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Band Member On Story Of The Most DISTURBING Song Ever Conceived Circa 1980 | Professor of Rock

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Information Band Member On Story Of The Most DISTURBING Song Ever Conceived Circa 1980 | Professor of Rock

Title :  Band Member On Story Of The Most DISTURBING Song Ever Conceived Circa 1980 | Professor of Rock
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Frames Band Member On Story Of The Most DISTURBING Song Ever Conceived Circa 1980 | Professor of Rock

Description Band Member On Story Of The Most DISTURBING Song Ever Conceived Circa 1980 | Professor of Rock

Comments Band Member On Story Of The Most DISTURBING Song Ever Conceived Circa 1980 | Professor of Rock

Professor of Rock
Poll: What is the most melancholy song ever created? A song that defines loneliness and despair?
Comment from : Professor of Rock

madd katter
40 years of great music from JD
Comment from : madd katter

Mason Simmons
joy divition rules
Comment from : Mason Simmons

Dale Lane
Hookie cool
Comment from : Dale Lane

Elena Milito Pingitore
Comment from : Elena Milito Pingitore

Shepton31 Davies46
I got into Joy Division, after often hearing them on the John Peel show, shortly after Ian Curtis's death I found their music haunted me, to the point that I didn't want to listen to anything else for about a year I introduced them to my nephew and a cousin and the same thing happened to them Maybe their music just spoke to us at that particular time I've never heard a better lyricist than Curtis in my lifetime Only Dylan comes close
Comment from : Shepton31 Davies46

Jason Savorn
If I’m being real Adam, I figured this band would embody your life, I know it has mine
Comment from : Jason Savorn

Solo Shadow
In a lonely place is another great song written by joy division that was released by new order One of the most haunting songs I’ve ever heard Love the bass guitar in it too!
Comment from : Solo Shadow

7:23brbrWho is that ?
Comment from : inwork1

It's a really heart breaking story, especially if listen to candidate on unknown pleasures
Comment from : camzilla_does_music

Interesting how people felt as outsiders listening to this music, growing up in the 80s in San Francisco this was mainstream
Comment from : Yathome

For me its Atmosphere, i weep every single time ❤️
Comment from : Yathome

This song hit me like a brick when I first heard it Still love it for it’s raw emotion
Comment from : Lhm56

When it comes to Joy Division for sheer existential bleakness I'd go for 'I Remember Nothing' or '24 Hours'
Comment from : atthebridge

Comment from : DJ STOEK

Ash Baucum
It still blows my mind, how ahead of the time they were
Comment from : Ash Baucum

Rain Dog
Patsy Cline has the most haunting voice of all time Ian Curtis is second
Comment from : Rain Dog

Ed Ryba
Before anyone had heard of them, Joy Division was my Lawyer’s favorite band
Comment from : Ed Ryba

Claire Sinclaire
I thought it was going to be REM’s “The One I Love” People thought that was a love song and it SO wasn’t
Comment from : Claire Sinclaire

Jeronimo Torres
I don`t even think is a hate song IS the very opposite of hate and love, is a indifference song, about being so deep in the hole that you became numb
Comment from : Jeronimo Torres

Daniel Ward
Two songs that are melancholy to me are Drive by The Cars and Piano in the Dark by Brenda Russell
Comment from : Daniel Ward

Joy Division is cited as a major influence to an up and coming dark wave band from Belarus called Molchat Doma
Comment from : crnel

Matt Wright
He was an absolutely brilliant lyricist, as you say really poetic He was influenced by the Doors but his lyricism far exceeds them That's the legacy he left
Comment from : Matt Wright

chase roberts
"love sucks" is better and better known
Comment from : chase roberts

