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25 Household Collectibles Worth Money (Make a Fortune!)

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Information 25 Household Collectibles Worth Money (Make a Fortune!)

Title :  25 Household Collectibles Worth Money (Make a Fortune!)
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Frames 25 Household Collectibles Worth Money (Make a Fortune!)

Description 25 Household Collectibles Worth Money (Make a Fortune!)

Comments 25 Household Collectibles Worth Money (Make a Fortune!)

I've got most of those and more
Comment from : travisvanbaale

Yes I have old Christmas decorations and old costume jewelry and old pyrex and lots VHS tapes
Comment from : Christine

Cheri Godoy
I have a girl scout sash with badages and a metal plate with girl scout emblem on it It is a mirror in green case
Comment from : Cheri Godoy

Dean Bean
What is my magna oxen table stereo worth , great condition and ought in the 60,s
Comment from : Dean Bean

Rose Lockard
I have game boys but r used, no box
Comment from : Rose Lockard

Deborah Laster
Would an old Dumbo cookie jar be worth something?
Comment from : Deborah Laster

Stacy Wilson
Cookie jars tiffany lamp
Comment from : Stacy Wilson

Rebeccah Kleinberg
I’m going through all of my mom’s things that she kept throughout the years Where would I find out how much these collectables are worth?
Comment from : Rebeccah Kleinberg

Eden B
I have quite a bit of these 😂
Comment from : Eden B

Master Turk
why did they sell every antique in year 2019?,are you a ROBOT?????
Comment from : Master Turk

DeAnn Smith
I didn't see anything about purses but I have my mother's purse from 1959 bought in Mexico mint condition Is it worth anything
Comment from : DeAnn Smith

Jimmy Brooks
For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved (Romans 10:13)brEnter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it (Matthew 7:13-14)brFor the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord (Romans 6:23)
Comment from : Jimmy Brooks

Teresa Batten
All so lots more have a star war paper back book that has the 45 record inside book
Comment from : Teresa Batten

Teresa Batten
I have two coo coo o'clocks and yes the right price I'd sell
Comment from : Teresa Batten

Barbara Patrick
Yes I have pokeymon cards a d a Gameboy and corninware set from the 1960
Comment from : Barbara Patrick

Kay Juneau
I also have sold copper flower vase made in Germany it very beautiful
Comment from : Kay Juneau

Amy Sanders
We got coins, a turtle Tiffany lamp, I think we got a luchbox and a weather vane, ornaments, we got so many antiques and they all need to be sold
Comment from : Amy Sanders

Annie L Young
Old lamp !!!
Comment from : Annie L Young

I have many cds, vinyl records, vhs tapes, cassettes, costume jewelry,old Nintendo games And am willing to sale Also have many coins
Comment from : CHRYSTAL M LOPEZ

Matthew Novakoski
Time To Do inventory
Comment from : Matthew Novakoski

Kristee Winters
I have quite a few of the items mentioned in this video
Comment from : Kristee Winters

Matthew Monsour
Ive got exactly the coocoo clock you showed in try this video It was my grandmas I think the only difference was that there are 2 heavy long pinecone looking balance weights that hang on chains Is it worth $$?
Comment from : Matthew Monsour

Barbara Patrick
I have a Gameboy pokan cards also in Chinese that oven ware set forty five records and more
Comment from : Barbara Patrick

Wayman Willenborg
I have thebr Boy scouts shach from my Dad about 1930 its full and would be glad to sellit
Comment from : Wayman Willenborg

Heather Chiuffo
Pokemon cards Yes I'd sell them
Comment from : Heather Chiuffo

Mila Cruz
which pokeman cards are worth money?
Comment from : Mila Cruz

Debra Thomas
I have CorningWare and I have a Furby and Rock Concert t-shirts and albums and old coins if anybody is interested give me a shout thank you
Comment from : Debra Thomas

I have that same Cookoo clock
Comment from : C2thedeuce

Marion Myles
I have some of the items I would like to have a phone number from your company and your company name and your name
Comment from : Marion Myles

Carol Kopulos
I have an old Pillsbury Dough Boy cookie jar and I have some of my mother's old jewery
Comment from : Carol Kopulos

Brenda Troy
I have a # 2 hand crank meat grinder that belonged to my mom’s mothers hey don’t make them no more I still use it too
Comment from : Brenda Troy

Maria Faticone
Pokemon pollypocket China costume jewels
Comment from : Maria Faticone

