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Why Tether (USDT) is Headed for Disaster | Bitfinex Conflict of Interest

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Information Why Tether (USDT) is Headed for Disaster | Bitfinex Conflict of Interest

Title :  Why Tether (USDT) is Headed for Disaster | Bitfinex Conflict of Interest
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Frames Why Tether (USDT) is Headed for Disaster | Bitfinex Conflict of Interest

Description Why Tether (USDT) is Headed for Disaster | Bitfinex Conflict of Interest

Comments Why Tether (USDT) is Headed for Disaster | Bitfinex Conflict of Interest

Watch the last video: "The Curse of Mt Gox Still Haunts Us" - youtube/-PdLjfBD9Dc
Comment from : Bitraged

If Tether gets shut down, do investor funds disappear? What has happened in similar situations in the past?
Comment from : Rubywhisper

But the ceo of Binance, just one of many exchanges has a net worth of 1-2 Billion, don’t you think all the exchanges could actually back all the Tether that is running on their sites if it came down to it? These exchanges are making billions
Comment from : GAHd ZUWkz

Bitfnex account in Poland I posted about ealier on has just been ceased by Polish public prosecutor EUR 30bln They work together on the case with Interpol and Europol: wwwwykoppl/ramka/4251213/zbigniew-ziobro-zajal-1-3-mld-zl-jednej-z-najwiekszych-gield-kryptowalut/brArticle on Bitfinex polish account: wwwmoneypl/gospodarka/wiadomosci/artykul/bitcoin-bitfinex-gielda-kryptowalut,220,0,2391516htmlbrbrThis action may be related to: wwwwykoppl/ramka/4250681/kolumbijskie-kartele-praly-setki-milionow-przez-spolki-z-pruszkowa-i-okolic/
Comment from : indoubtma

cedric nuyts
you should do a video about how the FED works (fractional banking) so people know its the same as Tether and also do a video about about the venezuelan Petro and the american (Petro)dollar so people know that its the same scam i am a big fan of cryptocurrency but i have the feeling most people don't even know that the american dollar is the biggest scam in history
Comment from : cedric nuyts

The Effin dip
I feel like they manipulated the price of btc and all altcoins Ppl could be possibly buying the dips on an extremely over valued coins right now brbrSo many exchanges use tether and could be buying the shit out of altcoins Leading ppl on and slowly selling allowing ppl to buy in loosing money brbrThis was talked about a few months ago but seems like ppl forgotbrbrWho ever is involved could be paid off Just my opinion
Comment from : The Effin dip

Tether is Dodgy as Fuk
Comment from : Seth

Tether has nothing to do with blockchain
Comment from : JustSaiyanSteve

Crypto Signz
I love you videos You saying the truth most do not want to hear :) Regarding Tether, I have not used Tether in a long time but I really wanted to ask you this: Do you Trust Nubits (NBT) ? It almost serves the same purpose as Tether so is Nubits also creating $$ out of thin air ?
Comment from : Crypto Signz

Ciprian Mesa
When new tehnical on BTC ?
Comment from : Ciprian Mesa

Value in how you showed how little is needed to swing market cap You thought this out well Thanks for the presentation head on a swivel
Comment from : Robert

Crypto investors : Omg MtGox crashed the marketbrbrTether : hold my beer
Comment from : CGK

Hello Randall and Joe; if you dont mind just give us an update on BTC Thank you!
Comment from : Brandon

Joe Kyser
I thought tether claimed to have assets not dollar for dollar Who wants you to believe they have a dollar for every tether or did I misunderstand
Comment from : Joe Kyser

Matt R
This Tether thing is so frustrating Pisses me off to no end! BTW: Are you watching the market right now? It's like a stone's throw away from 7k! My goal to enter at 6250, 5000, and 3500but I've been waiting so long now, I'm getting gun shy to pull the trigger lol Really need to learn when the BEST time to enter isalthough it's probably largely based on gut, guile, and experience Thanks for the vids, dudes!
Comment from : Matt R

