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Coins People Think These Are Mint Errors! Most Damaged Coins On The Planet!

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Information Coins People Think These Are Mint Errors! Most Damaged Coins On The Planet!

Title :  Coins People Think These Are Mint Errors! Most Damaged Coins On The Planet!
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Frames Coins People Think These Are Mint Errors! Most Damaged Coins On The Planet!

Description Coins People Think These Are Mint Errors! Most Damaged Coins On The Planet!

Comments Coins People Think These Are Mint Errors! Most Damaged Coins On The Planet!

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Comment from : CoinHELPu

Sherry Ping by
They call some treasures that you can barely see anything are those real ?
Comment from : Sherry Ping by

Sherry Ping by
But there are some that are errors correct ?
Comment from : Sherry Ping by

Adrian Emerson
I have a dime that I was gonna post I thought it was a mint error but after watching your video I think it was damaged but it does look like cud errors on the back
Comment from : Adrian Emerson

Stacie Fairfield
Why you still haven't struck on two other coins that I have I have very thin ones that have raised lettering and stuff on them so they weren't smashed and they're very thin when's dating from 1900 or early nineteen-hundreds all the way up through 1970 where the one side is perfect the other side looks like it have to see it like it had freckles or pimples
Comment from : Stacie Fairfield

Can you tell me if I got a damaged coin if I sent u some pics
Comment from : Antonio

Tommy thunder
My 2022P Quater has multiple multiple errors but my camera won't take a clear close up 🤦‍♂️
Comment from : Tommy thunder

Earlene Bertenshaw Procter Brillon
I have a nickel that is in excellent condition and missing the obverse and reverse clad layer Is it worth keeping, should I have it graded ? Earlene
Comment from : Earlene Bertenshaw Procter Brillon

Earlene Bertenshaw Procter Brillon
Hi Daniel I I think your Chanel is the Best, most informative, and always adding updates Thank you good looking lol
Comment from : Earlene Bertenshaw Procter Brillon

darrell seyler
Good stuff
Comment from : darrell seyler

Olivia Ortiz
Excellent information 🙂 I have a few I am unsure of🤔 and wanted to get your info, I am still not sure cause they are not close enough to anything you showed, I'll keep looking maybe I'll find the answer or get a pro to view them Thanks you 😊
Comment from : Olivia Ortiz

roxes Linn
I agree
Comment from : roxes Linn

I have a 1944 no mint mark and it's gold ever see that before?
Comment from : ROLANDO MORENO

Nilda Arroyo
I L your video
Comment from : Nilda Arroyo

Nilda Arroyo
Hi my name is Nida Daniel I have coins no one help me
Comment from : Nilda Arroyo

Chris Pontikakis
Extremely helpful and educational Using your experience to help other's , very commendable I have a few older coins , that after watching this presentation I am still unable to determine if these coins are damaged or actual errors Thank you , I still learned something even though I am still stumped
Comment from : Chris Pontikakis

Patrick Winter
I just wanted to let you know that I I appreciate your knowledge and your honesty on all the details And I try to watch as many of your video's as I try to learn as much as I can about coins Thanks and I look forward to seeing New video as you put them out
Comment from : Patrick Winter

Best coin info channel on youtube!!
Comment from : Jay3434

I have a 1944 that is exactly like the 1st 1946 you showed Heres the difference I lasered this coin to verify and its 698 copper and 188 nickel The weight is exact at 311 grams The composition itself is not normal like the normal 95 copper of that year
Comment from : Jay3434

Nice information Daniel,i got a few error coins and want to show you for evaluation its just im not good yet with internet hopefully someday thanks have a good day
Comment from : RODZ PARD