Spanky Nater
You sound like Casey Kasem
Comment from : Spanky Nater

Cyndi Foore
Ian’s voice reminds of Ocasic
Comment from : Cyndi Foore

Grater Deddly
They say, or maybe it's just me, that there are Joy Division fans and then New Order fans, sometimes both, but they lean one way or the other I'm definitely the NO side -- I never particularly liked Joy Division when I was younger (in the 1980s) They were too far down and dark brbrI knew how to be depressed, I didn't need someone to explain it to me To this day, I still prefer "Technique" era New Order, and then Barney Sumner's offshoot band Electronic, which continues that particular style Still, Joy Division grew on me, and I do like them, though in limited doses The album "Movement" is one that is a strange experience because it acts like a kind of transition from JD to NO Neither "Ceremony" nor "In A Lonely" place, the two JD eras song that New Order re-recorded, are on it (they were added to the re-issue and they were on "Substance"), but it still holds true These guys knew they weren't Joy Division anymore because that ended when Ian Curtis breathed his lastbrbrOne thing about dead rock stars, though it's hard to say Ian Curtis was one while he was alive -- he certainly is now, it's that they're not here to be asked what they meant, and so we are left to decide whether those words coming out of the speakers are genuinely held deep emotions, or just something he threw together after reading some Rimbaud or Baudelaire (or Schopenhauer)
Comment from : Grater Deddly

Da Sharq
Heart-wrenching tracks from across the genre spectrum:br* George Michael - You Have Been Lovedbr* Opeth - Isolation Years
Comment from : Da Sharq

Potato Junkie Ate My Hamster
Who would ever think this was an endearing love song?
Comment from : Potato Junkie Ate My Hamster

Lisa Smithline
I actually like the 'Swans' cover better ( the version with Michael Gira AND Jarboe)
Comment from : Lisa Smithline

Ade S
wonderful interview - thank you
Comment from : Ade S

moshe dimawala-adormeo
I love this song
Comment from : moshe dimawala-adormeo

If he didnt die and was still alive not a single person would say its chilling
Comment from : prototype9000

Marc Davis
What an amazing and tragic band I feel even if they would have had a successful US tour it still would have resulted with Ian’s suicide
Comment from : Marc Davis

Daniel H
Easily one of my all time favorite songs
Comment from : Daniel H

The Beatles and Joy Division by far the greatest musical influences in my life
Comment from : MarkasTZM

Peter Beal
Youtube gave me an ad before this video that had such a bad rap performance in it that I wanted to swallow the detergent that the shitty rap was trying to sell me to end my suffering
Comment from : Peter Beal

The most haunting song from Joy Division is without doubt 'The Eternal' from the Closer LP The funeral atmosphere of the keyboards, the slow plodding base, and the salute of the drums make this the greatest goth song of all time The following song 'Decades' is also disturbing as Ian looks into the future, from the perspective of the living, looking back to the deceasedbrAlso, there were two songs crudely recorded by JD 4 days before Ian's death, Ceremony & In A Lonely Place which rank as all time Goth masterpieces New Order recorded these songs and released them as their first singles, and most of the content of their first LP Movement, was in development prior and immediately after Ian's death
Comment from : Octavian7771

Neil of Longbeck
A lot of people have 'I Will Always Love You" as the first dance of their married life because they've never actually listened to the lyrics
Comment from : Neil of Longbeck

Sandy Coffinier
This song remind “never tear us apart “ by INXS iconic both death of lead singer is suicide ;( such tragic love Michael Hutchence
Comment from : Sandy Coffinier

Kevin Fields
I may not get noticed here, but Carl Jung's concept of the "Collective Subconscious", tapped into by great artists and thinkers, may have something to do with this Ian Curtis may have tapped into forces he didn't understand and overwhelmed him
Comment from : Kevin Fields

Craig Fresch
my favorite all time band the lyrics have always hit me right in the soul
Comment from : Craig Fresch

seekersofrhythm studio
Hey Prof, I just wanted to say how much I admire your tribute to love will tear us apart and joy division I was working in the Manchester music scene as an a&r and dj Tony Wilson was a visionary and factory records broke the mold as a record company There was a lack of fiscal responsibility and was totally focused on the music and the bands who where on the label I spent most of my time when in the late 70's and early 80's at the popular venues and have never been able to capture those feelings and emotions that were part of the Manchester scene Joy Divisin reflect that time stay safe J
Comment from : seekersofrhythm studio

