment from : Luke Wallis

Lacey Corbin
Lol ive got the first world one
Comment from : Lacey Corbin

Lance Sharpe
This isn't a top five its a top six since there was two 3rd places
Comment from : Lance Sharpe

Martin Thomas
Rachel your very pretty but and there is always a but Your company stiinks as far as distrubuiation goes I am now ending my subscibsion cos your company is bad at telling people why you cannot delliver,brIf you or your mother company cannot deliver the object why not say on your website when it can be avaible,instead of hiding your bum in the sandbrTell every one your small commings to make over your larger comingsSHOCKING EVEN DYER EVEN A RIDICULOUSE COMPANY TO DEAL WITHDARE I POST THIS???
Comment from : Martin Thomas

Optichardscope 78
I have got one
Comment from : Optichardscope 78

Storm YT
I have a Navy £2 coin and a mis printed robert burns £2 Can you do a 50p version?
Comment from : Storm YT

dog face
William shakespeare 2016 2 pound coin ebay selling one for 200000p right now is it actully worth anything could some give me info thank you
Comment from : dog face

kanda kumar
Not worth nothing more than face value really
Comment from : kanda kumar

First Last
Got the commonwealth games England and 2015 Navy, Mary Rose has to be the best design for me however
Comment from : First Last

Tinaharris25 Tinaharris25
Jesus I've got all of those and I only collected them as I liked the pictures
Comment from : Tinaharris25 Tinaharris25

Rayzor Blade
Is Shakespeare's 2 pound coin worth anything
Comment from : Rayzor Blade

toshia £2 has got to be rarest
Comment from : kelvin

David Bunney
Great Information on the £2 coins
Comment from : David Bunney

Top five rarest £2 coins showing six As with the 50p coin video, any coin with same mint figures counts as two not one Scotland C G not in top five in my opinion
Comment from : XZX

Jenny Clark
I wish that the approximate value of the coins was in the video too 😔😔 xx
Comment from : Jenny Clark

Buggy The Clown
I have the world war 1 £2 coin How much is worth
Comment from : Buggy The Clown

Alfie Bray
I have the navy and the 2015 Britannia
Comment from : Alfie Bray

Comment from : BLÃČK GHÔST

Michael Harrison
I've got the brittania one
Comment from : Michael Harrison

Janis Liepins
Rarest are Gibraltar Hercules
Comment from : Janis Liepins

Tom G
Very interesting thank you! :-)
Comment from : Tom G

My dad has like 40 2£ and 50p coins with those marks not all the ones in the vid only 2
Comment from : yourmom7049

Kris Vilcinskas
I’ve got all four of them
Comment from : Kris Vilcinskas

KT Chimmy
!! I have the First World War Navy £2 coin!! brCoin collecting is actually so interesting cause you find such beautiful designs
Comment from : KT Chimmy

I amcarbonandotherbits
I haven't got 2 pennies to rub together never mind 2 pound coins
Comment from : I amcarbonandotherbits

Steve Taylor
Could you list all 35 coins please?
Comment from : Steve Taylor

Jimbobs Transport Videos
I got Wales And Both the 3s
Comment from : Jimbobs Transport Videos

I friggin had The 2015 brittannia coin!? I spent it on something I think Im so mad
Comment from : Galactical_mushroom

Justin Case
I have 2 CW coins
Comment from : Justin Case

Ron Smith
Got them all times three and in the 1st edition albums 👍
Comment from : Ron Smith

I just found this video and u had no idea what this was but it was interesting
Comment from : NO NO

Jeff Wheeler-Field
I thought I had a England but no Northern Ireland so brought Northern island to complete set but then realised I had the northern Ireland but no England :')
Comment from : Jeff Wheeler-Field

Got the lotOnly been collecting since FebruaryHave every circulated two pound coin and fifty pence (except Kew)
Comment from : weeorangemen

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