Mark Chilluffo
Comment from : Mark Chilluffo

Alberto lee Carranza
Appreciate you too
Comment from : Alberto lee Carranza

Esther Ward
I Love your videos I learn a lot
Comment from : Esther Ward

You should open up some kind of coin School
Comment from : g-money

frankie nicholson
Wat type of micro scope do I need to buy I don't no much about them
Comment from : frankie nicholson

daniel Sheeks
Of course it took a couple of years to understand just how manipulating some people are to make a quick buck I hope this group will heed your candid and informative information in your videos In a perfect world everyone would be honest : but, this is the real world and it is far from perfect Thank you for being a helping hand for anyone who seeks help: including me when I was starting out
Comment from : daniel Sheeks

chakata Lee
Definitely some good information
Comment from : chakata Lee

Mario Bruno
Daniel I purchase damaged coins I am not looking for a profit Just buy them cause I like the way they look I know you have a website Do you sell any of the damaged coins?
Comment from : Mario Bruno

Nikki Weathers
You sound so disgusted and disappointed 😁 Me: "Dirty scoundrels"
Comment from : Nikki Weathers

Bradley Kaiser
I like the fact that you inform and teach people about numismatics Not just the blah about pm prices
Comment from : Bradley Kaiser

Well, you've done it again my friend I did not want to watch this video, but I'm so grateful that I did bcuz I've always wanted to know how the damage was done on some of the coins I've seen and here you are doing another informative video for free! Tysm, G
Comment from : Genevieve

Carl Carlson
We I was a kid another kid in junior high school stole some coins my grandfather left me🥲
Comment from : Carl Carlson

patricia holland
I appreciate your content this is something I'm struggling with right now is whether I have true shattered dies or crack dies or not
Comment from : patricia holland

Eunice Byrd
Thank you for your video they have helped me a lot
Comment from : Eunice Byrd

Kristine Bailey
I've seen those wheat cents plated , I've also come across the holes and rot ,thin ,fire damaged coins ,dryer coins I've come across those edges damaged Oh I have seen a lot of those plyer or vice coins, what I don't like the sauder and glue or nail polish on them the counter stamps I find interesting great video Daniel thank you for this valuable information
Comment from : Kristine Bailey

Jason Reed
On all those other coins that you showed the coloring is totally off
Comment from : Jason Reed

Donna Beahm
Thank you for your help
Comment from : Donna Beahm

Sharon H
Hi Daniel, I just found this video I’m aware how old it is but old knowledge is still knowledge I have coins in my collection that look like some of these I wasn’t planning on trying to sell them but I like the way they look lol My question, is the minting plant still using the same type of press from years ago? Has any process changed as far as dyes, press, cutting etc…? Just curious I love your content and information you freely give Thank you for another great informational video 🥰
Comment from : Sharon H

Deborah Cameron
Daniel, if the coin had pimples and you can see die blobs and chips I got a quarter with lots of holes and pimples and cud, and two pennies the same way with holes with pimples and cud and chips so I doubt anyone did this, being so much extra blobs of die all over front and back One I named the assassination of Lincoln being a big hole in his frontal lobe so is it possible they can get banged up at the mint and toss out, still considered damaged even if not done on purpose?
Comment from : Deborah Cameron

Irene Smith
Great presentation Thank you
Comment from : Irene Smith

Zegota Shalom
A long time ago as a child I found a Lincoln coin with only the tail side whole The inside of the coin is totally gone, the head side is gone but the inside and outside of the coin is smooth No sign of engraving, or carving, or anything, it is an original Lincoln coin but without the inside, what is the deal All sides of the coin are equal in size and are perfect Could this coin be worth anything, help?
Comment from : Zegota Shalom

6:36 I found a 50-cent coin! Because it has no tail like this
Comment from : TheJohnHollywood

Donna Flannery
You have taught us all so muchIm grateful
Comment from : Donna Flannery

Domingo De Anda
That was so freaking wild, thanks
Comment from : Domingo De Anda

Bill Deniker
I have a fue coins that I was ?ed this video has helped a lot great info
Comment from : Bill Deniker

Ehrlich Liebermann
Lucky I am involved with only good groups I have yet to find any ripoffs trying to sell off coins which resembled those in your examples Can't believe people these days
Comment from : Ehrlich Liebermann

