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How to Start Over When You Don’t Know What to Do | Allison Maslan on Impact Theory

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Information How to Start Over When You Don’t Know What to Do | Allison Maslan on Impact Theory

Title :  How to Start Over When You Don’t Know What to Do | Allison Maslan on Impact Theory
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Frames How to Start Over When You Don’t Know What to Do | Allison Maslan on Impact Theory

Description How to Start Over When You Don’t Know What to Do | Allison Maslan on Impact Theory

Comments How to Start Over When You Don’t Know What to Do | Allison Maslan on Impact Theory

Essam Tiya
When your desire for change becomes stronger than your fear, u become unstoppable Alisa M
Comment from : Essam Tiya

Mark Soberay
Ok at 27:00 she starts sounding like a complete idiot
Comment from : Mark Soberay

Guys; know that you are doing great! Everything is falling into place for you very soon! This is the best time to head in that direction which you were always meant to go Everything up til now happened for a great Devine reason! You are EXACTLY right where you are supposed to be at this moment in your life!!! With that said, you are now about to reap the benefits of your tremendous wisdom gained from all these experiences Start that workout regimen! Get the wheels moving to start that business that you’ve always had in the back of your head Today begins the first day of the best of your life! You’re gonna do this! 💪😎👍STAY STRONG !!! brbr FYI, I’m 51 and ready to get back in shape (like I was in My 20s)and make my 50s the best decade of my life!
Comment from : TopGun

Aramis Black
Man, bro, you have such an amazing gift of edification Your intro of Allison… Your close Uber impressive! Great interview, btw!
Comment from : Aramis Black

Emma Louie
pseudoscience snake oil peddlers booooooooooo not subscribing
Comment from : Emma Louie

Akash Goel
Damn, homeopathy? Instantly disliked
Comment from : Akash Goel

Leaders try to Inspire the greatness in others brLosers fight the greatness in others
Comment from : TJ NICHOLS

Okey How I just pounced on this video I dont knowBut she gives me so much positivity of you don't have to be in a relationship and feel guilty of leaving when its not making you reach your passionWaooo 👏This is so touching I feel alive again and ready to restart Thank you
Comment from : TemwaniBanda

Robert Niemiec
“ I have got to live a life I am passionate about ” 💚
Comment from : Robert Niemiec

15:05 to 15:25 really hit home for me it’s hard for me some days because I get sad when I think about my most recent relationship feeling like we could’ve and should’ve worked out but I have to accept it for what it was and it was bad of course we had our good moments like any relationship but it was overall hard and work I don’t believe love should ever feel like that I will always care for here and idk why because she did some really messed up things to me and I did some things as well that she’s said hurt her She’s actively voiced her hate for me but I don’t hate her or regret meeting her as I said there were some really good memories but overall some really really bad ones I just hope I can have the mindset in full of what Allison has when I look back I don’t want to regret it because it was such a big part of my late twenties and it taught me what I don’t want and I gave it my all to my knowledge I really fought tooth and nail for it and it just never worked out 🤷🏽‍♂️
Comment from : E3litecompany

Diane A
23:48 🎯💯
Comment from : Diane A

luz T pasco
I live in an unhealthy life People are always angry, full of criticism and hatred It keeps me draining I tried running away but i am not capable of doing it These ppl use their abilities I ended up being hopeless I am concubine and now, i wanting out But circumstances hinder me I wanted to start but still forceful climbing up please help
Comment from : luz T pasco

Pinnacle REN
Homeopathic treatment? LoL
Comment from : Pinnacle REN

Ella H
That's was one hell of an intro👏🏽👏🏽
Comment from : Ella H

Reel Nasty
Which of her books is better?
Comment from : Reel Nasty

Johan Du Toit
I'm stuck like this 49yr old Retrenched twice in two years No marketable skills to speak of No money to start anything I feel like I have no choices
Comment from : Johan Du Toit

Thanks Tom and Allison for this amazing interview Tom you had awesome questions Allison you really emanate inner strength I love how your book isn't fluff and provides how to get the breakthroughs and results Sounds amazing
Comment from : UncompressedWAVmusic

Hyden Ray
The skinny pisces additionaly judge because airmail electronmicroscopically squash beside a general gentle pendulum filthy, unhealthy snow
Comment from : Hyden Ray

Sam Richardson
Love Allison's energy! 😍
Comment from : Sam Richardson

This is my second time listening to this talk, and I can't get enough What she says about feeling like she was being "Run around by (her) own life" hit me on a deep level
Comment from : M

