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Kitchen Remodel Tips To Save Money | A to Z

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Information Kitchen Remodel Tips To Save Money | A to Z

Title :  Kitchen Remodel Tips To Save Money | A to Z
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Description Kitchen Remodel Tips To Save Money | A to Z

Comments Kitchen Remodel Tips To Save Money | A to Z

Nick Raes
I like this guy's tips on the process of taking the cabinets apart But you could save a lot of steps by not using shit brushes and rollersthen sanding and using good brushesPurdy makes brushes for all of that
Comment from : Nick Raes

Billy C
What do you mean by "TSP?"
Comment from : Billy C

Carlos Vieyra
I am installing a 12" x 12" mosaic tile with a 6" x 12" tile It turns out that the mosaic tile is thinner than the 6" x 12" tile how do I or what can I do to get a flush and even finish with out having to build up the mortar behind the mosaic tile
Comment from : Carlos Vieyra

Karen Smith
I wonder if you could avoid having to retouch the wood cabinet doors by using a blocking primer all over? I used a bucket of Killz primer on all the walls in my townhouse before I painted (there was a smoker in here for years before I bought it) and I've had no problems with smoke stains bleeding through
Comment from : Karen Smith

sandy brown
So if Idont need to use the kitchen ,can I leave the doors on and do the work in the kitchen
Comment from : sandy brown

Hector Coronado
Jeff is the people's champ
Comment from : Hector Coronado

Karen Riley
Hi,brYour video have proven to be most helpful in productivity and sanity br? Is there a reason, all the kitchen drawers weren't prep for painting at once? I know there's a method to your process You usually explain๐Ÿค”
Comment from : Karen Riley

Colin Cruickshanks
LOCKED UP FOR YEARSbrI ought to have been jailed by now for the astonishing amount of roller paint trays, despite starting off with good intentions, I've totally ruined and thrown out brbrI won't mention anything about our neighbour Mikey who's two doors down from us He's a professional decorator who can't be bothered and dumps about 12 of these plastic paint roller trays a week He should be thrown behind bars now brbrThe black poly bag! Why haven't I been told before now?? And my neighbour's a total embecile and unpopular embarrassment to the whole street I'm just as bad to be honest That's why I'm diverting guilt away from me onto him
Comment from : Colin Cruickshanks

david riccitiello
Just flipped on your video when you where piping in the sink Where is your sink P trap? What did I miss? I don't see one
Comment from : david riccitiello

Jon Williams
I love it when people paint brick and wood /S
Comment from : Jon Williams

Can you do this type of tile over a stone backed splash?
Comment from : Saltgirl66

Are you based in Ottawa, Ontario?
Comment from : Draztik

Senada Rakic
I could not do the windows video but this is definitely doable
Comment from : Senada Rakic

Sandra Newman
Send to me
Comment from : Sandra Newman

stepan grek
Just a thought TIP rather- if you can't afford a stone countertop don't paint your laminate to look like one
Comment from : stepan grek

What Iโ€™ve learned from this videoโ€ฆ I donโ€™t need a new kitchen, I just need a handy husband ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Comment from : JacQ

Carlos Delgadillo
Don't do this man brYour fucking all us good contactor we charge what we charge because we get it done in one day and we do professional work brMost of these home owners can even set a nail br๐Ÿ™„
Comment from : Carlos Delgadillo

Kinda laughed at the "don't use painting tape if you do it right" stance being said by the same guy that doesn't eyeball tile spacing and advocating to "take the time to use spacers" instead
Comment from : ForeverLaxx

Kym Hodges
I will gladly open my home to you and allow you to film and remodel :) 1976 should be fun LOL
Comment from : Kym Hodges

Margaret Wellman
Laminate Flooring: Why did you use such a small piece (2" approx) at the end? Would it not have made more sense to use a longer board to cover that 2" shortfall?
Comment from : Margaret Wellman

