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2021 Type 2 Gold Eagle - Should You Buy It?

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Information 2021 Type 2 Gold Eagle - Should You Buy It?

Title :  2021 Type 2 Gold Eagle - Should You Buy It?
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Frames 2021 Type 2 Gold Eagle - Should You Buy It?

Description 2021 Type 2 Gold Eagle - Should You Buy It?

Comments 2021 Type 2 Gold Eagle - Should You Buy It?

John Green
Who's in charge of the security features at the mint? Carl from Slingblade? That being said I like the new reverse on the silver & gold I'll buy a few just for that new reverse The Queen of security features is still the Royal Mint Your becoming a gold kingpin my friend Very well done
Comment from : John Green

Golden kangaroo
Buffalos Rule, but might pick up some pre 33 gold this year
Comment from : Golden kangaroo

Disappointing security, the lady needs an update as well, for real, who stack gold?brMen Let's get a looker!
Comment from : Ian

Thomas Todd
I like the new design I do think the security features are a joke
Comment from : Thomas Todd

Farmer Jones
What is the physical difference (besides CA and Mint mark) between a gold 1 oz from US Mint and authorized dealers? Please and thanks
Comment from : Farmer Jones

2020_Lexus ttv
Why is the Britannia so shiny? Was thinking about buying a Golden eagle type 2 but that Britannia really catchs my eye
Comment from : 2020_Lexus ttv

Robbie Hollywood
Well, to me, the new coins represent the weakening and demise of American superiority Type 2 Silver Eagles (number 2 💩) are an 8th grade attempt at a cheap imitation of the original masterpiece
Comment from : Robbie Hollywood

You've got me sold on the Britannias I prefer pure gold its just so much more shiny and brilliant
Comment from : A L

no one is paying tax on selling these really? isnt that the point
Comment from : 28gbb

Ganapati Hegde
Very nice vlog! Nice analysis! Do you also collect vintage European gold coins? what are views on them?
Comment from : Ganapati Hegde

Nephilim ivritt
i dont see how that is a security feature because anybody can make a fake coin out of it than take a file on the edge of it
Comment from : Nephilim ivritt

HateOn Skillz318
You can see that eagle isn't 24kt its close but the tint of the eagle doesn't sit quite well with me I just can't spend my if it's not bullion or bars that are pure 24kt
Comment from : HateOn Skillz318

I just got my 1 oz type 2 today I'm in my 40s and as far as I know this is the first time in my life that I've actually touched a gold coin I had one as a kid but it was slabbed so I never got to touch the coin IMO I don't really think it's better or worse than the old design, just different I just wish there were more security features, after all it's an almost $2K coin My next purchase will probably be a Maple Leaf or Britannia
Comment from : Ffollies

E Perkins
I believe it's time for 9999 24K Eagles and fractional Buffalos !
Comment from : E Perkins

Ortwein International
I love the Britannias Thats my #1 :-)
Comment from : Ortwein International

Maybe it’s just me, on multiple eagles, it’s on my desk and I noticed near the cheek of eagle there’s one micro Scopic hair/raised 🧐🧐🧐
Comment from : trying2grasplife

Curt Halldorson
Cool I'm waiting til we get some here in Western Canada love the new gold eagle the silver one ill take a flyer on
Comment from : Curt Halldorson

Ken Kaufman
At the end of the day you are buying an ounce of Gold A Britania or Krugerand or Maple Leaf is a better buy if the premium is less
Comment from : Ken Kaufman

Silver Banky
US mint could have done much better Like you I’ll take the Buffalo over the AGE when the premium is the same I will get one AGE type 2 just to have it
Comment from : Silver Banky

Scottish Outdoors
Brittania boots its ass, sorry 🤷🏼‍♂️
Comment from : Scottish Outdoors

Robert Casanova
If you got an Extra $2,000 plus Why not?? Rather have the coin then the paper And the GOLD Type 2Is much Nicer then The SILVER TYPE 2
Comment from : Robert Casanova

Florida Stacker
Man that is some NICE looking Gold! Love the way the stack is growing, SB!
Comment from : Florida Stacker

Sorry but the Mexican 1205 troy ounce 50 peso Libertard makes the Buffalo and the rest look like light weights , LITERALLY!
Comment from : KD NOFYUDBN

Highlander Stackin
Seet pickups brotha The detail of the strike is very good I think I'll hang out with you on the fence about the new designs #herddudes4life
Comment from : Highlander Stackin

