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Title :  All About Mexican Money
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Spanish and Go
That cringe you feel when one of your oldest videos is still one of your most popular videos 😬😂Thanks for watching If you found this useful, you'll probably enjoy our other videos even more! brTravel Tips: wwwyoutubecom/playlist?list=PLihSonlo1OAYUp-KT4X5TvyG3EDMvdwuQbrSpanish Lessons: wwwyoutubecom/playlist?list=PLihSonlo1OAYl09H2Yh3ClqN9bFViDvQn
Comment from : Spanish and Go

Kristen M
Comment from : Kristen M

Jonathan Wheat
Great video and very helpful I have retired and now live in a beautiful Mexican village I think I've finally gotten to the point where I no longer convert pesos to dollars in my head I just spend pesos
Comment from : Jonathan Wheat

DiAuhna Johnson
DiAuhna Kmara Johnson Mexican Win Mexico Money
Comment from : DiAuhna Johnson

Rowshan Ara Sahar
Fun Fact: Dinero originates from the Arabic word Dinar Dinar is Arabian currency Peso originates from Paisa
Comment from : Rowshan Ara Sahar

Dennis costabile
I know this is an older video (2017), but thank you for posting it! It really helped me
Comment from : Dennis costabile

Rickey Anderson
Muchas gracias para el video 🤓
Comment from : Rickey Anderson

the fuck is a PAYso
Comment from : xyz39808comments

Creative_ Zane
Bro I’ve been going to Mexico for years every month I go but I can’t understand the money ;3; and I asked my family how money works and they said something about 150 and that’s it
Comment from : Creative_ Zane

Andrea Maria
So smart to get some pesos at home First, instead of me having my bags with me trying to exchange when I get there thx so much
Comment from : Andrea Maria

who would ever go to mexico a shit hole country where the cartel and the police are the exact same
Comment from : AngelWithAnUzi

frederick aquino
Israel terrado and joshoa terrado br
Comment from : frederick aquino

Michael Pruitt
I still don't get it
Comment from : Michael Pruitt

You Tube
I use my Starling bank card when abroad, it doesn't charge me any extra for exchange rates & I can use my card exactly as I use it at home in the UK
Comment from : You Tube

Laurella Henry
2 USD are 40 pesos
Comment from : Laurella Henry

Laurella Henry
Comment from : Laurella Henry

Mary Lamb
pesos is not pronounces like PAYsos, but rather pEHsos All vowels in Spanish are pronounced only one way
Comment from : Mary Lamb

Irish Obial
Hello Sir/ mamI have coins dollar estados unidos Mexico of 1 peso 1993 and how much value of this coin collar Thankyou and GOD BLESS!!!
Comment from : Irish Obial

Patrick Branin
That pesos to dollars conversion trick, about moving the decimal point, was easily the single best tip I've ever been given on the subject In less than a minute, , you turned a problem that I've been having FOREVER into something with an easy solution A really teriffic nugget of information
Comment from : Patrick Branin

Do you still read the comments???
Comment from : JustANornalIntrovert

D Walker
Thank you
Comment from : D Walker

Bendoeswhatever 11
Last time i was in Mexico was when i was 4
Comment from : Bendoeswhatever 11

Maya and Penelope FurDog
Comment from : Maya and Penelope FurDog

Maya and Penelope FurDog
Comment from : Maya and Penelope FurDog

when you have a dollar in mexico B)
Comment from : TiggerXD

Binod tharu
Hi sir Mexico 5000 currency notes is valid now brYear 1989
Comment from : Binod tharu

The Worst
I need to get myself a $20 peso coin for my collection👌🏼💯✔
Comment from : The Worst

Comment from : GamerTech

Wow i never knew MXN used the $ sign before USD i always thought the sign was copied in Mexico
Comment from : Del

its looks like a phillipines pesos
Comment from : チャボ

Bernard Pelovello
Mexico and philliphines are same pesos
Comment from : Bernard Pelovello

Mary Joyce Lobendino
Philippine money are same pesos
Comment from : Mary Joyce Lobendino

Very cool
Comment from : Whyinem

Jaja necesito encontrar un canal así pero hablando inglés
Comment from : MARI

Why is she so thick!!🤤
Comment from : STATS 66

Learn Spanish with Kunal
The coins reminded me of the expression - ¡Ya se me cae el veinte!
Comment from : Learn Spanish with Kunal

