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My Daily Classroom Management Strategies | High School Teacher Vlog

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Information My Daily Classroom Management Strategies | High School Teacher Vlog

Title :  My Daily Classroom Management Strategies | High School Teacher Vlog
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Frames My Daily Classroom Management Strategies | High School Teacher Vlog

Description My Daily Classroom Management Strategies | High School Teacher Vlog

Comments My Daily Classroom Management Strategies | High School Teacher Vlog

Munchies with Morgan
On this episode of high schoolers or cats?😂
Comment from : Munchies with Morgan

I like no 2, but how do you deal with the health issues it might entail, say, during flu season or Covid etc? It sounds like it would expose teachers to even more health challenges than they’re already exposed to in the class to start with Imagine 15 or 20 kids from different homes daily maybe two three times, you’re getting exposed to quite a bit of respiratory challenges potentially
Comment from : awos

Rhonda Creed-Harry
Tried and true methods! Thanks for sharing!
Comment from : Rhonda Creed-Harry

Amirhossein Golestani
I'm a teacher and I loved those insane materials of yours 😄👌
Comment from : Amirhossein Golestani

Ducky Momo
Teaching is 90 thatbrEverything else is 10
Comment from : Ducky Momo

Bruno Al
Nice video brBTW brbrThis is a channel that offers tips and helps you a lot, especially for new teachersbrbr wwwyoutubecom/@zawanalbulushi313
Comment from : Bruno Al

Diane Hess
Can I use your strategies as a substitute teacher? I’m having a hard time connecting and managing
Comment from : Diane Hess

Learn French with LEGO
Great, great, GREAT!
Comment from : Learn French with LEGO

Karen Esquer
Thank you for the wonderful ideas As an elementary teacher I will be trying this strategies out :)
Comment from : Karen Esquer

Great management tips I probably would stay away from the water gun though I believe my school district has zero tolerance for any type of gun even fake/toy Also, with all the gun violence in the world and sadly in schools not sure how students/parents would feel I do know that this video was made some time ago so perhaps that management tip has already been taken out Otherwise, most of the other tips were great I like the post it notes and stickers The bubbles are cool too Gonna try all that next week Thank you
Comment from : ANGELA ALSTON

Kathy Brown
How do you make kids be quiet between 7:20 and 8:00 in your room?
Comment from : Kathy Brown

Shrease Johnson-Brown
If you say shooting or use a watergun in a school im pretty sure you will be fired
Comment from : Shrease Johnson-Brown

Mohamad Faiz
I'm not entirely sure if this is effective, but how about having roles whether it be leadership or some tyoe of duty Maybe setting groups where one is a leader who manages paperwork And that responsibility changes ever other week or so
Comment from : Mohamad Faiz

classroom management is vital, but wow, show us how to write like you! Look at that daily schedule! Gorgeous!
Comment from : bingotheraccoon

anthony silva
As a HS math teacher of 30+ years, sending a student to the Principal (especially if they’re not expecting the student) is a colossal waste of timebrDeal with it yourself, but keep your coolbrIf needed, WARN admin in advance and (in extreme cases) then send them downbr🇨🇦
Comment from : anthony silva

Charlie McPherson
I'm a young teacher teaching Spanish in a Title I school at the moment, and this is fantastic advice!brbrAlso, I grew up in Philadelphia and hear a similar accent Do you come from Philadelphia, Jersey, Maryland?
Comment from : Charlie McPherson

Mark ODonohue
Dude I'm 1:24 in and already you're speaking the truth Building those relationships with students is absolutely fundamental if you want to have good classroom management When kids recognise you're in their corner and on their side, they respond way more positively (even when you're rousing on them for doing the wrong thing)
Comment from : Mark ODonohue

RemPenaverde #AnxietySpeaks
would it work if i tell the defiant student to make a drawing of how he feels?
Comment from : RemPenaverde #AnxietySpeaks

Michelle Ritter
Assume many students and parents don't care when you call the parents
Comment from : Michelle Ritter

Laury Haines
I am a New Music teacher and class management is the difficult part, because technically my students are in my class to play instruments So it is super noisy but it brings an intensity that I don't like Should I be more strict and tell them to not play at first so people feel safe and calm when they get in my class
Comment from : Laury Haines

Horror, Sci-Fi, and Beyond
Have any told you that you look like Ethan Hawke?
Comment from : Horror, Sci-Fi, and Beyond