Andreas Hammarsand
Would it be easyer to install the sink on the top upside down before installing the top?
Comment from : Andreas Hammarsand

You don't need spacers for subway tile
Comment from : Brandon

Brent Franker
You mentioned having to spend 2 hours to level off your cabinets again but in the beginning mentioned how they were all good Since you didn't paint the inside of the cabinets and took the hardware off the doors anyway, I probably would have just unscrewed the hardware from the door and left it completely intact in the cabinet and not even messed with the quick release Then, just screw it back into the door and you're done, no need to realign everything :)
Comment from : Brent Franker

Evelyn Yelinek
I so wished I watched this video a few months agotore out back splash panel installed in 1964well you know the storyall the gyprock had to be replacedlots of unnecessary workI did that work but was not brave enough to install the tile
Comment from : Evelyn Yelinek

Julianna Marie
He is the bob ross of home renovations So relaxing to me to watch and listen to his voice I love this channel and all I have learned but even more I love this brilliants man calming and positive personality I can't even describe how reassuring having his videos play in my house isanybody out there agree or am i crazy haha ??!
Comment from : Julianna Marie

steven stoddard
I have a tip on the under cabinet sink install You can use a section of wood long enough to span the countertop, drill whole in the center, then using a long enough piece of all thread to reach up to your board on top and to the bottom of the sink, secure bottom of all thread with a large washer and a nut, do the same on top of the board and incorporat another large washer and have a nut ready, pull the sink up ,thread through top board, install washer and nut, then spin the nut down pulling up and tight to the underneath of counter, adjust and wait for it to dry
Comment from : steven stoddard

Charlene Staley
Thank you for giving me the idea to do my bathroom floor myself With the money that I will save, I can remodel another part of my home Thanks again
Comment from : Charlene Staley

Did you just call it a face diaper? are you an antimasker?
Comment from : gessyca

Hello I live in America what cement and adhesive should I use for the tile over tile
Comment from : GardeningNKarma

L Costantino
Sometimes ur hands in the way Possibly have camera man show different angle Thanks
Comment from : L Costantino

L Costantino
What an incredible time saver Not to mention the cost !!!!!!
Comment from : L Costantino

L Costantino
Thanks thanks THANKS
Comment from : L Costantino

Juanita Val
I need to see how to finish the kitchen tile
Comment from : Juanita Val

tamaruni tamaruni
I'm in love with this type of applicable and descriptive comments with hacks tips and secrets!!!!!!!!
Comment from : tamaruni tamaruni

Tom Colaizzi
On those pails, remove the strip at bottom of lid, then cut the little gripper slices just like the 5 gal buckets of paint
Comment from : Tom Colaizzi

Joshua Korn
First off I want to thank you for the time you take to instruct and film these different projects! I'm a car guy for the most part but have done some roofing, granite install, and electrical in the past I have alot to learn when it comes to these diy projects! Especially when taking into account the major project I bought cash out last year right before the pandemic! Now for my ?(s) as far as the laminate flooring tutorial- my situation is I pulled the carpet to find plywood flooring installed over top of subflooring whith a trampoline like belly in the middle After further inspection of the basement i found horrid problems with the joists! I'm planning to sister every single joist That should shore up the belly I hope! If not what would a person use as a kind of self leveling material (if that's possible) for the belly? Also the plywood is nailed in a 4"x4" pattern (good) but the sheets are butted end to end seams aligning not staggered 1/2 sheet x 1/2 sheet at the seams leave it or pull it??? And to my original ? how or what do you do to the Entry Door (metal/steel) door to clear the floor surface when all is said and done? I should include that I'm going to be replacing that narrow entry door with a more updated 36" sized doorway so there is where an opportunity is to adjust for the flooring ahead of time Your input would be greatly appreciated and hugely helpful I'm sure!! And thanks again for all you do! I remember as a kid watching "this old house" with Bob Villa and you seem to be kinda the new aged version and much needed with all the new products out there!
Comment from : Joshua Korn

