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Title :  How to Make Money Fast - GT5 Practice Centre
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Comments How to Make Money Fast - GT5 Practice Centre

Yuri Santos
How to get more XPs? I'm on Level 15?
Comment from : Yuri Santos

I have the same car as you, but I'm using the Ford LM Spec II Test Car, I think it's prettier
Comment from : Solver

Que video tan falsobrComl 117000Cr,brAcabo de seguir los pasos y es mentirabrDislike
Comment from : NightsX

DoppleGamer X
if you've reached level 10 and looking to make a lot of money fast early in the game try the Special Event RALLY I used a Lotus Elise beefed up a bit and you can buy dirt tires for it The rally races pay $60k and there are 3 rally events, each on different terrain - dirt/snow/pavement
Comment from : DoppleGamer X

YT roi gaming
Comment from : YT roi gaming

Nothing mentioning the LM car is 36 mil credits to purchase in the first place! The normal GT car handles like a wet fish even when fully maxed out
Comment from : Brew_n_Biscuits

Jimy Ratcliffe
I only get 97k for this Does anyone know why?
Comment from : Jimy Ratcliffe

Do you really play this? The community made this game online running again!
Comment from : budaroddy

Sulaimaan Mohammed
who playing this great game in 2021
Comment from : Sulaimaan Mohammed

Oh you sped up the video, stupid me
Comment from : D LGND

Racer B 19
Comment from : Racer B 19

man still crazy slow if you want the F1 car and that takes 12 million
Comment from : Al

Young Wisdom
Just got the game and i already want all the money lol I’m level 10 can’t wait To be able to be rich 👍🏽
Comment from : Young Wisdom

Χρήστος Λύτρας
Just get the redbull X2010 and do the like the wind race it only takes 3 minutes with that car or the dream car I don't remember exactly it's a race which gives you 86k in 3 mins
Comment from : Χρήστος Λύτρας

Rafael Moura
Mine is 97K CR for some reason
Comment from : Rafael Moura

unknown secret
Corvette zr1 RM maxed out with custom suspension for more oversteer and aerodranamics on max front, 40 rear Result: no braking or releasing throttle in the corners where you go through with 330 flat 42--
Comment from : unknown secret

Its 2020 and I ONLY get 97k :/
Comment from : ALFREDO SALGADO

I'm happy now that I've found a way to get huge amounts of money quickly Now I can stop just doing Tsukuba Circuit from the Sunday Cup over and over again with a fast car to get about 4,500 credits! I just need to level up literally one level from 22 to 23 to do the event I do the Tsukuba Circuit one with the Corvette C5-R so I have a good car to use in the event, too, even though I also have a Ford GT, but it isn't an LM one, just the regular 2006 Ford GT, so I won't use that I probably can just do the Tsukuba Circuit one over and over to get the XP I need to get to Lvl 23, since I'm only about halfway through Lvl 22 Yeah Thanks
Comment from : Askay

Nascars for Chevy are very useful But now I used to use Chevy nascars but now I use a Corvette ZR1 (C6) '09
Comment from : aromic74

Michael Delany
I don’t know if anyone still plays this game, but this actually isn’t the fastest way to make money Like The Wind, Indy Superspeedway for 5 laps, and just take the X1 or Vettel, whichever you call it In 2 and a half minutes you’ll have 70,000 It doesn’t make quite as much but in the long run you’re making money much faster and in around 30-45 minutes you will have 1,000,000 if you keep grinding It’s well worth it Oh wait I made this comment before I saw his tuned up car I guess I’m not sure which is faster then
Comment from : Michael Delany

Ethan Keeran Kelly
mine is 97,600
Comment from : Ethan Keeran Kelly

Bryce Yhamel
anyone else think the bugatti is underrated for how fast it goes and its acceleration
Comment from : Bryce Yhamel

We are not livestock
Nice, you ONLY have to do it 190+ times to buy a single of these 20 millions cars
Comment from : We are not livestock

Bill Hyman
Sure, it's a good amount of money, but in order to, let's say, purchase all the LMP1 cars and GT cars you'll need over 50 million Not quite sure you understand HOW many times you would have to race that one track, over and over and over and over and over again which equates to over 500 times If you were to do something as insane as purchase all of those cars like I want to :) That doesn't even include the Formula cars and Nascars
Comment from : Bill Hyman