Estranged - Guns N' RosesbrA Day In The Life - The BeatlesbrBuckets of Rain - Bob DylanbrTime - Pink Floyd
Comment from : sjj48706

Andy Williams
Not fond of the way they produced this song, could have been allot better if it was remixed There's a song that hits me like that if you listen to the words REO SpeedWagon's "Time for Me to Fly", it's allot like the way Peter describes this song Time for Me to Fly is more of a hate song than a Love song, but it hits what we almost all of us have felt at one time with a cheating Girlfriend or Boyfriend
Comment from : Andy Williams

Duke Brickhouse
For me, the most "disturbing song" that made it to the airwaves is DOA by bloodrock Way too creepy wwwyoutubecom/results?search_query=doa+song
Comment from : Duke Brickhouse

Justin Larsen
I discovered Joy Division when I had moved out and was struggling financially I remember buying their stuff on cassette because you could get a used cassette for 50 cents at the time Great stuff for sure, but in hindsight I probably should have listened to something a little more uplifting during that time 😂I bought an audible of Peters book because of this segment I can't wait to listen to it
Comment from : Justin Larsen

I was in a dance club in the Bay Area when I believe I first heard this out on a crowded dance floor dANCING elbows amongst a lot of interesting people
Comment from : salinagrrrl69

“Another Day” Paul McCartney
Comment from : AdmiralBaxter

Felicia Jenkins
That was very cool and interesting I can't hear this song around March it reminds me of my fiancee 🥀
Comment from : Felicia Jenkins

Patrick Fealy
If gold could rust what would men dobrThe sage he vainly askedbrin long abandoned manuscripts brfrom the pages of the pastbrLegacy religion has no time left to bleedbrwhile resting on it's laurels brIt's precious vaugnted SeedbrThe bloodied martyr's thorny crown bris troden underfootbrwhile rats are tending vinyards brand gnawing at the rootbrNow for men's wit They google itbrThey haven't got the timebrThey're busy taking orders brand waiting in the linebrThe best lack all convictionbrthe worst have all revilebrfor anyone who contradictsbrthe latest passing stylebrMasked up for all the mandatesbrInjected with the brewbrThe witches they are cacklingbrThe saved are growing few
Comment from : Patrick Fealy

Diane Oliver
I Started A Joke is the saddest most lonely song & Robin Gibb’s voice can cut right thru to your heart with his beautiful soulful voice His voice always has so much emotion in it that you feel every note & I Started A Joke always makes me feel so sad I nearly cry I love The Bee Gees & they have the best music from the 60’s thru today, nothing anyone puts out then or especially now comes any where close to their music Robin, Maurice & Andy are missed, so glad Barry & his Sons, Steven & Ashley are carrying on the music & writing new songs 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👍🏻
Comment from : Diane Oliver

Joy division heavily influenced the cure to me they have the melody of the cure with the song style of nirvana
Comment from : cartmanrlsusall

Bernadette Sutherland
You really are the professor of Rock And such a gifted poetical speaker Thank you for your gift to music I've heard you make quite a few references to the Bible Does this mean JESUS is your LORD and Saviour? I hope so, since JESUS is greater than even Jimmy Page and James Pappa Hetfield brAnyway GOD bless you and yours 🙏 see you later 🎶🏜️🎸
Comment from : Bernadette Sutherland

I remember hearing this in Donnie Darko The movie was like a music video
Comment from : MisterMister

Neil Raffan
Comment from : Neil Raffan

William Black
Hi professor I went to see Hooky play a joy division’s set called Peter Hook and the Light at the waterfront in Norwich…absolutely brilliant memorable gig
Comment from : William Black

easyevil g
patsy cline's entire catalog
Comment from : easyevil g

Mike Talas
Hmmm, Never heard of it! But I get the premise of how people believe what they wanna believe Especially when I saw this video interview of the Police, Sting lead singer, says that people come up to him and say that is there love song, they played it at their wedding!!!???brAnd of course I am talking about the song "Every Breath You Take" is a stalker song!!!brNOT A LOVE SONG!!!
Comment from : Mike Talas

