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Which 2021 Silver Dollar Is Worth The Most? Why Are Morgan Dollars So Hot?

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Information Which 2021 Silver Dollar Is Worth The Most? Why Are Morgan Dollars So Hot?

Title :  Which 2021 Silver Dollar Is Worth The Most? Why Are Morgan Dollars So Hot?
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Frames Which 2021 Silver Dollar Is Worth The Most? Why Are Morgan Dollars So Hot?

Description Which 2021 Silver Dollar Is Worth The Most? Why Are Morgan Dollars So Hot?

Comments Which 2021 Silver Dollar Is Worth The Most? Why Are Morgan Dollars So Hot?

Love the channel But I am completely confused The USMint website said that they minted 175K morgan silver dollars and that they were minted at Philly But now there appears to be different varieties, and if these are US minted coins, how do we find out how many were minted and where? Also, do you know why these morgans have more silver than the traditional morgans? I ask because I am considering subscribing for a reverse proof morgan peace set in 2023 Lastly, I see some 2021 morgans that are not graded going for s lot cheaper, so if I get my morgans, should I have them graded? Is it really that big of a deal? Maybe this is a future video in which you answer all of these questions on just the 2021 morgans and peace dollars Again, love the channel
Comment from : Gen10nine

Tom Baker
I feel the peace dollar is going to be the gem of the group with the CC next I will keep the coins in OGP for now
Comment from : Tom Baker

Jack Frost
Comment from : Jack Frost

nhad tabz tv
I have a quarter dollar coin ahm 1776-1976 a drummer boy Denver and 1988 quarter dollar
Comment from : nhad tabz tv

Jonathan Richards
Thank you sir Enjoyed it I'm a 2 year beginner, but I'm learning
Comment from : Jonathan Richards

mike schoolcraft
875,000 Morgan’s all minted in the same place, and only 200,000 Peace Dollars
Comment from : mike schoolcraft

Silver Load
The mint e-mailed me today and told me the 3 Morgan dollars I ordered and payed for had been cancelled due to a shortage in the coin and blah blah blah I’m pissed,,if the mint was mine I would fire every employee their
Comment from : Silver Load

Jeff Claterbaugh
Been a stacker only for decades brThe Morgan’s are the first coins I’ve bought directly from the mint since the 1980’s I love them and always have They’ll display beautifully in my office!
Comment from : Jeff Claterbaugh

I have confirmed 1 each of the "O", the "CC" Morgans, and 3 of the Peace dollars I also got 1 of the Proof 1 ounce gold that from order to receipt took less than 2 weeks! Still waiting on shipment and receipt of the Dollars Kinda weird how the Mint can ship Gold so fast yet not Silver Hmmmmmm
Comment from : Mr51Caveman

Bill 457
I think the peace dollar is going to be the one I put my first order in you had some good deals
Comment from : Bill 457

I managed to get the O
Comment from : Dre

Johnny Logan
Most people have no idea why a constitutional dollar costs $30+ nowbrTotally clueless sheep
Comment from : Johnny Logan

Rohit Solanke
I have Morgan's silver dollar coin found in my backyard in India with cc mintmark 1884 plz tell me is it valuable or not or how much will be the price?
Comment from : Rohit Solanke

paul lemmons
Think of the price ten years from now and not when everyone wants one Maybe buy bullion if the prices continue to drop?
Comment from : paul lemmons

D Graddy
What would it cost to get a one of these graded at PCGS and what is their turn around time?
Comment from : D Graddy

Cannot wait to get mine in the mail, these are going to be beautiful coins
Comment from : MrDavison282

Geo Rock Nerd
I got two CC, one P and 3 Peace dollars from the 2021 offerings, can’t wait to get them in hand!
Comment from : Geo Rock Nerd

People paying $750 for new coins is nuts, especially considering real vintage Peace Dollars sell for a fraction of that in mint condition
Comment from : CatsMeowPaw

Scott Cahala
Vary interesting Thanks for sharing
Comment from : Scott Cahala

John M
They were sold on the mint website as a presale The mint should have made them unlimited mintage and made bat least/b as many as people ordered on presale and probably more I don't understand why they limit mintage when they could sell more on popular releases like these
Comment from : John M

Linda Nelson
I was really excited when the CC, and O 2021 Morgan's were up for sale, so once again I struggled in vain trying to get them, finally got them in the cart only to then not be able to check out After all that I decided to go back to something that gives me please and satisfaction, my type collection I just have to be patient and watch for coins I like, and need So thank you Daniel for the great half dime, and three cent nickel They're perfect additions to my set Maybe one day down the road I can aquire a 2021 Morgan, and Peace Dollar
Comment from : Linda Nelson

