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10 Places in NEW YORK You Should NEVER Move To

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Title :  10 Places in NEW YORK You Should NEVER Move To
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Description 10 Places in NEW YORK You Should NEVER Move To

Comments 10 Places in NEW YORK You Should NEVER Move To

Nick Johnson
Here is my entire New York playlist: wwwyoutubecom/playlist?list=PLq-_cmf3H6yrQHpjwAsL-Ph-uM5EFu1MH
Comment from : Nick Johnson

Gary Robinson
And they keep voting for the party that destroyed them Democrates Thier factorys are all in China now Thanks Joe!
Comment from : Gary Robinson

Robert Burrows
You tic a NOT oot ic a
Comment from : Robert Burrows

Boney Stark
Honestly Buffalo Is not a terrible place to live The worst parts are the East side villages and boroughs and the west side and upper south side Half of the crimes that happen in Buffalo often happen in the East side Northern villages and some places east of Buffalo such as, Amherst, Kenmore, Parts of Tonawanda, Lancaster, Williamsville and lots of more! So Buffalo is not a Terrible place to live but it’s also not that best At least it’s not like Camden NJ
Comment from : Boney Stark

I live in Newburgh currently but thankfully not in the bad area
Comment from : Weather-Dave

Andrew Denton
He said Utica wring it’s said like (you di ca )
Comment from : Andrew Denton

The Duck
Can't wait to move to Florida soon!
Comment from : The Duck

Elect of the end times channel
When I was in my twenties, I lived in the city of Utica most of what you said is probably true it was bad back thenmany many houses burned boarded and much homelessness A great church is called Redeemer Church, Mike Servelio jr is Pastor Many times I would try and escape up to the Adirondack mountains It is such a beautiful place and the small towns on the way up were nice back then though I’m not aware what they have suffered since the economic downfall The air up there always smelled of pine 🌲
Comment from : Elect of the end times channel

Kill Yourself
this dude 😭 where is the Bronx Brooklyn Queens Harlem 😭 these upperstate places look like heaven compared to what i see livin in the Bronx 😭 ts dead
Comment from : Kill Yourself

ootica 😭
Comment from : jayda

James Robert
58 years and the only change is EVERY place has become a third world slum
Comment from : James Robert

Trent Voc
generally speaking Nick, you strike me as an asshole, thanks!
Comment from : Trent Voc

I’m from Lockport, and I am SHOCKED that Buffalo was worst rated on here than it Lockport used to be GORGEOUS, but in the 70s they knocked down everything and built it to the shithole it is today They tried to redeem theirselves by trying to build back one of the buildings cause they know they were ugly asf Also, with people in Niagara county being able to tell you how crappy the New York side of Niagara Falls is, is SO TRUE!! If you go to Niagara Falls, go to the Canada side!! It’s so much better there! Yes, the park where you can walk and see the falls is very pretty, but driving around Niagara Falls, NY, is just going to ruin it for you But the thing I have to disagree with is the “Niagara Falls is like Buffalo, but smaller” Buffalo is gorgeous, as long as you don’t go to the east, super west, or super south sides Also, I’m not a 100 year old hag, I promise! 😂
Comment from : REI

Such Lovely Radiance
You need to add Oswego They leaders and Cps are purely corrupted
Comment from : Such Lovely Radiance

These Endless Nights
Niagara Falls is a shit hole, spent 27 years there
Comment from : These Endless Nights

Nathaniel Cromie
This is amazing because I live in Cohoes NY which is across the Hudson from troy NY and you just missed a lot about troy there gang activity across the entire city there's a lot of drug dealers everywhere there's beggers everywhere and about a shooting 2 or 3 times a month
Comment from : Nathaniel Cromie

