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Percentages made easy - fast shortcut trick!

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Information Percentages made easy - fast shortcut trick!

Title :  Percentages made easy - fast shortcut trick!
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Frames Percentages made easy - fast shortcut trick!

Description Percentages made easy - fast shortcut trick!

Comments Percentages made easy - fast shortcut trick!

Sandbox Tree
40 is the third easiest to do apart from 50, which is the second easiest, and 100, which is the easiest
Comment from : Sandbox Tree

Sandbox Tree
I have another technique If you're dealing with things like "40 of 70", you'd first look at what half of 70 is or "50 of 70" Which is 35 Then you'd look at "10 of 70" Which is 7 But here youare required to do addition or subtraction In this case you can subtract 35 - 7 is 28, which is the answer to "40 of 70"
Comment from : Sandbox Tree

Michael Paysour
I am pissed off that I'm just now learning how to do things like this I feel cheated
Comment from : Michael Paysour

Nicholus __
Wow ❤
Comment from : Nicholus __

Hoolycoow! Thank you so much for this
Comment from : S1ke

Hussain Muhammad
Not very good explained
Comment from : Hussain Muhammad

Cheers bro Hella Teacher teaching us basic math formula even more suffering but you teach the faster way
Comment from : HowtoPablo

Anne Campbell
Please tell me 6/40=15 Please tell me…
Comment from : Anne Campbell

That satalite called ISIS seas
Comment from : Firethorn913

Tia Haddaway
Comment from : Tia Haddaway

Wow thank you my friend
Comment from : ALDWINZ TV

craig gordon-watson
You tech better than my teacher
Comment from : craig gordon-watson

mafaz mohamed
as per ur calculation, what is 25 of 100?? how to check it?
Comment from : mafaz mohamed

Samuel /WICT
Thank you let it be more easy than others who teach on YouTube
Comment from : Samuel /WICT

Ronnie Gerobin
Where did you get the "1" below 40?
Comment from : Ronnie Gerobin

Hannah Wrightson
Wait I’m literally obsessed with this Thank you
Comment from : Hannah Wrightson

Marina Swift
Comment from : Marina Swift

BigIron Fist
35 of 35?
Comment from : BigIron Fist

Tanvir Rouf
Hello there How much will be gross profit percentage on sales 535,500 of 33 1/3 Thank you in advance
Comment from : Tanvir Rouf

Toghrul mammadli
4k people disliking, all of them are people who think they are too cool for math even though they are weaklings that will need this for their test tommorow
Comment from : Toghrul mammadli

احمد علی زاده
Why you talking with your nose😂
Comment from : احمد علی زاده

Tamara Winstead
im subscribing
Comment from : Tamara Winstead

Tamara Winstead
ur awsome keep it up
Comment from : Tamara Winstead

Harman 116
I could of done with watching this before my exams 😂, but this makes it 100 times easier
Comment from : Harman 116

Chandra K
this is the best
Comment from : Chandra K

Akin Arogundade
Comment from : Akin Arogundade

This gotta be cheating
Comment from : begaqincer

Darius Aryana
I wish you were my maths teacher
Comment from : Darius Aryana

i got this math problem in my class: 027 of 93000000 how can i do it using this trick?
Comment from : sevne

George Macnally
Omg mate at 49 years old I got what you meant in the first Min brThank you so muchbrMy dad used too shout at me and call me useless so I didn't botherbrIt is the way people explained the processbrI have let jobs pass me because of thisbrWowbrI can't stop laughing wow I feel like I have born againbrThank you so much
Comment from : George Macnally

Nilesh Binawara
I'm 11 and I have been working soo hard to pass my sats thx for helping me 😁😁😁😊
Comment from : Nilesh Binawara

Izzy Miara
Thought i ended up on the dark web learning these secrets
Comment from : Izzy Miara

Arrianna Hart
Wow, there’s no place like YouTube, Ty!!!!!!!
Comment from : Arrianna Hart

It took hours for my teacher to teach percentages
Comment from : CheatblueVII

How about the single digits? 5 and so on
Comment from : Ely

woah- thank you!
Comment from : sar

Natasha Bennett
Comment from : Natasha Bennett

Purvy’s vlog
Thank you so much,this is a lot more easier
Comment from : Purvy’s vlog

Savvy Starfire
Black magic math… I love it
Comment from : Savvy Starfire

David Tinarwo
I don’t get the last half
Comment from : David Tinarwo

U helped me out a ton omg your trick works every time 🤝🏾🤝🏾🤝🏾
Comment from : itzleon

You should try having a great math wizard as a teacher Ever heard of a guy named scott steiner? Really very good with numbers and percentages
Comment from : Spongebob

Literally I have been learning percentages for 3 yrs and I only understood once I watched this
Comment from : Kalie⭐️

A G Rosario
Waoo 🎊🎉 thanks,this is so easy 🥳
Comment from : A G Rosario

Comment from : BkPerseus

SM Creation
It looks like I'm hearing a shark 🦈 from finding Nemo
Comment from : SM Creation

So cool
Comment from : Ved

thank u very much for the help i needed it soo much😅😆
Comment from : crazymadjr

Can someone explain where the 100 comes from im so confused
Comment from : EthanWXM

