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Where to Change Money in Prague? Easy u0026 Safe + Map (2021 Guide)

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Information Where to Change Money in Prague? Easy u0026 Safe + Map (2021 Guide)

Title :  Where to Change Money in Prague? Easy u0026 Safe + Map (2021 Guide)
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Frames Where to Change Money in Prague? Easy u0026 Safe + Map (2021 Guide)

Description Where to Change Money in Prague? Easy u0026 Safe + Map (2021 Guide)

Comments Where to Change Money in Prague? Easy u0026 Safe + Map (2021 Guide)

When I first flew to Prague, I knew where to change the currency, but I needed several tens of crowns to buy a bus ticket to the center of Prague I went to the exchanger and asked to change 5 euros The woman, with surprise on her face, said that for life in Prague 5 euros is very little, for one day you need 50 euros (housing, food, shopping), to which I just smiled Thanks guys
Comment from : mazoTToNNik

Ezekiel Ali
I am your subscriber and thanks to your videos, I will be in Prague for the 2nd time this coming weekend I was ripped off when I exchanged cash at the main train station the last time
Comment from : Ezekiel Ali

It should be illegal to charge more than 3 markup on the interbank rate for currency conversions
Comment from : luigiofthebakery

Robin Goodfellow
The thing that freaks me out is that the good exchange offices and the bad ones look so similar I'm glad you have that map of the good ones, it takes the guessing out of it
Comment from : Robin Goodfellow

Yaris Cam
Great video again Now I understandI think 😎🇸🇪
Comment from : Yaris Cam

the true play is to pay in euros every non tiny shop gonna give you a fair exchange rate
Comment from : Seelenverheizer

Dilip Somanna
You have saved not lot but millions
Comment from : Dilip Somanna

Amir Kolsky
Úžasné informace
Comment from : Amir Kolsky

sefyxca sdefklo
Best tip: Don't exchange money at all Credit and debit cards are accepted almost anywhere Just use your card And never use currency conversion, just pay in Czech Crowns with your card
Comment from : sefyxca sdefklo

sefyxca sdefklo
The biggest scam of them is that you have to exchange money at all The Czech republic should long ago switched to Euros like the rest of (Western) Europe Most money exchange scams would crumble to dust if they did this
Comment from : sefyxca sdefklo

Mr Mr
Great Work Man ! Respect
Comment from : Mr Mr

Comment from : Elveheim

watching your videos, makes me want to visit prague again :D I think the city mayor should give you a medal or something
Comment from : enex88

so orange = bad
Comment from : Serix

Captain R
You do great workbrThank you brother!
Comment from : Captain R

Harrick V Harrick
How do those exchange offices that sport honest rates, finance their operation? What income do they have?
Comment from : Harrick V Harrick

Sudhir Ranjan
Scam city
Comment from : Sudhir Ranjan

Keith Kristynik
I really admire your courage in going after the scammers They exist in every country and culture Is your background in journalism? You strike me as a terrific investigative journalist Well done and thank you!
Comment from : Keith Kristynik

Mug Mushrooms
Learning trick to Czech Now I just need money so I can afford vacation
Comment from : Mug Mushrooms

Bob Smith
Just look for a small difference between buy and sell price
Comment from : Bob Smith

Lost Gears🔹
Yeah BLEEP that Nigerian prince 😁
Comment from : Lost Gears🔹

Michael Lafferty
Hi honest guide I'm supposed to travel from Dublin to Prague in November But to travel you have to fill in locator form online That's ok but 79 euros don't think so could you check this out?
Comment from : Michael Lafferty

Do you have to have cash in Prague? I prefer card, last time I used cash was around 8 years ago
Comment from : Laudrien

Surajit Guha
You are doing an incredible service for travellers and making your country proud
Comment from : Surajit Guha