Will Black
Professor, what about 'Every Step You Take'? Who thinks that is a love song?! It's a pissed off stalker song
Comment from : Will Black

Andrew Meadows
Love listening to you and your interviews but I cant take you seriously with those Latvian gypsy hats you wear
Comment from : Andrew Meadows

Gringo Fett
I remember the first time I heard "love will tear us apart" Oddly enough I was messing around on a bass line during practice for the band I was in my senior year of high school and the Guitarist said "That sounds like Joy Division" and I was like "what?" and he played it for me Was a moving song I knew "of" the band but had not really heard them to that point
Comment from : Gringo Fett

John Donohue
Must Have Been LovebrbrLay a whisper on my pillow brLeave the winter on the ground brI wake up lonely, there's air of silence brIn the bedroom and all around brTouch me now, I close my eyes and dream away br brMake-believing we're together brThat I'm sheltered by your heart brBut in and outside I've turned to water brLike a teardrop in your palm brAnd it's a hard winter's day, I dream away br brIt must have been love but it's over now brIt was all that I wanted, now I'm living without brIt must have been love but it's over now br brIt's where the water flows, it's where the wind blows
Comment from : John Donohue

Chad Crigger
Joy Division/ New Order my absolute favorite band
Comment from : Chad Crigger

Roland Deschain
No one ever thought this was a lovesong
Comment from : Roland Deschain

I didn't listen to Punk They always seemed angry But the words to this song, wow, I didn't know any punk performer was capable of love and hurt feelings Thanks for letting me see/learn this
Comment from : Tony5000

Kirby Armstrong
I know this song but could never understand the lyrics so had no idea what it was about
Comment from : Kirby Armstrong

Leper Lord
JD have been my fave band out of the gatebrbrI am Fucked up for days after listening to their musicbrbrI have to be careful, it is that powerfulbrbrThe Cure may well be my 2nd fave band ever, and I am always very very torn up after listening to "Apart", alone and in the dark, it is on repeat,and I am shattered
Comment from : Leper Lord

U2 wouldn't exist without JD and NO
Comment from : ô¿ô

Abel Billy Alvarez
I love New Order, but i could never get into Joy Division, that music never appealed to me, even though it sounds a little like early new order
Comment from : Abel Billy Alvarez

David Williams
I’ve been listening to New Order and Joy Division for 20 years of my life The emotions behind their songs are so powerful Thanks for making this video
Comment from : David Williams

The most melancholy song ever created was "in another world" by Barry Manilow It's the saddest song ever
Comment from : berighteous

just a bunch of emo melancholy bullshit "oh I'm so sad" Boo fucking hoo
Comment from : berighteous

There was a movie about Ian and Joy Division Good movie and didn't really understand it until I saw the movie Wish things work out for everyone, good luck all
Comment from : Pursang

Adam McMillan
I never thought it was a love song, it’s literally about a past relationship of mine that has run it’s coarse 😂
Comment from : Adam McMillan

Chris Lascari
I usually like your content but it's usually on songs that don't suck balls What is this crap?
Comment from : Chris Lascari

Dave Franco
One of my favorite bands, Thursday was really inspired by Ian and Joy Division They even made a song called Ian Curtis on their 1999 album Waiting
Comment from : Dave Franco

joey morvant
Joy Division!!
Comment from : joey morvant

Richard Bustamante
I have Peter Hooks autograph Good video
Comment from : Richard Bustamante

One of those profound songs you spoke of was Tesla's Government Personnell/Freedom Slaves I don't know fuckall about Joy Division, I don't like bubblegum pop But I know Black Flag's Rise Above I know Alice Cooper's Escape I know Celtic Frost's Procreation Of The Wicked I know Testament's Perilous Nation
Comment from : CrazyBear65