God and Jesus save✝️
Comment from : Cavachoncx3

Orfe Balatayo
Comment from : Orfe Balatayo

Why was it 6 and not 60??
Comment from : MsCankersore

best turtorial bye tech math alot of short cuts very cool
Comment from : Quickmajic

Tahnia Piroz
Thank you soooooooo m7ch ti's was really helpful
Comment from : Tahnia Piroz

Mike Worthington
Comment from : Mike Worthington

Harry Azcrac Jr
This is going to help greatly in quickly determining stop losses on options contracts!
Comment from : Harry Azcrac Jr

Mary Lee
Starts 02:15
Comment from : Mary Lee

It’s toca maria
Comment from : It’s toca maria

Genere Huevos
All i can say is a big "HAHAHA"
Comment from : Genere Huevos

James Anthony Green
That was a really enjoyable video It was an amazing learning experience for me I also enjoyed doing these math problems in my head from using another concept
Comment from : James Anthony Green

im so mad they didn't teach me this method in school
Comment from : SHÏNØBÎ

Elijah rideb
I am so mad that I didnt know this I don't got the patience for it sometimes
Comment from : Elijah rideb

Thank you for making my maths easy
Comment from : NCIOCompany

Radik Stettler
Comment from : Radik Stettler

Christine Farrall
I love this Greatand I'm 75
Comment from : Christine Farrall

Iron Skull
Thank you Boris Johnson
Comment from : Iron Skull

very very easy man thankyou soo much
Comment from : mExplained

Wind River
Most teachers are incompetent and not qualified to teach
Comment from : Wind River

Corey Freeman
Thing is schools try to make it out to be more difficult then it should I understand calculus and such are meant to be the top tier echelon but I probably would of passed math and understood it more if I had this
Comment from : Corey Freeman

Riza Basada
So easy! Thank you so much! ❤️
Comment from : Riza Basada

When I took calculus in college, there were two people that taught calculus The first one was called "The Best Calculus Teacher on The Planet", and the other one was a guy who just went through the motions, and was no help at all brI would go up after class, and beg him for help, but he'd just look at me blankly, then say, "Well, figure it out" brI've always wondered how my life and career choices would have been different if I had the other teacher
Comment from : BX-637

yagmur Elif Demir
literally the only video in the whole youtube that makes sense
Comment from : yagmur Elif Demir

vineet kukshal
It is very easy for me to solve we have to just make one digit more smaller right????
Comment from : vineet kukshal

Youtube Videos
From Nepal, i am blessed i was taught this in my childhood But, the last one is trickyi dont knw to do that
Comment from : Youtube Videos

Sly Foxx Sr
Does this work in America? Probably not They're so behind in math 🤷‍♂️
Comment from : Sly Foxx Sr

nasir ali
The great teaching technique pretty understand like kids thanks alot dear sir
Comment from : nasir ali

Shayne Collins
thank you so much:)
Comment from : Shayne Collins

Hajia mariam Armiyao
Okay please how about50 of 4 Yh how is it worked
Comment from : Hajia mariam Armiyao

an even quicker method with a calculator, Divide the number by 100 and times it by the percentage for his first example 40/100 = 04 and 04 x 30 = 12
Comment from : Cptn_Candy

Ahmed Khamali
OMG, I love 💗💗💗💗 The information really got inside my head Also, your voice is soothing 💐
Comment from : Ahmed Khamali

Jess Izie
You can just say *for example… 40 of 15= 40 divided by 100, multiplied by 15 divided by 1(just in case) on a calculator *
Comment from : Jess Izie

Simple Kea
Thank you
Comment from : Simple Kea

blew my mind, bro
Comment from : Lunatic127

Amber U
I have been robbed! I hate math and do not want to take the GRE but maybe this will help
Comment from : Amber U

Amber U
No i needed this !
Comment from : Amber U

MJ Caparida
I'm in shock rn, thank you TT
Comment from : MJ Caparida

Eleanor Alpino
Comment from : Eleanor Alpino

Clara Nadine
How did I go through 12 years of school and not learn this TT brI can't believe I didn't make the connection and figure this shortcut out myself LOL
Comment from : Clara Nadine

sheela rani
I keep myself away from mathematics though I worked as a teacher
Comment from : sheela rani

sheela rani
Thank you sir
Comment from : sheela rani

I’ve been robbed my whole life
Comment from : e2kutt

Wish you did numbers that were in the thousands
Comment from : ObnoxiousCat

Dul Akif
You could just use the calculator
Comment from : Dul Akif

Clint Granzo
i love how watching this vid feels like thor is just teaching me math
Comment from : Clint Granzo

Doods Raven Lolo
Thank You sir, I learn a lot GOD Bless Always sir
Comment from : Doods Raven Lolo

•salty peanut•
i dont understand this is complicated
Comment from : •salty peanut•

Comment from : IMMORTAL_ HADEZ

Som Awasthi
1765 of 376??? 😅😅
Comment from : Som Awasthi

Thank you so much i know this video was filmed 7 years ago but i am i’m in year 8 and never learned in primary school and wasn’t getting it in math and u have just been told i have a math test next week a proper one in the hall with clear pencil case no watch no phone i serious one and i was bit stressed but not i get this thank you wondering how do you do 1
Comment from : Random_stuff

Can I take u to my school now? You shall be our new math teacher
Comment from : Jesse2

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