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Busted by customs officials - India

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Information Busted by customs officials - India

Title :  Busted by customs officials - India
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Comments Busted by customs officials - India

The Gift Store
Corrupted peoples
Comment from : The Gift Store

This is why the UK must ban all pajeets
Comment from : ✙Nostro200✙

Half they gonna put in pocket all these bastards
Comment from : 50-Cal

What about politicians
Comment from : Prashanth

Avanish Tiwari
Ye crime kis angle aey hai ??
Comment from : Avanish Tiwari

DrSumans vlogs
Feeling pity to see the official acting like the bad ass cop who investigated and caught the culprit when the real fact is that they were betrayed
Comment from : DrSumans vlogs

see wit me
Kisi politician ka hi hoga
Comment from : see wit me

Sai Deepa
These immigration ppl n custom officers only harasss general public 😢
Comment from : Sai Deepa

how fool r these people thinking that they can easily pass through Hawala operators
Comment from : BasicMaths

They r soo happy catching them Will take some share for themselves and rest will be shown in official documents
Comment from : BasicMaths

Shivoy Budhiraja
Ek kaam Diya tha wo bhi thik se nahi krr paya
Comment from : Shivoy Budhiraja

Lee Mukhim
Till today custom take money under the table at the port why no one does anything about that i think modi should do something to them
Comment from : Lee Mukhim

Lee Mukhim
Yes they do very job but majority they are mostly cheaters themselves
Comment from : Lee Mukhim

Lee Mukhim
Busted nice work officer and i was asked money by them in airport i simply can't understand why there's no law to tackle corrupted officers
Comment from : Lee Mukhim

Hello tech support you got caught
Comment from : ParaLizer

Anand Kayastha
Bhai bolta hoga Sir kar lete he na sir suniye to sir
Comment from : Anand Kayastha

non duality
Don't b happy guys all these money will not get deposited in gov ac 😂🤣😅
Comment from : non duality

Instant karma
Comment from : N M

Comment from : malavani

Pravin Pawar
Log khun pasinese paisa kamate hé or ye custom vale pakad lete he…😢😢
Comment from : Pravin Pawar

k k
Konsa bank luta re baba
Comment from : k k

Tony Montana
This is a tip Else nothing would have been recorded separately on a personal camera The office indeed has its own camera recording everything But the footage cannot be given to someone else expect being presented at the court brStay happy stay blessed These officers are corrupted
Comment from : Tony Montana

Shivansh Shukla
Kuch bhi bolo, CHUTIYA HAI KYA HUM LOG IDHAR hit me hard 😂
Comment from : Shivansh Shukla

Sagar Surwase
Just imagine how much custom departments are earning
Comment from : Sagar Surwase

Scramhino  Viso
Politician ka Nehi kar payega na gaand me goli maar dega wohero bante h yaha
Comment from : Scramhino Viso

Kapil Rawat
Kuch nhi malum sub malum hoga abhi thodi der me
Comment from : Kapil Rawat

biswajit das
Behenchod smuggling kar rahe ho aur pata nahin hain
Comment from : biswajit das

Akshansh Dubey
"To doston aaj hamare pass aaya hai ek mystery box hamare ek subscriber ke pass se jiska aaj ham krne wale hai unboxing brTo chaliye shuru krte hai"""
Comment from : Akshansh Dubey

jitne paise ha na bc sab ko ek saath khareed lega voo😂😂
Comment from : IMDADDY007

Adam Alikhan
How much money is that 🤔
Comment from : Adam Alikhan

This is a art 😂 i don't know why they busted
Comment from : VIKRAM REDDY

Shivan Shivan
If the amount is below 20 thousand USD these two could have declared it officially and passed the customs without problem
Comment from : Shivan Shivan

Manoj ramachandra
India should be fair all politicians too Disgusting people living in India !!
Comment from : Manoj ramachandra

Honest officers?? 😂😂😂 I was stopped for kids Gummy vitamins 3 bottles and said it was drugs!! Wanted bribes but I didn’t budge I said you seize it But let me go after 1 hr Bombay 2006
Comment from : K K

david perrett
I wouldn't of paid it and would of asked for someone more senior myself If you stand up for you're rights they will relent
Comment from : david perrett

Indian customs are just goons in uniforms
Comment from : Factology

Lol they thought these officials are dumb, everything is viewed under the ray machine, so much overacting by the caught person
Comment from : Guy

kitna haramkhor he ye adami and his wife these ppl shd go to jail
Comment from : tintin

important someone
i purchased a lens from japan which was around 18 dollars i got message i need to pay 2200 import duty indian customs are totally cheat
Comment from : important someone

Jatin Kaushik
Can anyone explain what people's do with this money abroad?
Comment from : Jatin Kaushik

Captain Nemo
That's why I want to join custom ayse situation mai adha tera adha merabrAnd don't think custom office and incom tax officer are loyal towards their duties and nation maine apna aakho say dekha hai incom tax ka red k bad incom tax officer nay 40 lakh ghoos liya thaa mamla ko setel karna k lea
Comment from : Captain Nemo

430 seconds brHum idhr chutiya h kya ? brKya smjha humko 😂😂😂brbrEpic line
Comment from : dk