Mike Goodman
Did you really just take 10 minutes to a 5 minute video?
Comment from : Mike Goodman

Is there a security feature on the golf like silver eagles where the feature is on the reeded edge under the date and a half reeded line on the reeded edge next to the litter I in liberty
Comment from : Eli

Prepping With Sarge
I like the old style, but if I will probably stack some of these in frac, as you said
Comment from : Prepping With Sarge

Christian Andrews
It's better than the clipped eagle on the type 2 silver eagles
Comment from : Christian Andrews

@real TyEe
Just got mine in the mail 2day
Comment from : @real TyEe

Myron Gunnar
I mean, yeah, but Dawg- They got all kind of tech stuff to determine what's real and what's not Next year, will be even more advanced- Can verify from your cel phonel probably Just relax and be vigilant
Comment from : Myron Gunnar

Hola Que Tal?
Horrible design It's more like a gold chicken-eagle
Comment from : Hola Que Tal?

Myron Gunnar
Yo, Clean!! Or we gotta call you Mr Clean? Cause y'all hitting on all six! Wheeling on how you keeping it real, wheeling , dealing, this is how we do it! Good info, great video-Nice effects with the lighting too!! All gold , Dawg!!!!!
Comment from : Myron Gunnar

Mill Stacks
I am a fan of the new eagles!
Comment from : Mill Stacks

rAgtAg Stacking
the type 2s look nice, but they are taxed up here for me wouldn't mind grabbing a gold buffalo though great video
Comment from : rAgtAg Stacking

Glen Gratia
Dam that's a nice gold eagle I'm waiting still on mine congrats
Comment from : Glen Gratia

Mike D
In the side the edge
Comment from : Mike D

michael Lastname
The new gold eagles are attractive but someone dropped the ball on the silver eagles Previous silver design was way better with more detail in the walking liberty, stars on the reverse with the Latin motto inscribed on the banner in the eagles mouth The type2 silver proof probably looks good but BU is disappointing
Comment from : michael Lastname

Silver Wolverine
Lame is right…
Comment from : Silver Wolverine

I buy silver n gold for the lowest premium I can find these seems like a rip off to me lol
Comment from : ILIKETURTLES

Break From The Herd
Yuck What an odd reverse
Comment from : Break From The Herd

Comment from : ILIKETURTLES

Savage Stacker
I do not like the new designs on our coinage no stars (13 stars that is) no arrows I think they missed the mark brBut with that being said I bought a bunch of each lol 😂 👍🏻brI’m a Buffalo buff myself Take care brother
Comment from : Savage Stacker

Northern Coins
I'm getting the feeling that everyone is not happy, I'm a buffalo guy, I get what you mean with the Britannia coins, what's your thoughts on the new Britannia bars from the royal mint
Comment from : Northern Coins

roger metcalf
The edge notch is ugly
Comment from : roger metcalf

The type 2's is uglyI wanna know what dumb a$$ approved that chickenhead on the backsmh
Comment from : WhoDis?

Aussie Coin Girl
They are all beautiful coins 🤠👍
Comment from : Aussie Coin Girl

Pistol Packing Pilot
She looks amazing I’m still waiting on mine to show up Ugh! Great design from the US Mint actually But their security features team needs to be fired Missing a tooth? Seriously? That’s the beat they could’ve come up with? Idiots! 🤦‍♂️ As for the full ounce Eagles vs Buffalos… I honestly love them both And I agree The added liquidity is worth the higher premium
Comment from : Pistol Packing Pilot

Silver Bean Counter
I'm on the fence too Still, I'll buy a 2021 at some point Like it or not, It's the first of the new design
Comment from : Silver Bean Counter

The gold eagle update is better looking than the silver eagle update, so that's something I have to say, if there's some hidden security features I wish they'd be more open about them You summed it up nicely "What's the point of having indirect security features if no one knows about them?" Even if I hated the gold design I'd still buy it because of the liquidity but I'm feeling pretty disappointed by the mint (again) Thank you sir!
Comment from : QuickSilver

Eric Dawson
In hand, I really do not like the new gold eagle reverse in the 1/4 and 1/2 size Bought them anyway just to keep the date runbrSomething about is just not quite rightbrI like the revamp of the obverse
Comment from : Eric Dawson

Matt Deckard
I just don’t like how it looks like two heads
Comment from : Matt Deckard