If and when tether gets shut down, how do you see it affecting the market in general?
Comment from : Jokester

Dave B
Thats going to cause the next big crash bigger then this one I want it to crash so price stabilizes
Comment from : Dave B

Torbjørn Johannessen
Great video
Comment from : Torbjørn Johannessen

Nothing new the same old newsUSDT is bad ok, switch to DGD or TUSD , easy
Comment from : Syd99

Christos Koutkos
Thank you very much for this video
Comment from : Christos Koutkos

The funds in your bank account are not there either Maybe about 10 of it is actually backed up It's just bits on a screen Fractional reserve banking is a much bigger scam
Comment from : stinger07

Jakob Andersen
I honestly think the maket will be better off without tether The only problem is when it crashes its gonna have severely negative repercussions on the cryptomarket :((
Comment from : Jakob Andersen

My my my if bitcoin goes below 7k there will be so much panic
Comment from : Patrick

Seva Lenser
Joe, are you and Randall related? Your voices sound similar :)
Comment from : Seva Lenser

Alan Shortall
Great vid, thanks for the heads up Are there any early-warning signs we should be on the lookout for as regards a Tether disaster?
Comment from : Alan Shortall

Jason Beck
Great video! Although, it is quite worrisome I’ve heard of some of the implications you presented, but this deep dive gave light to way more than what is swirling on the surface Keep up this type of content!
Comment from : Jason Beck

You guys are the Greatest I continually find my research lacking against yours which is so very much appreciated
Comment from : shivercanada

Lara Cudicio
Great video, thanks for sharing
Comment from : Lara Cudicio

Ryan Long
BTC update please your highest
Comment from : Ryan Long

Aaron Ming
Bitconnect was a 26B usd scam Bitcoin and cryptos survived it Even if tether is a scam, it is a smaller market cap of 22B It’s a smaller problem than bitconnect
Comment from : Aaron Ming

Great video You mentioned that everytime the market would attempt a correction, tether would be created and price would get pumped How come we haven't seen that during this correction? Couldnt they have stopped the price from free falling? Also, if it accounts for 25 market cap, then if the correction itself takes us to 6k bitcoin, then tether collapses, wouldn't that take us to 4500 btc?
Comment from : itsbeenaminute

adrian gian
Excellent and rational video, greed breeds strange bedfellows
Comment from : adrian gian

John Permabull Smith
Great video
Comment from : John Permabull Smith

Navin Satyanarayan
Thanks for the video with lot of referencesbrSoIf tether turns out to be a scamThen everyone will jump on bitcoin which will rise the price?? Temporarily??brOne more questionMany traders would bring their bitcoin bought from local currency to bitfininex How does bitfininex maintain huge USDT WhenLike 30-40 trades on exchange want to sit in USDT during Crash I am not able to understand this
Comment from : Navin Satyanarayan

A Lady Her Home & Her Hustle
Are TUSD & Nubits better options
Comment from : A Lady Her Home & Her Hustle

r Negoro
So basically Tether ltd prints their own money, the thing is why is the DOJ not pressing any charges ? It's clearly pump and dump ?
Comment from : r Negoro

Zezo Duarte
Again you nailed, and I think with Tether, SEC more and more we have to look for safe places, BTC or FIAT
Comment from : Zezo Duarte

A Lady Her Home & Her Hustle
What is the solution market is as volatile as hydrocarbon whales manipulating the market the idea of USDT is brilliant for what it's supposed to do that is secure your funds please offer a better solution as this whole crypto space is beginning to look like one huge ponzi/bubble jeez!!!!
Comment from : A Lady Her Home & Her Hustle

Hard Forky
Great update - I noted that it took about 2 years for Liberty to get closed down - perhaps FUD will hit Tether quicker brQ You note the printing of large sums, suggesting price manipulation - When markets crash following growth are people not moving their money into tether as a protective strategy thuswith demand, volume of the token will naturally go up? Are these tokens being removed from circulation following reinvestment into other currency during a market's revival (BTC)? Many thanks,
Comment from : Hard Forky