Kim JoNg UnN
kitne sal ke liye Jayega Bhai kohi Batao
Comment from : Kim JoNg UnN

Why you all trying to down our indian currency value by importing such things
Comment from : BANTI KUMAR

Cactus And Succulents Lovers
Thory paisy mje b dedo 😊😁😜
Comment from : Cactus And Succulents Lovers

Sagar S reddy
Man!! He says he doesn’t know anything And it’s the bag manufacturer who has done that come on let him go
Comment from : Sagar S reddy

baba baba
Comment from : baba baba

Bharat Sky
Paisa 🥺
Comment from : Bharat Sky

R singh
Thanx to Indian custom department 👍
Comment from : R singh

Kalpesh Khedekar
Inko vaha ke airport PE se kaise chodte hai ?
Comment from : Kalpesh Khedekar

chetan gupta
I know this girl She is relative of Raghav Chaddha from AAP party
Comment from : chetan gupta

Andre Defrancesco
I only see currency What’s in there
Comment from : Andre Defrancesco

The only thing this guy got wrong was that he didn’t have any connections in the customs department He seems like a novice lol Usually people who get caught are the ones with no connections, you need some very good connections in the department and boom you can get away with such stuff You can just call their superior authorities A friend of mine knows a person who regularly travels with luxury items worth lakhs of rupees but that guy knows a politician at a high post very well, so he gets away with this
Comment from : Siddharth

MK Nair
Never ever try to undermine and make fool of our Customs Officals in the checking points at air or sea ports, they are super clevour in these things They are not fools, nobody can make them fools too Be honest everywhere Paagal couple, they are not aware of the contraband, as it was done by the box manufacturer while making the box Abhy, wo box manufacturer ka patha tho dedo, msin bhi eisi 10 box unse kharidlu, faidai faida hai na?
Comment from : MK Nair

Chalo Chale
Yeh customs wale hi khaate hai aps me baat kr
Comment from : Chalo Chale

Jail hua k kya hua ?
Comment from : SUPRAKASH DATTA

android phone
And what it’s it that he was carrying? Currency? Documents? I couldn’t figure it out
Comment from : android phone

Koncho Mozam
Very good custom officers
Comment from : Koncho Mozam

And this Government officials works in Airport security and doesn't even now which currency is this such unprofessionals
Comment from : KARMA

Good work Government ko hutya smjha hue hai sb
Comment from : KARMA

Is taking money from India to other contry is ban
Comment from : Yug

Custom officials are disrespectful Why are they abusing? The custom officials should be booked for hurting the modesty of the woman
Comment from : kapilambwani

Prashant Kumar Somesh
Jhaant bhar ka euro pakad ke kya ukhaad liya in logo ne Isme konsa itna bada crime ho gya ki bc video bana ke isko YouTube pe daala Iske euro nikalwa ke isko jaane bhi de sakte the In logo ko criminalize karna theek nai tha Dono becharo ki naukri to ab pakka jayegi Ye sab inhonr aise kara jaise khud harishchandra hain bohot bade Duty apni jagah h bhai, par personally bhi sochna chahiye Ye theek nai laga mujhe
Comment from : Prashant Kumar Somesh

The Alfa Man
In India custom officers are unprofessionalclearly seen in this video If this wasn't on camera then who knows what would have happened with the money Custom people earns tons of money At least 20 to 50 times their legal salary depends upon the rank
Comment from : The Alfa Man

srikar kaliki
That is why you use cryptocurrency lol
Comment from : srikar kaliki

Sanjay Perri
Yeah dono mere neighbours hai
Comment from : Sanjay Perri

Hahana je sale indian ko hi puchte hai US ja other big country walon ki jutee se darte hai humare indian jab bi indian banda US ja canada jata hai wo log kute jese treat krte hai indian ke saath pr jab US ja canadian aate hai india ko to hume immigration wale kute ki tata dum hilate yes sir yes krte hai
Comment from : Sanjeev

Chappal se maro dono ko
Comment from : PsyXzar75

Maan the description 😂😂💀brI urge everyone reading this comment to check out the description 😂
Comment from : Abhi!

Comment from : UPSC_MOTIVATION

Destiny Finder
Information pahle mil jaye to aisa hota h vrna inka baap bhi na pakad paaye
Comment from : Destiny Finder

Shubham Bagwari
How were they caught? 😂😂brbrGood for India No free ka pesa 😂
Comment from : Shubham Bagwari

