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Coins vs. Bars: An Insider’s Guide to Buying Gold and Silver

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Information Coins vs. Bars: An Insider’s Guide to Buying Gold and Silver

Title :  Coins vs. Bars: An Insider’s Guide to Buying Gold and Silver
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Frames Coins vs. Bars: An Insider’s Guide to Buying Gold and Silver

Description Coins vs. Bars: An Insider’s Guide to Buying Gold and Silver

Comments Coins vs. Bars: An Insider’s Guide to Buying Gold and Silver

You lost me when he went full on Canadian Don’t trust his priorities
Comment from : R H

Watercolour Made Simple with Bett Harris
Thank you! Great info 💕
Comment from : Watercolour Made Simple with Bett Harris

D Reyes
I appriciate your channel truly
Comment from : D Reyes

Frank Keel
Are you 1099 at the end of the ear?
Comment from : Frank Keel

Frank Keel
Who is regulating the In coming gold in his vault in the cayman jslands
Comment from : Frank Keel

D Silva
@8min, so silver isn't recognized world wide Only the brand? This is BS silver is silver and gold is gold anywhere in the world
Comment from : D Silva

William Hornstein
What about Silvertown, HM, MM etc?
Comment from : William Hornstein

Actual Facts
Industrial precious metals and retail coins and bars are two different things
Comment from : Actual Facts

M Smith
Just wanted to comment so counter is not stuck on 666 comments
Comment from : M Smith

Mr M
Damn, the interviewer asked all the right questions! Thank you for the video!
Comment from : Mr M

Lynne Lintot
Great info ! Thank you Mark & Daniela But Bitcoin is not legal tender, right ?
Comment from : Lynne Lintot

Kyle G
Anyone who says dodge coin is clueless
Comment from : Kyle G

mario suarez
thank you, Daniela
Comment from : mario suarez

Great segment! Wish I knew this years ago - but that's ok It's always good to have criteria for investments
Comment from : Blueskygal

White background guy looks like a 100 AI Non-person or NPCbrbrWith all these deep fakes & AI generated people (like Poppy) it’s not gonna be too long before everyone’s fake beyond just the standard starched stuffed shirts & suits
Comment from : Casmige

Joe Totin
Great fantastic 🎉
Comment from : Joe Totin

debbie cocoris
Comment from : debbie cocoris

Noel Jensen
This was a very helpful video, and I now have more confidence in doing something in the PMs
Comment from : Noel Jensen

Robb V
This is dumb Brand matters for a precious metal? For an element? Why would brand matter? Brand does not matter in Bitcoin I will hold that
Comment from : Robb V

Dave McDonald
Comment from : Dave McDonald

I'm sorry but he is obviously representing bullion companies I just sold 2500 ounces of silver a few months ago They did not care To them Silver was silver I bought PAMP, Fortuna, Kookabera paid all kinds of premiums on the silver bars, coins etc When it was time to sell they didnt care The gave me there spot price and that was it Jm Bullion, Buillin Exchanges etc Bars are closer to spot but when its time to sell you get less than spot Coins you get more back but you are paying premium so its the same Bars and coins sell just as fast No liquidity issues
Comment from : 49ers5xchamps

Clear lack of knowledge Coins VS bars Does he only deal in Canada? He is a dealer and clearly have no idea that some countrys tax bars As it is "product" But coins is certified money, so it can not be taxed as a "product" So this will be important depending on what country you live in
Comment from : A K

gary ricky
The number one Rule is buy low sell high
Comment from : gary ricky

Zao Medong
Thank you, Daniela
Comment from : Zao Medong

Percy Brown
Shouldueeee proratedpreemmmoon my
Comment from : Percy Brown

Percy Brown
Shouldueeee proratedpreemmmoon my
Comment from : Percy Brown

For f* sake, land the plane
Comment from : muddyuddertugger

She is beautiful
Comment from : Brian

Counselor Corrales
What I want to know and something you never discuss is where can I sell my silver coins to buy food when the dollar finally collapses and our economy is destroyed brAs Claus Schwab says you will own nothing and you will be happy 😡
Comment from : Counselor Corrales

