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Everything You Need to Know About Silver Coin Capsules! (And Silver Bar Capsules)

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Information Everything You Need to Know About Silver Coin Capsules! (And Silver Bar Capsules)

Title :  Everything You Need to Know About Silver Coin Capsules! (And Silver Bar Capsules)
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Frames Everything You Need to Know About Silver Coin Capsules! (And Silver Bar Capsules)

Description Everything You Need to Know About Silver Coin Capsules! (And Silver Bar Capsules)

Comments Everything You Need to Know About Silver Coin Capsules! (And Silver Bar Capsules)

Sigh, I put some buffalos in those black ring holders… I feel like an idiot now 😅
Comment from : Ryan

Joe Sliden Ice Biden
The impossible to find 3oz coin capsule
Comment from : Joe Sliden Ice Biden

Mike Fu
You sound like Nick Swardson
Comment from : Mike Fu

When I moved back in 2020 I thought I was done with stacking and threw all my unused capsules in the trash as I was in a hurry and needed to pack quick… now that prices are coming down and iv started stacking again iv looked at prices for capsules and I can’t believe how expensive they are 😂 can’t believe I did that
Comment from : NoblesTx

Ian Wilsons silver stack
What about maple leaf silver coins
Comment from : Ian Wilsons silver stack

Is their pvc free plastic selves
Comment from : National

Matt Blake
No need to encapsulate bullion? How about to avoid scratches? How about to avoid dents? How about avoiding toning in the case of silver? You may think u can easily liquidate bullion based on melt value, but try selling a scratched to hell American Eagle or any bar/round and see who will pay the exact same amount that they would pay for one that is in BU condition I know if you tried to sell me a scratched up round, you are either going to sell it to me at a discount, meaning you lose money, or I will just go buy it in BU condition elsewhere
Comment from : Matt Blake

Track pack GT
I have a few silver eagles in capsules ones I got as a kid that are sentimental and a few that I bought that had beautiful rainbow toning but the gist of my stuff is just in mint tubes Now on the other hand my gold is all in capsules but that's a softer alloy Good video
Comment from : Track pack GT

Max Amillion
I vacuum sealed my bullion coins 🪙 with food saver which has no pvc Do I still need capsules anyway? I’m a newbie so any constructive advice would be appreciated!
Comment from : Max Amillion

Comment from : SJ218P

Happy Hippo
Silver coin capsules? My coin capsules are made of plastic 😀
Comment from : Happy Hippo

Polish Silver Stacker
The bullion coins can be encapsulated for on reason: to keep them visible for pleasure of the eye (like a collection coin) apart from those in tubes already stacked
Comment from : Polish Silver Stacker

Big Barking Dog
Good info on silver capsules
Comment from : Big Barking Dog

almost a year ago I bought a 10 oz bar from Scottsdale Mint The one they call the "Stacker" Didnt realize it is an oddball sizesmaller but thicker and found out too late that NOBODY makes a capsule for it
Comment from : Riversider

Ok I know this is old video brbrI just started stacking gold and yes I put them in coin capsules brbrBut I was wondering after that will like a poker chip brief cases work to put in brOr a foam cut away type brTo carry around ,storage etc brbrWhat do you recommend
Comment from : Coz III

wow this video was so advanced
Comment from : Nostalgia

Dont understand your thoughtsbrWhat is buillon ?brI had some kookaburras and koalas from 2018,2019 and 2020brAnd mintage was low in 2019brSo i got 42 Euros on ebay and this os only one examplebrIf i had no capsules like i had on few others i would have patina or scratchesbrAnd the money you can make with higher premium coins is hugebrSo what do you mean ?brThere is an offer for elephant 2022 for only 22 EurosbrAo this is near spot but ebay prices are allready 30 eurosbrSo if i want to make most of it i sell them piece for piece on ebay and what if they damaged ?
Comment from : 2phil4u

Mr Blue
I put stuff i’m attached to and high premium stuff in capsules Like most of my silver!
Comment from : Mr Blue

Donald Desnoo
We had a flood box forgot 5years w water in the box caps saved the coins loose coins were unc 64 halves destroyed silver same anyway value sold for melt 🙄
Comment from : Donald Desnoo

David Martin
Seriously? Capsules, even the highest quality, cost next to nothing compared to the premium of the bullion coin, much less the actual bullion value of the coin I’ve never paid more than 80 or 90 cents for a capsule Balance that against a gold Liberty or even a silver Liberty, and the cost of the capsule is what?brbrCome on, dude, you can film a video, certainly you can perform arithmetic?
Comment from : David Martin

