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8 Things NOT To Do in Qatar

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Information 8 Things NOT To Do in Qatar

Title :  8 Things NOT To Do in Qatar
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Description 8 Things NOT To Do in Qatar

Comments 8 Things NOT To Do in Qatar

that's bs bro almost half these "bans" don't exist at all in the country 😂
Comment from : veli

AG Amiri
I wonder if you ever travel to Qatar Half the information is not true
Comment from : AG Amiri

Naruto Uzumaki
Surprised eating pork not on the list or screaming allahu akbar really loud or even saying Rama lama ding dong or even showing your ankles
Comment from : Naruto Uzumaki

Tony Pirpiris
Comment from : Tony Pirpiris

In the UK being drunk and rude is mandatory
Comment from : lewisner

edrie ahmadi
you can talk to women anywhere, ask normally, you are not allowed to talk to women or make a date with them 🙂 you have to be carefully
Comment from : edrie ahmadi

Shea Eric
So excited to never go here
Comment from : Shea Eric

You are definitely exaggerating with the photo cover 😂
Comment from : wow

Fadi Hamoud
Plain false facts or over exaggerated
Comment from : Fadi Hamoud

Traveling is FREEDOM
This seems to be a very interesting place, I hope I can visit sometime in the future Seeing and sharing places like this is why I love traveling and make videos so much! And please keep up the great job! Subscribed!!
Comment from : Traveling is FREEDOM

Not true ❌
Comment from : amoola

محمد عياد
I am an Arab citizen brI assure you that all of your information is wrong
Comment from : محمد عياد

Sukii gacha
Some of these are not true I live in Qatar
Comment from : Sukii gacha

Trabelsi Walid
Is not true
Comment from : Trabelsi Walid

Travis Donald
I've been involved with crypto since 2016 and I'm actually glad I did back then as it was a water flow moment for me financially, the smartest move I've ever made in my life
Comment from : Travis Donald

A Bi
Just WOWbr-don't forget to hydrate, guess what you need 2 liters per daybr- don't get drunkbr- no touching people you don't know br- don't stare br-don't be rudebr-and surprise surprise the local water rule which applies to every country you visit
Comment from : A Bi

Best thing to do is go nowhere near it Boycott the WC in Qutar as the hole thing is corrupt
Comment from : C C

Juan Diaz
God what an awful place,
Comment from : Juan Diaz

Algestine Gaza
Not true
Comment from : Algestine Gaza

Aric Official Music
Don’t talk to local woman, but don’t be rude by saying good morning…so don’t say more than two words to local women?
Comment from : Aric Official Music

9 Don't go to Qatar
Comment from : Gato

This is the stupidest vedio I live in qatar all this is fake
Comment from : L A V I O

Samer Hassan
most of these 8 things are wrong
Comment from : Samer Hassan

Travel foodies Dill and Emi
Fake,you can eat ramdhan inside the restaurant, street open chair restaurant will be closednot take pictures without their permissionwomen are highly protected and they are treating as precious thing are fake
Comment from : Travel foodies Dill and Emi

Mike Matthews
Why go to a place still stuck psychologically and culturally in the 13th century? It’s not Turkey which is more secular; it’s not Tunisia which is more accommodating; it’s s backward oil-rich state which, once reliance on oil is expunged, will just be an intolerant, prejudicial & corrupt state in the Middle East
Comment from : Mike Matthews

Citizen Terra
I worked there and visited for fun most of this is absolutely BS
Comment from : Citizen Terra

Adam Alakil
A load of camel dung this is! brbrIn Ramadan you can eat or drink out but you just wont find any restaurants open until after sunset, and its all about respect brbrYou can talk ask questions about the area or direction from women, if they want to reply they will If she is accompanied by a male its respect to speak with him, touching women is a no no everywhere in the world brbrPhotos are fine anywhere anytime, if they are unhappy they will just say STOP brbrDon’t drink in public its an islamic country, have some respect brbrbrbrTo be honest, I wont be coming to you for feedback about any country
Comment from : Adam Alakil

Ali D
After watching this I want to live in Qatar brLooks like 🇶🇦 has the answer to zero tolerance to everything that is thilfy, bad and disrespecting
Comment from : Ali D

Horace Hale Jr
Do Saudi Arabia,Venzuela,Italy,Somalia and Russia
Comment from : Horace Hale Jr

Saber Rashidi
so that’s good idea or bad idea??
Comment from : Saber Rashidi

چوہدری ابو سفیان
You are wrong 110 centigrade is too much high
Comment from : چوہدری ابو سفیان

Shreyansh Panday
8 th --- dont even go
Comment from : Shreyansh Panday

Brivn Lives Life
This is embarrassing fr !!! Like no Alcohol & we can't talk to your women?!?! Yall are Lil girls ,that's why I handle yall women over here in the US 🤣🤣🤣😭🤣
Comment from : Brivn Lives Life

peace & love
You are right and the rest of the world are wrong, what a stupid video narrow head person
Comment from : peace & love

Jay Kline
You people in America hoping for a Christian nation, this is what that would look like Careful what you wish for
Comment from : Jay Kline

Just don't go
Comment from : angryhairpeice

gennaro ammendola
must be like in jail
Comment from : gennaro ammendola

Kwanele Mthunzi
These people should know that their country it's not heaven where they are staying
Comment from : Kwanele Mthunzi

