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Daniel Radcliffe u0026 Miriam Margolyes Reflect On 20th Anniversary of Filming Harry Potter

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Information Daniel Radcliffe u0026 Miriam Margolyes Reflect On 20th Anniversary of Filming Harry Potter

Title :  Daniel Radcliffe u0026 Miriam Margolyes Reflect On 20th Anniversary of Filming Harry Potter
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Frames Daniel Radcliffe u0026 Miriam Margolyes Reflect On 20th Anniversary of Filming Harry Potter

Description Daniel Radcliffe u0026 Miriam Margolyes Reflect On 20th Anniversary of Filming Harry Potter

Comments Daniel Radcliffe u0026 Miriam Margolyes Reflect On 20th Anniversary of Filming Harry Potter

Scott Hamp
Who was the redhead?
Comment from : Scott Hamp

bMe in 2022/b : "20 years ago? So 1988?"
Comment from : yo

Mariana Obregon
Comment from : Mariana Obregon

Heroas Hamseros
Which Hogwarts House wins in comedy? Hufflepuff or Gryffindor?
Comment from : Heroas Hamseros

After all these years he still sounds the same,I love it
Comment from : Kirby

Jenny Lynch
'Apparently, it's 20 years since Harry Potter came out And your balls have dropped since then' br0:42brbrMiriam is a treasure
Comment from : Jenny Lynch

Proud to have her as head of Hufflepuff House 💛🖤🦡
Comment from : Timbobshe

I just know that I need a Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Wood interview
Comment from : TheQfe

Idan Chen Japheth
Miriam is a genius
Comment from : Idan Chen Japheth

I love Miriam She just doesn't give two f**ksLegend!brDon't mess, she will eat you alive!
Comment from : R W

Stig Gibson
Hahaha Miriam Margolyes Passed over for a Damehood and Honors again, you disgusting, attention seeking old bag You disgrace the Jewish community
Comment from : Stig Gibson

Busani Mhlanga
Miriam is the GOAT
Comment from : Busani Mhlanga

Dannel Radclft is a great guy
Comment from : Carrot

Athena McGhee
Dumbledore to Harry: “Dark and difficult times lie ahead Soon, we must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy”brYou sir, certainly chose the easy way
Comment from : Athena McGhee

rolling metal
Dan physically jumping from laughter😅
Comment from : rolling metal

Jonathan effemey
Thanks for posting
Comment from : Jonathan effemey

E-G Gears
Lời hát của Đức Phúc nghe rất là nhẹ nhàng luôn
Comment from : E-G Gears

Justin Vogt
Đức Phúc tuyệt vời Giọng hát ấm áp và hay quá
Comment from : Justin Vogt

Brandy Kassie
Đức Phúc tuyệt vời Giọng hát ấm áp và hay quá
Comment from : Brandy Kassie

Jebo Jebeni
Ca khúc thứ 3 của Đức Phúc lên sóng vào 20h tối nay - 3/12 trên Youtube FOREST STUDIO Cả nhà cùng đón xem nhé ạ ❤️
Comment from : Jebo Jebeni

JOhn smith
Mong chị may ra thêm mấy bài về Tết nữa ạ殺殺殺
Comment from : JOhn smith

Sharabien Graves
Cảm giác như mk đang đc nghe 1 bản nhạc chữa lành vậy đó Giọng hát của đp rất đặc biệt, nhẹ nhàng tình cảm Xem video thôi đã hay ntn r, ghen tị vs ekip qaa nghe hát live chắc hay gấp 💯lần lunn
Comment from : Sharabien Graves

Hwa Eul Jung
ai giải thích dùm đang diễn gì vậy?
Comment from : Hwa Eul Jung

Gregor Eisenhorn
Radcliffe seems like a genuinely nice bloke, but always looks a little ill
Comment from : Gregor Eisenhorn

That’s why she might have words for me
Comment from : JOSHULA FAIRY

Yvette Jones
"It was a relief for me, too" 🤣
Comment from : Yvette Jones

Anjali Radcliffe
Tu mera
Comment from : Anjali Radcliffe

Cindy Starling
Very funny
Comment from : Cindy Starling

"your balls have dropped since then"brshe's the best
Comment from : iamdb1990

Ryan Cole
Miriam Margoyles should be classified as a UNESCO world heritage site and protected at all costs
Comment from : Ryan Cole