Driverjoe Longhauler
Give me an over the edge kitchen sink any day Easy to install and change
Comment from : Driverjoe Longhauler

Driverjoe Longhauler
My neighbors sink dropped because who ever installed it did not include extra support clips So 7 years later the sink dropped
Comment from : Driverjoe Longhauler

Jamaal S
Hello Jeff whatโ€™s the names of the paint and primer again? And where can I buy Iโ€™m in Texas Thank you
Comment from : Jamaal S

Communist USA 717
If you have inset hinges like cabinets have now write your number in the hole and cover with tape
Comment from : Communist USA 717

Kevin Messer
Jeff is really showing off his Bob Ross impersonation skills here ๐Ÿ˜‚
Comment from : Kevin Messer

Natus Freedom
Dam , u make diy, projects seems so effortless , Thxs jeff
Comment from : Natus Freedom

Nicki Lee
I wish my kitchen cabinets were in that hood shape Lol Last owner didn't treat the kitchen very well its unfortunately going to cost me more than 3000 to renovate our kitchen due to that
Comment from : Nicki Lee

Alejandro Toledo
can you tile over in a small standup shower?
Comment from : Alejandro Toledo

Frances P
I need a contractor like you Hubby keeps saying we can't do a lot of the stuff you do all the time, lol I think he just doesn't want to mess with it, but I'm sick of our dated obackslash! Countertops and ugly backsplash, all of which are shades of brown!
Comment from : Frances P

Oh my
Comment from : Connor

luis Vazquez
The help you provide with your videos is incredible, as is the knowledge you have in using the correct materials and tools brI would like to meet you one day and shake your hand brI live in Montreal so anything is possible brGreetings and thank you
Comment from : luis Vazquez

Sherez Renee
Do you have any tips for plaster?? Weโ€™re doing our first home flip ourselves and some of the walls are for sure not drywall! So Iโ€™m wondering if the steps to prime and paint these walls are different
Comment from : Sherez Renee

Not Reno-relatedbut what happened just after 1:26:19 ? Sounded like electrical surge of some sort and a strange voice? Was that Matt off camera? Or a ghost ๐Ÿ‘ป
Comment from : Seth

MaryAnn Green
What about solid surface countertop? Any opinions ? Have you ever worked with them?
Comment from : MaryAnn Green

Anna Fetzer
Hi Would like to know the kind of drill you use ? I see the tiny one is stronger than the big one I need a drill for screwsDoing a wall to make another room
Comment from : Anna Fetzer

Charlotte Walker
I'm in New Zealand We're in a building boom Tradies are charging "don't want the job" prices I wanted to tile my back porch & found the perfect tiles: Reproduction Victorian Porch Tiles The tiles were as expensive as they sound & it's a wet area, so I thought I should probably get a professional to install them Quotes went right up to $1500! So I refreshed myself with your videos Bought the right products for a wet area and did it myself No rush Cut every tile first 3 hours later and I know a professional couldn't have done any better Spent $370 Saved $1450 and was able to afford the perfect tile rather than settle for an adequate tile!
Comment from : Charlotte Walker

Great video! Question: I want to redo my ceiling and install the LED pot lights The ceiling is stipple and painted a few times I am thinking the best way to do the job is to remove the old ceiling and start over with new drywall This will be for the dinning room, kitchen and living room (ceiling is connected to all the rooms) What do you think? Any tips also? Thanks! Great channel!
Comment from : LCHS

Joni Joni
Thank you for sharing your valuable knowledge and experience
Comment from : Joni Joni

So many great tips, Thank Jeff!
Comment from : JUNE NEWKIRK

Paint Asylum
Another tip for getting paint out of the grove on a paint can is to take a 16 penny nail and make 4 small holes around the pant can grove where the lid sits so the paint drains back into the can Then the lid goes back on wit ease all the time
Comment from : Paint Asylum