Fat Bastard
Still prefer buffalos, but must get at least one of the new eagles
Comment from : Fat Bastard

New Hampshire Metal Detecting
Agree on security features but it is US and we will always be able to find a buyer on the other end Even though they are high premium you should be able to tack a premium on when you sell … That’s my idea anyway
Comment from : New Hampshire Metal Detecting

Not crazy about the new ASE's, still not sure on the gold eagle, regardless I will still acquire some The US Mint has a LONG way to go with security
Comment from : 72cmcinc

Silver Heist
I’m digging the new gold eagle reverse
Comment from : Silver Heist

Eddie Jones
I don't like the new eagles
Comment from : Eddie Jones

Joseph A
4000+ for a new roof, 9500 for braces + 4000 to remove wisdom teeth for my 2 kiddies or I'd have a bunch of Type 2s by now I will still buy a few but have to postpone it for now
Comment from : Joseph A

Joey From Seattle
The gold type II shows a chopped off head of an eagle The eagle has its wing chopped off in the silver version Too many other choices available to waste my dough on these To each their own That's all
Comment from : Joey From Seattle

mark baird
Look up Russell J Gould, he is the new POSTMASTER GENERAL of America The mints had to change the design to fit the rules under the original constitution The corporation of America (FED ) is dead!
Comment from : mark baird

Great video Love all those coins but the Buffalo is my favourite
Comment from : nick540

Have you found a partial missing reed on the AGE? Some stackers have found a 3/4ths partial reed on the ASE, near the T in Liberty I haven't gotten a type-2 myself yet to check
Comment from : LusaIceheart

Jordan McCraw
2021 AGE looks pretty good Missing reeded edge seems pretty easy to duplicate Not much for a security feature if that's it
Comment from : Jordan McCraw

Dont ask
I like both the silver and gold better than I thought I would
Comment from : Dont ask

James M
I like that they gave Liberty's arm holding the branch more definition, it's not noodly anymore! TBH though the 2021 Britannia makes this feel obsolete already : / Should have at least had radial lines on a side of both coins, even ones emitting from the sun on the silver and below on the gold
Comment from : James M

Jennifer Voelkel
How are the small Mom and Pop dealers getting these before the major online retailers?
Comment from : Jennifer Voelkel

The Royal Mint put a friggin holograph on it's Gold Britannias - even the 1/10th ozt, but the US Mint leaves out a reed? I said yes to a 2021 Britannia for 1840 USD I'll wait until I see a sale on the Eagle - I used to buy them before the premium was raised I remember SD having the random year 1/4 ozt Gold Eagles for under 500 USD - and that wasn't even a year ago! Thanks for the peek! I'm going to see what kind of deal I can get later on this year
Comment from : Ready-Adhesiveness40

Being Canadian i would be taxed on it since it’s not 999 fine or greater, otherwise I would get one
Comment from : 81mrsmitty

2 is 1
Much needed update in my opinion I’m happy with it I imagine we’ll see a second update in the near future 👊💥
Comment from : 2 is 1

Yankee Stacking
Like that MUCH better than the ASE 👌🏼
Comment from : Yankee Stacking

Now they should change the obverse I like the reverse
Comment from : Italrish

James Joyce
Can you see a barcode on the "notch"? Any security feature within the notch?
Comment from : James Joyce

Aloha Stacker
Buffalos best American bullion gold coin… The new eagle is ok and I will get them, I really want to have them both in my hand to look at before I have an opinion… I have neither on order yet, but hopefully soon if premiums start to come down!
Comment from : Aloha Stacker

The maple leaf and the Britannia coins are so far superior to the new AGE
Comment from : juggernaut316

After watching Sals vid on the type 2 gold Eagle, the obverse seems like they used a worn out die The details are not as sharp Look at the foot for instance Was gonna pick up the whole set Not so sure now
Comment from : Skully

cool - hope my eagles found the way very fast to me ;)
Comment from : TheJanMay

Tom Smyth
I’m sure he rewarded you nicely for your shameless plug…
Comment from : Tom Smyth

Congrats on getting one so early! Well done on the Buffalo too!! You're killin it with the gold
Comment from : SalivateMetal

Big TX Bullion
I think it's funny you still call yourself SB at the beginning instead of CM! :) You will always be SB! If the missing readed edge is the only security feature then heaven If help us! The Britannia's are in another league love the production quality on that intro animation!
Comment from : Big TX Bullion