The trouble with gold is that 40 of gold bullion is FAKE ie it's bronze or brass that's been coated in gold so the layman won't knowbrbrSo if I buy a gold bullion bar, how do I know it's real gold without melting it down?brbrThen, where would one go to sell this gold to release the money?brbrIf stored in a vault somewhere in the world, how do we know they actually have that gold??brbrAnd what if that organisation that maintains the vault goes bust, how would one get their gold?
Comment from : JK_Barrik

Debbie Miller
Highlight what's my question how old are you guys you can't be more than 30 35 years of age and you act like you have a whole lifetime strategic information you know there's an old saying don't trust anybody under 30
Comment from : Debbie Miller

Alice Seavey-Windsinger
What are your thoughts on Silver or Gold Shares?
Comment from : Alice Seavey-Windsinger

Sandra Rotella
My advise to new buyers of coin, don't get taken 1 company first one I dealt with had a A+ rating with bbb but not good they charged me 700 dollars touch for one of my coins I immediately went to advisor got an excellent referral Honey great co He congratulated me catching it early Ton of folks don't so you work ed hard don't let people steal from u I was blessed getting help ili would like to pass it on God bless
Comment from : Sandra Rotella

Sandra Rotella
Thank u soooo much mark I just bought 20,000 in gold and silver Second time met right dealer honest
Comment from : Sandra Rotella

Donald Wright
My local guy is a coin dealer so I stick coins mostly but I have bought and sold in any form
Comment from : Donald Wright

leah siegel
Daniella Your segments are terrific Investing in precious metals A topic I have been exploring Thank you for this detailed interview You ate the best!!!
Comment from : leah siegel

Realistically, gold, silver, precious metals exct, are all worthless It's all psychology None of it is needed It's good in electronics but thats about it If you need food plant the crops, they'll grow Need oil pump it Machines will run wether these metals exist or not It's all in the mind Primarily, all these metals are used for is 2 reasonsbr1 Control the populationbr2 Establish rank in society
Comment from : K H

Greg Wilusz
Hi due you think silver will come back down in price???
Comment from : Greg Wilusz

gary bailey
What about pre-civil war gold coins against bullion
Comment from : gary bailey

ronald smith
Question: Would it be practical to purchase shares from gold or silver mines?
Comment from : ronald smith

Su Freidman
If it's marked 999 it always comes throughI don't want any chinese stuff brFor the great resetI would buy american silver coins Common pre 64 coins Dimes, halves, and quartersbrWhy would anyone store gold in a depository? You can bury 10 big bars in the back 40 and no one will ever find it It's the size of a small printer Gold doesn't get ugly like silverbrI like local shopsyou walk in and walk out with the goodsbr10 oz bars are about 28220almost the same as buying 90 silver american coins at 21 x face American coins will be much easier to pass during a great resetespecially if silver goes to 10000 or higher Plus official american coins are less of a confiscation problem if the fed's go that wayyou never know This would be a different situation especially if they are going all digital money
Comment from : Su Freidman

Sergey Dudukin
So you are saving for a rainy day and once this day comes and you need few bucks to pull through rough time are you going to bring 1 kg bar to pawn shop??? Will they be even able to buy it from you? So in real life scenario probably 1 oz coin is a good bet and probably it is nice to have few 1/10s and 1/4s
Comment from : Sergey Dudukin

IB Captain Jack
If you listen to anything as a new investor listen to this!!!
Comment from : IB Captain Jack

Darrell Willie
Great video Thank you
Comment from : Darrell Willie

Thomas Osborne
Daniela, you are the best! I look forward to your interviews Your thoughtful questions and patient listening is a model all interviews should contain Thank you
Comment from : Thomas Osborne

Atlanta Real Estate Hub
I hate the idea of paying retail for gold and then selling for wholesale
Comment from : Atlanta Real Estate Hub

A very insightful and informative interview Thank you
Comment from : thedoodmj

Joseph Carter
I’ve been buying physical gold and silver since the 1970’s, mainly at coin shows in Las Vegas I have just about every product and size available I was skeptical about this guy but was surprised to agree with everything he said Good interview!
Comment from : Joseph Carter