Anton Basuki
I just bought this game lol Had an Xbone, sold that The nephew took the PS4, so I'm left with the ps3 😁
Comment from : Anton Basuki

pablo penguin
But I only get 92000
Comment from : pablo penguin

Abd-e-Riaz Rizwan
I did it in a viper acr maxed out
Comment from : Abd-e-Riaz Rizwan

superdanielbros fan mario offical
Its funny
Comment from : superdanielbros fan mario offical

aldo pena
Minolta Toyota wayyyy better that Ford gt I lap these guys on 4 lap
Comment from : aldo pena

Takes me soo long to get to 1 million and this helped ALOT, thanks my dude
Comment from : Evo

Teck Lol
You can do it with corvette zr1 or zo6
Comment from : Teck Lol

Kaosbubi HD
I finish one round in 45607 secs not 49 secsbrBut still a grat video
Comment from : Kaosbubi HD

WOLFYFLEE second channel
I Get only 97,600cr
Comment from : WOLFYFLEE second channel

how do you get the car if you don't have the credits?
Comment from : Rydoggo5392

watching this in 2017 level 22
Comment from : Rydoggo5392

or do like the wind in the red bull
Comment from : Beatnik714

Joanne Jones
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Comment from : Joanne Jones

The only bad part about this is it hurts your fucking thumb lol
Comment from : Sxuls

Carl Freiermuth
Nascar Chevy Use any Nascar car and put the front down force maxed (40) and the rear downforce about the same maybe more like 50 or get crazy with 70 put the front camber at around 28 and the rear you can leave at zero and just fly , over 200mph make it around the bends at 190 like a lunatic
Comment from : Carl Freiermuth

shantanu kale
You get the ford gt from gt company thingbr
Comment from : shantanu kale

This is really convenient since the server is now gone
Comment from : Macinontosh

Where can I buy the car? It isn't under Ford
Comment from : AVGIvizner

Your Boy Paco
Damn you don't even have to brake? And does this work with the Corvette C6 RM? And also I've done this race before and got 1st, but only won 97,000 Did you get that much because of like the settings or something?
Comment from : Your Boy Paco

The Corvette RM is faster
Comment from : Blitzdog14

Lol i lost everytime, i keep hitting the side FML :(
Comment from : FallEdit

Highcapmag Gaming
I only get 97000 WUT >:( ?
Comment from : Highcapmag Gaming

Alexander Wheatley
would the corvette race car be sufficient??
Comment from : Alexander Wheatley

u just assume that all of us will get a less total time than u??? lol
Comment from : MrStutz333

Engvall Music
If you have the Formula GT car just go and tune it as much as you can, swap oil, and get so much pp you can by changing the car settings, then go to the Formula GT seasonal event, select the track Spa Frachorchamps and win easily 13 millions cr will you get
Comment from : Engvall Music

there is another way, about 10 times faster 13mil in under 8 minutes car is bmw mclaren f1 race car, on Eiffel circuit its a seasonal event (cant remember the name) the trick is to downtune the car all the way to 50 its challenging but doable, i win 9 times out of 10
Comment from : Almero

Poke Pixel HD
Can I have your online name please thanks!
Comment from : Poke Pixel HD

I can get a miljoen in about 6minutes en 30 seconds if you have your everyday online shit so why i will drive that race=/
Comment from : Dutch033

Jeff Hull
14m plus a race Nascar Championships Seven laps and over mil each time bout 9 mins a race Bring the PP down a little to increase your your credits
Comment from : Jeff Hull

Tyler James
I get 195,000 for first place
Comment from : Tyler James

/watch?v=wXlDGYut4KE How to hack money , paint car hack , hacked car
Comment from : Trolay

i done it in 3 mins 30 sec lol
Comment from : kungfuhamster3

Evie Lupacia
Also thank you, this helped me complete this American Championship because I kept trying to win with a Viper with over 1000 BHP (MOAR POWAAAAAAAAAA xD) which didn't work well, but the Ford GT LM Spec-II got me the victory!
Comment from : Evie Lupacia

Evie Lupacia
If you have the Redbull instead of this do the Like the Wind Indy Race, it's much quicker If you don't have the Redbull then this or doing a lot of seasonal events is your best option
Comment from : Evie Lupacia

David Martins
Traction control and all those aids exist if you can't prevent the car from spinning out by controlling the throttle yourself The fastest way to drive is to turn them all off, but on very powerfull cars that becomes hard I usually play with all Off, but when it comes to cars with power over 800hp, I use TC on 1 and stability control ON
Comment from : David Martins