I've just switched age groups from elementary to high school and also my role from homeroom teacher to ESL conversation teacher, I'm starting in a few days and trying to prep a classroom mgmt plan I now will teach all levels/classes of high school for just one hour a week I'm wondering how to adapt strategies from this video to such a large quantity of students that I spend so little time with I would love to have a routine down that is manageable and that I can do with all classes Any tips? I was thinking of just 3-4 student jobs that rotate each class and asking kids to fill out a survey about themselves for me to plan around topics that are interesting to them Any ideas about how to organize points or incentives for the following: participate/follow directions/respect ea other/teacher etc?
Comment from : J

Julio Roa Rocha
Make students feel they care It is not all about knowledge, we, teachers need to work on SS affective side
Comment from : Julio Roa Rocha

This is the kind of instructional video I've been looking for!

Maria Guild
oh my Gosh the kids sound nutslolI had a teacher who would throw his pen at us when we weren't listeningwe all loved it! for some weird reason Def cant do that any more lol
Comment from : Maria Guild

Reikipractitioner Kia
I say hello Chic peas lol
Comment from : Reikipractitioner Kia

I can't greet all the kids at the door because that's the only time I can pee That's nice you have the option of not taking late work We do not have the option where I work
Comment from : professor_e

Anna Rushing
Be careful with the expo marking on their skin, some are allergic to the ink My daughter is
Comment from : Anna Rushing

lucy procner
I literally laughed out loud when you talked about the water pistol strategy!! So funny!! I might have to borrow that Love it! Also the writing on their faces - cracked me up!! Haha I can imagine you are an amazing teacher I bet the students love your lessons!
Comment from : lucy procner

Corette Jones
Hello Mr Reynolds’s, I was about terminate my Long Term Sub assignment with 6th Grade ELA These students are on their 3rd Sub while the school hires a permanent Teacher I understand everyone’s frustration However, The Behavioral challenges have been intense I do this work because of lack of teachers and subs in my district I’m retired and can use the extra income But these students here are out of control and it’s not fair those who want to follow instructions to get the work done 2nd week in, I truly appreciate your suggestions! I promise I won’t cancel this assignment until I implement tips! Literally, I was going to say thanks but no thanks when two students got into a scuffle and I got hit with book bags today, the student Mental Health issues, no support from Administration, teachers who thank for getting these students off there hands, etc I’m going to give it another week Thanks again Hope All is well with you and yours!🥰
Comment from : Corette Jones

Paige Andrade
Hi! So many great ideas! Question though with the turning in homework I was the undiagnosed adhd kid, who, while got good grades and was essentially the "teachers pet" , but had and still have poor organizational skills Going in to a classroom knowing their may be others who are like me, undiagnosed and no idea why I struggle more, how would you handle that with turning in homework? Lol I was always turning in crumpled papers 🙃😬😅
Comment from : Paige Andrade

Anh Luong
Hay quá
Comment from : Anh Luong

Foreign Lexi
Please tell me where I can buy that 🎤! I’ve been looking everywhere Something like that would be GOLD in my choir classroom!
Comment from : Foreign Lexi

Unfortunately, I don't think the water pistol would pass in todays classroom, even if its just water If an administrator saw that from the door, I would definitely be reprimanded,

Karen Lawrence
You are so hilarious but you make sense
Comment from : Karen Lawrence

Jack OCallaghan
Dude has a lord of the flies mural on the walls to remind him of what could happen if he’s not in control…😂😂
Comment from : Jack OCallaghan

Linh Dương Thu Phương
the tips are useful but the background music is too loud =((
Comment from : Linh Dương Thu Phương

Iyare Omoruyi
I like you
Comment from : Iyare Omoruyi

Hey teach! Can you please explain the points system? Is this a scoring system the whole school uses or is it just your class? Do the points gather up to anything? Do they receive something or how does it connect to classroom life?
Comment from : ThePicManiac

Lan Nguyễn Thi
Hay quá
Comment from : Lan Nguyễn Thi

Trinity Conkin
OH MY GOD THANK YOU FOR THE COMMENT ABOUT KNUCKLE HEADS!!! It does not work 7/10 times Those kids most of the time just do not get it especially at the middle and high school age I am going to use a lot of these techniques, especially the marker and bubbles one super fun I would try a water gun but I live in a city with a high rate of gun violence and many of my students don't have parents because of that So we already know that's not going to fly But the kids who have behavior issues, who won't listen, wont stay on task, always want to fight, they aren't going to care if someone across the room is on task or meeting an expectation
Comment from : Trinity Conkin