Awesome Me
do you buy a capsule for every coin or buy a whole lot of them at once? im not sure where to find any capsules, because they come in different sizes and they're quite expensive on amazon
Comment from : Awesome Me

Andrew Juarez
Been doing my research for years, just starting stacking silver coins this year, thanks for the info
Comment from : Andrew Juarez

Creative Flow
Bought some capsule but they had a warning that I was handeling a product that was made with hazardous material that could cause cancer or mess up your reproduction functions wth Now I'm ready to throw the whole lot away Ordered from Amazon Any one ever saw this on their capsule before?
Comment from : Creative Flow

James Oneal Brown
Comment from : James Oneal Brown

C Land
If you see plastic casings as a premium just think about all the food, water, filming equipment, electricity, housing, transportation costs that go into obtaining coins, storing coins, and just being alive to do so Now that’s a premium
Comment from : C Land

Matt Fire
Do you have any recommendations about 50mm coins? The coin I want to encapsulate doesn't specify inside outside and height measurements just 50mm Also any recommendations on the best 50 mm capsule for a important coin? Thank you, I am subscribing and great video!
Comment from : Matt Fire

Wish I would've seen this video before I went out and bought 16 capsules for my collection today Oh well I guess Now at least I know for the future that this is unnecessary
Comment from : Poppajay

I encapsulate my bullion coins, I will just take them out of the capsules if/when I come to sell and I will reuse the capsule for something else
Comment from : Splosh

I just bought 5 capsules for the new 2021 silver eaglesThe black rings are finebut I must say though that I prefer the white foam rings from the pics on OnFireGuy To me, the white foam rings accent the white metal of the coins really well It's kind of like comparing a white border around a black and white photo to a black border around a black and white photo But to each their own 🙂👍👍
Comment from : nobux71

Lourens Rothmann
I was lucky to find a guy that is selling eg the 406mm direct fit airtight capsules for 43c so I'm putting most coins in capsules, obviously not if they come in tubes Most other places I can find in South Africa are sold for a crazy USD1,79
Comment from : Lourens Rothmann

Tim H
That extra dollar or so is worth it to me too keep my bullion nice and shiny looking, free of tarnish or fingerprints I keep all of mine in a capsule or vinyl sleeve I don’t collect actual coins so I’m not concerned with toning And I’m not a fan of it either I like the mirror finish It’s all personal preference I suppose! But with actual coins I can see you’re point, bullion not so much And milk spots are entirely different, that isn’t a type of toning, it’s left over detergent or borax from the mint Doesn’t look good, you can use a white eraser to remove it really easily, red erasers are to abrasive, use a towel to remove the black off the eraser every so often Would only do it to bullion though as it does slight buff the surface, looks way better though Baking soda bath won’t work for milk spots well
Comment from : Tim H

Flow State
The ones who sent me the silver just did it
Comment from : Flow State

Ryan Tank
I bought a gold coin from an online dealer and it came with a smudge on it What do you suggest I do?
Comment from : Ryan Tank

Artemis Arrow
I put my coins in capsules mostly because I have a store that sells them literally dirt cheap
Comment from : Artemis Arrow

Does it damage it?
Comment from : reddegree75

What happens if the coin rattles around?
Comment from : reddegree75

Jan Zajc
Should the size of the capsules(inner diameter) be excatly as big as the coin or a little bigger to fit perfectly? I dont want my coins to jump around Thanks, great vid!
Comment from : Jan Zajc

Mark Calvert
I have 2 -10oz bars that are a little longer and a little shorter in width I can not seem to find capsules for them at all! Do you have any recommendations? I am thinking of at least getting some sleeves to put them into Not as good as airtites but at least it is something Thoughts??
Comment from : Mark Calvert

Jim Fitzpatrick
What size capsule with the black foam fit maple leafs correctly?
Comment from : Jim Fitzpatrick

Katherine Langford
I encapsulate a single of each, like the perfect specimen of each The repeat bullion just gets tubed
Comment from : Katherine Langford

Maackia Amurensis
I want mine to remain shiny like the moment I bought them So they all stay in capsules
Comment from : Maackia Amurensis

Paul Richards
I prefer air-tite the most because I pretty much capsule them all and it takes up less space that way brProbably best to tell the viewers the sizes brBasically anything Canadian will be 38mm brMost generic and Perth Mint fits in 39mm brLibertad, South Korean, and ASE uses 40mm (will actually be larger than 40 since ASE is 406) brbrRings are good for really odd sizes or if you don't have the exact air-tite capsule size
Comment from : Paul Richards

doug godfrey
Geeez! Guess I don' fuss over my metals enough
Comment from : doug godfrey

