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The BEST Silver Coin to Buy for 2021 | The British Silver Britannia Coin

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Information The BEST Silver Coin to Buy for 2021 | The British Silver Britannia Coin

Title :  The BEST Silver Coin to Buy for 2021 | The British Silver Britannia Coin
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Frames The BEST Silver Coin to Buy for 2021 | The British Silver Britannia Coin

Description The BEST Silver Coin to Buy for 2021 | The British Silver Britannia Coin

Comments The BEST Silver Coin to Buy for 2021 | The British Silver Britannia Coin

Bushcraft Dad Gary
For any Brits watchingbrAtkinsons bullion currently has Brittanias for £25 plus change That's a bargain for surebrAnd you can buy in shop over the counter if you're concerned about deliveries
Comment from : Bushcraft Dad Gary

I also like to know how to spot real britannia coin 2021?
Comment from : FUSION & CREATION

Would u also like to collect brNGC 20 from Philippines?brIts 2022world best NGC :)
Comment from : FUSION & CREATION

Janira Jaques S Jaques
Comment from : Janira Jaques S Jaques

Janira Jaques S Jaques
Comment from : Janira Jaques S Jaques

Raymond Whitehouse
The Britannia is the real deal Second to none
Comment from : Raymond Whitehouse

Sergio Notarpippo
Iv just got some brittanias iv noticed most coins what come out of monsters boxes are not up too scratch condition wise marking on the face of the Regina had a few from different mints but noticed some milk spots also hope they sort these teething problems out because they are a beautiful coin top video
Comment from : Sergio Notarpippo

Living in Britain we need yo pay 20 tax on these, it makes the gold more attractive as they aren't taxed If it wasn't for that I would be stacking them
Comment from : Daveyboyz

Sergio Notarpippo
Is that 7 oz of coins 238 pounds or dollers
Comment from : Sergio Notarpippo

How is the shipping from the Royalmint to the states? I want the 10oz Britannia
Comment from : C-Jen

Just ordered a 10oz 2021 silver britannia COIN (yes coin not bar)can't wait I have several regular 1 oz brits already
Comment from : ElonMuskrat

Kayne Fryday
Comment from : Kayne Fryday

Brad turner
Life goal is to collect 1000 silver coins and lock them away in a pirate style chest brId do it with gold but im not bill gates
Comment from : Brad turner

Aristotle Kumpis
Newbie question: When I go sell these Britannia coins in America, is there any difference between these or the American Eagle?
Comment from : Aristotle Kumpis

Red King
Just ordered one for collection Very nice
Comment from : Red King

Ashley Bishton
your getting them at a cheap price compare to me in the uk i can get them at 29quid with postage and VAT thats the cheapest I can find other sites slam down 10 to 12 quid VAT then you have to pay postage ontop so it makes it impossible to make anything obvs if you buy more in one purchase it saves you a lot of money at the price i am paying with the silver/gold ratio it will take 15 years to get an oz of gold with silver if i buy britanias at 29 quid
Comment from : Ashley Bishton

Ashley Bishton
are you going to trade them in for gold with the ratio at 75/1
Comment from : Ashley Bishton

A very well minted and designed coin if i do say for myself, I ordered one of these yesterday its coming in a few days looks good already
Comment from : Milsic

Joe Rogaine
Just picked up 50 At these prices its a bargain
Comment from : Joe Rogaine

Ganapati Hegde
Very nice vlog! I am your new subscriber Greetings from Plano, Texas, United States
Comment from : Ganapati Hegde

Pennsyltucky Den
If we stop buying the ASE the premiums might just come down a bit
Comment from : Pennsyltucky Den

HD Dyna lowrider
Brittania is one of my favs but why oh why cant we get them without milk spotsRoyal mint you were running with a football 99 yards and dropping the ball right before the end zone Why oh why
Comment from : HD Dyna lowrider

Doug Jones
Absolutely love the Britannia's and they are a staple of my stack personally, I rate them higher than AME's and Maples are my secondary choice Reason being you get superior design and security features for less premium per purchase Also, the new 10oz Britannia coin was just released by the Royal Mint and mine arrives this Wednesday
Comment from : Doug Jones

Tristan Oosthuizen
Awesome video! I’m a new stacker, got my first 10oz yesterday, start of a long journey:)
Comment from : Tristan Oosthuizen

Need to add more of those to my stack at some point
Comment from : TehJones

I was just debating if I should by 12 SAE or 20 Britannia coins
Comment from : Bulletcore

stuart mcmahon
good coins, with premiums the way they are right now, ive started looking at graded coins, i think they'll gain more value down the line
Comment from : stuart mcmahon

Nathaniel Outdoor Adventures
Beautiful additions
Comment from : Nathaniel Outdoor Adventures