Sanna Johanna
Thank you, she is great! I got empowered listening to her! brbrRight today morning I woke up and my father’s voice was ringing in my head:”It won’t succeed!” I alse saw his face expressions in my mind when he said that brI wondered, if this voice in my head has determinate why the project - my own creation- has not progressed in months I start it over and over again, but then, always comes something why cannot I make it threw! brbrToday, I realised that maybe this voice has all the time been ringing in my head, my father’s voice The key is, that everything I have tried on my own, could not succeed because my father wants me to do his busenesses He has been using his authority to make me do what he wants and what my mother wants brbrIn my real life, all the projects I have done in my work, have been finnished successsfully All the projects that I’ve done, have been the success brThe common dominator in these experiences is ME I have dine a great job! I’ve done a successful job! brbrWhat is then the difference? The difference is, that I am aiming to do something my own, something that is important to me, not only working as other people’s doormatbrAre other people’s egos more important than mine? Is my parent’s will more important than mine? If so, WHY it should be so? Why could not I be successful with my endeavours as well as accomplishing tasks for other people’s needs and willingnes to see me as they want, not as I want to see myself brbrSo, isn’t it amazing that the prediction ”It won’t succeed” concerns things that I want, but not projects that other people, especially my parents, want? brGo to the heart of the fire! brbrThen, I opened this video! It definetely gives feedback to my thoughts that I had this morning Maybe it is excatly this voice in my head that has hold my back!
Comment from : Sanna Johanna

P *
For people dismissing homeopathy, The only thing that cured my allergic cough and brings relief in my psoriasis is homeopathy, after trying allopathic medicine Both Homeopathy and Allopathy can co exist
Comment from : P *

What's the name of her book ?
Comment from : Rushi

Ms Awesome
One step at a time! Be guided by what moves you and take actions one step at a time Cant wait to read Allison Masian's book What a badass true lady! Thank you!
Comment from : Ms Awesome

Alexander Berhane
Sometimes we must approach death to enjoy life
Comment from : Alexander Berhane

Dan Wohlslagel
Love this talk
Comment from : Dan Wohlslagel

Persistence is 99 of success! And no doesn’t always mean no
Comment from : S R

Md Amin
There is just SOOO many GOLDEN NUGGETS in all of impact theory I'm so thankful you guys post these videos
Comment from : Md Amin

Cynthia Millar
You are such a great interviewer
Comment from : Cynthia Millar

Dr Ronni Zorn
Allison is AMAZING!
Comment from : Dr Ronni Zorn

Lila Mnbdh
Thank you so much Tom, you’re amazing!! It was my pleasure listening to this very interesting , inspiring conversation !! God bless you !!
Comment from : Lila Mnbdh

Antonio McCartney
Wow, helpful insights I've hated my (fairly high paying) job for 9 years now
Comment from : Antonio McCartney

She had me until she started talking about homeopathic treatment That's rediculous There's now a VERY SMALL section for homeopathic medicine at my health food store Right next to the mushroom extracts (which actually work)
Comment from : billybbob18

This lady is inspirational, but homeopathy is complete and utter bullshit It's nothing more than placebo effect (which, by the way, is nothing to sneeze at!)
Comment from : mbaxter22

Theo Shin
Love her vibe
Comment from : Theo Shin

Project Old Man
Homeopahy is placebo
Comment from : Project Old Man

Max Swanson
biggest take away was "Hell Yes or "No Way"! i say yes to too many similar but not laser precision inquiries that were not part of the plan but enough for me to say yes to maybe before i was so close to getting what i was actually shooting for twice on my most recent project i had a second thought but was like "eh, just say yes until you have to say no" but a part of my higher wisdom was almost prompting me "this is not the droid your looking for" LOL!
Comment from : Max Swanson

Max Swanson
bought both books DAYUMN Tom, so much quality stuff you've assembled for us i REALLY appreciate it I keep thinking about reading second Neon Future haha, reading though XD! What is more about this "dopamine fasting"?
Comment from : Max Swanson

Max Swanson
Wow, i'm glad to be re watching all of these - i must have missed this the first time!
Comment from : Max Swanson

Tom has created one of the most valuable platforms in the world inspiring others isn't an easy thing to do but it's so necessary
Comment from : Gee

How do you become homeopathic physician? I have always heard homeopathy is just a bunch of bullshit Would anybody explain it to me?
Comment from : beenay18

This is my favourite episode

"Over the next six months" is a rather vague way to identify a medicinal quality experience by way of such singular remedy Just saying 😁
Comment from : CamiRose

I want to thank TOM for always asking such in depth questions to dig into the meat of the meal and break it DOWN so guests can't just "wing it" or repeat cliches U ROCK TOM
Comment from : CamiRose

So she's single? :)
Comment from : Neo

Edward Vargas Perez
Minute 21:11 is so spot on Thanks for sharing the knowledge
Comment from : Edward Vargas Perez

Aysun Itai
Tom , thank you very much for this incredible gifts you are giving away to the worldeach video is a tressure!
Comment from : Aysun Itai

paul padmore
Great episode Totally resonated with Need to read Alison's book now
Comment from : paul padmore