Jim Zuzukiz
Get a receipt, hold on to it for when you sell for capital gains tax
Comment from : Jim Zuzukiz

yvette epstein
great video!
Comment from : yvette epstein

Blue Screen
Daniela you are a pretty woman but the best thing about you is that you have a working brain It's interesting to hear the questions you ask answered by experts Many of those questions are things that occur to real people who are trying to figure out how to survive in this crappy environment Keep up the good work
Comment from : Blue Screen

don't have this guy again he is dooodooo
Comment from : BikeTALES

Good one!I'm stacking in the UK,I use Coins and Bullion of Honiton-less expensive than bullionbypost 😉👍👍
Comment from : Leky

Roy Adamson
It would be nice for us newcomers for you to talk us thru selling metals Where to sell, how much of a return on your PMs? How close to the spot price can one expect to get?
Comment from : Roy Adamson

Ceferino Cenizo
Regarding the coins vs bars - what about the coins having legal tender? Surely that's an advantage over the bars?
Comment from : Ceferino Cenizo

Saria Adem
bHello ma'am, I just got mail from Emilia/b Russell platform that my profit is due to withdraw, I really appreciate all those who* brecommended her platform indeed she's trustworthy/b
Comment from : Saria Adem

Iam loving this thank you
Comment from : ginacardarella

Richard Mayeux
Great interview I have watched it several times during the year
Comment from : Richard Mayeux

John D Thomas
"Incredible information" - that just about sums it up I'm so impressed with this conversation Thx a mil
Comment from : John D Thomas

Corinna Nairn
What were the two resources Mark mentioned for checking sources? Comix and LBMA?
Comment from : Corinna Nairn

Mr Me
The problem is that large private and Central Banks have obtained the Exclusive franchise to create ALL new Currency as debt then loan it out at interest, indebting the whole worldbrThe more they create, the more they make They created approximately 40 new Currency since march 2020brYou can't spend it off planetbrHow will that not drive 40 inflation, we don't have 40 more people or productivitybrbrAndbrbrBecause it's all debt it all has to be paid backbrbrAnd because it's created and loaned out at interest, we have to pay the creators more than they inventedbrbrWhere is the interest comeing from ?brbrDo you know the only time we get Currency that doesn't have to be repaid to the banks ?brbrIt's when a borrower goes bankruptbrbrCease all fractional banking, national treasury departments to create all new Currency with a zero inflation policy and return to Sound Money Silver and Gold
Comment from : Mr Me

London Jacks
The British Royal Mint is top in my opinion
Comment from : London Jacks

Al Fer
Comment from : Al Fer

Kevin Murray
Two key points: capitol gains tax is payable above an individual`s annual personal allowance in the UK on all bars but not on coins and your exit strategy must consider proof of provenance at the time of sale if you’ve taken physical possession of the bullion
Comment from : Kevin Murray

Ted Knight
Shooting straight in easy to understand terms Great show
Comment from : Ted Knight

KB KatherineB
I understand that pre 1933 gold coins are less likely to be confiscated by the US government following economic collapse and that only bars up to 5 oz were permitted following the Great Depression in the us Could you please discuss this?
Comment from : KB KatherineB

Joyce Koch
Coins versus bars is less important then how much you havebrI had a laughable conversation this past week with a man about investments and hard asset hedges and he repliedbr"Oh yeah, I'm hedged pretty well, I have two 1 ounce bars of Gold and a 10 ounce bar of Silver"brI tried to keep from laughing and to remain respectful but it was a revelation to think that peoplebrthink owning a few ounces of Silver, Platinum, or Gold will hedge a portfolio of 100,000 or more
Comment from : Joyce Koch

Ben Williams
I wish the Krugerrand was 999
Comment from : Ben Williams

Asa Carrick
You have to doubt these people There is often a big difference between coins and bars Coins such as British Sovereigns are currency so you can travel with them without being considered a metals dealer He mentions brands, is there more respected well known brand than Krugerrand?
Comment from : Asa Carrick