J Bands
So does peso mean dollar or weight ? Because every time I ask google how to say dollar in Spanish it’s “ dolares “
Comment from : J Bands

arios amigows
Comment from : bandeandotj

I want to go visit my dad now
Comment from : 90sForLife

That kid on the block
Is the Philippine Peso the same as Mexico Peso?
Comment from : That kid on the block

Mexican money ia the only currency with a black person Thats deep
Comment from : Killian

Christopher Nguyen
I went to Cancun once I got the 20 and 50 peso bills, favorite is the 5 peso coin I wish I brought back more pesos from Mexico
Comment from : Christopher Nguyen

Consorcia Bihag
How much australia mony exchance to peso
Comment from : Consorcia Bihag

Blu13Ese X3H4d
I have the 100 and 20
Comment from : Blu13Ese X3H4d

Qui Patton
Going to Mexico in a few days! This video was very helpful 🙂
Comment from : Qui Patton

Joseph Robles
Comment from : Joseph Robles

David Easton
ps check out Mari en Londres on youtube if you want
Comment from : David Easton

David Easton
Hola I was wondering my wife who is Mexican and my son are wanting to move to Mexico How hard is it to get a visa as I am British married to my Mexican wife And how much do you think it costs to live and also do you have private medical insurance and how much does that cost?
Comment from : David Easton

Michael Weber
Damn she got him in check But I would probably be that whipped too if I were with her lol
Comment from : Michael Weber

Damian Perez
That is not how it works
Comment from : Damian Perez

J Hdz
How much is the 1 cent coins?
Comment from : J Hdz

david tapia
Gracias I need this lesson bad this is third time here & mi papa handle the pesos I just get nervous here this video might help I just have to believe!!
Comment from : david tapia

Kylie Jenner
or just ask siri 😆
Comment from : Kylie Jenner

Kirk R
If you don't need a lot of cash and only want to convert USD to Pesos, any Oxxo or Walmart will do it at almost a 1:1 exchange rate That's better than any bank, atm or kiosk Never use a kiosk in a mall, the airport or port of entry, you'll get ripped off Exchange booths inside some large resorts can have good exchange rates too If you're on vacation, pay for everything with a foreign transaction fee free card and only pay for small incidentals with cash brNote that not all ATM cards work in Mexico ATMs I had one kept by the machine and the parent bank basically said they can't help me Had to rely on friend for $ for the whole trip
Comment from : Kirk R

Carmen Torres
Thank you, it helped a lot I’m traveling to Mexico December 13th and I didn’t know what pesos were😂 I didn’t know I could ask Siri as well😂
Comment from : Carmen Torres

Kurt Leyre
Omg its look like philippines money but the face is different 1 like this video 1 share
Comment from : Kurt Leyre

Chiefs Art of Life
THANK YOU!!! That was extremely helpful!! My wife and I lol'd at May's expressions while Jim was explaining how to do the math, hahaha my wife actually did the eye brow raise at the same time
Comment from : Chiefs Art of Life

J PAZ 394
Nice Mexico 🇲🇽 shit bro I love it
Comment from : J PAZ 394

Bikram Magar
Is peso dollar?
Comment from : Bikram Magar

Manish Soni
I have 20000 pesos note mexico please tell me about the value
Comment from : Manish Soni

Carol Ann
I am so happy I found your channel! So much information! So many videos to catch up on! You both have wonderful personalities!
Comment from : Carol Ann

When tipping while in Mexico, do they prefer American Dollars or Pesos?
Comment from : VampireElder1

David Rodriguez
I guess a 2000 mexican pesos bill equals the 100$ USD bill
Comment from : David Rodriguez

I'm sending myself $50000 dollars through the western union app , which i will pick up over there I"ll be ballin" !!!!
Comment from : jerseyman34

jenna h
Its stupid and its design is retarded and isnt worth shit compared to usa money aka REAL MONEY
Comment from : jenna h

Why is he can staring
Comment from : YnvgNotoriousJI

Nosy Rosie
Oh, Americans want to buy things in Mexico After, they work for US money bring it over to Mexico to live better The Mexican police and illegal immigrants must be in US to send their families money for a better life in Mexico or other countries
Comment from : Nosy Rosie