In a race I do I get 500k from winning
Comment from : NIAB101games

Benny B
i cant do it you suck!
Comment from : Benny B

I'm doing 800k in 6minutes, about 7 million per hour I use the A-Spec challenge 2 (Madrid) with the GT-R racing car with 650 pp I win the race, with 10 sec lead 3 Hours and you have both F1:s
Comment from : datgoaltho

i use ABS and TC , TC us sit to 5 is that good or bad ASM and all another aids are off i use to use the ASM but got over it to a point i don't need it
Comment from : Shane995

Mw2Quickscoperrr you should see his video on Ferrari F1 racing Over 2 million in one race
Comment from : Jefferyenns8

Jon Jon
Comment from : Jon Jon

Jesper Nielsen
Awesome video, but how did you manage to get 810BHP? upgraded everything to max and still only 749bhp
Comment from : Jesper Nielsen

Razaul Karim
Hey, have you considered " MonEYEopener " or something like that (just google it)? On their website you can get useful tips on how you can make easy money over the internet by responding to simple and easy reviews It helped ordinary people to work from the comfort of home and enjoy economical independence very quickly I hope it will help you as well
Comment from : Razaul Karim

Dan Smith
710pp dream car championship seasonal event jaguar xjr-9 race car circuit de la sarthe 200 per cent bonus 994,000 cr in just over 7 mins
Comment from : Dan Smith

Dan Smith
its either like the wind or the very last one in that series
Comment from : Dan Smith

Aron Huberts
117000 aint so much, You can also make good money with the only events, 3 minutes of drifting you can get 550000 ;D
Comment from : Aron Huberts

Anyone wants a M3 I recently bought it for a drift race and I'm no more using it so invite me Rampage0077 First come first serve
Comment from : Rampage-Sama

Domestic Tacco
Thanks! This helped alot :)
Comment from : Domestic Tacco

Md Almamun
Three words Mad Money Missionary (Search for it on Google) My wife is generating $100,000 every 30 days after downloading it
Comment from : Md Almamun

can you suggest other easier to obtain cars for this event please?
Comment from : WalkerFilms

Jordi Swijghuizen
go to spechialevent wen you are last you got the double wen you are first you got 400,000
Comment from : Jordi Swijghuizen

this is a noob question but did you get that caf by winning an event or something?

how can you beat cars with 430pp-ish pp with a 209pp car??? I would suggest 4WD Seasonal get a used JDM car with 4WD And do the curcuit de la sarthe event about 500000 cr in 8 mins
Comment from : Mashed

Only gives me 97,600
Comment from : mperez564

Season- FF - Daytona - car with 209pp - 300000 Credits each race - 5 minutes
Comment from : seepel

thx nice :D
Comment from : Sandje1976

Alex Henderson
if you are at a lower level i would recommend tuning an 60s Chevrolet corvette to 500pp and doing the Classic Muscle race in seasonal events, you get more money than this but it takes a bit longer i think
Comment from : Alex Henderson

James Robbins
How do you afford the car
Comment from : James Robbins

oinkoink whats your gammer tag?
Comment from : TheVisualSystem

some pepole say you win it at indy 500 endurnce race b spec thanks though *supscrbed*
Comment from : TheVisualSystem

how do you get that gt? pleaase
Comment from : TheVisualSystem

nabeen Manandhar
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Comment from : nabeen Manandhar

i used to use this method, but i used a nascar which works really well
Comment from : James

Comment from : thatguy

Mark FPV
good videoi use the online seasonal event, b-spec challange 3 ( 01/03/2013 ) just over 1 million credits in under 30 mins i use the Ford gt lm spec 2 test car
Comment from : Mark FPV

Rxcks Media
and now with the 200 online sign in imagine how much you get
Comment from : Rxcks Media

William M Lickorish
Wow, thanks its as easy as going to bed
Comment from : William M Lickorish

Dc5 Rex
LIKE THE WIND , SAME TRACK = 140,000 credits
Comment from : Dc5 Rex

Better do Saison Event U get in a Race taking about 8min over 900k Money!
Comment from : TheApo91

Kristoffer Myrvang
hi! i got that car and full tuned the car but the car suck can u tell me how u got ur car that good? :)
Comment from : Kristoffer Myrvang

Md: Mahbubur Rahman
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Comment from : Md: Mahbubur Rahman

how much is this ford?
Comment from : iGrovezz

Comment from : MegaThreeCheese

That can't
Comment from : mooiboy49

Comment from : iceman46362

Use the super bird or any old muscle car and do American Classic under seasonal events Ur car needs to be under 500pp but u can get from $25
Comment from : iceman46362

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