I use my credit card Fuck cash
Comment from : P W

adhish kerkar
Thank you! 🤝
Comment from : adhish kerkar

ccityplanner12 :
Paris is really bad for scam exchanges One place I went tried to charge me €26 commission I said "no thank-you"brbr0:54: No commission, & their margin is 55 Heller? How does this currency exchange make money with such a good rate?brbrWhen I'm going somewhere with an exotic currency, I try to go via Switzerland, where currency exchanges are nationalised They give you really good rates & only charge a flat fee of 4 CHF, so I just get everything done in one big transaction there But the honest exchanges you showed here appear to have even better rates than those, although at 1am I can't be bothered to do the calculation
Comment from : ccityplanner12 :

Exchange offices that are honest? In Czech? I remember times, at the Aš border, on which they wanted 50 exchange rate I told my dad to use the bank and not these kiosk like exchange shops to really save moneybrbrThat was long before the big Fiji market in Aš was build, when there still was a border and customs At the gas station, I've never looked at the rate they gave me, maybe they scam me too? Damn, next time I have to look
Comment from : Spelter

Happy Fox
I once walked into an exchange office that was doing a promotion at the time where they don't do commission or fees on the exchange, and it was back in 2008, we can all guess what currency I purchased with my AUDbrbrAnd oh yes, I made a profit, even if I sold it back today I would still be ahead of what I had back then as it cost me less than $9AUD to purchase $10USD
Comment from : Happy Fox

Better yet, use your credit card to pay for everything, paying in the local currency when it asks you how to pay At worse you'll be paying a 2 markup for the convenience, but many cards offer no foreign exchange fees plus you also get fraud protection on top
Comment from : j2simpso

I believe the best and easiest rule is to only exchange in places where the "we sell" and "we buy" are close together, that means that they do not have high rates in any direction of exchange! Love the videos, keep it up!
Comment from : PentagonalAntiprism

Ramit Podder
Awesome channel wish i knew this channel earlier
Comment from : Ramit Podder

Es Pr
Great video thanks
Comment from : Es Pr

as a general rule of thumb, if you dont know if a place is good for exchanging money, if you look at both we sell and we buy, if there is a big difference its probably a scam this works for any place
Comment from : Shotgun

Iain Mitchell
Superb ambassador to your country, are you paid by the governent tourist industry? brbrBrilliant presenting fantastic editing and I’m booking a weekend trip before Christmas thank you ever so much I am now a subscriber
Comment from : Iain Mitchell

Yosi Lishner
I love check people well done thank you
Comment from : Yosi Lishner

Olga Knezevic
There's a new place right by the Andel metro entrance that's ripping people off just exchanged some tip money there yesterday and didn't look carefully at their rate 213 for British Pounds ugh 😠
Comment from : Olga Knezevic

now you have to get rid of your president and prime minister
Comment from : MrHmjg

Taxobell 77
bEURO WAS 256 CZK AT THE TIME! THEY ARE CHARGING 1-3/b so technically they are lying But i usually try not to pay more than 1 extra in foreign countries Bangladesh and India they overpay you for the dollar if rate was 256 they may give you 262 even though prague only giving you $25 instead of -3 they give you plus 2-3 in certain countries but only on $100 bills i think
Comment from : Taxobell 77

Gracias, tourist are the motor of Prague you take cate of them to spend more instead if being scammed
Comment from : ricarena

J Kiran Kumar
love your honesty!! Is there any way we can meet in Prague this end of November (2021)
Comment from : J Kiran Kumar

Christopher Camilleri
Maybe you should do another series of "Prague vs Crooks" by using the bad exchange bureaus instead of the Taxi drivers These crooked exchange bureaus are a rip-off just as bad and possibly even worse than the Taxi drivers!
Comment from : Christopher Camilleri

Hey guys! Thanks for this informative video Should you pay with your card in Euro or in CZK?
Comment from : Kaze

Hey guys, good job, what do you think is the nearest and best place to change in the up part of Vaclavské náměstí, do you think it is better to go down and change it next to the Info centrum, under the Newyorker? I work with tourist also, but I dont do this surveys like you
Comment from : Martin

