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Pawn Stars: 3,000-oz. Silver Collection (Season 6) | History

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Information Pawn Stars: 3,000-oz. Silver Collection (Season 6) | History

Title :  Pawn Stars: 3,000-oz. Silver Collection (Season 6) | History
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Frames Pawn Stars: 3,000-oz. Silver Collection (Season 6) | History

Description Pawn Stars: 3,000-oz. Silver Collection (Season 6) | History

Comments Pawn Stars: 3,000-oz. Silver Collection (Season 6) | History

Old man was probably buried with it
Comment from : Andrew

Michael W
He paid about $9,700 for it, and sold it for $111k $100k or 1,000 gain Cool
Comment from : Michael W

Ryan Carter
How much was the spot price of an ounce when he sold this?
Comment from : Ryan Carter

Francis Medrano
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Comment from : Francis Medrano

Goblin comic
This is my favorite pawn start deal Dont know why but i like the way he stack silver
Comment from : Goblin comic

85Kg for the rest of the world "!!
Comment from : Secuthor

Pass Priority
The pushy thumb lately drop because temper thermodynamically hope like a therapeutic editor lethal, puzzling course
Comment from : Pass Priority

x iDropKillz x
For those who don’t understand While the value of the dollar goes down Simultaneously silver is going to be worth more and more of those same inflated dollar amounts 100$ would be worth 100$ 2 years from now but it will buy less 100$ of silver in 2 years may be worth 200-250$ Sorry for rant
Comment from : x iDropKillz x

William Shepherd
"I'm gon' take one of these, Rick"😂
Comment from : William Shepherd

Well let's just cover all our bases Call Rebecca!
Comment from : BX81

I study you!!
Imagine if that kid would I still have that silver in 2021 How much would it be worth now
Comment from : I study you!!

Rick Quin
The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, saith the LORD of hosts brHaggai 2:8
Comment from : Rick Quin

0:46 false
Comment from :  

Comment from : John

The old man would be more wealthybrbrDude got slicked for his engelhard
Comment from : ericsalinas98

never try and barter on gold and silver prices, most buyers and sellers go by an index, the best you'll get is rounding
Comment from : CecilMan

South Texas Angler
Gold is nice but there’s just something about silver that I love Idk what it is It’s hard to explain
Comment from : South Texas Angler

Global REI Delta 1
$111,000 just like that
Comment from : Global REI Delta 1

Melissa Levatino
This episode literally made me want to call my dad up and tell him thanks for all his advice!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Yea I’m being sarcastic
Comment from : Melissa Levatino

Purge cVz
If you have invested it on bitcoin You would have been a millionaire 😂
Comment from : Purge cVz

Wyndham Kemsley
2:48 I think this is my all time favorite Rick laugh So short and awkward Haha
Comment from : Wyndham Kemsley

I can't believe silver spot was $3239 when this episode was made
Comment from : BlueFordFocus

Dave Blevins
The "old man" is/was a smart cookie That's how he became a millionaire 👍
Comment from : Dave Blevins

R2R Gamezer
He sold it for about $32 per once which was the highest it's been and today 1 ounce is worth about $21 So that was a win
Comment from : R2R Gamezer

Obviously this man knows nothing about money fluctuations in precious metals
Comment from : Ty

Every time one of your friends or family members has a baby you should give them an ounce of silver or even gold if you can afford it The sooner we teach our young people how to invest and save the better off we will all be
Comment from : WasNotMe

Drew C
all those coins wow
Comment from : Drew C

Alif Alif
The productive eyebrow cephalometrically exercise because gondola intringuingly help absent a small tenor needless, observant quotation
Comment from : Alif Alif

Super cool
Comment from : John

Comment from : xSkies

John Bertrand
Sold it at the right time Silver was going for about $32 an oz when this show taped Had he sold it today he would have taken a $32,000 hit as that amount of silver is worth about $79,000 today
Comment from : John Bertrand

Aaron Eaton
Imagine what he could get today for all that silver
Comment from : Aaron Eaton

saul mendez
rip old man
Comment from : saul mendez

Michael Ferdinando
What does the old man say at 4:29? Most people go what?
Comment from : Michael Ferdinando