Jane Tobin
What an incredible lady! My god!!!😀 Need more of women like this!!!!💓💓💓💓💓💃💃💃💜💃💜💟💃💃💓💓💟💃💃🐃🐃🐃🐃
Comment from : Jane Tobin

Wise words I'm going to tell my story, when you mentionedthe falland what we do after The valuable lesson from the story
Comment from : Trendsetic

Boba Te
This interview was soo needed in my life & Her energy is so beautiful
Comment from : Boba Te

Comment from : Sunrise

adelyn espino
Thanks Tom for doing this to us,,,your awesome Man
Comment from : adelyn espino

Nadia Comaneci, proud to be romanian :)
Comment from : gabysanda

hanae el mansouri
We want Marisa Peer
Comment from : hanae el mansouri

Polina Shchetinina
homeopathy? really? lost the motivation to watch this :(
Comment from : Polina Shchetinina

aLr boosh
Good interview as always
Comment from : aLr boosh

Hannah Bush
She's really brilliant We need a leader like her
Comment from : Hannah Bush

Camille Lambert
Homeopathy has been proven to be complete garbage Lady is a lunatic and potentially putting people in danger brbr wwwtheguardiancom/lifeandstyle/2019/mar/29/homeopathy-french-healthcare-system
Comment from : Camille Lambert

Thank you Tom and Allison
Comment from : M4ri5a

Nice shirt Tom
Comment from : M4ri5a

Stacey Harvey
Love Allison Maslans quote - “If it is t a hell yes, it’s a no” I’ve implemented this in my own life since this interview months ago Thank you, Tom and Allison!
Comment from : Stacey Harvey

Sam C
Jeeez I’m always amazed by how these interviews are so fluid and how much work must be done before interviewing every guest Listening more than talking is key to any meaningful conversation
Comment from : Sam C

Phaedra Fouts
I actually got the Blast Off book after watching this (free ebook online) Wow The book has cheesy illustrations and seemed too simple so at first I wondered why I was reading it But after putting what I have learned into practice, I am amazed at how effective and life changing the material really is I have a new, energized approach that is really changing my life
Comment from : Phaedra Fouts

Barefoot Sage
Comment from : Barefoot Sage

Tom is a great interviewer, always asking great questions
Comment from : RY-FLIX

Brooke Perry
What was the name of her book?
Comment from : Brooke Perry

Brooke Perry
What was the name of her book?
Comment from : Brooke Perry

Ericka Cameron-Carr
Allison is very accomplished and she gave great advice but the interview was boring to me I hung in there til the end with my notepad and pen ready to jot down information, that just never happened However, I do appreciate the work, this is only 1 out of countless interviews that I thoroughly enjoyed
Comment from : Ericka Cameron-Carr

Mrinal Naik
My go-to channel on all days including some very tough ones Thank you Tom :)
Comment from : Mrinal Naik

Which book of hers are you talking about in the end of this video?
Comment from : Reb6137

Alexandra Viola
Using the info from the breakdown is key!
Comment from : Alexandra Viola

What a classy lady So happy she is spreading the truth about homeopathy!!!!!!
Comment from : Yogamama100

Elizabeth Anderson
I finally went and watched the Matrix since you keep mentioning it in interviews, now I feel like I understand your goals better :) Loved this interview!
Comment from : Elizabeth Anderson

Pranit Chavan
hello tom bilyeu pranit here from India i had been ur ardent follower and had been able to implement ur tricks but there are in times where i feel i m not contributing to my goal i have immense feeling that what i have done in these hour is no more contributing towards my aim so in such situation how to keep moving ??? need ur help
Comment from : Pranit Chavan

About Creativity
She rocks with all the good female stuff Body, mind and emotions
Comment from : About Creativity

Stephen Odey
Allison 💪Is a Great lady Thank you both , some very powerful strategise I can use 🙏Thanks Tom and Allison
Comment from : Stephen Odey

Richard Holmes
wwwyoutubecom/user/HealingMagic is where it is all at right now this guy is beyond dispenza and wim Hof he is literally healing the world one person at a time!
Comment from : Richard Holmes

princess finds world
Great info!👍🚀☺
Comment from : princess finds world

Tonia Tsopovits
She is incredible!
Comment from : Tonia Tsopovits

el-zool el-sakka
i like you man😍
Comment from : el-zool el-sakka

Thank you Tom for this episode Allison's words are exactly what I need to hear Chi miigwech (Big thank you)
Comment from : wellnative1

Olga R
Thank you for this information
Comment from : Olga R

Gord Mackinnon
This resonates with me! I am, im approaching 50 and just waking up to the possibility of a better life!
Comment from : Gord Mackinnon