John Anzinger
Are there any currency exchanges that will accept coins?
Comment from : John Anzinger

Be nett 48
Where can I see all the Maps with locations you made?
Comment from : Be nett 48

Alessia Giammarino
Hello I'm Italian and I'm going to move to Prague for work so these videos are really helpful :) you are very funny too, thank you!!!
Comment from : Alessia Giammarino

bishoy Fahmey
yes as you said the safest way is pay by credit card that's true I was there this weekend I didn't need to change money
Comment from : bishoy Fahmey

Very good and honest exchange office at náměstí Republiky
Comment from : Prestone44

Andrea Alteri
U r the best!br👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Comment from : Andrea Alteri

Credit to your channel Just watched a feat with you on german Television Ty for revealing this
Comment from : bashboonx

I don't get the need to exchange physical money in Prague at all Simply pay digitally or go to a good ATM and have your bank do the exchanging
Comment from : Memnon

Metschers Van Black
Small pro-trickbrbrIf u see a Lidl in CZ, they accept € and give u the change back in CZK (1 : 24)
Comment from : Metschers Van Black

Manuele Mariani
So can i pay by card on the bus, to get from the airport to citycentre ?
Comment from : Manuele Mariani

Ravi Chandra
Shout out for long time subscribers 🥳
Comment from : Ravi Chandra

Thank you!!! We are coming next week for three weeks, and all of our Honest Guide watching will pay off!! By the way, are there any good money exchange places in or around the airport?
Comment from : WanderGirl4Evr

Garry Nutter
Thank you for looking out for the tourists
Comment from : Garry Nutter

Gabriele Trentin  44 gatti
Me at ziln
Comment from : Gabriele Trentin 44 gatti

Alexandru-Bogdan Sanda
Who needs exchange offices in foreign countries these days when you have Revolut I pay as much as possible by card and get some cash from the atms (not Euronet) with the same Revolut card I've been doing this for the last 3 years and now I don't have to worry about finding honest exchange offices
Comment from : Alexandru-Bogdan Sanda

Thank you soooo much! I love this channel so much! I've saved so much time and money (and nerves) Especially with the tips in your older videos! Sooo worth it! From the tip on airport transfer via public transport to honest exchange places to good restaurants and bars!!!! Just checked out the Grand Café Orient you recommended! Amazing Also the restaurant within the airport! Also very decent! Please keep doing what you are doing!
Comment from : YouDice

Thibault Lapers
6:52 Oh the old Chequepoint not even existing anymore 😂
Comment from : Thibault Lapers

Yoav Klein
thank you soo much for this video
Comment from : Yoav Klein

不要五毛,要 100
No way to enjoy Prague without "The Honest Guide"
Comment from : 不要五毛,要 100

Best guys from Prague! Thank you for everything, I’ve just heard about you today but I am a big follower of yours from now on ❤️
Comment from : Emre

Kewalee Chalongklang
Thank u I followed u since my trip in 2019 and it’s very useful
Comment from : Kewalee Chalongklang

Janek or Honza, a friend in Prague just gave birth to her first child, Viktoria What's the best way for us to get her gifts - Ship direct from USA or Is the a 'in-country' solution in Prague Any suggestions would be great Keep up the good work!
Comment from : EltweedPomeroy

Rajesh M
Can you make video on school for relocate people
Comment from : Rajesh M

Squires Media Group
The dislikes on this are the owners of the bad exchange places and their staff 😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Squires Media Group

Comment from : _Ignas_

Maris K
last week in prague i use only card :) thank's for pragueopen video no info in airport or hotel ;)
Comment from : Maris K

NhiHoa Nguyen
can not wait to visit your beautiful town in 2 weeks!!! great tips and thanks for taking the time in making these video!
Comment from : NhiHoa Nguyen

Yordan Mitev
Looks like Prague are full of scams and scammersand there is no end to this I've watch this channel for some time and they are so creative and find new and new ways to cheat Personally I'll never visit Prague
Comment from : Yordan Mitev

edward duarte
Thanks for the video I’ll be there 4/2022
Comment from : edward duarte