Kevin Corbin
It's pronounced Yewticka, not Oohticka
Comment from : Kevin Corbin

my a
damn y’all violated newburgh 😢😢😢😢
Comment from : my a

Most of them are blackbrfunny how white people think
Comment from : Jaymaven

You left out New York City
Comment from : A B

thank a Democrat - this is what happens when Democrats come in and take over a state and - also Unions contribute to most of the poverty and drove all the big companies out of NY - I90 is the RUST BELT but all the car manufacturing companies and others have left due to UAW and TEAMSTER , CSEA , TEACHERS UNIONS , POST OFFICE UNIONS , IBEW , they all are corrupt and rape the companies of money then they leave along with the workers who have long retired !
Comment from : Scout8148

Emily H
Comment from : Emily H

Syracuse crunch fan
Why Syracuse they have a hockey team Utica sucks
Comment from : Syracuse crunch fan

Molo Tulo
As a lifetime resident of New York Stategreat video New York State is a craphole
Comment from : Molo Tulo

ronnie Hurley
There are lots of little towns and beautiful lakes in the area
Comment from : ronnie Hurley

Funny how Newburgh is on the list, and not Yonkers or Bronx 🤦🏾‍♂️
Comment from : Zarkiim

Any B
NYC is horrible
Comment from : Any B

Jessica H
All these retail, grocery, and gas station employees need an affordable place to live
Comment from : Jessica H

Staghorn The Druid
Good news about Syracuse, Amazon just opened a warehouse in its northern suburb, Liverpool I grew up in the Greater Syracuse Area, it takes a special personality to live there Lot's of dark humor that people outside of our area really don't understand
Comment from : Staghorn The Druid

Staghorn The Druid
Comment from : Staghorn The Druid

Nick must be seeking to buy land in New York on the cheap, so is panning the region

Nick, you're not factual People in New York that are homeless aren't homeless because they rather live off govt, they're homeless because there aren't enough jobs, govt sucks and housing prices are through the roof esp in NYC The majority of homeless are in the big cities Please stop spreading propaganda

It's you ti ca not ooh ti ca

david foley
You just hate ny
Comment from : david foley

Clean Freak
I agree but what happened to #1
Comment from : Clean Freak

Cory Williams
I grew up in a town called New Hartford, just outside of Utica Utica definitely has its problems but it’s not as bad as he says Utica is head and shoulders better than NYC I’ve worked in New York City for the last 13 years and it is by far the worst place in New York State The crime is out of control and the entire city is just filthy I don’t know how anybody can stand living down there I’ll take upstate New York anytime over the city
Comment from : Cory Williams

Vladimir Poutine
NYC ruined our small upstate NY town with their prisoner relocations programs which did bring jobs, but brought even more people who jumped on welfare Now it's a complete shit town But it is diversenow!
Comment from : Vladimir Poutine

What about Chester New York?
Comment from : JSAS

Asha Jeremiah QW
False information
Comment from : Asha Jeremiah QW

Alexandra Winner
Every upstate New Yorker knows this narrator isn’t native My brain hurts at his spelling error and bad pronunciation
Comment from : Alexandra Winner

Alexandra Winner
Video starts at 1:38 😒👎
Comment from : Alexandra Winner

Jim Dep
No doubt that democrats have ruined these once great cities
Comment from : Jim Dep

Jim Dep
There is no letter P in Binghamton ! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH ! I'll get over it
Comment from : Jim Dep

Jason Xie
Upstate New Yorkers happy their crappy city isn’t on this list lmao Full of lotto & drugs
Comment from : Jason Xie

James Cummings
Crazy how NY state pays more federal taxes than the next 3 states combined And it's youtica
Comment from : James Cummings

e c
They don’t maintain hardly anything in owego, trust me
Comment from : e c

Leo Glickman
Moron spends all that time making the video and he pronounces it "Ootica" and spells it "Binghampton" Shame on me for wasting 12 minutes, shame on Nick Johnson for wasting his life
Comment from : Leo Glickman

The American Viking lady
How does upstate new york changeget rid of nyc and change upstate to New Amsterdam and then we can control who runs the state instead of the nasty dumpster fire NYC and then maybe we can have our voices heard and finally elect a decent law abiding candidate
Comment from : The American Viking lady