Glenn Fetiza
Sir i have 1983 one cent how? Can i sell this
Comment from : Glenn Fetiza

Ron Rodgers
In watching the video, it looked like you were looking at a lot of sales that occurred in June If you add "Ended Recently" to the search criteria, you will see they are selling for even more, especially in a PCGS holder
Comment from : Ron Rodgers

Genesis G70
I got Denver, Philadelphia, and San Francisco and the Peace Silver Dollars brI didn't get cc or the O
Comment from : Genesis G70

bob sacamano
Should I send mine to PCGS for grading or leave them in the original box with COA? What would give a greater value?
Comment from : bob sacamano

Comment from : Murf

As far back as the early 70's (and most likely farther back than that), Morgan Dollars have probably been the most favorite series in US Coinage Hardly surprising they are as expensive as they are nowadays
Comment from : OldSchoolR&R

Turtle JJ
So what if the dyes are super polished and the coins are eligible for PL and DMPL how would that effect the price?
Comment from : Turtle JJ

James M
The Peace Dollar is going to be a sleeper hit Ungraded It's under $200 right now but I bet it will appreciate the most aside from the CC morgan (although the morgan will decline from $450 a bit after release)
Comment from : James M

History Uncovered One Shovel At A Time
I'm sorry but these are basically restrikes of a previous design with a modern date Not only that but with the Mints ordering issue and a inflated price it's a NO for me If someone is dumb enough to pay $600-$1000 per coin then be my guest I'll save those kind of funds for a real CC
Comment from : History Uncovered One Shovel At A Time

I purchased 1 cc, 2 o's and 2 peace dollars but value my 1884 GSA CC Morgan more than all of them combined
Comment from : rocketfighter8

gold and silver did go to the MOON :) its still there on the half of lander and moon buggy left there :):)
Comment from : 40belowful

Appalachian outlaw coins
But it's not a real cc so I'm not understanding why the big money, but just my thoughts
Comment from : Appalachian outlaw coins

Mac Scotty
The price of silver is falling recently
Comment from : Mac Scotty

Silver Forever
Hey Daniel! I'm also VERY confused how people can promise MS70 pre-orders without even having them in hand! Especially if they only have 3 candidatesbrbrIf someone just so happened to have all 3 of each coin, what course of action would you recommend? I plan to keep one complete set for myself and I don't think I'll be able to get them graded/slabbed, so my two big questions are: (1) Should I sell them individually or as a set? and (2) Is it smarter to strike while the iron is hot, or hold out for higher prices later on? Thanks and LOVE your content!
Comment from : Silver Forever

Pirate Stacker
Good video, you have any interest in buying any of these just in the box from the mint?
Comment from : Pirate Stacker

Travel Junkie
I think the presell 70 slab orders are just cancelled if they come back any lower and money refunded I'll probably send my sets off to be graded but curious to see how many 70's come back and what price does first
Comment from : Travel Junkie

Donald in New Mexico
Hi, Daniel I picked up the 1921 Peace dollar in MS64 on Dec 2, 2020 I paid $895 I had been wanting one for quite a while I have been amazed at the 130 increase in value in only 8 months I hope it holds most of its current value when the hype over the 2021 issue subsides I believe the 2021 Morgans and Peace Dollar will continue to increase in popularity and price at least until after they are delivered in Oct I think the 2021 Morgans and Peace Dollar will be a hot item for Christmas In the long run, I believe the Peace Dollar will be the most valuable 2021 release I can't believe the quick sellout this morning for the S Mint Proof Silver Eagle bTYU/b
Comment from : Donald in New Mexico

David Ho
I don't get how they can pre-sell MS 70 coins It looks to me like they're betting they're gonna come back from PCGS MS 70 If they don't get any 70's they're gonna be up the creek
Comment from : David Ho

Allan Colegrove
For $700 I could get some Morgan or Peace dollars which I'd rather have!
Comment from : Allan Colegrove

Glenn Sheehan
Have 3 each 2021 Morgan S, D and P and 3 each 2021 Peace confirmed from the US Mint Should these all be sent for grading to NGC or PCGS?
Comment from : Glenn Sheehan

Hi Daniel, How is it that people can put up sales on 2021 Peace dollars on E-Bay or Morgan dollars prior to them beingbrSold and distributed by the US Mint? I don't understand the logic of that
Comment from : Murph