Alex Borda
so what is the alternative then ? i know about trueusd but they are only on bittrex how to get out of btc when price is about to go down?
Comment from : Alex Borda

Wow! From Bitcoin trading to investigative journalism! Very impressive, keep up the good work!
Comment from : Peter

Steve Smith
Well done Joe great vid
Comment from : Steve Smith

Some older articles but they still stand:brbrHow Bitfinex, Tether risk crashing global crypto markets: wwwbiznewscom/global-citizen/2017/12/06/bitcoin-bitfinex-tether-risk-crashing/brbrPrinting unbacked Tether: squawkerorg/technology/bitcoin-value-surges-past-11k-heres-why-its-happening/brbr[article in Polish] Bitfinex has an bank account with a coop-bank (Bank Spoldzielczy) in a shit-hole town in Poland (Skierniewice) wwwmoneypl/gospodarka/wiadomosci/artykul/bitcoin-bitfinex-gielda-kryptowalut,220,0,2391516html
Comment from : indoubtma

I think I can hear this thing ticking tooPerhaps exchanges need to find a viable alternative to Tether to give us chance to hedge against this Non too keen on problems without solutions
Comment from : Drum

Duke Ung
No one should have the ability to print money from thin air The central banks won’t stand for it Only central banks are allow to be crooks Tether and bitfinix are going down
Comment from : Duke Ung

Brandon s
Have you pulled most of your cyrpto assets in anticipation? Sell at 11k and limit order at like 6-65k? That's what i'm thinking but would love some reassurance Your channel has actually translated into some good gains in my portfolio and I'm forever grateful
Comment from : Brandon s

Thanks Joe for the info I'm surprise that someone would dislike this video, when all your doing is making us in the Crypto World aware of the shady shit business that Tether and Bitfinex are up to
Comment from : flyaz11

Tuan Lam
Just wonder why the big exchanges don't take any action by removing USDT trading pair? And the new exchanges have added USDT to their trading pairs while there are so many suspicions about Tether Thus somehow they also take advantage of Tether!
Comment from : Tuan Lam

thank you very much
Comment from : KRM

Crypto Tip
when new BTC tehnicall?
Comment from : Crypto Tip

Crypto Tip
Tetheri dooing the same thing what the Banks are doing issuing unbacked money
Comment from : Crypto Tip

Eric Marentette
you know you're toxic when even wells fargo won't work with you LOL
Comment from : Eric Marentette

Roadtrek Rich
Has this 15 billion tether been bought with USD or have people exchanged a coin that has been going down? If the latter, I could see the demand for and need to issue more tether but I can't see how the tether company could maintain the "pinned" condition unless there was some collusion with an exchange that allowed tether to liquidate the coin for USD before completing the transaction with the trader Otherwise, in a downturning market, it would be exchanging say a 10K bitcoin for 10K USDT and a minute later the BTC it is holding is only worth 9900brThe facts seem pretty clear that there is some relationship between an exchange and tether It would seem that the purpose could be to allow the necessary "buffering" between tether acquiring a coin, liquidating it to USD and then issuing the USDT for that coin at the same market valuebrI think this is probably a well known technique to "gin the system"brIt's probably illegal I would think it would probably be prosecuted under the RICO actbrIt looks like a racket, conspiring to get influence, corrupting a system, and, definitely, somebody spent some time getting it organizedbrHas anyone ever redeemed USDT for USD? How would one go about doing that?brTether's website says they aren't under any obligation to redeem USDT for USD
Comment from : Roadtrek Rich