I live in Utica an I lived herkimer 🤣
Comment from : Noah

Comment from : ‘19MustangGt

It's pronounced You tica up here
Comment from : MILLY EBK 1260

Jonathan Ribbing
You missed jamestown
Comment from : Jonathan Ribbing

Guadalupe Avalos
Doctor lawyer everywhere’s is expansive food for double the prices here than up state There more program offer in up state than California so many people workbrThere asses off just to make end meat lA you get shot man I ambrLeaving California houses are too expansive I cannot afford to buy I will go to upstate easier with one job and I can afford a home
Comment from : Guadalupe Avalos

Guadalupe Avalos
You can find so much crappy shit I don’t care That lies USA is great NYC is good Up state so cheap because anywhere in California you cannot afford a home Talk shit All of California work Two jobs All of California from up northern bored to Tijuana land houses to expansive We have most homelessness than other states more violence and crime Rent is 2,000 usd anywhere or 1,500 usd houses mortgage is about 2,000 usd no 300brOr 700 usd Rent here is so high people workbrTwobrJobs to afford living New YorkbrCan live comfortably and buy a home you talk shit I rather live in up state where I can buy a house nice big one for under 140,000 usd California all states start 300,000 usd
Comment from : Guadalupe Avalos

Sun Shine
It's pronounced YOUtica
Comment from : Sun Shine

Cliff C
There’s a bunch of a nice places in Schenectady There’s very few hoods
Comment from : Cliff C

You forgot new rochelle and mount vernon
Comment from : Artificial_Z

Stormsshield Gaming
Born and raised in upstate New York Sadly this list is spot on Most of the cities and towns grew because of ties to some major corporation or another When that corporation got tired of New York taxes, they packed it in and left decimating their economybrbrNot gonna lie it makes me sad But this is also why I moved away
Comment from : Stormsshield Gaming

the government of NY State, keep people stymied and oppressed ! give the power back to the people ! brbri stay reppin' that 710brbrMiles County ( Roma Boulevard, let's go ! )
Comment from : T B

Papa Marks Place
Hey Nick UTICA is pronounced You tick a
Comment from : Papa Marks Place

Eli Lis
Liberals and Feminists ruined this country, especially New York
Comment from : Eli Lis

Dystinee Rubera
can tell you aren’t from here just by how you said utica and the spelling of binghamton
Comment from : Dystinee Rubera

I’ve lived in Fulton almost my whole life and it has its ups and downs
Comment from : Zeoshock

Paul and Mandy
Its You-tuh-cuh,not Ooo-tuh-cuh
Comment from : Paul and Mandy

Catherine Erwin
So, where do you live Nick? You have no problem pointing out all of the sins of your listed cities Hate to break it to you but the problems that exist in these cities exist in cities around the country But thanks for the ignorance Sport…
Comment from : Catherine Erwin

Troy is rated WAAAAAAY too low
Comment from : held2157

You should have covered Oswego and Fulton and Watertown, NYmost of Oswego and Jefferson county in general It's WORSE than Flint in my opinion because there used to be so much and it has absolutely crumbled into NOTHING I remember when I was a kid watching Roger and Me thinking that's nothing they have a lot more going on than here in Upstate, especially considering what used to be
Comment from : hendo337

Joe Stefens
Downstaters calling Upstate/Western New York depressed?brbrYikes
Comment from : Joe Stefens

Patrick Orr
It is pronounced you-tick-uh
Comment from : Patrick Orr

David Sperling
Utica said as in “you” tica
Comment from : David Sperling

Comment from : D

JCar4life ManCity4Life
Florida or Texas is the answer to any smart New Yorker
Comment from : JCar4life ManCity4Life

Michael Wilson
I used to live in Dundee NY wear Seneca Lake is going from Watkins Glen to WaterlooIt's a very graet place in the summer but bad winters though
Comment from : Michael Wilson