Kevin Higginbottom
I think if I watch enough of your videos and practice your techniques I can pass myself off as a remodel contractor! Just kiddingsorta
Comment from : Kevin Higginbottom

Avril Neilson
Love your videos Step by step, not always the easy way but the best way I'm a bit OCD too so can relate
Comment from : Avril Neilson

Milaries Toro
What if your backsplash tile that you want to replace, has a raised design like mine ๐Ÿ˜ brWhat are my options to install the new tiles?
Comment from : Milaries Toro

Brianna Short
this video is absolutely brilliant That backsplash hack is off the charts Thank you for your service!!!!!
Comment from : Brianna Short

Shel Hastey
Our kitchen backsplash was actual floor tile and is very thick and of course there is one end where the tile and cupboards stop I'm not sure that having a double-thickness tile job will be appropriate
Comment from : Shel Hastey

JON Gergeceff
Love your channel Jeff, admire your creativity
Comment from : JON Gergeceff

Tony Pesos
I have a question regarding finish I hired a contractor after trying to paint my cabinets myself and failed to do it right The contractor used eggshell paint in the bathrooms, even though I requested Semi-gloss The kitchen came out fine which has semi-gloss, but the bathroom cabinetry didn't come out how I wanted Would sanding them down slightly and adding a coat of semi-gloss fix it?
Comment from : Tony Pesos

John MacConkey
Great tips I learn something new with every video Thanks
Comment from : John MacConkey

Man I'd hate to be on a job with this guy because hell talk you to death
Comment from : CallMeSirr77

Jocelyn F
you make everything look so simple, great video
Comment from : Jocelyn F

Amanda Schulz
Holy shitI used spacers in between tiles side to side Was I not supposed to do that?
Comment from : Amanda Schulz

Jessica Schnupp
I recently purchased my first home, a 120 year old Michigan farm house, and I am so thankful to have found this channel
Comment from : Jessica Schnupp

Tanya Covington Radic
Put a hole in the trim of the paint can before you pour Use screwdriver and just poke a hole
Comment from : Tanya Covington Radic

penelope s
Omfg i love this!!!! I just bought a house and was wondering if this is possible!!!!brI love you!!!+
Comment from : penelope s

He said " International Brotherhood of Tile""๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ The tile illuminati
Comment from : OldSkoolWayy

La Klem Fatale
bopens utensil drawer/b brbr"oh my" brbrbcloses utensil drawer/bbrbr๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Comment from : La Klem Fatale

jus Sladeya
Even tho it stinks and will make you high lol I use kilz anytime I'm priming takes out all the guess work of if it will bleed thru answer is always NOPE ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ
Comment from : jus Sladeya

Great video Jeff I would definitely mark each hinge back with a sharpie its important to know which one goes where If you reverse top and bottom, they wont fit properly
Comment from : MsMixd

Sameera Namazi
What would you recommend if someone put a granite slab (an extension of the countertop) over tile which is over plaster walls and now you want to change the backsplash What would my options be?
Comment from : Sameera Namazi

Nancy Gordon
Can I do this over a floor tile?
Comment from : Nancy Gordon

mp arthur
Can we do the same for the shower room ie putting new tiles over the old tiles?
Comment from : mp arthur

K and K T
What was that hand gesture he did at only 2-3 seconds into the video?ยฟ? ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿคช๐Ÿ˜‹brLove this guy tho? Very informative w hands on knowledge with ingenious ideas
Comment from : K and K T

Girum E
I want to do backsplash over mosaic tile, which is not going to be smooth due to the texture, will that be possible?
Comment from : Girum E

Keon Green
What a waste of time numbering everything just to pull it back off Next time number the inside of the hinge insert and cover with a small piece of tape and paint away
Comment from : Keon Green

Jose Munoz Romero
Would You recommend to do this on my bathroom/standup shower?
Comment from : Jose Munoz Romero