Got two and loving them!!!
Comment from : AL SAULSO

Anthony Tripp
I like the Armenia Noahs Ark
Comment from : Anthony Tripp

MoonShot Silver
Super aren't they I like the way they look, the easy resale in the UK In UK we have 20 VAT on Silver so I only got a couple with some change No VAT on gold so they seem to be pretty popular Some physical shortages going on
Comment from : MoonShot Silver

I got another ten Love the coin
Comment from : khankrum1

David Mcgregor
Being from the Uk it may be wierd but Libertads are my favourite,followed by maples,britannias,eagles,kangaroos in that orderDepends what you like i guess
Comment from : David Mcgregor

Anthony Tripp
I won't buy anything withbr Prince Andrew's mom on it
Comment from : Anthony Tripp

Britannias are great Love them ASEs are way too overpriced right now Get as close to spot as possible with government minted bullion
Comment from : FabiWan

I like the eagle, but don't understand why they are do much more expensive than Britannia's As for the Chinese???brI am in the UK, so prefer the UK coins brI really don't like the unusual stuff Never touch them Wouldn't buy them at any price
Comment from : romanbrough

I like the look more then the American stuff I am sad to admit 😀
Comment from : 88amona

Grant V
First I've seen of these These are really nice Think I might have to order some up for myself
Comment from : Grant V

Patrick Murphy
There's probably a lot of older Brit's who have retired to Florida so I can see that the Britannia would be popular there
Comment from : Patrick Murphy

Originally thought it'd be a mostly ASE year for me, but have put together a tube of Krugs and a tube of Brits instead as well as emphasizing junk tubes of dimes and halves The Brits are stunning!
Comment from : GE TX

Grow Mechanic
Bought some Britannia’s as well this weekend
Comment from : Grow Mechanic

Marcia Bosteder
They are my favorite 😍
Comment from : Marcia Bosteder

Bradley Swann
Please join our movement over on Wall Street Silver! We’d love to have more apes in our Silverback family! ❤️🪙🦍🙏🏾
Comment from : Bradley Swann

I disagree
Comment from : Nicecardude100

Curt Halldorson
Wow nice coins they are wonderful in most every way Except for the milk spoting on the 2 pound coins This detracts from the the esthetics
Comment from : Curt Halldorson

Cyrus the Acceptable
Have you seen the Cook Islands Silver Dollar? I like that design, too
Comment from : Cyrus the Acceptable

silver stallion
Your right I'm seeing a lot more Britannia's at my lcs! Maybe 1 or 2 maples sometimes and they normally have ase's! Lots of Britannia's
Comment from : silver stallion

B R Williams
I still pissed the 2021 Britannia I got have milk spots
Comment from : B R Williams

In my opinion the best-looking silver coin out there also
Comment from : branned

Artur Rutra
Is it good to buy 200 this same year and this same brand coins, or different coins, different brands and different year ?
Comment from : Artur Rutra

Saltwater Saddle Tramp
The Britannia may well be the most beautiful bullion coin It certainly rivals the Eagle and the Libertad
Comment from : Saltwater Saddle Tramp

I have milk spot on 1of my 10 2021 Britannia Still plan on finishing the tube In my opinion the best looking coin out there Premiums too high on ASE's Maples are my next choice with the security and mint shield Britannia silver bar is tops but not easy to find at a decent price Stacking RCM 10 oz bars instead
Comment from : D S

Danny Scobee
I just got 10, 2021 Britannia’s in the mail yesterday Pretty disappointed in the milk spots!!! Not all of them, but
Comment from : Danny Scobee

Does the new security feature in the coins also have a micro tracking chip in them? If they do, then the powers that be can easily find it whenever they want to
Comment from : justfilminstuff

Ks Coins
Top notch stuff as usualstay safe my Florida friend and stack on!!! That bar is a bonus beauty!
Comment from : Ks Coins

Aloha Stacker
I completely agree! I love the Britannia and I think it is the bullion coin of the year! Here in Spain it is the cheapest silver bullion coin I can buy locally
Comment from : Aloha Stacker

Logan Scott
Great collection! I'm just missing the 1 oz gold I could only afford the 1/4!
Comment from : Logan Scott

William Fender
I believe you are right the brit silver is the best deal going right now I believe I might have to get me some Take care Florida stacker
Comment from : William Fender

Indeed, the Britannia is a beautiful coin Yes, that $6 trillion package this year is going to be devastating Stack on
Comment from : Eli

rAgtAg Stacking
absolutely love the new Britannia only knock on it is the milk spotting almost all of my 2021s have milk spots but none of my 2020s do great video
Comment from : rAgtAg Stacking

A great value and a beautiful coin!
Comment from : 72cmcinc

Art of the Spirits Whiskey
Got tube of Brittanas for $3272
Comment from : Art of the Spirits Whiskey