Hyunjin Lee
Yeah Diego Rivera but on the back portray Freda Kahlo his wife
Comment from : Hyunjin Lee

Hyunjin Lee
In the Philippines what's very uncommon to see is 200pesos (doscientos pesos) too rare to find it out
Comment from : Hyunjin Lee

Hyunjin Lee
20 was former average rate of the Philippines Peso against USD before 1997 Asian financial crisis
Comment from : Hyunjin Lee

Hyunjin Lee
Do mexican accept peso de Filipinas ????
Comment from : Hyunjin Lee

Well, that made it easy
Comment from : LandZero

Axel Gutiérrez
0:01 I thought he was doing a Mr Crabs imitation
Comment from : Axel Gutiérrez

Tana Chandelier (FastLife)
Comment from : Tana Chandelier (FastLife)

adbeel rojaalcober
We use peso too in philippines
Comment from : adbeel rojaalcober

Crystal Eyes
Also important if you're travelling to Mexico, keep lots of small denomination pesos bc almost nobody has change
Comment from : Crystal Eyes

Parth adidravidr
hello, plzzz can u tell me how much money I need to go to "MEXICO" "INDIA" to "MEXICO" plzzzzzz
Comment from : Parth adidravidr

Misael Gonzalezmgc
The only reason I watching this is because she es so HERMOSSA
Comment from : Misael Gonzalezmgc

i s l a
Thank you so much for this video, im mexican and i've lived in the usa my whole life and have never been to Mexico but i know soon i have to move to Mexico in upcoming years and one thing that stresses me out is the money My parents laugh and think that if i see something say 50 pesos that i'd give them 50 dollars😒😂 but yeah this video made it easy to learn, thank you! (Y si se español nomas que nunca me aprendi el dinero Mexicano)
Comment from : i s l a

Philippines uses pesos :D
Comment from : Nilo

Luis Rico
My dads got the 1000 peso
Comment from : Luis Rico

Joshua A Kennedy
What is mexico money backed by?
Comment from : Joshua A Kennedy

What happened to the green 10 pesos bill with Emiliano Zapata? Is it gone ?? Haven't been to Mexico in 15 years !
Comment from : K M

But in the PH our currency is also peso bi actually never knew we had the same currency as mexico has/bbr($1 is 53? 54? Peso here lol)
Comment from : Pand

oribel marie
I still don't understand how to convert dollars to pesos or pesos to dollars
Comment from : oribel marie

Juan Moya
Oye chica, muy bonita
Comment from : Juan Moya

Didiplayz Official
Viva México
Comment from : Didiplayz Official

ArtistHawk 3576
Nice video production and great font, too!
Comment from : ArtistHawk 3576

don malinowski
Seen you on Jerry Brown travels
Comment from : don malinowski

Henry C
Hey guys, I’m a new sub to the channel so let me ask you this In a small town, what denomination is easily exchangeable?
Comment from : Henry C

Heather Mimi Wahlquist
You 2 aren’t like, in love or anything like that, right? So sweet
Comment from : Heather Mimi Wahlquist

Siddharth Gaikwad
Is she your girlfriend? 🤔 😁
Comment from : Siddharth Gaikwad

BitteR Candy
In the 🇵🇭 the money there is also calledbrPeso or Pesos
Comment from : BitteR Candy

“pay soes”
Comment from : standard

Dog Tube
Dam she find asf 😍
Comment from : Dog Tube

I only have the $1 coin
Comment from : ツRigby

I know I'm Mexican
Comment from : ツRigby

Johnny ಥ_ಥ
What can 1,000 pesos get me?
Comment from : Johnny ಥ_ಥ

jorge cameras lopez1
mañana' me yo mi "coca reciclaje metal" 🥫tiempo mucho "pesos dineros 💵💲👉 1000 500 200 100 50 20" 💰1💰2💰3 visa y mastercard💳 💲epson 🖨️💲💻 💲📱 'mejor 💲🎮 psp ¿xbox umd?' 'mexico ¿tapachula?' g+ twitter ¿facebook fb salir? pri': enrique peña nieto
Comment from : jorge cameras lopez1

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