According to Etsy these coins make Daniel a multi millionaire 😂
Comment from : Blake

Kenneth Cooper
I have a 1939 silver plated
Comment from : Kenneth Cooper

Louis Vrana
Wow! It's difficult for me to comprehend why someone would do these types of destruction/damage to coins It is really disturbing to me Thank you Daniel for taking time to educate me on this very important subject to the hobbybrGod bless,brLouis
Comment from : Louis Vrana

Floyd Lovell
What would be a good way to find out ,if your coins are legit or fakes ? I found some of my grandfather's stuff in a old shed on the property Should they be cleaned or left alone ? Indian pennies ,old wheat one's , nickels, silver dimes , just alot of old coinage ! Some have alot of mint restamping Thanks for anything you can help with ! PS ,alot of foreign coins too brSilver , copper ,brass brNo idea really , Hope I'm not being a nuisance ,no idea on what to do Thanks !!!!
Comment from : Floyd Lovell

I think you are the best person to teach anyone ANYTHING about coins!! I appreciate you very much, thank you !
Comment from : KERRI SMITH

Megan Maher-Karahalios
Ive sure hoped they were errors, i couldnt find them by searching and i am so darn glade you answered this question for me!! You have saved me a bunch of time Thank you!!
Comment from : Megan Maher-Karahalios

Daniel DeVite
I love that Indian head Penny
Comment from : Daniel DeVite

The penny at 14:05 was done on a corner notcher found in every sheet metal shop
Comment from : Joel

Ben Roosa
I just started collecting about 4 years ago so thanks for taking the time to make these videos just to help other people like myself!
Comment from : Ben Roosa

Ken Clarke
Gold plating was a requirement in Middle School Still see it on current coins in circulation to this day
Comment from : Ken Clarke

Mary Sosa
Thanks Dan for all the professional on damaged coins it is such a BIG help eliminating what isn't an error Thank You
Comment from : Mary Sosa

Chris Royal
Sad thing is that some of the coins like this may have been worth something before they got screwed with I have found a few different coin's that were collectables, but they were damaged intentionally in some way by someone I found a Wisconsin extra leaf not to long ago that someone damaged intentionally Might not of known what they had,or were trying to make up something to make it seem like a extra error or something I have 2 Wisconsin's already or I would of been more bummed about it But it did take away the chance for someone else to of maybe of had a good find The railroad tracks coins are another thing people find and think are a weird error,and also the silver pennies people find from the science experiments
Comment from : Chris Royal

Thank you for the video This answered about 15 of my would be questions!!!
Comment from : 1bamkim

Silver Clan
Thank you for this video I thought I was the only person that got excited about damaged coins I have 2 binders filled with these type of coins, I also collect them to teach kids at different clubs and have them try to guess how a coin was damaged and whoever guessed the closest gets a 1964 BU Kennedy Half Dollar from me however the 1863 Indian head cent made my heart sink good job again Daniel
Comment from : Silver Clan

Edward Heida
Thanks again for another informative vid I remember when just a kid we boys when bored or ideas popped into our heads would find ways to mess things up, including pennies A couple of those may have been our fine work Don’t trust a bunch of boys in a garage full of tools
Comment from : Edward Heida

Mrv Smart 1
Ive got a damaged 1982 small date wheighing at 307 grams do you think it’s still worth something?
Comment from : Mrv Smart 1

Mrv Smart 1
Thanks for the info
Comment from : Mrv Smart 1

Mike Hernandez
Thanks again for your advice Colorado Silverback777 Stay Healthy keep Stacking
Comment from : Mike Hernandez

Damon Allgire
Not a bad video actually decent and not to repetitive good job ,eye opening for sure
Comment from : Damon Allgire