Larry Richards
My father was an electrician and he was called to rewire and modernize an old house I was just a kid at the time and he had me crawling under the house and through the attic stripping out all the old wiring, removing all the insulation and I got to keep the value of the copper or aluminum wire It turns out that this house was extensively wired in silver It was built during WWII and copper was a strategic material Normally, old houses were wired with a single outlet and an overhead light per room, but this house had several outlets in each room This stuff was nigh on impossible to get out as it didn't bend very well My dad thought it was steel wiring at first and flipped when he was told it was silver In the end, when we were done, there was 31 pounds of silver in this house We melted it down into little bars and he gave it all to me with the promise I'd save it for a 'rainy day' Forty years later and it's worth about $9k Not great, but the story behind it has made me keep it all these years
Comment from : Larry Richards

So 3$ an ounce so 3000 x 3 = 9000$
Comment from : Thefrendlydripxecan

John Sean
Me too
Comment from : John Sean

Billy Everyteen
It's so satisfying to end up with a silver dime or quarter from a vending machine or shop change The sound they make when they clink is unmistakeable
Comment from : Billy Everyteen

Rick - “ I’m not a speculator in the silver market, i’m a businessman” brSign outside - Gold and Silver pawnshop
Comment from : theCoolJack

Meme Shack
Intelligent man
Comment from : Meme Shack

Michael H
"So what do you want to do with it?"brbrGuy: Oh I just wanted to show off my silver collection to all of you Good day sir
Comment from : Michael H

cucou hinae
The fine range compatibly desert because panties firstly long aside a orange trail watery, common peru
Comment from : cucou hinae

Saul Munoz
One of my favorite transactions from the show
Comment from : Saul Munoz

Patrick Montgomery
Isn't this the collection that was found out to be "Stolen?" They didn't find out until after they had it melted down Oops!
Comment from : Patrick Montgomery

“Creamy White”
Comment from : bashy61988

Melanie Schafer
And he is going to kick himself when it is $300 or possibly even $3000 per oz!
Comment from : Melanie Schafer

Rip the old man
Comment from : Actorguy

Misfit 636
My favorite part was the silver
Comment from : Misfit 636

I love silver, silver is awesomebrbrMinutes laterbrbrI am not a speculator in the silver market
Comment from : yuliya9999

Yo he sold super low, Rick just doubled his money
Comment from : TrueExposure

The Old man was like "Get your hand out or the way before I chop it off" lmao 🤣😂
Comment from : foxboy72006

Brengel Luces
I would like tk asked if how much the value of 1999 Albert ll ten cents euro Thanks you man
Comment from : Brengel Luces

Hidup Waluyo
Coin to coin brIron to iron money what???
Comment from : Hidup Waluyo

Sebastian Thomas
This is why I’m investing my money so that my kids and grandkids can know how to be financially free
Comment from : Sebastian Thomas

Erica Play’s
The calculator said 305 thousand and then he says 110 wtf he’s a rip of con artist
Comment from : Erica Play’s

collin mcgrotty
The old man remembers the depression times Talkin about silver a safeguard against the dollar crashing
Comment from : collin mcgrotty

Come on, mantake that money and invest it Retire with it
Comment from : jmr1068204

I started stacking Gold and Silver in 2017
Comment from : P WHALES

Matthew Shin
RIP old man
Comment from : Matthew Shin

Master Shadow Erotic Hypnosis
Use ultrasound for testing
Comment from : Master Shadow Erotic Hypnosis

Dave Scott
Ugg I was a scrap dealer in the 90s to early 2000s Silver was trading around $4 an ounce I wish I had a held some I was buying and recycling scrap litho and x-ray film You just never know
Comment from : Dave Scott

zack brown
All sold for 3255
Comment from : zack brown

Tech Guy
Scammer got scammed
Comment from : Tech Guy

Comment from : Avgastas

Joe Marino
Since he probably received a paper ( trail ) check for $111,000 he may have to claim it and pay taxes on it, but hopefully not And hopefully he didn't gamble it away of needed it to pay off gambling debts Great deal though, but in a couple more years or less, that amount will be worth many times more than what he got I'd have sold half of it or a portion of it ( depending on how much cash I may have needed ) and held the rest for future retirement funds or emergencies:)
Comment from : Joe Marino

Kevin Pattrick
if would of kept till 2021 he would of gotten a check for $330,00000
Comment from : Kevin Pattrick