Jean Richard Varré
Late to the Party ! Good advice just improves with time Thank you Mark for real ' feet on the ground ' Common Sense You have confirmed my own Strategy " Good Delivery " Gold & Silver stored in a NON BANK Private Vault I sell when I need cash Instant Liquidity I just use Banks to receive Fiat Income & pay Bills
Comment from : Jean Richard Varré

Cast Iron
What a beautiful woman
Comment from : Cast Iron

Gary L
The premiums are high because the availability of silver is tight
Comment from : Gary L

robert yerger
Daniela and Mark, please come over for dinner I’ll make you a fantastic meal and then I’ll ask you to guide me to take the necessary steps Thank you
Comment from : robert yerger

calin Budac
if all is written on the label , why need to talk about this so dodo !!
Comment from : calin Budac

Cindy Yurdana
Comment from : Cindy Yurdana

James Sylvestri
The bank seems to keep me from investing because I am a street person
Comment from : James Sylvestri

James Sylvestri
I should be but chase thinks I am an idiot but I heard mark before when he was in camens I believe in him
Comment from : James Sylvestri

mary cauffield
how do you test it to make sure you're getting what you pay for?
Comment from : mary cauffield

Peter B
Another Great interview DFYI: I called Strategic Wealth Preservation (SWP) and received a quote on a 100 ounce Silver Bar @ almost a 15 premium Ouch! I know that Mark Yaxley is a reputable guy (otherwise you'd never interview or endorse him); But 15! (Their Gold quote was more the industry standard) Again, Just a friendly FYI
Comment from : Peter B

Donnie Kearney
Take a 1oz silver dollar to the corner store and see what they will let you buy with it
Comment from : Donnie Kearney

Hi, I am one of your followers on this channel and love the info you put out I just have one question Do you perhaps have specialist on Tanzanite and Saphires as investments? I would appreciate some opinions on that as well
Comment from : Y LL

Yawzer Doink-a-Sore-as
Coins are more flexible, meaning, you can give one as a gift to someone With the bar it is difficult
Comment from : Yawzer Doink-a-Sore-as

Daniela is one of the best interviewers out there
Comment from : Dave

James Sylvestri
I love this guy because I remember he lives in camen
Comment from : James Sylvestri

James Sylvestri
Great knees other person said coins I would rather have bars
Comment from : James Sylvestri

James Sylvestri
Is mark the one in the camens
Comment from : James Sylvestri

Yousuf Nazir
Good explanation about precious metals
Comment from : Yousuf Nazir

Enlighten This ()
Has the Canadian mint solved the milk spot issues on maples?
Comment from : Enlighten This ()

Enlighten This ()
Best mining stocks?
Comment from : Enlighten This ()

This guy is not to be trusted He doesn't see the advantage of a coin over a bar in times of economic crisis where people are beginning to panic for future food, gas supply, basic necessities? Does he know how difficult it is to buy food and gas with a bar of gold? Clearly this millennial has never lived through a collapse or extreme hardship
Comment from : C

Marilyn MB Canada
I have a question If a person were to bury their gold in their "back yard" is there any special way we need to protect it? Thinking of plastic container, plastic bag, wooden box Any suggestions?
Comment from : Marilyn MB Canada

10 oz bars are the perfect size
Comment from : oldtimefreedom

Jimmie John
Buy Bitcoin it's the hardest money out there!
Comment from : Jimmie John

Jimmie John
A show on coins vs bars? Really? This is supposed to be Stansberry Research, not Pre-K
Comment from : Jimmie John

Jeffrey LaPlante
The precious metals market premiums are retarded because there is no rhyme nor reason to it except greed
Comment from : Jeffrey LaPlante

John Yaniuk
So The bigger the size The better? 😂
Comment from : John Yaniuk

Game Change Your Biz
where is a reputable place to buy the gold and silver and other metals?
Comment from : Game Change Your Biz

Acting Actor
How does it work buying and selling physical gold with tax implications if theres a profit
Comment from : Acting Actor

Joyce Morse
Daniella is sharp and a great interviewer I just wish she would brush her hair before filming an interview,she has bed head today!
Comment from : Joyce Morse

Tom Samad
Well, size usually does matter if you know what i mean haha! 😁
Comment from : Tom Samad

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