RIcky Rick
Where to get the whoers in Prague?
Comment from : RIcky Rick

Buster Got It
Thank you for the valuable tips, fellas Keep up the great job Great weekend!
Comment from : Buster Got It

"Welcome to the Czech Republic - a country in Central Europe which constantly has to tell you it's a republic, even though nobody cares" #czechia
Comment from : subkontrabasklarinet

Lisa -
i can only imagine what those scammers must think when you come arond the corner haha Thank you so much tho for the work you do!
Comment from : Lisa -

Viktoriya Haklová
Thank you I love watching your videos
Comment from : Viktoriya Haklová

Massimo Dafe
Siete l'orgoglio di questa splendida citta Complimenti
Comment from : Massimo Dafe

Ryk Mat
Turistická past? Jaký je mateřský jazyk tohoto pána, když dokáže zaměnit past na turisty za turistickou past?
Comment from : Ryk Mat

Life was like a moving Picture
Wait, did this channel have a video that showed all the filming locations of famous movies that were shot In Prague, was it deleted or was it in another channel
Comment from : Life was like a moving Picture

Patrick Branin
You're very good at what you do Damn I wish you were doing it In Mexico
Comment from : Patrick Branin

Fauzan Saputra
this is actually good tips for tourists all around the world, not only in prague
Comment from : Fauzan Saputra

People must be really stupid to change money with sketchy individual on a street You won't find more obvious scam than that
Comment from : Hunter

Alan Xuereb
If you have Revolut, I exchanged my euros to Czech crowns then I just withdraw cash money from a bank with the card
Comment from : Alan Xuereb

Actually we were last weekend at this change shop 2:45 the lady showed us the Euro course of 21 and as we declined to change our money there she just asked us what we do expect? We: at least 25 CZK! She: Oh, okay! Here you have a VIP permission with 25 CZK rate xD
Comment from : E A

sameer Shah
Last week I was in Budapest and was trying to search - 'Honest Guide in Budapest' I am sure no other city in whole world has another honest guides Hats off
Comment from : sameer Shah

Hele super, ale kolik videí o směnárnách ještě budete dokola dělat? Není jich už trošku hodně, kde říkáte neustále to stejný? :)
Comment from : vijaCZEk

Ru N
1 You show your money (one 10 or 100 eur/usd/whatever banknote) to cashier through the glassbr2 Cashier types the amount of CZK he will give you on a calculator and shows it to youbr3 You choose, is it suits you or notbrEasy
Comment from : Ru N

yoyoyo luluu
Comment from : yoyoyo luluu

Zingel Shuher
Ни о чем Тинькофф банк предлагает 25,45 за 1 евро и ходить никуда не надо и монетки получать тоже не нужно Я ещё не в Чехии но не представляю что можно делать с этими монетками и где их хранить Для меня это дикость
Comment from : Zingel Shuher

Samuele Ravanelli
Could you add Brno and Ostrava to the map please?
Comment from : Samuele Ravanelli

Tom Staten
Was that Western Union? That's why 😂 😂 😂 😂
Comment from : Tom Staten

Ged DoubleG
30 of all your videos about ATM or money exchange offices
Comment from : Ged DoubleG

E Jakupi 777
Thank you for your explanation
Comment from : E Jakupi 777

Aaron Torm Peebo
I like those guys because they always do better than the city and goverment:)
Comment from : Aaron Torm Peebo

Mahyar Sharif
when I first landed at PRG airport I did what you suggested before, bought something from BILA at the airport and the cashier returened my EUR with CZK :) the best rate possible!
Comment from : Mahyar Sharif

Lyle Chipperson
Prague does not have bank offices?
Comment from : Lyle Chipperson

Yamirka Ibarra
Great 👍
Comment from : Yamirka Ibarra

Filip Horák
Nechcete udelat video s André Traveler? Myslim ze by to bylo skvělý nebo na českej kanál klidně🤩
Comment from : Filip Horák

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