I honestly don't like the American gold eagle type II, i only purchase it for the reason the it's difficult to find the type I Now if it came down to purchasing the Buffalo or the Eagle, hands down I'm purchasing the Buffalo because of purity I have a little side hustle where I'm going to swapmeets with a sigma Metalytics trying to purchase gold and silver from people, but you'd be amazed how many people don't know about gold or silver coins Many think 14k jewelry is the best thing out there
Comment from : LINA GRÖTE

This is my first time seeing the type ll, can’t wait to get one of my own
Comment from : SilverArc

50 Beers
Type 2 gold eagle looks good I ordered a 1/4 oz type 2 AGE through Monument Metals Expected to be delivered on Saturday
Comment from : 50 Beers

Chris P
I love the buffalo so much and couldn’t afford a full oz so I found a 08 1/10 worth 3 X a reg 1/10 I do like the new design of the Eagle will they have fractional Eagles for working poor folk like myself?
Comment from : Chris P

Bullion Addict
I just received a few type 2 ASE's both yesterday and today and I thought maybe there might be some type of micro engraving in that notch but I haven't looked yetbrThen I heard you mention that you didbrMaybe somewhere else on the coin?
Comment from : Bullion Addict

Milled Steel
I’m in the camp that thinks cutting edge security is generally unnecessary and ugly on coins Unobtrusive micro engraving like the Krugerrands is ok
Comment from : Milled Steel

Might get one maybe proof , buffalo is my favorite gold
Comment from : ACE *

Jade Nephrite
Regarding the changes on Obverse of the American Gold Eagle Type 2, the toes on Liberty's right foot have been truncated off the bottom whereas on Obverse of the Type 1, Liberty's right foot toes are visible at the bottom This is because on the Obverse of the Type 2, Liberty has been moved closer to the foreground such that she appears larger and the 50 stars originally around the outer border of the Type 1 Obverse from 1986 have been truncated down to 46 stars on the Obverse of the Type 2 due to this repositioning of Liberty closer to the foreground in perspective Furthermore 46 states in the Union coincides to the year 1907 when the sculptor Augustus Saint Gaudens originally designed his Double Eagle $20 Gold Coin
Comment from : Jade Nephrite

Silver Struck
First type 2 Gold Eagle I've seen- awesome! The 2021 Buffalo's are fantastic of course We have very similar tastes in gold- I have the type 2 Eagle and the 2021 Britannia on order right now-lol I wish my gold would ship- it's killing me not to have it Thanks for sharing your gold- really great pick up'sYouTube needs a bigger like button for video's like this one!👍👍
Comment from : Silver Struck

Audra Matney
Stacking clean money great video keep stacking
Comment from : Audra Matney

Austrian Stacker
I agree on the Buffalo I prefer 3 nines and 4 nines fine Great video 👍
Comment from : Austrian Stacker

If I ever get the extra cash and willing to eat the higher premiums I'll go with the Buffalo Till then I hope to get a full Britannia or Maple
Comment from : D S

Azimuth Enigma
Prefer the new design Nice review
Comment from : Azimuth Enigma

I won't buy them and it isn't because of how they lookI feel they've made security changes that they'll be able to track them, who bought them and where they are at anytimeI think they have GPS capabilitiesAnything the US Gov't does is malicious and against the peopleI hate the US Government
Comment from : manongahela

HD Dyna lowrider
Does the missing Reed have a micro engraving?
Comment from : HD Dyna lowrider

Capital Currency
Fun hanging out today! Great video my friend
Comment from : Capital Currency

Stack All Day
1/2 oz gold eagle type 2 on the way have only stacked 1/4s till now based on affordability but have a feeling once I get the 1/2 there no going back to 1/4s lol only up from here
Comment from : Stack All Day

José Benito Martínez Jr
You say you would rather buy the fractional Gold Eagle fractional It's your taste and preference I dig I would buy the 1 ounce gold all day long to avoid the percentage premium increase on the different fractional sizes I try to keep my bullion premiums at a minimum
Comment from : José Benito Martínez Jr

Anthony S
I definitely like the gold eagle more than the silver eagle Just my opinion but I’m not really feeling the silver eagle!
Comment from : Anthony S

Loco Stacks
What’s up SB Yes I will be buying the 1/10
Comment from : Loco Stacks

Such a change I don’t know how I feel about the new design
Comment from : JPlifts

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