I admire this beautiful, intelligent woman Congratulations on the episode, Tom!
Comment from : G T

Levmann Pe
i still want to see an interview with tobias forge, the ghost singer, who partially lived off welfare and made this successful band all on his own
Comment from : Levmann Pe

Andrei Tcaciuc
When she mentioned Nadia Comaneci, I got the chills!
Comment from : Andrei Tcaciuc

cemk cemk
I really loved this talk and find Allison very insightful on many levels So thank you for this interview with her Tom But water does not have memory and there is NO accredit research study out there suggesting that it has! So in regards to her mentioning that water has molecular memory just no brHomeopathy works predominantly on the placebo effect, which is why organisations, such like the NHS put so much funding into it: it works! But not because of the “memory of water!”
Comment from : cemk cemk

catalin cazan
love your show
Comment from : catalin cazan

veg mex
Hell yes Listening to this before going to the gym I feel lit
Comment from : veg mex

I appreciate how real and genuine and empathic Tom is as a person and active listener You can tell he really puts the effort to find guests that have walked the talk to provide real value A few critiques: She as a guest sounded great on paper, I wanted to trust her but I don't sense as much genuineness or integrity, there are parts that comes of a bitfake? You know that social mask of phony smiles? Not to say that she doesn't have anything valuable to share which I'm sure she has with 20 years of successful experience Perhaps what she really brings of value is the step by step nitty-gritty experience in her book, and not these wanna-be inspirational general statements that don't sound genuine Some of the things she says sounds like a nice-sounding front-talk that businesses tend to advertise, the glossy surface, nice sounding inspirational speaker talk that preach in absolutes but doesn't bear out during real life gritty challenges that requires flexibility I feel this causes more harm and delusion than help I'm glad Tom asked clarifying questions to those general absolute statements, she even had to back-pedal at one point It feels she isn't giving to me completely straight, there's a lot of general blanket statements There is also quite of bit of contempt in her that seems to be rampant in the world business and new-age self-help gurus regarding victim shaming or victim mentality There's not a whole lot of empathy and understanding here from her and quite a bit of judgement and contempt A lot of this tends to do with childhood or past trauma of extreme powerlessness, erosion of confidence and self concept that need healing due to emotional neglect and rampant emotional abuse from parents and society that is shrugged off as normal If she or anyone is experiencing this reliving of old unresolved trauma she would absolutely feel the same way Like she said earlier, you have to get at the root of people's mentality and behaviors For instance someone whose self-concept and self-love is so eroded from early rejection, boundary violations, neglect, objectification or having their core worth commodified (your worth and identity is what is seen, what you do for me, etc) they can't just DECIDE to act and be a certain way for long that requires self-love Like she said earlier, without inner alignment you can't sustain that or even kickstart it: it's incongruent, their whole body and insides scream Noooo (this isn't real or who I am or deserve), it's cognitive resonance This coping mechanism from old trauma needs to be addressed and trauma needs to be healed first Judgement and contempt is not compassionate, it's emotionally abusive, and only reinforces that condition If we want to help people, we need to be more compassionate and have more empathy for others while not taking BS As a counterpoint, Gary Vaynerchuk is a great example of great empathy and no BS brSo I'll take the few valuable nuggets and leave the rest behind that don't serve I don't mean to be negative, but my intention is to call it as I see it in hopes that another perspective to the echo chamber encourages people to be more discerning with spoken info Because truth matters Thanks as always for providing real life examples of those who made it and asking valuable, clarifying questions I think you sold me on her book more than she did, maybe her generalizing talk here didn't reflect the useful specifics in her book Thank you for the recommendation, I'll check it out
Comment from : C S

Nicholas Varro
Last parent to pu their young one at daycare is beyond painful I’ve been the last child pu from daycare and was miserable!
Comment from : Nicholas Varro

AST Thomas
Nothing newwe know the concepts
Comment from : AST Thomas

Jean P
I love these interviews, and most of them are with really good people, it's unfortunate having someone with such a great life experience being allowed to talk about homeopathy like it's legitimate though Kudos to Tom for not developing that part of the conversation
Comment from : Jean P

Life is the story we tell ourselves and others The story can change for the better or worse
Comment from : DENNIS E HICKS

Alternative Reality
Thank you Tom for helping me motivate myself for the first time in my life I am just starting out on my true path that is proving to be truly fullfilling!
Comment from : Alternative Reality

Kathy McDevitt
I really liked her straightforwardness and authenticiy and you could see her real desire to help others instead of just sell you something love her
Comment from : Kathy McDevitt

Daria Zeev
Tom, thank you so much for another fantastic interview I have learned so much What a beautiful energy of this woman and the curiosity on your side It’s a true inspiration that one can be calm and cantered and still successful
Comment from : Daria Zeev

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