Kathy Syphrit
Coco clock from Germany
Comment from : Kathy Syphrit

I might have Polly pocket toys If my daughter didn’t throw them away I’m pretty sure I stopped her I should find out soon, we just moved and we have a lot of stuff!
Comment from : L T

Lori Price
I have records 45’s,Lps,vhs tapes,8tracks,coins,coo coo clock, singer sewing machine early50’s, also have Girl Scouts sash w/patches,pins Several doilies,shawls,quilts ect from late 1700-1800’s and yes I would consider selling
Comment from : Lori Price

Cynthia Gaines
I have valuable corning i think can i send a picture?
Comment from : Cynthia Gaines

I dislike click bate
Comment from : Mimiisme

Sharon Bell
Yes, l have alot of VHS tspes and 331/3 albums from the 1970 and 1980
Comment from : Sharon Bell

Dottie Griggs
Cassette tapes
Comment from : Dottie Griggs

Sharon Cruz
I have 2 sets of very old China from Germany and a few other very old things
Comment from : Sharon Cruz

Marisol Santiago
I have a few PYRX BOWLS 1940'sI have costume jewelry and 2 diffrent I podsand I dont know how to sell
Comment from : Marisol Santiago

Gwen Cooksey
What about Avon perfume and cologne bottles
Comment from : Gwen Cooksey

Ereka Craig
I have that set of bowls that in your thumbnail and a few other things
Comment from : Ereka Craig

Millie Tiili
I have a cookie clock
Comment from : Millie Tiili

Chris Melbourne
Yes I have alot of stuff that I would sell tell me where to go sell them?
Comment from : Chris Melbourne

Judy Hoffer
I am ready to sell got old barbie furniture old cards cookies jars toys bennie babies baseball cards comics cards got so much cant say all of it
Comment from : Judy Hoffer

Mary Dziengel
We have cuckoo clocks touch clocks and English clocks
Comment from : Mary Dziengel

Carol Hawkins
I have the antique clock hanging on the wall in my home
Comment from : Carol Hawkins

BBW Wooty
I have a large mantle clock that works great and says Anker and Westminster Love it! and I also have this old german one but the clock mechanism doesn't work
Comment from : BBW Wooty

Sherry Durham
If you have a coo coo clock you could have a fortune! 1 sold for 2 thousand dollars! Wait a minute when did 2 thousand dollars become a fortune?
Comment from : Sherry Durham

Marybeth Smith
I still have my old black and white Game Boy and still play it
Comment from : Marybeth Smith

Annie Halland
I have the coo coo clock Happy to sell it!
Comment from : Annie Halland

Talina Gallo
I have about 30 DVD’s
Comment from : Talina Gallo

nancy covington
I have 2 large plaster pig piggy banks 10yrs ago they were wearth $75a piece
Comment from : nancy covington

Laurie E
Where can I sell? Who do I contact?
Comment from : Laurie E

Contact 360
Wow! brMoira brFrom England
Comment from : Contact 360

Joetta Serio
I have an old Pillsbury Doughboy cookie jar that I would like the estimated value of
Comment from : Joetta Serio

corrine holshue
i had a lot of disney vhs tapes i will sell for the right price
Comment from : corrine holshue

Beyond Context
I am able to watch some pretty fucked up vids before going to bed, but this it is a goddamn horror show man
Comment from : Beyond Context

Lawanda Davis
I have lots of costume jewelry
Comment from : Lawanda Davis

Lawanda Davis
I have a lot of old coins Whitney Houston CD new sound track waiting to exhale shoop shoop
Comment from : Lawanda Davis

Max Frees
I pod for sale
Comment from : Max Frees

Yvonne Hall
I have about 6 antique clocks and many of the toys like the old ninja turtle and polly pocketsplus more collectables like China and yes I'm willing to seeoh yeah the games vinyl records and I think a game boy plus other electronicsnever threw any of my kids toys away nor my albums when I was young now I'm 60 lol
Comment from : Yvonne Hall

Jennifer Slone
I keep hearing about the old Polaroid cameras being worth a lot now I have 2, one is from at least the early 80s What can you tell me about that ? Also, can you buy or sell these things for me ?
Comment from : Jennifer Slone

Barbara Mason
What should I do with a cuckoo clock from Germany that needs repairs?
Comment from : Barbara Mason

Bessie Keller
I have a set if Queen Elizabeth cup and sauce made in Bone China England , The life of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother 1900 -2002 set
Comment from : Bessie Keller