This is very helpful The one coin that I've got that has me the most perplexed is a 1994 Lincoln Cent I may have dug the coin at the beach, I cannot recall The coin is the diameter of a Jefferson Nickel The coin is bent in the middle, so I figured somebody altered it with a vise and some other tools Here's the thing, the cent is the normal thickness of a cent The date and the features do not look distorted or stretched But, the features are, in fact, larger than they should be You'd think if someone squished the coin, the features would be distorted and not just "bigger" You can instantly feel the coin until nearly as heavy as it should be For lack of better terminology, the rim is odd all the way around, it appears raised The coin does not appear to have been exposed to heat, but the very color of the metal is not quite right I'm sure it's gotta be altered, because we know the mint never made cents with enlarged features I gotta say, of all the counterfeit and altered coins I've personally held in my hand, this one takes the cake! It's even more fascinating than a "genuine" gold plated Josh Tatum $05 - $5 faked gold piece I inherited! I'll have to get active in the groups and post this thing in there I'd love to hear everyone's take on itbrThanks for the great information, Sir!
Comment from : RanDeX

Barbara May
I've learned soo much from you I've just started collecting abt 5 yrs ago I'm Sooo fascinated with error coins I Have books of counts saved and I'm positive after watching this that most, are damaged coins Though I do believe I've found a 2000 double ear Lincohn cent I'm not very good at taken pics But I'd love to get pics of my most favorites n send to U I also found Silverhound The only 2 I watch n learn from Thank U for the videos They are greatly appreciated and loved! God Bless U!
Comment from : Barbara May

Michael Daniels
I have a 1968 it is beautiful 59 that's beautiful Asic 1960d 1961 and in 1962 they are all Beautiful
Comment from : Michael Daniels

Michael Daniels
I have some pennies they're in really good condition I would like to send pictures to you and see what you think as far as grades or your opinion on if they are worth grading
Comment from : Michael Daniels

Robert Stacy
Can you do some videos on real error coins Like pick a certain error and show them on different coins make like a series of real error coins I love coin collecting and get excited when I find an error coins but I also want them to be real I can't really afford books to show me so I really on shows like yours to help out with that issue I hope one day to be able to afford books and coin folders but for now my kids needs come first Well thanks again for a great video keep up the good work
Comment from : Robert Stacy

Vincent Rice
Are you from Shreveport?
Comment from : Vincent Rice

Vincent Rice
Are you from Shreveport?
Comment from : Vincent Rice

Paulies Customs
I have a very unusual 1912 D Barber Would you be interested in taking a look? I would be happy to send pictures
Comment from : Paulies Customs

That video really helped me out, thanks
Comment from : wakeup65

Marjorie Culp
Thank you for being so dedicated
Comment from : Marjorie Culp

Daniel, do you know if the '99 Delaware spitting horse is a real mint error? I'm still new and found one the other day at work going through coins a costumer paid with
Comment from : rockmanman

Thank you Daniel! Keep up the great work !
Comment from : K

Daniel I found a pink penny It looks like pepto Bismol stained it however it’s actually mixed into the penny I love it so cool I’m not able to find any information on pennies that are weird like this It is light pink I don’t think it’s painted it’s a 1992 and most of the pink is on the reverse Any ideas ?
Comment from : K

john snow
Thank you Daniel I did watch it until the end and yes this information was important and please keep them coming And as you say “HAVE A GREAT DAY”
Comment from : john snow

Justin Dir
I have a coin that’s nothing like you have shown and it’s very very dramatic can I email you a picture of some of my possible mint error I showed them to a shop and they didn’t know he said very interesting and said send it out
Comment from : Justin Dir

Steve Boyd
I've been searching a whole bunch of old rolls lately, and I now have almost a full roll of "WTF?" coins I honestly don't know how anybody can pick out the DDOs that are so subtle, even on a high grade coin under a microscope When they're old and heavily circulated, I've basically given up, because otherwise I'd just sit and stare at these bloody things for hours (I've yet to see a 1934 that DOESN'T look like it has doubling on the date) But then there are some that are just so bizarre looking that I've scratched my head wondering what could have possibly caused them A "D" mint mark on the West side of the obverse, strange lettering on the collar above IGWT, all sorts of peaks and valleys on the planchets I've just started chucking 'em into a pile Maybe I'll figure them out someday
Comment from : Steve Boyd