Thoth Hermes Trismegistus
i only have 58oz in Bullion currency
Comment from : Thoth Hermes Trismegistus

Trivium 17
trades real money for paper? ok
Comment from : Trivium 17

Who's reading this comment when that amount of silver is worth over $10 million?
Comment from : Utility68

this guy should have waited 3 more years
Comment from : Seal

Guy had 3,372 ounces of silver and got paid $111,00000 - Rick paid $3290 an ounce - brWell today is July 1 2021 silver is $2618 per ouncebrToday if Rick paid a $1 back the total for 3,372 ounces is $84,97400:brRick over paid now $27,00000 in the red, he will break even when the price goes to $3390 an ounce for silver
Comment from : SilverDelta

Fed Up Gringo
This is my favourite episode
Comment from : Fed Up Gringo

cucou hinae
The calculating sheep operationally breathe because pizza analytically own from a aboriginal popcorn axiomatic, gifted temple
Comment from : cucou hinae

Good thing the Pawn Shop managed to sell all of it before it went way back down Last year, you could've bought every single bit of that for $30,000
Comment from : GameTesterDev

Nunya Buziness
And off to the casino they usually go
Comment from : Nunya Buziness

Michael Warren
Probably had even more mony among those coins, such as rare coins worth thousands
Comment from : Michael Warren

Brad of Astoria Oregon
He could have went to a silver buyer and got way more Pawn shops should be the last place to sell gold or silver bullion
Comment from : Brad of Astoria Oregon

Justin Jones
“I need to make sure all of these coins are silver”brbrblooks at the coins for 2 minutes/bbrbr“Okay, they’re real”
Comment from : Justin Jones

Anyone else notice this guy? he has been on the show a dozen times now Can you say Fake?
Comment from : GoldToothDizzle247

Clinton Breeze
God Rick is such a liar
Comment from : Clinton Breeze

Daniel Bello Mellies
Comment from : Daniel Bello Mellies

Butch Rower
Silver today 6-19-21 is $2590 oz making 3,100 oz worth about $80,000 Good thing he sold then and good thing Rick didn't sit on it
Comment from : Butch Rower

Silver dude
This video empowers me lmao
Comment from : Silver dude

Plot twist: he was mining in the ravine
Comment from : RED NATIVE13

Tobias McIntyre
Gurra mil
Comment from : Tobias McIntyre

RIP Norm
"It's a hedge against hyperinflation"brbrZoomers in 2021:
Comment from : RIP Norm

Matthew Galit
But if you go to sell silver they'll give you a like 1/5 or 1/2 of $30 an ounce so this guy got a great deal and he got way more than what Silver's worth
Comment from : Matthew Galit

Matthew Galit
Because silver is about $30 an oz so times that by 3,000 and that's 90,000 so that guy got a great deal
Comment from : Matthew Galit

Matthew Galit
$111,000 is a great deal for 3,000 oz's of silver That's almost pawn stars people not making any money really on that block
Comment from : Matthew Galit

Matthew Galit
Metal is a great investment probubly one of the best
Comment from : Matthew Galit

Stupid is as stupid does $110,000 worth ofpaper? I'll take the silver
Comment from : Rockaho

Eda Bay-Gaddix
"Silver and Gold is a hedge against hyper inflation" Really? In the last 10 years, gold has lost value, when adjusted for inflation, and for most of the last ten years it was in the toilet As Warren Buffet said, we pay to dig gold up, then we pay to hide it again, and it has absolutely no intrinsic value
Comment from : Eda Bay-Gaddix

Jonathan M
This hasn't aged well
Comment from : Jonathan M

Shinigami117 S
I heard that if you cash out more than 10,000$ you get taxed for it??? Is that true?
Comment from : Shinigami117 S

Justin Bernardo
they make 1000oz bars in odd weights what are you talking about rick?
Comment from : Justin Bernardo

Unnamed Exodus
So sad not having kept all that silver with hyperinflation on its way
Comment from : Unnamed Exodus

With Mumbly Joe in the office with stupid policies causing inflation, buy silver and gold now
Comment from : Raptorade

Silverreich Reich
Silver and gold are good against inflation brLaugh in Spanish empire silver and gold can be inflation as well
Comment from : Silverreich Reich

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