Félix Léonard
I'm not defending tether but it makes sense that some USDT get printed when BTC go down as some people sell BTC and probebly buy some USDT And if more poeple get more USD, in order to keep the value of USDT to 1 USD, they need to print some USDT It's the way it works
Comment from : Félix Léonard

snide 2
Most likely the funds are in the bank, Bitmex did an investigation and even found the bank in which the funds are most likely held The report also explains why they do not want to reveal the bank, it's because they had a hard time finding a bank and don't want to lose the one that they found Most banks don't hold 100 of the funds as Tether needs so it is important for them to hang on to this rare bank There is zero evidence that Tether inflated anything in the market, rather its all speculation Smart people are still human and humans love to stir up drama Of course Tether has to be printed as more fiat enters to buy Bitcoin
Comment from : snide 2

Ultra rekt
Thank you Joe for the overview and analysis To me the market is still premature with a lot of ‘gold diggers’ And that works as long some friend, fool or friend accept this I’ll stick with BTC and will see how market develops, partly based on the information you provide brbrI am very great, and thankful for finding this channel
Comment from : Ultra rekt

Andreas Valsamis
Excellent video! brPeople need to know about the big dangers of this market like USDT,bearwhales etc keep posting!brIt's a shame that a youtuber like you doesn't have many more subscribers for the info provided
Comment from : Andreas Valsamis

Two Dubz
The worst thing about this channel is that there isn’t 200K subscribers!brbrThank you for always telling the truth and for keeping it real even when the news is bad and nobody wants to hear it Your channel has saved me from the Pollyannas spreading fake sunshine and roses 24/7 I have learned more from your channel during this crap market than any other channel out there!
Comment from : Two Dubz

Sam Jones
I wouldnt be surprised if there is a connection between mt Gox and tether-bitfinex either The first dump of the Gox trustee was timed perfectly with the last pump of tether where BTC peaked at 20k So now they have enough to pay off the creditors and can put over 100,000 of BTC in their pocket
Comment from : Sam Jones

Great work on putting this together
Comment from : gt0703

Seva Lenser
Why is this issue taking so long to be resolved? Are all the exchanges that use Tether just greedy, or do they truly believe there is nothing wrong with it? They could easily implement alternatives and at least give people the option so if USDT goes under it won't have such a huge impact
Comment from : Seva Lenser

Navin Satyanarayan
Until all stable coins(scam coins) of cryptospace, like tether,(USDT) TrueUSD(TUSD) are eliminated True value of cryptocurrencies cannot be judged interms of FIAT The only solution for this isOnce ppl enter in cryptospaceThey should forget about Fiat And measure value of all coins interms of cryptocurrencies Its like one-way ticketJust buy crypto and forget Fiat One has to hold cryptocurrencies until full adoptionAfter which the true value of each coin can be madebrThis what even Warren buffet askedWhy measure value of coins in USD when the same can be done in satoshi
Comment from : Navin Satyanarayan

Nice I actually read that Tether timeline before because I wanted to what the fuss was about
Comment from : side-fish

Big Hit Cards
I have never used Tether but I beg the question, if it's truly a fraud and scam, why haven't they ran off with everyone's money already?
Comment from : Big Hit Cards

The answer is jibrel
Comment from : bowser123ism

Great job Bitraged! Seriously people pay careful attention to this in its entirety please! These are just the facts and it might hurt your feelings and your lavishly get rich quick dreams but wake up! Bitraged is only trying to help all of us out even the Tether obsessed/possesed fanatics before its too late and then youll feel the smack in the face like Bitconeeeect and all the other scams out there! Yes its going to really suck when Tether is unmasked and messes the market again but its ok things will be way better once we get rid of those scam crypto plagues out there Its part of the process but things will work out little by little Be patient and be realistic Follow people like Bitraged and stop following fantasy land get rich pump and dump shills which chances are the popular ones that your subscribed too Btw thanks for the love and pity for the dislikes :D
Comment from : KO_POWER 777

Michael Conroy
Thank you! So, when tether gets shutdown, that will likely cause other crypto to decrease like BTC?
Comment from : Michael Conroy