Brian Mulvaney
Comment from : Brian Mulvaney

Amparo B
Sorry everything was in Spanish in a museum in Spain🙄🙄🙄
Comment from : Amparo B

Dulce Maria
Comment from : Dulce Maria

Clive Smith
Miriam is just blunt
Comment from : Clive Smith

Hamza Mir
Daniel is a really chill dude Kinda guy you'd enjoy hanging out with
Comment from : Hamza Mir

This is the second time on Graham Norton I've heard a story about an actor getting mistaken as homeless Jodie Whittaker had someone come up to her on a London tube platform to try to put some money in her keep-cup because they thought she was homeless and begging for money 😆
Comment from : TheTardisDreamer

wendy graham
What I love about Miriam is she is always just herself, what you see is what you get, I wish all people were like that
Comment from : wendy graham

jeremy western
What a rotten woman
Comment from : jeremy western

Lekh C
I know it's expected butbrbrYou guys are welcome to make harry potter, professor sprout jokes all you want lol
Comment from : Lekh C

On American talk shows no swearing is allowedThis is pure TV gold 🤣 Americans, take some pointers from fellow Brits 🤣🤣
Comment from : L N

Jack Mellor
I need them in a comedy film togetherbrThe aspiring grandson and the edgy hilarious grandma
Comment from : Jack Mellor

Aunt sponge from James and the giant peach
Comment from : Therobbiezone

Cheer Whiner
Three main actors are cowards— they respect diversity as long as they agree with it ABSURD and PATHETIC 🙄🙄🙄brThey show little respect to the Woman who chose them and literally made them stars Unbelievable Sad
Comment from : Cheer Whiner

This lady is hilarious and so adorable!
Comment from : Ninjakittycat

Daniel, Elijah I love them
Comment from : BlackViking

Manya Jain
Professor Sprout(Miriam Margolyes)should have got screen time at least in Goblet of Fire
Comment from : Manya Jain

LOVE HER LOVR HERbrcheers from Portugal
Comment from : PA

Sicily Pérez
Miriam gives off big nan vibes
Comment from : Sicily Pérez

Comment from : D

Comment from : hainsey123

Lucía Gil
Comment from : Lucía Gil

Glenn Karaka
She has no filter😂😂😂😂 i love it
Comment from : Glenn Karaka

Jithin Jacob
I love how Daniel just reacted to Miriam talking about his balls dropping like a regular thing in conversations It also looks like he took it as a genuine compliment Lol
Comment from : Jithin Jacob

We do things messy here
I don't know about you but Harry Potter is literally homeless
Comment from : We do things messy here

Grandma rosy from Balto
Comment from : ricofresh22

Golfing Dad
how do 389 people downvote this video? I mean, I know how (clicking on the thumbs down button), but why would they? It's a pretty cool video
Comment from : Golfing Dad

Loveless Beloved
Yay professor sprout our favourite professor
Comment from : Loveless Beloved

I am profoundly disappointed in those people They ought to have boycotted for JK Absolutely no interest
Comment from : LaBoulaye

Master Elight
By god how much I wish I had someone either from my family or friends introduce 6-7 year old me to the Harry Potter series so much earlier on I could have gone looking for word of them putting cast together for the movie series and perhaps tales my parents into helping me audition for anybody at Hogwarts The first ever American transfer student from Ilvermorney or something, I would have absolutely loved to share in all the magical moments on set with All these wonderful people! I don’t even care if I were just another student in the classroom that had an occasional chat with some of the more onscreen people or something It would have all been incredible memories in either case
Comment from : Master Elight

0:37br^ And people are saying it’s been 20 years now❓⚡️
Comment from : Nayops21

Roger Allen
That woman is vile!
Comment from : Roger Allen

The moment Miriam is let on TV, the BBC has to issue a parental guidance warning
Comment from : THE STORY OF US

ok but did y'all see how cute Miriam was waving at the Lithuanians 1:30
Comment from : SearthianMidnight

Holly Ludlow
Who’s excited about the reunion happening 1st January 2022
Comment from : Holly Ludlow

Karambit Korea
What I wanna know is did you take the $5 ?
Comment from : Karambit Korea

Doone Watts
Shocking Alan Cummings is no mean feat Go Miriam!
Comment from : Doone Watts