Peter Anderson
Thanks for the time and effort you engaged in to produce this educational and inspiring video
Comment from : Peter Anderson

Twenty Four Hours will always be my favorite JD song (side 2 of Closer start to finish, really), but can't argue with LWTUA I've had a poster of the cover art on my wall for going on 30 years now I wouldn't be making music without JDhell, I might not even be here brbrI've done some "serious" covers of JD songs, but for a bit of respectful whimsey, I tried to translate the meaning and preserve the rhyme scheme, despite not using the same rhymes, some fans might dig this one (or, well, not, it's a silly concept) wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=8tYZLPv6XjE
Comment from : DoorsInTheLabyrinth

Maureen Bennett
I heard this song on a compilation tape I had in my car in the mid 90s Can't remember what the other songs were, because this was the only one I liked!! I LOVED THE DRUM SEQUENCE!!
Comment from : Maureen Bennett

Donna Zasgoat
I nominate Harry Nilsson's Without You Absolutely heart wrenching once you realize that he's referring to his departed wife who left him over his alcoholism Gives me Days of Wine and Roses vibes You love your partner but you can't stomach their addictions anymore
Comment from : Donna Zasgoat

I can't believe you got Hook to discuss this Amazing
Comment from : DetHyprlps

Evocati Augusti (PLVS VLTRA)
nice MK 1200
Comment from : Evocati Augusti (PLVS VLTRA)

John Raisor
If you like Joy Division, check out The Sound and Adrian Borland s solo stuff Awesome post punk that never quite got big
Comment from : John Raisor

Gustavo Saliola
Ian to Peter's "Play high Hooky" made me smile, thinking in those turbulent times Great interview Professor! 🙏🏻♥🙏🏻
Comment from : Gustavo Saliola

Alan Hunt
A lovely tribute Ian Curtis's devastatingly honest poetry
Comment from : Alan Hunt

Malcom Sazon
1:00 - brThe Heart of the Matter by Don Henley is that for me “It’s about forgiveness, even if you don’t love me anymore”
Comment from : Malcom Sazon

Lord Ronin, The Compassionate
Sorry Prof, but all I felt was yet more pretentious crap by a has-been band! You might have the alternative version playing in your mind, but to be perfectly blunt it was just a pile of poo for the rest of us You might not agree with my opinion but overall I felt that punk was as crap as it gets - no ability at singing, playing instruments and all the rest
Comment from : Lord Ronin, The Compassionate

Terry P Music
00:51 Cool!
Comment from : Terry P Music

Dre Munoz
I say 'Isolation' for me is their most difficult song to listen toit's just a gut punch
Comment from : Dre Munoz

Casey B Hargraves
I’ve never heard of the song or the band
Comment from : Casey B Hargraves

Beau Harmon
I hate clickbait titles Until it gets deleted, guys, it's Love Will Tear Us Apart, by Joy Division
Comment from : Beau Harmon

is it me or is this Professor guy trying to sound a little like Casey casum something like that
Comment from : jerr

J Dubz
Joy Division is my go-to for emo wah wah songs Imagine that as sad as Ian Curtis seemedhe really kinda effed over his wife Imagine her sadness Anyway CEREMONY that's my go to
Comment from : J Dubz

Adam G
I wonder if Captain & Tennille heard this song and what did they think?
Comment from : Adam G

Carl Derfler
FUCK!!! I'm sitting in a Chicago public library one block away from the Aragon (it was originally called Aragon Ball Room) and the Riviera is nextdoor and Professor I'm pretty sure you know the significance of these venues for rock and roll and pop?? But on Clark street a quarter mile away is a awsome legendary music venue with original name ; "Cabernet Metro"Cabernet Metro yep and I'm watching this awsome interview and im looking at the dude from joy division talk and im thinking, boy what does his t-shirt say?? It looks familiar?? And low and behold it's a METROt-shirt!!! Yep the new name not their original name (which was way way better) just METRO and anyone that truly loves music knows these Chicago institutions and all they have contributed to music
Comment from : Carl Derfler

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