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How To Build A Working Lego Coin Pusher Machine

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Information How To Build A Working Lego Coin Pusher Machine

Title :  How To Build A Working Lego Coin Pusher Machine
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Frames How To Build A Working Lego Coin Pusher Machine

Description How To Build A Working Lego Coin Pusher Machine

Comments How To Build A Working Lego Coin Pusher Machine

This coin pusher machine is now part of my Working Arcade Machines LEGO Ideas project If you would like it to become a real LEGO set, please support this project on LEGO Ideas by following this link: ideaslegocom/projects/26f125be-7904-469c-812e-e14d9d901f3a
Comment from : LEGOParadise

Tutorial master
Comment from : Tutorial master

Chúc Ly Nguyễn
Comment from : Chúc Ly Nguyễn

five golden bricks
nice one ))
Comment from : five golden bricks

July L
1:58 6:18 7:46 10:00 13:10 14:55
Comment from : July L

Wow I love it so much
Comment from : shincafe

Turn on captions at the start It’s little paradise
Comment from : Scooter

Logan Clayton
Now make this a bit bigger just to fit a dime
Comment from : Logan Clayton

Legos_fun1234 Legos
Comment from : Legos_fun1234 Legos

Riverchase PE
I just love how creative you are, Lego paradise!
Comment from : Riverchase PE

Luis Obaob
Ilove it
Comment from : Luis Obaob

Roberto Oscar Martinez
Is the lego ideas to bluited working arcade machine
Comment from : Roberto Oscar Martinez

OV Lego
Hi, the video is wonderful : ) I really liked! all the respect! I wanted to ask, please, where can i get the black part shown in the video in 3:44 Is it in the kit? Or buy it individually? I would appreciate it if you could write me the details like: part number or kit number so I can buy as well Thank you!
Comment from : OV Lego

Shilpa Prajapati
How people get 1x1 piece with a line! And how to make without it! >:(
Comment from : Shilpa Prajapati

cari B
I have a lego spoiler car piece But I don’t know where it is
Comment from : cari B

Can you make a totorial on a Lego jackpot machine?

Awesome video!
Comment from :

i like your so creative can you do more carnival machines
Comment from : EXE DTMX

Gd Tention
I love how it’s rigged like the originals 🤣
Comment from : Gd Tention

Qwerty Qwerty
Ok so I have all the pieces accept coins
Comment from : Qwerty Qwerty

Harry Potter Fan Club
Can't make it because quarantine
Comment from : Harry Potter Fan Club

Harry Potter Fan Club
Can't make it
Comment from : Harry Potter Fan Club

I want!
Comment from : K18S17

Little Life guy
I love it
Comment from : Little Life guy

Mr jers
It is so cool design
Comment from : Mr jers

Torres Riza
Build a dildo
Comment from : Torres Riza

Good job on coin pusher I’m goin to coppie and build it
Comment from : Cappedactor3307

Hurely Dev
Man: i need 1 more peace to finish my lego coin masheen Me: you need a spielor peace man: crap
Comment from : Hurely Dev

Just An Artist
How many frickin coins do you have
Comment from : Just An Artist

Joyce Kim
18:2 "now you have your very own working coin pusher machine" bcoin dosen't fall inside/b
Comment from : Joyce Kim

Gigi Germ
I love your buildings
Comment from : Gigi Germ

Gye Cheol Lee
미니 자판기 고수br오마이와 모 신데이루 데스까 니얼굴 윤겔라 쑤고
Comment from : Gye Cheol Lee

Jabe Azehutt
U sound like lion bricks ! R u him ?
Comment from : Jabe Azehutt

Nathaniel john Dela Torre
Comment from : Nathaniel john Dela Torre

Real name for piece at 5:07? I’m looking to buy the piece, thank you
Comment from : Lucas

Mental Shiver
Can anyone give me a link to all the bricks used in the video to bricklink
Comment from : Mental Shiver

Jess Silver
This is not an insult in any way but I think you sound like Morris moss from the it crowd
Comment from : Jess Silver

please make this setilove it
Comment from : Cloktus

what if my lego man gambles all his money away
Comment from : KalebStuff

I built this but the SAME elastic band wasn’t strong enough but when I doubled it over it worked just fine
Comment from : BubNugs

That voice do
Comment from : XallaborGaming

You have so wired noise Don't be sad It's just kind of funny
Comment from : Cookiebreaker

Luka :D
Comment from : Luka :D

old yt channel lol
Your voice gives me cancer
Comment from : old yt channel lol

Yupin Bratton
🎶You raise me up!So I can see the mountains!🎶
Comment from : Yupin Bratton

UwU Person
You’re voice sounds fast
Comment from : UwU Person

Françoise Liegard
Comment from : Françoise Liegard

How do you AUTOMATE THE HANDLE??????!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Unknown

squeak squeakbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrno offense
Comment from : Tcup