Katherine Reed
I appreciate your videos They’re very helpful
Comment from : Katherine Reed

levi A
Thank you Daniel so very much!
Comment from : levi A

I have a US Dime that I could use your expert opinion on I’m having trouble figuring out how it got into the shape it’s in If I had your email address I could send pictures of it to you The date isn’t on the coin, and it’s very flat with both obverse and reverse showing damage I find to be hard to explain This is why I’m reaching out to you, your channel has taught me so much about our coins and the US Mints that make them If you will Sir, you may email me with an answer or directions on how you would like to receive photographs of the coin In fact you collect these types of coins so I’d like to send you the dime to add to your collection of damaged coins In return all I ask is for your expert opinion on how this dime came to be in the shape it’s in My email address is; “[email protected]” My name is Donn Thank you for filling my head with all the knowledge of coins I now have Good day Sir
Comment from : Donald Hocutt: FOOD FOR THOUGHT CHANNEL, 777

Vernon Nave
Well, I watched the entire video and I didn't see my example on your list I have a 2000 state quarter with an odd texture on both sides The coin is flat like a normal quarter would be, yet it has just a strange texture Maybe regular ware🤷🏻‍♂️ If you see this here in 2021, maybe we can connect through social media and I can send you a couple of pics I'm sure you've seen this sort of thing before, but I certainly haven't
Comment from : Vernon Nave

Terry Lee Cone
Thank you
Comment from : Terry Lee Cone

Tina Chavez
Omg thank you so much for this videobrNow I gotta go threw my coins again
Comment from : Tina Chavez

Yvonne Braun
I want to donate money 1 gallons bottle I save to give out but how can I do that
Comment from : Yvonne Braun

Yvonne Braun
I have 1 gallons bottle full money
Comment from : Yvonne Braun

Yvonne Braun
I really love 💕 your channel and how people will go to such Lent for moneyhehehe
Comment from : Yvonne Braun

She Pirate
I appreciate you taking the time to make these type of vids I know I need all the advice I can get :)
Comment from : She Pirate

Northwest Rock & Gem
Ok you possess them and have lots of mistaked for big money coins where somebody paid alot thinking they were actually errors Big collection You got em You paid big mone- I mean you knew they were fakes and we're not tricked cuz you are the man chuckle chuckle, look of sorrow, depression setting in Thats not why she left damnit! I can see my kids anytime during visiting!
Comment from : Northwest Rock & Gem

hello dan when the mint strikes coins and there real the grease IS STILL USED AS A Material so if you see this grease and its not copied for to say on the grease
Comment from : LancesOldSchoolAdventures

hello dan hey I like your speaking up so do me a favor tell all these grading company what happen to the blob s on the quarters, Nickels,, there allowed to be used on the sba the dime quarter half dollar, when you see that s on th eblob, but now it don't exist, what sup with that start talking about that, will you,, if you need me to explain or show everyone and anybody the blob is and was established asa a s ,, now those coins are all considered a d bull im tired of these grading companies just ignore a coin when it says a s our a blob that's an s,, I see it still on all the coins even the penners s has been taking away my name is theequarterhoarder,
Comment from : LancesOldSchoolAdventures

Gypsy Maternal
Thanks for this information Sir
Comment from : Gypsy Maternal

Sara Loper
That was a very big help just found your channel A 1914 Lincoln octagon penny I googled it every which way could possibly be googled and could not find a Lincoln octagon penny anywhere So your video was a very big help to me and I think you And I will share
Comment from : Sara Loper

I just watch this , I'm pretty sure mine's a after mint damage , yet I can't figure out what did the damage, and I'm a tradesman It's been cleaned with a dremel by me, so I could see what was damage and what was grime THANK YOU !
Comment from : Hank53

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