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The sims 3 Money Tree

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Title :  The sims 3 Money Tree
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Comments The sims 3 Money Tree

Tip: have a sprinkler set up to not water
Comment from : BtTheJoker

how to you get a money tree
Comment from : breyerlover3625

don't communicate! it may come back again lol
Comment from : Alex_Wesker_Ashford

no i think you have to be a high level
Comment from : WolfClan

lol I love that C&H video
Comment from : MrStephano3

Look! I think it's trying to communicate! What should we do?!
Comment from : D4RTHD3W666

i made a female sim and then i just made the rich guy at sunset valley divorce his wife and kicked then out then searched the house and found like 6 different seeds that was so cool see it pays to be a goal digger sometimes:) dont try to kill the man i warn u!!!!
Comment from : Karii

Anthony Craft
Comment from : Anthony Craft

i have 8 money trees [iminent=FHLkhAgUWfOB]
Comment from : Sensey

Dark Of Ages
what console is this on?
Comment from : Dark Of Ages

Madison Wendland
You can find flame fruit seeds by having a dog dig up one Most people in the game that have dogs can dig, so click on one and say dig, the seed The dog should come back with a seed, flame fruit or not
Comment from : Madison Wendland

Serafine Sharon
Thanks, but this video has real bad quality
Comment from : Serafine Sharon

That's money? I thought it was baconoops
Comment from : 8Melonhead88

Miguel Roman
i wonder how you find flame fruit
Comment from : Miguel Roman

U go around town n pick up UnkownUncommon seeds that u find n plant them eventually u should find them that's how I found the money tree n the flame fruit bush
Comment from : emily76534

Y r there so many tacos on the money tree
Comment from : Ella

Sammy Tonkin
I have 13 money trees in my sim yard
Comment from : Sammy Tonkin

Tatiana Graves-Kochuthara
It looks like either shrimp, bacon, or beef jerky
Comment from : Tatiana Graves-Kochuthara

Allison Ingle
It looks like a bacon tree
Comment from : Allison Ingle

How Did u get that?
Comment from : LoneWolForever

If only that could happen in real lifethat would be greeAtt :D
Comment from : Kitty

I wish those could grow in real life--
Comment from : Kitty

Christian Vega
True lol
Comment from : Christian Vega

Money? Looks more like bacon :D
Comment from : nachomatt

friend: money dosent grow on trees! guy: oh yea! GUY:look friend: sweet mother of god
Comment from : deepakgangahar

press ctr+shift+c to open the cheat box and tiep "motherlode" press enter and you get 50000 every time you do that ;)
Comment from : Eersel111

and they said money doesnt grow on trees
Comment from : Dearshannon

use the collection helper thing and look for seeds near the graveyard
Comment from : TheMRrandomretard

Clara Crochet
it looks more like a bacon tree :D
Comment from : Clara Crochet

vasco pensa
i have it too
Comment from : vasco pensa

what the f? how did u find that seed?!
Comment from : TheIvy945

Debra C
Do you know how to grow steak without the omni seed?
Comment from : Debra C

@MrSunshineSOS Yes if u love her and do interactions with her enough she should ask you to move in
Comment from : xUnionJackGirlx

Ah Dom
I married a girl who has a cooler house than I Is there a way I can move in with her? Lol
Comment from : Ah Dom

How do i do gardening ?
Comment from : pipo3451

@lilcalebthehedgehog ba HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Comment from : kooliokiwi

Nad Bautista
kinda looks like baconmmmm
Comment from : Nad Bautista

i have a question how do u harvest the money tree death flower and the life bush i have all three and they're grown but how do u harvest them?
Comment from : jayman2056

@mcs895 I'll bet the IRS would love to get aholt of them, eh?
Comment from : jpmitchell1980

@Mocha2007andcoco I saw this and thought "Where's the money tree, and why is that tree made of Bacon???" Then I saw this comment :D
Comment from : Midnightauro

Steph Bunny
how the hell do you get the cheat
Comment from : Steph Bunny

wow its very coool its money or bacon cuz bacons from pigs
Comment from : beutygirl453

This is kind of cool, but cheatengine the best
Comment from : nieuwoudt

Myla Valentine
Hey guys! For all of those who REALLY REALLY want this tree, and death plants and any other plant they can imagine, simply pres ctrl + c, and type in testingcheatsenabled true Then do ctrl +c and type in buydebug Then go on buy mode, go on sort by function and click the question mark (?) Then click the 3rd tab :] Your welcome
Comment from : Myla Valentine

@Mocha2007andcoco I want both!!
Comment from : G S

I once had a sims 3 family that passed down a money tree garden (over 50 trees) through 2 generations producing 30,000 dollars every day
Comment from : mcs895

tutu Sass
if only it was real :)
Comment from : tutu Sass

can you tell me a code for The Sims 3 Community
Comment from : Kostadin

@simsinger123 no open cheat box ctrl+shift+c type in capitil letters BUYDEBUG hit enter go to buy mode click on sort by function click on the ? then click on plants and money tree should be there anyone got a question reply back to me hope this helps
Comment from : Honey