Marathi police are chill af while catching a culprit 😂
Comment from : Karen

Nilabh Verma
Best unboxing video I have ever seen
Comment from : Nilabh Verma

WOW JUST £50 notes is it even real or fake! 💯
Comment from : SAM SAMMY

Very unprofessional sure he's a criminal but still
Comment from : Ruturaj

Ron B
After reading many of the posts here, I felt compelled to comment, even though I generally don't and especially not in great detail However, I wanted to share a different experience from this one where the Custom Officials here, seem to be rather unprofessional during the search brbrHere's my two cents: The best thing to do when you arrive at customs and immigration in India is to be fully honest They are extremely smart and can detect if you are lying, very quickly I don't know if they just have a sixth sense or it's because giving anyone the benefit of the doubt is just not in their DNA They just know if someone is hiding something from them If you are honest, they are more willing to treat you well because you haven't insulted their intelligencebrbrI live in the United States and immigrated here from India in 1976 I have been back for visits only four times over the past 46 years (to visit my brothers who still live there - because they are of the firm belief that India is still the best country in the world, for them, in spite of them all having travelled around the world fairly extensively on business and for vacations)brbrWhat happened to me on ALL four of my visits is truly remarkable and I'm told not the norm Every single time I had something or the other that was either slightly over the limit (good Napa Valley wines), good cigars and especially, on my first visit back in the late 80's had some hunting ammo and a rifle scope for one of my brothers I just openly declared what I had, why I had it (visiting my brothers after a very long time and want to enjoy some good wine at the dinner table with them and family, smoke a few cigars, etc) and exactly where it was packed in my baggage Either my honesty shocked them or they simply understood that I was a human being just like them and I was there for a short time (3-4 weeks) to see my brothers and wasn't trying to do anything illegal I was polite to them; they were polite with me, and I didn't need to bribe anyone As a matter of fact, when I offered one of their supervisors a bottle of wine as I was leaving, (he was called over because of my 'unusual honesty'), he refused the wine and simply said "enjoy it with your family as just hold us in your thoughts" They were all very nice to me and happy to see me return to India to visit my brothers and their families So, respect begets respect, I guess Just don't insult their intelligence by lying
Comment from : Ron B

sarfraz khan
LakhOn crore ki drugs adani ke addon par bhi bhi chupi hui hai
Comment from : sarfraz khan

MSD prakash
Corrupted officers with Fake video
Comment from : MSD prakash

4:27 a slap was given there
Comment from : Parama

Ruin Firefly
4:27, ha bhai tum ho, aur woh banda bhi jo bag leke aya
Comment from : Ruin Firefly

Prada Data
They caught only Normal public not a politician and like MalyasWhere were this custom guys when Malyas and Modi's flew away
Comment from : Prada Data

Travel Sphere UK-
Is this passenger from another planet? So he thinks he can take that much cash in a briefcase in customs and not get detected 🤦‍♂️😂🤦‍♂️😂
Comment from : Travel Sphere UK-

Whats the problem He is bringing foreign currency into India It s a good thing
Comment from : 10zing

Mishti Banerjee
The comment section here behaves like relatives Kuch bhi krlo, khush hona hi nahi h 😂😂😂
Comment from : Mishti Banerjee

Politician ko aise pakad kr batao sirf aam public ke uppr zoor dikha sakte ho bc
Comment from : mohit

Mudassir Faraz Khan
description is hilarious
Comment from : Mudassir Faraz Khan

Allan Roy
Would you all do the same with a Politician, MLA, VIP or VVIP ??? NO !!!! Because you wouldn't want to loose your job!!! None of you would be bold enough to stand up against them!! Would you???? iss janam me toh nahi atleast!!! Sirf Civilians ko hi pareshan karna aata tum logo Paiso ke liye and without even knowing the reason!! Kitna aur giroge tum saalo!!!??? Apna aur Apna department, Desh aur sabka naam dubao bas Yahi aata hai!!
Comment from : Allan Roy

Savio Rodrigues
The best part is he wasn't surprised after seeing such tons of money 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : Savio Rodrigues

Karan Kumar
I don’t know but it feels like they really didn’t know about this
Comment from : Karan Kumar

siddhesh gangan
Majja ali baghun😂
Comment from : siddhesh gangan

virender kaleramna
Sarkar eso ko pakad desh ka karja de
Comment from : virender kaleramna

A Srikant varma
In today’s & age ppl still don’t understand that scanner are pretty advanced
Comment from : A Srikant varma

The last time I visited India was in 2019 October I got a bonus in May ( common holiday bonus in NL) I bought Sony camera with it The custom officers were like yeh toh andar nahi jaa sakta iska charge lagega I showed them the bill, they were like iska kya karu mainthe camera setup was of 3000 eurosThey said chodhne ka 500 euro lega After 15 minsI handed them the bottle of Jack Danielsand told them sir next time ek bottle extra aap k liye leke aungaiss bar ka maaza kharab kar diye One of them looked at me and returned the bottle and told mechal jaa aish kar lebrMoral - Mumbai custom is pathetic!
Comment from : Striker_9

Shivam Jawla
What a piece of artdifferent emotions in different peoplebut how the sum in front of them just works in the the same way for all of themthe way the video endedwith 'ssshhhh' that says a lot for itself
Comment from : Shivam Jawla

Why are people defending criminals in comments? Sick ppl!

Custom officials using mobile flash light for inspection 😂 Is this their standard procedure?
Comment from : Ritwik

A gift from bag manufacturer 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Ye idea husband ka tha ya wife ka 😂😂 look at wife main iske sath nahi hun🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : SECRETS++REALITY

The confidence they show, it has to be based on a tip off The guys aren’t as smart as they seem to be showing on this videobrbrNeed better tech as well
Comment from : AngyNags

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