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My Dealer Says Silver Inflation is HERE!

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Information My Dealer Says Silver Inflation is HERE!

Title :  My Dealer Says Silver Inflation is HERE!
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Frames My Dealer Says Silver Inflation is HERE!

Description My Dealer Says Silver Inflation is HERE!

Comments My Dealer Says Silver Inflation is HERE!

Goldcic Vibefel
It will hit like a nuke
Comment from : Goldcic Vibefel

I'm going to be honest, I'm a stacker but I really don't want silver to get above 27 dollars; because at that point I know the dollar is in real danger
Comment from : ZachsYTUBE

Silver Lantern
I'm torn between giving Tim all my stacking business and not wanting to give the man any more work! 🤣 He's a busy guy
Comment from : Silver Lantern

You need to take a second look at what you are talking about You are are getting way in over your head buddy
Comment from : Hashslinger420

6 dollars a pound for stew meat Your tripping bro
Comment from : Hashslinger420

Dark Tower Games
Premiums on silver are trash! Buy gold instead
Comment from : Dark Tower Games

Dark Tower Games
Also, if you have conviction in an asset, you should just be grateful for lower prices as long as they last
Comment from : Dark Tower Games

Dark Tower Games
Why are silver pushers so obsessed with this "silver to the moon" narrative? This crap has been peddled for so many years now it's just nauseating
Comment from : Dark Tower Games

@JRT Jonathan Winchell
Buy low, sell high!
Comment from : @JRT Jonathan Winchell

A piece of bread will by a bag of gold… everything that can be shaken will be shaken

It's always nice to listen to your coin guy He's rad
Comment from : wlywilchil

Terry Grant
and 30 days laterspot at $2442
Comment from : Terry Grant

Adam Smasher
I made my first order on July 8th Was it a good time to buy?
Comment from : Adam Smasher

Shawn Green
This same thing happened when Obama was elected and it retreated after about two years
Comment from : Shawn Green

Linda Gray
$50 for some beef to feed your family? I take it that’s your monthly expenditure 😲
Comment from : Linda Gray

:Mosey: Ferocious
What!? like Bitcoin is "Always" going to do! It's always a Mugs game, where you buy low and it then goes lower
Comment from : :Mosey: Ferocious

My cannabis dealer agrees Inflation is definitely here
Comment from : Denverado

robert stenton
Silver is ammunition
Comment from : robert stenton

Brian Rener
Walk into a dealer with an ASE in your pocket Ask them how much they are selling one for - then ask them how they will give you for yours You have just learned all you need to know about silver right now
Comment from : Brian Rener

As someone knew to the game, Is now a good time to buy? I was thinking about buying 10 oz a month of bar or coins until I hit a number like let’s say 500 oz
Comment from : JDB

Bob Gymlan
Your videos remind me of a found horror film before the bad stuff starts happening Love it!
Comment from : Bob Gymlan

Brian B
Comment from : Brian B

Trustinmyself Always
I'm buying soo many metals
Comment from : Trustinmyself Always

Paul Thorpe
I'd be happier if silver dips vs runs I need more
Comment from : Paul Thorpe

Great video! Always be stacking!!
Comment from : Juan

billyum braskey
the fact is, it's by design, commies are trying to destroy your culture and civilization
Comment from : billyum braskey

Casey Kerley
Whats tims #
Comment from : Casey Kerley

Blue Mist
Basically 40 to 50 dollars for silver , spot is in the $ 20s
Comment from : Blue Mist

MUSK pool
Well that’s why I don’t buy these things anymore you can’t cover the premiums not even in 100 years
Comment from : MUSK pool

Joe John
Silver price will probably rise in 10 years
Comment from : Joe John

Grant Hill
Silver should be hundreds of dollars an oz!! AND WILL BE!!!
Comment from : Grant Hill

stay calm and relaxed
I'm very new at stacking just started a few weeks ago I really want gold but I think I may focus on silver for awhile its really affordable now
Comment from : stay calm and relaxed