Tennessees carnivores
Your voice is kind of annoying
Comment from : Tennessees carnivores

Angelo Mendez
LEGO Coins!?!?!!?! Wow, mega construx is shit, because they don't have the same imagination
Comment from : Angelo Mendez

Katie Gelwich
Ccccccooooollllll and i've never seen lego glass put like THAT that is a reason of why it is cool
Comment from : Katie Gelwich

mortal combat
Hyi Vittu sun ääni
Comment from : mortal combat

Landry Fournier
salut lego paradise juste pour savoir de me faire un tuto stp merci tu sera gentil aller j'attend ton message bye et bonne journée par se que c'est urgent c'est tuto c'est pour mon annif c'est pour sa
Comment from : Landry Fournier

slitherySL0TH 09
Voice so annoying
Comment from : slitherySL0TH 09

Henry & Jeffry show
This sucks and it doesn't even work!👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
Comment from : Henry & Jeffry show

Me You
i dont have lego coinsjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjooooooooooooooooooooooooooooossssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Comment from : Me You

yeetus cleetus
Its kind of offensive to make fun of his voice if it's his real one If its fake then it's kind ok
Comment from : yeetus cleetus

DarkRedEye 3
Cool but I don’t have lego coins so I used a stud slope
Comment from : DarkRedEye 3

I wish I had one but I don't have the pieces
Comment from : Fundalungs

Niko 2064
It was so realistic that they kept stacking and never dropping
Comment from : Niko 2064

lipolelo molapo
How about you build a LEGO mini series train
Comment from : lipolelo molapo

kolpo4ok *
Здесь есть русские?
Comment from : kolpo4ok *

THEXDFIELD jan-robbert
I hate your voiceee
Comment from : THEXDFIELD jan-robbert

pucek pucek
Comment from : pucek pucek

DV Strawberry
I don't have Lego coin too
Comment from : DV Strawberry

Inspeco Inc
Comment from : Inspeco Inc

Lourd Joseph Castro
I have Mr gold mini figure
Comment from : Lourd Joseph Castro

Lourd Joseph Castro
I finish the atm the problem the rubber
Comment from : Lourd Joseph Castro

Ina Cherman
Were do you get LEGO coins
Comment from : Ina Cherman

Ina Cherman
Comment from : Ina Cherman

Squatting Gopnik
I'm not sure why but I can't stand his voice
Comment from : Squatting Gopnik

Paul Godfrey
I also don't have the Lego coins and I don't have the Windows pesos either!
Comment from : Paul Godfrey

Alisa Daragan
Я ваще не врубаюсь о чём они все говорят
Comment from : Alisa Daragan

Daren fabillar
wow magic
Comment from : Daren fabillar

Cayle Malice
Comment from : Cayle Malice

Anthony DiBlasi
His voice is so annoying!!!
Comment from : Anthony DiBlasi

khemarăs phiasa
Ai fan le go
Comment from : khemarăs phiasa

Marianne Montalban
I want a ruber band
Comment from : Marianne Montalban

Awesome Aidan
I like your video in going to bul d it bye
Comment from : Awesome Aidan

Sonar Gaming
You said Quinn not coin
Comment from : Sonar Gaming

otilio Garcia
Comment from : otilio Garcia

Bradley Court
Can you at least do a description
Comment from : Bradley Court

You should make a LEGO cafebrI just think that would be a good ideabrAnd make it mini figure compatible
Comment from : DashingZanyDirector

Adam Ireland
Make more of these machines
Comment from : Adam Ireland

Arfan Rafasya
Wow you can get a chance to win the game is at the end of the most important thing is that the best rice and fish and chips and I will be a good time to time and money to pay for the first time in the morning and
Comment from : Arfan Rafasya

your voice makes me want to eat a nice, delicious tide pod
Comment from : D_ooD

Mhedz Flores
i have 4 by 1 flat side
Comment from : Mhedz Flores

Strange Voice
Comment from : KEK

I hate all the comments about his voice If we were all the same we would all have his voice

Usha Manisha
how many lego pieces are there I have none of those piece's
Comment from : Usha Manisha

Cristel E
It's so cool that im going to see all his videos and then build all his creations
Comment from : Cristel E

John Keane
Coin pusher machine is McDonalds colors
Comment from : John Keane

I made a vending machine just like the big ones but 4x4(smallest!) and a coin pusher 6x6 working !
Comment from : DrBigger

like it
Comment from : ToxicJay

Владимир Кудинов
я русский, а вы англичани,ххаааххии!!!
Comment from : Владимир Кудинов

Troy Dixon
Loom band is fine too
Comment from : Troy Dixon

Trevor Fairchild
Just when I thought my suicidal tendencies were at their highest peak I heard his voiceFmlAnyway nice job in the creative machine and keep it upI believe in you
Comment from : Trevor Fairchild

Dissimulant Mamba
Your so talented
Comment from : Dissimulant Mamba

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