Curious Relic
Geez, they are literally cost only $1
Comment from : Curious Relic

Nauga Hyde
I’m old enough to remember my mother spending time on cleaning the tarnish off our silverware and tea ware Used on a regular basis so it was high-maintenance I’m also OCD, so between the two, I feel the capsules are the way to go I also iron my clothes
Comment from : Nauga Hyde

Michael T
I picked up 175 oz of 2021 various sovereign coins in tubes, they ALL are going in capsules
Comment from : Michael T

Rat Lips
I use my food saver vacuum bag machine to vacuum pack all of my coins, rounds, and bars Works great
Comment from : Rat Lips

Joshua A Kennedy
Should you put your common morgen or peace dollars in them?
Comment from : Joshua A Kennedy

Hi Do you know where to find 10mm capsules?
Comment from : Lonzito

Styx62 Ga
Think you’ve just became my go to for basic info on bullion and to refresh my memory when needed which is often
Comment from : Styx62 Ga

Leon pedro
Thanks for this video, its very detailed Having got involved in the stock market and made little profits, i still greatly believe in bitcoin trading mostly as the market is very bullish at this point in time I strongly advice us to get involved in DAY TRADING properly guided by a pro traded with a working strategy/daily signals For me it's been very successful because i was being guided by a pro trader called Mr Richard whose strategy/daily signals has proven to be so accurate and well analyzed Trading and growing my portfolio from 09btc to 58btc within 4 weeks is so awesome and credible Don't you think this is the right time to grow the little we hold ahead of more bullishness ? Mr Richard can be reach via Instar (@richard_brucefx) for inquiries into profitable trading systems
Comment from : Leon pedro

Shawn Giguere
I keep all mine in capsules as well
Comment from : Shawn Giguere

Mike Johnson
I encapsulate everything I disagree you'll never get your money back from them There like what a dollar? Less if you order in bulk If I sell a coin or round for a dollar more someone will still buy it
Comment from : Mike Johnson

Robert M
Hey silver dragon is it worth buying silver 10 oz bars like brittiana and Canadian bars
Comment from : Robert M

James Rizzuti
Will capsule prevent milk spotting?
Comment from : James Rizzuti

Lol the oriental dragon on the reverse of an Australian bar doesn't match at all , who design these bars ??
Comment from : EivinSukoi

Mart Hyatt
Shout out to “On Fire Guy” !!!
Comment from : Mart Hyatt

apple ipad
where can i buy the capsules pls
Comment from : apple ipad

sparcx86 Channel
I see no point on these things
Comment from : sparcx86 Channel

Thanks for the video What I really needed to know but didn’t see it discussed is who sells the coins that are of good quality plastic I bought a box of those ones that are sold everywhere and come in a cardboard box and their image has black background When you close the two halves there are many micro cracks along the circumference where the two halves of the capsules lock But when I receive coins from people which were already encapsulated their plastic quality was just better I don’t know which to buy
Comment from : StopFear

“As a hedge against inflation” Lol Everyone loves thinking that because they want to have a justification for buying all those coins If you like them, buy them No one can demonstrate for sure that it’ll work against inflation A lot of the companies who keep saying that are the ones who want you to buy from them They get richer but you get a feeling that “some day” you’ll either get rich or preserve your funds when the hypothetical “crash” happens Yea It “will” happen But literally no one knows when Could be in 20 years
Comment from : StopFear

charles adkins
great video really good info
Comment from : charles adkins

Comment from : trying2grasplife

Fred Valencia
Good video im not a sivler stacker myself only gold and you showed the difference between the capsules that the mint provides vs re encapsulateing your coins or rounds with the black ring foam i alway open up anything that comes in a capsule because i recived a 24k buffalo and when i opened it up there was damage around the outside because its 24k is alittle softer and whoever capped it put it in and snapped it closed and got the edge so yeah those with the black foam are better
Comment from : Fred Valencia

Big Uncle
Why does a Disney coin have the queen on the back lol?
Comment from : Big Uncle

SonJohn 144
Does it matter if there is any dust in the capsule? Can that ruin the coin in any way?
Comment from : SonJohn 144

Robert B321
I encapsulate almost all, but I have no intent in providing those when I sell them unless the buyer wants to pay for the capsule as well
Comment from : Robert B321

Investing for Kids
My bullion dealership gives me free capsules for everything I buy, except kilo cast silver
Comment from : Investing for Kids

Andrew Chia
I have a question about capsules Is it okay to store gold coins in one of those Ebay cheap capsules from China? Will they damage the coin in long term? brbrI was thinking of upgrading to quality branded capsules like those of Lighthouse brand
Comment from : Andrew Chia

richard c
Hey silver, great show on capsules! Have all kind of shape items
Comment from : richard c