Charles Chambers
Your style is not the same as mine, but you are my favorite YouTube teacher Thanks for the videos
Comment from : Charles Chambers

Emma Dawn
This is awesome Thanks
Comment from : Emma Dawn

Aaj ki Khabar
Hafiz SB done
Comment from : Aaj ki Khabar

Desi mundey 08
Hafiz Bhai done
Comment from : Desi mundey 08

One thing I've learned is the time at school goes by extremely FAST! Also the more you talk and keep it interesting the less the kids will talk, some days I lose my voice
Comment from : Love

Alex Knighton
Can’t have the water pistol in the school with this day and age of students Great pointers and help though!
Comment from : Alex Knighton

Pinkish Pink
I had experienced teaching in Thailand and Japan and I always wonder why the kids in America are like that, I never experienced as worst as that, why what's wrong with the kids there? Does it has something to do with your culture there? The kids seemed like they're hard headed and doesn't respect authority My apologies if my question offended anyone
Comment from : Pinkish Pink

Noah Fernandes
My English teacher last year was just like this Pretty similar structure and thinking
Comment from : Noah Fernandes

Sassy Mom
AMÉN!!!!! The best inspirational teacheryou see it in the students eyes!👌👣💫
Comment from : Sassy Mom

Great information and coming to this a little late, but do you have any information on how your point system works?brThanks!
Comment from : Chris

Hudson Trenholm
This is the most practical classroom management video I’ve watched and I think you and I have a similar approach Planning to use these, for sure
Comment from : Hudson Trenholm

Tonya Jackson Zeigler
As a new teacher, this is really valuable information! Thanks for sharing
Comment from : Tonya Jackson Zeigler

Lis Kl
For those who could not read the WARNING The following show features stunts performed either by REYNOLDS or under the supervision of REYNOLDS Accordingly, RRWR and HIS STUDENTS must insist that no one attempt to recreate of [sic] re-enact any stunt or activity performed on this show
Comment from : Lis Kl

In PR you shoot someone with the water pistol, you will become IRON-MAN for free 😂😂😂😱😱😱
Comment from : RRivas333

Robert Dufour
My fav," PuppyMuffin"
Comment from : Robert Dufour

Robert Dufour
Sir! Yes, Sir!!!
Comment from : Robert Dufour

Larriq Larocque
Comment from : Larriq Larocque

The Teachers Lounge
This is good advice
Comment from : The Teachers Lounge

Nancy Bashista
Awesome stuff!
Comment from : Nancy Bashista

Benjamin Gomez
Am I the only one wondering where this guy is standing in his classroom in the beginning of the video? Lol
Comment from : Benjamin Gomez

Rich Drip
Hey Great Content Question what are the points Towards ?
Comment from : Rich Drip

David M
PS it's nice that you have the freedom to have your own HW policy My policy was that I took HW 1 day late for 50, but wouldn't take it afterwards brbrThe school started requiring teachers to take HW up to 5 days late for 10 reduction per day up to 50 brbrIt's a bit frustrating to try and figure out how many days late it is, but I use a loophole: if they don't put the date I assume it's 5 days late and give the 50brbrEdit: they know all of this ahead of time so it's not a surprise
Comment from : David M

David M
Having a the kids hangout before school leaves the question, what if you need to make copies, go to the bathroom, etc? There's a ton of setup things to do in the morning, especially for certain subjects like sciencebrbrAre you kicking them out to do them or do you just let them hangout unsupervised?
Comment from : David M

Jane Jane
I tried a lot of tips and tricks but none of them work for a Chinese high school I work in where 95 of the students are dropouts from other schools All they are here for is that they have nowhere else to go I am an ESL teacher Nearly 80 of the students have no elementary knowledge on simple things, have poor English foundation, let alone the behavior
Comment from : Jane Jane

Cole Man
LOL, I have found the "Dad stare" the best tool I have for redirection 😂
Comment from : Cole Man

What an awesome teacher 🤡
Comment from : btpuppy2

Jennifer A
The dad stare lmao
Comment from : Jennifer A

Till human voices wake us
Khadoos 😅
Comment from : Till human voices wake us

Brynna Bailer
your bhandwriting/b 😯😍
Comment from : Brynna Bailer

Joseph Hodges
17 more days to retirement Love the water pistol idea Yes, I will be selective Maybe not LOL
Comment from : Joseph Hodges