C Ted Barber
Something to keep in mind with the 2021 Morgan and Peace dollars if no more are minted beyond the initial sales The CC, O, and D will be the lowest minted ever of each mint (I know the CC and o weren't minted in those real locations, just pretend a bit on those 2) The Peace with the exception of the 1922P high relief is the lowest ever minted of any mint The Phily and San Francisco are both the 2nd lowest regular mintages (remember 1895 phily was a proof) These all come with a built in rarity of the prized key dates of the original issued coins Just some food for thought
Comment from : C Ted Barber

CC privy is awful , they could have made them at the CC museum , press is there , tourist would pay to watch Plus I'd rather see the made exactly how the old ones were
Comment from : jmy

charles davis
I've notice the Peace Dollars going up also Like you said the 1921
Comment from : charles davis

edwin sandel
Its hard to understand why 2021 silver dollars are so expensive There is no history to relate to it Old silver coins are interesting and finding gradeable ones makes it a true find Why buy brand new silver?? It has the same melt value as the old morgans and Peace dollars The older and appeal of a coin is the hobby to me
Comment from : edwin sandel

Jay Wilson
Those 2 $699 that they took best offers on if I found them correctly, one sold for $58333 and the other $600
Comment from : Jay Wilson

I like everything about them except the fact I got shut out on buying them from the mint Of course they are popular but are they really worth the prices you spoke of? I don't think so I'll wait till the market cools
Comment from : Blulincoln

Jason Blue
The US Mint suspended operations a while back so they could 'upgrade' their system Obviously it didn't work because their website is still a joke Tell me if this sounds familiar: 10 seconds after the product is available it is in your cart You legally own this product Actually, no, because then the web site starts crashing and you have to keep re-entering your credit card info and you keep getting the error message "the page you are looking for is no longer available" Then you have to hold down the button for 10 seconds to prove you are not a bot - twice, even though you have had an account with them for over 15 years Then you start the process again After about 10 minutes, if you're lucky, you finally get a confirmation or you find your cart is empty because now they are sold out This should NEVER happen I wish there was a class action lawsuit against them
Comment from : Jason Blue

Thanks for the video Daniel! I ended up buying the 2021 Morgan Dollar, D-Mark directly from the US Mint I love modern coins graded perfect 70 but I have had several american silver eagles develop milk spots I simply refuse now to spend more than $100 on any modern coin now because to me it's too big of a risk I have switched to currency collecting and collecting older coins I did go ahead with the 2021 Morgan D-Mark coin because I couldn't resist
Comment from : SilverEater

Truth Lives
No, people have too much disposable Income If I had $800 to spend on Morgan or Peace Dollars I would go to Portsmouth, and buy 10 MS63 REAL NUMISMATIC VALUE coins!
Comment from : Truth Lives

You heard it silver to the moon lmao well I wanted to get one peace dollar but ended up getting two orders with a total of three wow
Comment from : upscaleflipin

Ron Pettrey
I just dont understand them being so overpriced I mean basically its bullion with privy mark I'll buy a real cc morgan with money to spare everytime over paying that for bullion ms 70 or not
Comment from : Ron Pettrey

Allen Knight
I don't know how these coins are in slabs , they haven't even shipped yet
Comment from : Allen Knight

Paul Thomas
I'll hold off for now I mean prices are going to be inflated as they are a hot item I was able to buy one of each yesterday without much issue from the mint reminder even at ms 70 if there is 1000s in that grade I can't see it keeping such a high price as 10x retail but we'll see
Comment from : Paul Thomas

I don't see the privy marked coins as legitimate CC and O minted dollars The others are and I managed to get 3 of each of the P coins
Comment from : MétéoMan

Me Last
Comment from : Me Last

Fernando Rivera
Makes no sense to me to pay such high premiums on these new bullion coins since you can buy many (dates & mintmarks) original old Morgan & Peace cartwheels in mint state uncirculated condition for less money 💰
Comment from : Fernando Rivera

Tylonn Platinum 3rd Coins
I would go with the 2 P minted coins brThe privy marks instead of mint marks was a terrible idea I think the Peace dollar will be the nicest looking of them all
Comment from : Tylonn Platinum 3rd Coins

T Ko
I don't know how you can presell a ms 70,when you do not know what you will be issued I will wait and see what three peace dollars I was allowed to arrive, later this year, before I sell two of them
Comment from : T Ko