Lydia Rodriguez
Have a game boy
Comment from : Lydia Rodriguez

Martha Clark
Hi i have a antique perfume bottle how can i show them
Comment from : Martha Clark

Suzanne Gray
I have a glass ornament that was my great grandmother 's I am 70 Ornament is 3 in by 2 in round-ish Would like to sell
Comment from : Suzanne Gray

Janeiah Anthony
I have 2 roof veins that are very heavy a rooster and a deer when did they stop making them and how can I tell the value
Comment from : Janeiah Anthony

Gave you a thumbs down for using an image that isn't in the video, you had 25 choices and you picked one that's not in the video
Comment from : Rebecca

Janet Classen
I have 2 cuckoo clocks & a bunch of costume jewelry, plus lots of other things that belonged to my Aunt who passed in 2005 at 101 years old
Comment from : Janet Classen

Jane Reinhardt
I have an old telephone- the kind with a separate hand piece, 1920's ??? br An "Oh no, Mr Bill" t-shirt too!
Comment from : Jane Reinhardt

Jane Reinhardt
I have a lot of NASA stuff My dad worked for NASA from 1969 to 1974, & an old Boy Scout membership card from 1947 Old costume jewelry too from my grandmother, born in 1910 Old postcards, my baby shower cards from 1960, etc
Comment from : Jane Reinhardt

Eugenia Sledd
Old cookie jar and antique crackerjack toys and more
Comment from : Eugenia Sledd

Sandra Carey
What do you know of a heavy plastic Lion cookie jar that growls when you open the top(his head) and he says “ get away from my cookies!”?
Comment from : Sandra Carey

Dana Senger
Hit me up I want them der pokets
Comment from : Dana Senger

Dana Senger
I have lots of polly pocket and yes I would sale them
Comment from : Dana Senger

Linda Hollowell
Disney vhs n a blue n white tea cup n saucer
Comment from : Linda Hollowell

Sherry Sherman
I have Disney VHS, and CD, I'm willing to sell
Comment from : Sherry Sherman

Starr Valdez
I have some boy scout patches, and yes I am willing to sell them
Comment from : Starr Valdez

Teresa Francisco
Pyrex 2 cup measuring cup
Comment from : Teresa Francisco

Kathy Wiseman
Doesn't meantion why those old Christmas ornaments are worth so much money nor how many workers died making them
Comment from : Kathy Wiseman

Artee Love
Where can I contact to make a sale?
Comment from : Artee Love

Marin Cruz
I have a canon video set and camara
Comment from : Marin Cruz

Margaret Bernard
I have the deep dish casserole brCorningware with the blue flowers
Comment from : Margaret Bernard

Lucy Hernandez
l have John Wayne clock
Comment from : Lucy Hernandez

Susan Torres
Who do I contact to sell my items I have
Comment from : Susan Torres

Diann Becker
I have scads of VHS TAPES ! Alot of Disney and kids tapes also various others Roughly between VHS & DVD'S , I have probably close to 850 movies if not more Been collecting since 1980
Comment from : Diann Becker

Debra Frazier
I have one of those China dishes I bought it in 1970 or something like that for my mother for Mother’s Day
Comment from : Debra Frazier

Debra Frazier
I have albums CDs DVDs cassettes
Comment from : Debra Frazier

I have trouble pricing anything I have because each person tells you something different I have a few of the blue and white china sets I also have some that are pink and white Costume jewelry, Very old baseball cards - from the 20s and 30s (very small) - and then just a ton of baseball and football cards Lots of Steelers stuff I have antique vases from the late 1800s/early 1900s (some from Japan that are hand-painted) I'm not just trying to price - I want to sell!!
Comment from : alilately1013

Elizabeth Scally
I have a prototype of the laptop before laptops came out Is it worth anything?
Comment from : Elizabeth Scally

Diane Rich
I have a lot of cassette tapes too I would like transfer them to dvds As well as an old iPod
Comment from : Diane Rich

Diane Rich
I have around 100 vcr tapes I would like to sell them after I transfer them to dvds I have some vintage magazines that teach how to croche doilies They are really oldI think there are 10 or 12 little magazines I have a old camera you need film for I think it’s a cannon Maybe 30 years old Like new All buried in a storage closet I have some old albums 33s and 78s and a never used record player
Comment from : Diane Rich

Angela Bankston
I have alot of old vhs tapes And a silken flames barbie
Comment from : Angela Bankston

Sarah Kinnison
Cuckoo clock I do have
Comment from : Sarah Kinnison

Sandra Cruz
Comment from : Sandra Cruz

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