Sara Gonzaga
You are great! Thank you for all your help ideas May our God bless you in your careear Hello from Brazil!!!
Comment from : Sara Gonzaga

Jon Alexander
I tried a point system for a discipline procedure and the principal told me it was illegal Is this true? It was effective until I had to get rid of it
Comment from : Jon Alexander

John Riley
A great video with some really good idea and techniques You obviously have a great rapport with your students and love your work (most of the time;) Thanks
Comment from : John Riley

e k
His tips are so much work and God knows you don't always have the pumping energy for it, but boy does it pay off! And it's only hard at the beginning of the year Once the system is established then honestly it just flows, no probs I've learned so much from him 😁
Comment from : e k

Im was the kid who was sent out of class like 30 time in a semester but I want to be a teacher🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : blueline

Chinmayi Hattangady
Awesome tips! You're Hilarious! 😂
Comment from : Chinmayi Hattangady

Comment from : K R

Still Ill
I start my first year teaching in August! I'll ve teaching 9th grade biology I absolutely love everything you've mentioned in this video I feel even more excited to start!!!! I can't wait :)
Comment from : Still Ill

Laxmi Hall
You are an inspiration! So glad to come across your youtube channel, as a parapro who's working on becoming a SpEd teacher at a Title 1 school next year brs
Comment from : Laxmi Hall

WR Sevilla
Teacher Strange
Comment from : WR Sevilla

joanna fe Bituon
Thank you sir! It goes to show how passionate you are as a teacher!
Comment from : joanna fe Bituon

Maureen Crawford
Love this! Get in early and be the place where kids hang out Shake everyone’s hand and say hi Have agenda on white boardpre class, journal entry, quiz, assigned seats… lose a point if not in seat at bell, have diagram of where students sit and mark it up, say something away out of the norm, “hello Xyz, keep class moving, journal, reading, answering questions, don’t lose your cool, be playful, here’s the phone all I’m going to make Your son used profanity, refuses to do work, threw a book Don’t get into head to head, call security and follow up to see what happened Extra silliness to consider: water pistol with kids you know and like 😂 Don’t shoot kid with anger mgmt problem 🤬 Megaphone Erasable marker, bubble gun, positive enforcement with happy face stickers Post it notes: eg you are awesome
Comment from : Maureen Crawford

I wish my teacher could be like you
Comment from : TLKT Gang

My HS history teacher kept a water gun in his desk Lol
Comment from : K W

Gisela Vivanco
I 100 back up this guys methods You’re a genius for talking about this and posting it online As you mentioned, this may not work for everyone but for those of us that do this, learning actually takes place in our classrooms
Comment from : Gisela Vivanco

Wan Ezlynn haneem
Can i askwhat is the seating arrangement for your class ?
Comment from : Wan Ezlynn haneem

Carlo Van Caramel
I love that you want your students to feel safe and comfortable in your classroom brYou genuinely seem like you care, and yes, that is EVERYTHING
Comment from : Carlo Van Caramel

you are awesome
Comment from : E A

Gabofele Nthwane
Mr mr Thank you Sir
Comment from : Gabofele Nthwane

Cychreides 33
Love your videos Teaching with masks, any tipps? Wearing masks it’s so hard to connect with the students
Comment from : Cychreides 33

Marie Ortman
Wish we could clone you and put you in every school as a great example of a teacher, one that other teachers aspire to be Thank you for making your videos and helping the world not just your corner of it
Comment from : Marie Ortman

Annie Kwock Trinity Properties
How does the water pistol discipline work for girl students and quiet students? Effective or embarrassing?
Comment from : Annie Kwock Trinity Properties

Hannes Steiner
hey there brthis is my 2nd year in university and my prof recommended this video in his lessonbrjust to let u know how good this video is :)
Comment from : Hannes Steiner

Margaret Donahue
Great stuff!
Comment from : Margaret Donahue

Wonder where he teaches Where I love my kids teacher come in sweats or exercise pants Love the tie
Comment from : M

i'm 9 months away from my first teaching experience and this channel is just amazing <3
Comment from : anna

Dromen in het Nederlands
Your handwriting is beautiful!
Comment from : Dromen in het Nederlands

D Trempala
What would you do if you say two students pushing each other to get into the classroom first? I was in a class where the teacher had them go back outside and walk in professionally What do you think?
Comment from : D Trempala

Yeo Yolinda
You are funny
Comment from : Yeo Yolinda

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