Eric Kisel
Oh well, beginner mistake here Have been encapsulating my bullion coins
Comment from : Eric Kisel

William DeMarco
Really nice to know These videos are very helpful for us newbies to collecting /stacking
Comment from : William DeMarco

The Firmamentalist
I’d like to have a collection of 2020 coins, unique generics and gold I stack through the coming years will all be in capsules
Comment from : The Firmamentalist

Aniket Pai
Isn't the Austrian Philharmonics 37mm?
Comment from : Aniket Pai

I encapsulate all my gold coins Whats $50? Oh no, i might not get my fifty cents back That was a stupid comment
Comment from : pole_barn_builder

Anna Denaro
Is there somewhere to find out the diameter of your bullion online While waiting for coins to come, i was going to order capsules
Comment from : Anna Denaro

Everett White
I haven’t been “stacking” long and until about 2:30 into the video I thought I had made a huge mistake by encapsulating some of my bullion coins brThey’re only for me while I’m passing through the “Shadow of Death” so, when my kids/grandkids get them they can choose how to store their coins brI’m gonna hold on to this video Thanks a lot my friend br💯
Comment from : Everett White

JT Wise
Sell me that dragon 🐉
Comment from : JT Wise

Thank you for your informative videos!!
Comment from : glocksm40

clippy lady
Excellent vid! I learned a lot about capsules and since I just received my first order of silver, perfect timing! Tysm for this presentation, well done!
Comment from : clippy lady

Lucky M
What about ira precious medals 🏅 do u capsul them an what about the apmex bars when u but them in the plastic do u take em of the plastic does tha plastic creat pvc on the bars
Comment from : Lucky M

Lucky M
Is this the best way to protect them from pvc ?
Comment from : Lucky M

s e
What would you clean a coin with (I have touched with my bare fingers) before putting it in a capsule???
Comment from : s e

Rich Stevens
You answered my question 1:45min into the video All i really want right now is a pile of bullion so no need to get capsules I do have a question though some gold bullion comes in sealed / vacuumed package (maple leaf) i just started stacking and never had pms in my hands before so i opened to feel and hold Is that bad? All my bullion is 2020for now Rcm shields and what not In your opinion is it ok to handle my bullion coins and not risk devaluing since theyre not proofs or collectables? I literally just want to hold handfuls of gold and silver but not at a loss Lol
Comment from : Rich Stevens

Duke Nukem
American silver eagles are 406 mm not 40mm they will NOT fit in a 40mm capsule
Comment from : Duke Nukem

Miss Le
How many times did you touch the field of the coin with cotton gloves on?
Comment from : Miss Le

Will Weed
Considering that my average price per oz is 1700-1750 an extra 40-50 cents per piece is worth it I dont even stack silver that has scratches It looks good and clean plus this is long term so I'll get my money back even if I drop them @ 2500
Comment from : Will Weed

Truth SeeQer
How the heck do u get them apart??
Comment from : Truth SeeQer

Le Valet dArgent
Where did you get those gloves ? I hate the white one lol
Comment from : Le Valet dArgent

Richard Sanchez
Where can I buy 1oz silver eagle, and gold eagle tubes?
Comment from : Richard Sanchez

I usually put one coin in a capsule for that minting year, for that coin the rest go into a tube My gold eagles and maples will get capped, especially my gold maples, just looking at them gives them dings and scratches lol
Comment from : CenobiteToastCrunch

Scott Lanini
I got some 39mm from the same vendor for some poker chips I wanted to save They also work with Silver Eagles, but are tight so a little small (The foam kind of crunches up if not careful on one side)
Comment from : Scott Lanini

Michael Wescott
I just use flips
Comment from : Michael Wescott

silver fan21
I think buying capsule's for regular bullion is a waste of money but if the comes in a capsule leave them in it because most likelybrthere a collectible coin so then yeah thats the only time they need to be in one
Comment from : silver fan21

@Silver Dragons Is that dragon bar the proof version or BU?
Comment from : IAMT3XAS

Moon Dogg
Thanks SD, this video helps a lot
Comment from : Moon Dogg

Yeah I just spent 30 bucks on those and I'm not going to use them I Could of got 1 or 2 oz's
Comment from : Gouch_Master

Jack Daniels
does anyone notice how direct fit capsules, dont always 100 close (like 95?) where you press on the capsule you can the capsule closing more? it seals and holds perfectly, butyeah its odd maybe the coins too thick? anyone have this experience?
Comment from : Jack Daniels

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