The CC and O Morgans got alot less appealing to me when they were just privy marks instead of mintmarks I got a D Morgan and a Peace Dollar, and am happy with that!
Comment from : Taylorism

Frost Knives
Your telling me you would buy that junk over old historical graded premium Morgan’s Blows my mind
Comment from : Frost Knives

I say the 2021 Peace dollar, since only the Philly mint is offered and no S or D mint mark
Comment from : typeviic1

G Kall
700 dollars for a bullion coin? Nah, I'll just buy some cull Morgans
Comment from : G Kall

Mack Stack
I expect around 50,000 MS70 and 60,000 MS69’s For the money there’s better coins to buy than a semi-numi bullion coin
Comment from : Mack Stack

Thein Hteik Aung
I have old coin
Comment from : Thein Hteik Aung

Amber Hagelstein
I'm not going to slab mine, they're perfect enough for me as is! When in my hand I will sell them unslabed as well
Comment from : Amber Hagelstein

Jeni Hansen
Comment from : Jeni Hansen

Hi your the Best thanks
Comment from : ica0601

John Brandon Bowe
Truly amazes me that eBay allows people to sell coins that they physically don't have in their possession because they haven't even been shipped from the US Mint yet While I understand they cannot verify every sale is physically held by the Seller, but it just seems that they wouldn't allow something to be sold that is easily verified that no one actually has and won't have for months!
Comment from : John Brandon Bowe

Cyberleader Andy
Defo don't regret buying these from the Mint, it's just a case of deciding if it's worth getting them graded or not 🤔
Comment from : Cyberleader Andy

George Matthews
Good Morning Daniel!!🍵 I will be glad when things with the Mint simmer down, if they do!! What's most valuable to me are my original Morgan and Peace dollar sets I have four Morgans left to finish them, not including the 1893S I have it!!😊
Comment from : George Matthews

Bo cain
In the near future, I believe they're all gonna be despised as symbols of a debt and death paradigm, iconography of enslavementbrbrBut hey, buy what you like (I'll stick with Sioux Sovereigns)
Comment from : Bo cain

Bezo 816
Nice, I was only able to pick up the Peace Dollar but I doubt I send it for grading Keep doing what you do👍
Comment from : Bezo 816

Another year from now a lot of people that bought during the hype maybe regretting they paid those insane prices Time will tell
Comment from : DALE STONER

Big O
Help, so this year is the first year I have purchased coins from the mint, I had three emails confirming that I have purchased all six coins, but when I go on my account at the mintbrThe CC, O, D, S are showing as backorderedbrAnd the P , and peace dollar or showing as processingbrIs the back order just because they are shipping in the futurebrOr did I not get them, when I have the confirmation email that I got them, thanks for your help
Comment from : Big O

What is unfortunate is that the peace dollars probably won't be back from the graders before christmas
Comment from : jj18057

Tom Bollenbach
People have been crazy for the CC's as long as I can remember Do this show again next year
Comment from : Tom Bollenbach

adam jam
The silver dollars worth the most are the ones I and the others who crashed off the Mint site and were shut out
Comment from : adam jam

Chad Wolfeschledgelsteinhausenbergerdorff
They always go up when they physically in hand
Comment from : Chad Wolfeschledgelsteinhausenbergerdorff

Paul Begansky
I dont see how anyone could value a graded or ungraded coin until they have them in hand and that won't be until October Then it will take time to grade them
Comment from : Paul Begansky

Texas Joe
I’ll be sending all of mine, all mintmarks to PCGS The CC has the mystique for sure but the sleeper is the peace dollar Agree with you that the grade populations will dictate who wins out in the end So as the Zenmaster always says ——brbrWe’ll see?!
Comment from : Texas Joe

Silver Surfer
The CC I’ve noticed is going for the most My auction on the bay for one is already at 300 in less than 24 hours I anticipate it realizing 500+ It’s been viewed almost 700 times and 50+ watchers I’ve never had ANYWHERE near that amount of traffic on a listing before Crazy
Comment from : Silver Surfer

Anthony Kaminskas
I got three Peace Dollars Let the chips fall where they may I don't know what I will do
Comment from : Anthony Kaminskas

Kayne Fryday
There will be so many graded ms 70 it won’t be funny
Comment from : Kayne Fryday

Nathan Battenfeld
Havent watch the full vid yet but my guess is the Peace Dollar
Comment from : Nathan Battenfeld

Kayne Fryday
Comment from : Kayne Fryday

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