Let me not see you in this state you want to do videos and talk s*** about New York me and you going to meet one day on the street and I'm going to speak to you with my hands
Comment from : BLUEITALIA

Leonidas Mougerousolopolous
I love the random phone calls where Nick just asks people about their town🤤
Comment from : Leonidas Mougerousolopolous

Bikon DaDon
A biased Video, I often visit Buffalo and it has great things about it, nice summers, decent restaurants, friendly people 2 sides to all stories
Comment from : Bikon DaDon

Kasandra Cummings
Hay I was wondering what Google search or websites you use to find the bad parts of town and streets etc brbrI was watching spa guy and he was saying don't to Memphis to see graveland just to dangerous Well that kind of information isn't going to be on the tourism sites
Comment from : Kasandra Cummings

J The Original
hahahah Rochester number 1 past 40 years Don't believe me? try it out
Comment from : J The Original

Nox Archive
You spelled Binghamton wrong
Comment from : Nox Archive

There is no more good pizza in New York all the good Italians left hands in Connecticut some Jersey New York don't have good pizza no more
Comment from : swarm669

Jasmine Johnson
Before talking about utica how about you say the name of the city right? It's really not that bad in upstate ny It really is a beautiful place
Comment from : Jasmine Johnson

Drew Johnson
Dude this channel is so insufferably politically biased lol Conservatives are so annoying
Comment from : Drew Johnson

Heidi Stanton
Just a note Binghamton x the p Love your videos!
Comment from : Heidi Stanton

Heidi Hoffman
Why would you want kids?
Comment from : Heidi Hoffman

Stoak City
As a born & raised Buffalonian that now lives in NC, I cannot disagree more with your assessment of Buffalo The parks are plentiful, it's easy to get around, most people are amazing, and the friendly neighborhoods are truly a great place to grow up That being said, Niagara Falls NY is accurate at #1 The Canadian side of the falls is great though
Comment from : Stoak City

Brian Oconnor
i live in troy
Comment from : Brian Oconnor

NKG Lion in Asia
This is sad
Comment from : NKG Lion in Asia

Judith Kuzay
I'm from Germany but I spent my study year abroad at SUNY Oneonta I LOVED the beauty of upstate New York! Oneonta will always be my "home away from home", my "second home " I miss upstate New York a lot !!!
Comment from : Judith Kuzay

Hailey Stanton
How did no one mention elmira 🤣
Comment from : Hailey Stanton

Pete Miller
Mole people live under ground in the subway tunnels and up above is pure Gotham city The Arkham institution has released all the patients Corrupt mayor , Corrupt Chuck Schumer Corrupt AOC and you have the makings of your next batman movie When your worst fanasty becomes reality
Comment from : Pete Miller

Amy Sanchez
just the way people acted on the phone in Herkimer is enough to put people off they'd do great in politics, though
Comment from : Amy Sanchez

Big Ralf
Watertown here✌🏾✌🏾
Comment from : Big Ralf

Big Ralf
I wonder why it’s the most homeless state man it’s pricy on everything everyyythinnngggg
Comment from : Big Ralf

Hyneeph Ali
NY politicians ruined the state
Comment from : Hyneeph Ali

Bruce Gill
You forgot Elmria NY
Comment from : Bruce Gill

You spelled Binghamton wrong And it's pronounced you-ti-ka, not oootica
Comment from : WitchyBitch

Rocco Dragani
you - ti - ca (Utica), Come On man, not oo - ti - ca
Comment from : Rocco Dragani

Rocco Dragani
i have to say pretty funny video, not untrue, thank you and you clearly have a lot of time on your hands, but then again I am watching it
Comment from : Rocco Dragani

Rocco Dragani
just a little note on Scott Norwood - 47 yard FG on a grass field in an open stadium, not always a guarantee And yes Buffaloanians pound for pound would kick anyones assess
Comment from : Rocco Dragani

Rocco Dragani
once we get rid of the socialists here, there won't be anyone left, but the 37 people who remain will have an empire again
Comment from : Rocco Dragani

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