These are my favorite silver and gold coin to stack
Comment from : Noah_F

Robert Keating
Comment from : Robert Keating

B² constitutional aka exponent
Yeah I'm gonna have to get one or a few
Comment from : B² constitutional aka exponent

Strange Azz
Oh man! Every single one of those pieces are beautiful!!! Those 1/10th ones are cool asbrSTEADY STACKIN 👌🏼
Comment from : Strange Azz

Silver Wolves
Great thumb nail! The warrior goddess is an attractive image I'm working on a tube of maple 25 tube When I'm done with that a 25 tube for Britannia And yes A no brainer
Comment from : Silver Wolves

anthony coppola
Kick ass thanks for the show👍
Comment from : anthony coppola

Alan Dougan
These are trading at £33 a coin in the UK at the moment (nearly $47) 😐
Comment from : Alan Dougan

John Sanford
I 💕 the 2021 Britannias Of the 3BC (Bread & Butter Bullion Coins), it looks the best
Comment from : John Sanford

Mike Masztal
I just picked up twenty 2021 Britannias from my LCS I was going to snag some Silver Maples, but these were about $120 lower then the Maples They are beautiful
Comment from : Mike Masztal

They are great coins for sure at a decent price I thought the peanut residue was a big ole milk spot at first! I'm glad it wasn't
Comment from : SalivateMetal

Bullion Addict
I suppose I'm taking a page out of the FS stacking book I've stacked a half a tube of the 2021 Britannias so farbrHalf way there 🤔
Comment from : Bullion Addict

The Silver Sergeant
Recently added 30 silver Britannias to my stack Magnificent addition to any stackI am getting ready to add more of these
Comment from : The Silver Sergeant

I have 4 tubes of these and they’re absolutely stunning
Comment from : G T

kyle wiese
What are Milk Spots?
Comment from : kyle wiese

the English Professor
🇬🇧 🤝 🇺🇸 brbr😉👌
Comment from : the English Professor

T the Silver Stacker
I have zero Brittanias, but I’d be very open to the idea of purchasing if they make their way to my LCS
Comment from : T the Silver Stacker

I love the design of the Britannia Gorgeous coin They are so shiny compared to other coins too! I wish I could find one of those 10 Britannia bars They seem to be out of stock most places online
Comment from : elhazelrah

Precious Metals With Leif
Love these! Except for the milk spots Made a review and comparison between these and a bunch of other coins on my channel as well :)
Comment from : Precious Metals With Leif

I whole heartedly agree on the Britiannias being the best stacker coin at this time ASE premiums make me appreciate them even more
Comment from : brokendad

kyle wiese
When you order from JM, is it ups or usps?brbrAwesome video!
Comment from : kyle wiese

mike D
icant find bigfootMaples anywhere do they really exist?
Comment from : mike D

Now We Ride
Oh my goodness! I had to pull the trigger on a tube of the Britannias over the weekend from SD Bullion $469 over spot to bad that was all I could get at this time! The ASE'S should be that price! 👍🇺🇸🦍
Comment from : Now We Ride

Artemis Arrow
I got two today :)
Comment from : Artemis Arrow

Clean Money
Looking good brother
Comment from : Clean Money

Still prefer the Maples though it may be because I'm so close to BC Totally stoked at the 3 Queen's Beasts Completer in gold I snagged at <$1850 in April though
Comment from : 707Berto

This has been the year of Britannia! 😏
Comment from : oldmanjenkins771

Jeremiah Thompson
Excellent VideoExactly what i invest inMeples Krugs an Brittanias! ASE is extremly high premium! i own 11 2021! But i bluy 5-8 of others every moth! i also buy heavy 90! Since December 2021 ive accuiqured 84 ounces of Silver an idk how much 90 PS i loved seeing my name on member header at the end! The very first name to be exact!
Comment from : Jeremiah Thompson

Edward L
Paying a couple dollars more for Silver Maples Those Britannia's are beautiful Looking to get a 1 ounce Gold if a good price
Comment from : Edward L

Shashank Golikeri
Glad to see your stack of Britannias growing smartly 2 tubes of 20, ie 40 ounces in silver atleast deserves 4 ounces in gold Britannias So you must get 3 more, imhobrHave you any interest in the new sovereigns, the ones RM has been churning out since the 1980s? I have always regarded British gold is the best brbrGreat video, FS ❤👍
Comment from : Shashank Golikeri

I feel like that as well, the Britannia is the best coin to stack value wise It's absolutely beautiful to
Comment from : SLAYER STACKER

Andre A
These are my favorite coins Anyone know if these milk spot after a while?
Comment from : Andre A

Jedermachtig All Mighty
Very Nice additions 😎👍, waiting to see the Maples and Krugerrands
Comment from : Jedermachtig All Mighty

The 2020 Britannia looks10 years old compared to the new one love them👍
Comment from : dcp

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