JC Gibson
Hi Jeff ๐Ÿค—, Any input / insight for using the HD product "Beyond Paint"? Seems close to comparable to the Dulux Melamine paint, but no sanding needed, no priming, not sure about the bleed thrus you have to address after cured so loved the idea of using the Kilz as a primer if needed
Comment from : JC Gibson

Carly Crowley
I just bought a house and the kitchen is a DISASTER This is exactly the info I need to redo it Thank you!
Comment from : Carly Crowley

This is okay for a homeowner who wants to paint themselves but it I ever seen a professional painter do this at a customers house That would be unacceptable A professional cabinet job should get sprayed everything legit
Comment from : AKay

Shanice Winbush
I live near the states, Atlanta GA area do you do any work out in this area? If not, anyone/company youโ€™d recommend?
Comment from : Shanice Winbush

Brianna Wayman
Hey Jeff! I love watching and learning from your videos I would like to redo my kitchen, but Iโ€™m having a hard time figuring out what to do about my cabinets Theyโ€™re 30+ years old, donโ€™t all have the same backing, are covered in soo much grease and they donโ€™t close all the way anymore When do you suggest someone doesnโ€™t bother painting them and just get brand new ones?
Comment from : Brianna Wayman

Can someone please tell me brand and name of this particular laminate flooring I really like the texture and color and will be purchasing flooring in near future I'm in New Orleans, Louisiana and hope it's available in United States
Comment from : Marblehead

Sam handyman
Thank you Jeff I appreciate ur honesty and help from Vancouver
Comment from : Sam handyman

would you consider doing a show on your favorite faucets and other fixtures? Over the years I'm sure you've formed some opinions on brands and/or models THANK YOU I frequently recommend your channel to others
Comment from : Blayne

I have a question I hope somebody can help me with We remodeled our house with the 'help' of a contractor who didn't do a great job Our doors need to be repainted They are white, but I think (though am not sure) that he used an oil-based paint If I go over the top of that with latex paint, will it cause issues? I'd really rather not spend the time to completely remove the paint first, though I will if I need to
Comment from : iamamish

No1 Is Above God
I only want to spend $500
Comment from : No1 Is Above God

2:24:05, i wouldn't trust an average home owner to do that plundge cut with the jigsaw, it'll most likely bounce out and damage nearby flooring
Comment from : MSeroga

The results look great, but I always find it a little bit unsettling when I first learn things like how floors and countertops are just held on with gravity, or that there are more tiles behind the ones that you see It's like when they X-ray a painting and find another painting underneath it, it's a bit spooky
Comment from : Nix6p

Taylor Patton
Can you provide a link for the tile cutter I tried Googling Brutus tile cutter but now Iโ€™m overwhelmed with which one is good Yours seems so simple yet efficient!!
Comment from : Taylor Patton

John Adams
Comment from : John Adams

Very nice! Now to see a video on refinishing oil based cabinets
Comment from : just8thanks

terri bishop
Laminate oak looking cabinets from the 80's need to go bye bye You should get a medical checkup before you find out the price replacing cabinets with the one's you really want Ya that ain't happnin I love all your videos and you're "you gotta be kidding me' giggle Ty
Comment from : terri bishop

Mike M
Great video Jeff Question: we want to tile our kitchen backsplash that has textured drywall + latex paint right now Would the primer + ultralight cement work there or is there a better way to approach that? Thanks again from Maine, just joined the membership group Cheers!
Comment from : Mike M

Lisa Marie Zimmerman
I wish you were local
Comment from : Lisa Marie Zimmerman

Sรฉraphin Hochart
What do you think of doing the same painting job with a spray gun, even if using the melamine paint? to avoid the brush + the foam roller, it looks like a bigger prep job (tape off all the inside cabinates, floor and ceiling) but the finish may be smoother and faster for the doors?
Comment from : Sรฉraphin Hochart

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