Stage Drama Exclusive studios
Comment from : Stage Drama Exclusive studios

Try Smthing
Hell ist Better place top visit
Comment from : Try Smthing

Where's "don't be gay"?
Comment from : Tobi

Rodney Blackstock
You can film anything and say anything anywhere on gods earth, it’s a basic right “Laws” are fraudulent waffle enforced by fear
Comment from : Rodney Blackstock

7 of 8 are wrong
Comment from : J MM

Jessica French
How about those new stadiums?
Comment from : Jessica French

Jakens Dieudonne
Comment from : Jakens Dieudonne

Football is a great game! But when the host is hostile , it spoils the charisma of the game 🥴
Comment from : A T

GobrIs "go" on the list?
Comment from : M H

tom rosler
Things not to do in Quatar: Dont go
Comment from : tom rosler

Qatar always right
Comment from : PkDhindora

This is what religions are doesnt fit curreny century lol , sometimes i wish all of religions get ban from the world like forever , they bring nothin to humanity
Comment from : SC7

Ruweyda Bashir
all you said is wrong😡
Comment from : Ruweyda Bashir

But everyone worships Qatar because they have oil and money 😂😂
Comment from : Kidangmongla

Our Sharia was determined by GodbrWho determined your rules?
Comment from : ŠABAN

mojo 71
It's funny you say dint take pictures, but there a re youtube videos out of Qatar and buildings
Comment from : mojo 71

mojo 71
Can you breath when you go there
Comment from : mojo 71

This video is hilarious especially the thumbnail "do not talk to women" LOL
Comment from : ᏚᎯ ᎥᎰ ᏦᏁ

Bogdan Cokura
Jebać Katar
Comment from : Bogdan Cokura

I'm here bast 20 yearspeaceful country
Comment from : NIFTY UNIVERSE

Aya J
Comment from : Aya J

Just rubbish
Comment from : PAWELEK

Making the World Cup in the country was idiotic Who the hell would authorize to have the biggest sporting events in the world in a country with this many restrictions? corruption runs deep in FIFA
Comment from : rogelioramosactor

Jamie Cruz Virk
Comment from : Jamie Cruz Virk

Just a pearl
Its ok to talk to a women when you need something but not like dating
Comment from : Just a pearl

Rob King
I’m going for the World Cup Is it ok to wear shorts that show my knees (fitted shorts) would I get in trouble with the law or just get nasty looks?? Somebody please let me know 💆🏻‍♂️💆🏻‍♂️
Comment from : Rob King

Comment from : Hausmeister

Another WRONG video
Comment from : FukkUr1500

I suspect most of this is Rubbish people said things similar to me when I was going to Dubai and when I got there they were down to earth and spot on they even laughed at what I was told they said all that stuff doesn't apply to visitors Really nice people and country
Comment from : Andy

I've lost interest in going now Sounds too difficult
Comment from : M85

Paul Mclaren
Why on earth would you go to the world cup as a fan?
Comment from : Paul Mclaren

Nugglife 303
Why go at all? This place looks awful
Comment from : Nugglife 303

As a tourist, I don't think asking Qatari women for would lead you problems
Comment from : Jigjigaawi

Jonny Smyth
Where is the best Red Light District?
Comment from : Jonny Smyth

cobus B
Don't goeasy
Comment from : cobus B

9 Don't go to Qatar
Comment from : D

Mr mr mr
9 things just don’t go
Comment from : Mr mr mr

Dark Galaxy
Tap water is fine in Qatar Indulge all you want Buggery however is a different tale
Comment from : Dark Galaxy

Blueberry Hill
exactly why im not going
Comment from : Blueberry Hill

I rather visit a zoo than going Qatar
Comment from : ivanteo1973

Lis Albertsen
Comment from : Lis Albertsen

Human Guy
No boners at the smoke lounge
Comment from : Human Guy

Steuern MitKopf
Hey Guysbrbrquestion?brbrSo where would you invest $5,000 if you could right now?brbrDrop your comments below I'll check them out
Comment from : Steuern MitKopf

Faro7a 7elwa
No it’s fine if you ask woman or anyone for directions 😂brDirections only don’t make conversation
Comment from : Faro7a 7elwa

سحر faiz
Some point in this vedio not truth , remember the reailty different in same point
Comment from : سحر faiz

Don’t be rude 1 Wthf Isn’t it ‘rude’ for them to imprison , torture, and murder their gay citizens ?
Comment from : Terrlaw

In my opinion it is immoral for anyone to live or visit this hell hole People are persecuted, tortured and murdered just for being gay,while the leaders deny it It is happening The Guardian had a feature story on it in today’s paper They claim to be ‘holy people’…that are murders The -political tyrant leaders and religious leaders have very bloody hands !
Comment from : Terrlaw

Truth Prevails
I love Qatar ♥️♥️♥️
Comment from : Truth Prevails

Luminas Jerry
Hate speach because of there holiness
Comment from : Luminas Jerry

Baboo my love
Qatar is my dream country I told my husband that I want us to relocate I'm a nigerian BTW 😁😁 I hope they are no racism there
Comment from : Baboo my love

Kemefa Ayibadeinyefa Aprala
Comment from : Kemefa Ayibadeinyefa Aprala

Biggus Dickus
best thing to do in qatar: leave
Comment from : Biggus Dickus

Nova ESC
Comment from : Nova ESC

انت كذاب 😂😂 وكذبك مضحك جدا جدا جدا !!
Comment from : sara

Comment from : sara

Shabir Qtr
I am a indian🇮🇳 i am living qatar 🇶🇦 this information 100 fake
Comment from : Shabir Qtr

FCK Qatar!
Comment from : fruchtigerFurz

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