Jesmar Spiteri
Comment from : Jesmar Spiteri

@TheCatInMyGardenX3 fire the gardener xD
Comment from : NothingButStupid1

Comment from : Kittycat42300

Ashli Brooke
OM2FG K2AAL KO2OL COOL aah aah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hah AADIJSHDIUSH2UIAHUIH3
Comment from : Ashli Brooke

Svenja Natrice
I have it too
Comment from : Svenja Natrice

how do u get a money tree??!!
Comment from : CrazyGirl405755

your garden is soo nice
Comment from : MsEvilbunnies

Alexandra Shahaf
you can do money cheatsso y do u need a tree?
Comment from : Alexandra Shahaf

Uber Pancake
why dident you havest it then?????
Comment from : Uber Pancake

Fact: The Money Tree explodes into bills when used up
Comment from : allmykidsmum

garlichead footman
@PinkgirlJoJo Yeah When I first saw it i thought: ''This is a BAD ANIMATED tree! But I want that mod!'' But then a friend told me that it wasn't a mod
Comment from : garlichead footman

@11Gabbe It is pretty ugly isn't it
Comment from : PinkgirlJoJo

Magnakay Violet
Money doesn't grow ON trees It grows AS trees That's why the government will agree that trees are precious
Comment from : Magnakay Violet

garlichead footman
EA should've done a better job doing the money tree I liked it better in TS2
Comment from : garlichead footman

It is proven: Money grows on trees Those who tell you otherwise is lying o/ One more question: Is there a shop in the real life, that sells the seeds of this tree? lol
Comment from : kiara4009

me too we shold go together :p @morellaella
Comment from : TheAlazmy

In the Sims 2, i had a whole bunch of money trees, but when I'd invite people over, they'd steal the money off of them Eventually I just made my sim a hermit who lived by himself, and only got money from his trees =D
Comment from : Archon

my whole life, i thought money doesn't grow on trees :O My mother lied to me xD
Comment from : TheRuby13

i'd suck if you got robbed
Comment from : Jessemaree99

@006tomv your welcome i had the same prob also intill i saw a vid and finally knew how
Comment from : martinez221704

@006tomv u have to go to buy/build then go to family inventory then look for the seed you want and lay it on the ground then go back to live mode then click on that plant and will say pick up or plant
Comment from : martinez221704

its well easy to get money tree well by using cheat 1st press ctrl+shift+C 2nd type in >>>testingcheatsenabled true<<< and press enter 3rddo the 1st again then type in buydebug & press then u could go to furniture stuff then u can find it there
Comment from : HairdoAngel

Barbara Mitrengová
@xxBlackxxBerryxx Iam czech :D it is poor understanding And this is game the sims 3 Sims 3 is simulator
Comment from : Barbara Mitrengová

Alex G
Where did you find the seed?
Comment from : Alex G

Barbara Mitrengová
@xxBlackxxBerryxx This is game!!
Comment from : Barbara Mitrengová

OMG i only just Found out about the money tree now and i got the game back in 2009 when it was released
Comment from : Lip1996

Lydia Ritter
Quite a beautiful garden you have there haha
Comment from : Lydia Ritter

Where did you get those money? buydebug on?
Comment from : Deraidos

@coffeeandsoup ha ha ha
Comment from : AnimalGirl09100

Dan Wright
@morellaella but why do banks have branches?
Comment from : Dan Wright

it looks like a ketchup packet tree
Comment from : coffeeandsoup

@tinkertoes1000 please please tell me the cheat
Comment from : gamespecies

where are you exactly
Comment from : gamespecies

Em Daily
I iked the money tree but I discovered a cheat that alows you to get money so their is not sense in the money tree if you know the cheat I guess
Comment from : Em Daily

@morellaella they lied they just dident want you buy alot of candy and condoms lol
Comment from : Danny7766

kyle rosin
you type in the cheat box testing cheats enabled true then after that type in the cheat box buy de bug and go to furniture, sort by function and click the ? sign and you get that and a lot of stuff
Comment from : kyle rosin

I actually think their book vouchers!
Comment from : finnmmcd

@FLAPJACK4712 Cheat?
Comment from : RereTheUnicorn

How do u get a money tree?
Comment from : RereTheUnicorn

so lie you dumy
Comment from : Kaaylaah

Sarah Hasley
@Rihannafansrock there are thousands of those that are different kind
Comment from : Sarah Hasley

It looked like a bunch of bloody fish on a tree to me I was thinking "money doesn't grow on trees, but freaking fish do?"
Comment from : mikotofugaku

I seriously wish it did, because I would buy THOUNSANDS of them
Comment from : Draw

Instant Chances
Comment from : Instant Chances

gislaine Rodrigues rodrigues
i have this tree,i portuguese but i know english,in portugues this tree name árvore da patacas and i play portugues version
Comment from : gislaine Rodrigues rodrigues

@MegaPieMuffin ya, but i have it on xbox and i want to know how to get it on the xbox
Comment from : Rachel

@donedone31 is that the only way i cant get it?
Comment from : Kymberly

How do you get it? is there any where in the game that i find it
Comment from : Rachel

@loopedvirus thanks
Comment from : Rachel

is this the sims on xbox?
Comment from : Rachel

Morella Ella
my parents told me that money doesnt grow on trees:/
Comment from : Morella Ella

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