Oʀʀɪɴ Bᴇsᴛᴇʀ
0:34, fakest laugh from Dan I've ever seen XD
Comment from : Oʀʀɪɴ Bᴇsᴛᴇʀ

Rj Pender
I could quite happily listen to her stories all day x
Comment from : Rj Pender

Nitish Parab
There is absolutely no telling what will come out of her mouth next Hilarious!
Comment from : Nitish Parab

Lanae Dailey
"Don't blame the dog" at the end is the funniest part
Comment from : Lanae Dailey

Use This
Miriam was an absolute menace during this episode lmaooo
Comment from : Use This

Awww I love that they were on the same episode together Something wholesome about that
Comment from : A A

MrHufflepuff 64
Who’s the man sat next to Dan? I recognise him but don’t remember where from…
Comment from : MrHufflepuff 64

Idongesit Usen
Margolyes seems quite nice Definitely intrested in finding her work
Comment from : Idongesit Usen

Lee Keebum
Before Harry Potter, I recognize Miriam from Balto
Comment from : Lee Keebum

S Sh
Daniel is so lovely and humble in all his interviews
Comment from : S Sh

mary thompson
She reminds me of my mother, a less potty mouth version yes, but the kind of woman who will just say whatever she's thinking, and you have to deal with it She's done censoring herself for the world I aim to be this She has better stories though!!!
Comment from : mary thompson

Spooky ASMR
I just looooove Daniel's energy 🤗❤
Comment from : Spooky ASMR

Phineas Hartson
Love Miriam to death!! She's a World treasure!
Comment from : Phineas Hartson

Paper Princess
That was a good person/stranger giving you 5 bucks
Comment from : Paper Princess

I want her to be my Auntieand I want Daniel to be my boo thing
Comment from : vivandav67

Domenico Rossi
I looked at this video dozens of time, but I never understand what Sharon says at 00:50… any help’s accepted! 🙏
Comment from : Domenico Rossi

Isaac Destura
She's just out here being brutally honest
Comment from : Isaac Destura

The Fantasy Review
Mobbed in Lithuania "because I'm Jewish and I'm the only Jew there" - this probably went over everyone's heads, but most of the jews were killed there in WW2, and in some of the Baltic states, the people helped the Germans kill them :-(
Comment from : The Fantasy Review

Brianna Nechelle
Miriam is like the granny you have to apologize for what may come out of her mouth, and Daniel is the grand child apologizing 😅
Comment from : Brianna Nechelle

I never thought I'd ever hear professor sprout talk about Harry's balls droppingbrbrThat's a new one for me
Comment from : Greenfire31

yiğit sakallı
Whenever Daniel feels nervous, he always goes and scratches his right leg I've seen him doing that in other talk shows as well And since he is such a nice and lovely guy, it's so easy to make him feel nervous lol
Comment from : yiğit sakallı

Marco M
Wait! You mean to tell me that Daniel Radcliffe went to a museum in Spain and everything was in Spanish Imagine if I went to the UK and visited a museum where everything was in English The nerve… 😂
Comment from : Marco M

Brian Storm
This is so nostalgic the Radcliffe tweaker years awwwww
Comment from : Brian Storm

Ayako Tami
She should've been in some of the others Pomona Sprout is one of my favorite teachers She was Hufflrpuff's House Head and it's one of my favorite houses despite being a Slytherin 😁
Comment from : Ayako Tami

"Get yourself a coffee, mate" was NOT where I thought that story was going
Comment from : AFLoneWolf

Gus Rubbo
The drunk prison unexpectedly lock because customer pivotally wander at a somber lip slimy, internal capital
Comment from : Gus Rubbo

Stuart K Seels
Miriam Margolyes is a comedy tour de force!!! When she gets on a roll, you just KNOW hilarity will ensue!!!
Comment from : Stuart K Seels

Miriam is the best
Comment from : Butterfly

honestly I'm touched at the guy who acknowledged him not because he's famous, but simply because he's human and his dog seemed cold
Comment from : Ada

Deborah cabot
Perfect song for this trailer
Comment from : Deborah cabot

She absolutely has no filter, I love her! 😂😂😂
Comment from : iksimkd

When she said "Your balls have dropped since then" I was reminded of the video I came here from: wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=RAxsEWBz4t4
Comment from : Mithcoriel

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