Conflict of Interest is a bit far fetched in my humble opinion If you've ever been to court, you'd know the entire judicial system is nothing but a huge conflict of interest circle jerk, plaintiff and defendants legal teams are all apart of the same BAR association, so I can't truly speculate using conflict of interest as a legal stance here However, Tether needs to be more transparent with their business operations If I were them, I'd have a real-time status page that show exactly how much funds are currently secured and also do press releases 30-days in advance prior to increasing the circulating supply People will be butt-hurt over this video because they use Tether as a hedge against the US dollar and they want to feel safe, which is 100 understandable for gamblers One thing to keep in mind, never forget how unstable and untrustworthy financial institutions have been historically and in present time Don't forget about 2008 bail out, where a plethora of banks were proven to be involved with massive money laundering, using hedge funds to bet against nonsensical mortgages, insider trading and market manipulation Lastly, No one will ever get the facts of how US based banks are blocking Tether and everyone must know how articulate these banks are when it comes to using fear of liquidity to lower the price for their own financial gains Keep up the good work!
Comment from : Creativenauts

bao haus
Not being a troll, but is this the samething what Binance doing with Binance coin?
Comment from : bao haus

Thank you for the video!
Comment from : Brandon

Adam Smith
great information The whole Bitfinex Tether thing stunk from the beginning
Comment from : Adam Smith

P Yim
Eye opening thanks for the info
Comment from : P Yim

Honestly the sooner the better We pretty much need a reset Yes the price rising so quickly caused fomo, but tether seems to be correlated with that parabolic rise as well I'm still a baby in this market, but i want it to just be healthy more than anything I don't want to see such a beautiful thing ruined by greed I know that affects my bottom line, but I'm amazed by what these innivations have the potential to bring Er need to stop looking toward 20k and just look at what's going on right now If we reach new highs (and I believe we will) it is going to come with patience
Comment from : JayBigDadyCy

So me parking my profits in tether coukd be risky
Comment from : JAQK

All cryptos are a Ponzishhhh
Comment from : Deandevonshire

paul lindsay
Great video
Comment from : paul lindsay

Excellent video guys Most folks confuse market cap so that was a good example Tether/Bitfinex I bet will get shutdown before our next US general election(2020)
Comment from : TechnicalWealth

Mikey Seko
great video , you have a good knowledge to do more videos exposing financial fraud, this is needed in this space, thank you
Comment from : Mikey Seko

You guys are great The only rational voices who advised caution at $11000 while everyone else was looking to $15000 targets The same trolls who screamed FUD then will do that again now It's sad but the majority of people are not interested in hard facts anymore They either dismiss them with cognitive dissonance or breakout in abreaction against the messenger Anyhow, please keep the good work up!
Comment from : todoroki

Comment from : edwardpowellmusic

Blah Blah
Hey Thanks, man This is really good to know I was going to to open an account with Bitfinex, literally 30 minutes ago Got turned off because they seemed awfully arrogant with the way they talk to you as you are signing up Then I watched this lol Good info The biggest trading platform for bitcoin should be called out for being shady
Comment from : Blah Blah

So whats the point of this video? Its not like no one with bigger capital isnt aware of this The only thing a video like this do is scare smaller players Pretty pointless as they dont effect the market much at all Tether stands for about 22 about the total cap and this have been calculated, also that tether dont inflate the prices have been proven Also the massive increase in volume is to counter the trading increase those weeks Its just a tool, no one cares if they dont have the capital, you cant cash out either way so a video like this is just pointless fud They most likely do have the capital if you just dig a little deeper then just a 3 month old letter You can see what banks they are using and that their gains have increased with billions under the same period so its pretty obvious they have the capital Otherwise use something else, dgx,tusd for example Pointless fud video, disslike
Comment from : Narcissus

Good work as always gentlemen
Comment from : UUtv

nadeem younas
I was waiting for you video plz keep us updated,,,, more brother thx for your time
Comment from : nadeem younas

nadeem younas
Hi hi brother how are you brother
Comment from : nadeem younas

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