Bee Bob
The only inflation is coming from the crazy premiums The price has gone down but premiums went up
Comment from : Bee Bob

James Stanley
Hindsight 30 years ago my in-laws were offered a 16 acre parcel for $40 thousand Half wooded and half agriculture I remember like it was yesterday, the argument between Mom and Pop, she wanted the property, he was furiously against it Cussing and spitting about how he would not be a part of spending that much money for DIRT Instead they ended up purchasing 40 acres of wooded property for hunting and the timber investment The 16 acre parcel is now part of a small subdivision with 8 homes The one acre lots sold for $60 thousand each and the average cost of each of the homes is $750 thousand He passed away several years ago and the hunting property is my favorite place to be Mom still cusses Everytime we talk about it Hindsight is always 20/20 I love my spot in the woods I think about him everytime I climb in his favorite tree My stack is still growing and so are his trees
Comment from : James Stanley

Klaus Karpfen
This guy got no clue when or what the inflation was in Weimar-Germany!
Comment from : Klaus Karpfen

Phill Huddleston
I don't care how long it takres to get there as long as it gets there, if it takes a few more years that just means more time to stock up
Comment from : Phill Huddleston

The Captain
The lower it goes the more I like it Please give me more time to stack!! 5 years would be great but I don't think I am going to get 5 months
Comment from : The Captain

Who is your dealer or what company or from where? Do you have a link or names?
Comment from : Yellosunshine

Matthew Brown
This is a great channel And I like your metals dealer He is what I think of as a New Englander The way he talks and the way he dresses And he is a smart man
Comment from : Matthew Brown

Robert Barwick
I've got to say that I am so disappointed & pissed that I drove 1 1/2 hours today from RI to NH with a pocket of $$$ and a few old stamps that I was looking to trade or sell only to find that the store at 11:30am was closed with a sign on the door that stated store hours open @ 11am ???? So I called the business phone line only to get NO ANSWER ???? What a way to run a business👎 I will NEVER make that trip again and most certainly wouldn't recommend it to anyone that I know👎👎👎
Comment from : Robert Barwick

Devon Mulcahy
I just bought silver for the first time yesterday and I kid you not I bought it from the same coin dealer Lmao
Comment from : Devon Mulcahy

Why does anyone complain about low silver prices? Rejoice that we can take advantage of the lull before the storm
Comment from : actualsurfer

$50 for stew meat? I guess it depends on how much you're buying, maybe like 10lbs To save money you could buy a chuck roast and cut it up yourself Also, who the hell makes stew in the summer, that's some good winter food
Comment from : c

Simone Dunham
Just came across you’re chanell I fir one am grateful! Thank you 🙏
Comment from : Simone Dunham

Timothy Josephson
Lol their not inflating gold and silver cause that's the major indicator that people on wall street look for in case of a market crash, no inflation no crash lol, nothing to see here folk's just keep walking
Comment from : Timothy Josephson

Gold and silver will be confiscated and rendered useless as either currency or money
Comment from : RantzBizGroup

Wish Nicky
Price still down guys figure it out Buy bitcoin
Comment from : Wish Nicky

William Hearn
If silver and gold are so valuable, why are the dealers trading their "valuable" metals for me "worthless" dollars? Buy just 1 silver coin and then try to resell it back to them and see what you get The truth is that these dealers are capitalizing on fear
Comment from : William Hearn

Mike from Louisiana
Comment from : Mike from Louisiana

Silver to burn
Good times right there!
Comment from : Silver to burn

Why buy silver now? It was $14 with little premium just 2 years ago If you waited until now, all the good stuff is gone anyway Not smart
Comment from : yopagedotcom

Cache Katz
I'll keep stacking til the fiat system collapses
Comment from : Cache Katz

Dr Funkenstein 1977
The physical will continue to detach from the paper market The paper market is a fraud
Comment from : Dr Funkenstein 1977

UnityPro Lab
In France i was told that some dealer in Paris are selling over 10euro from the spot close to 15usd over the spot
Comment from : UnityPro Lab

paul charlesworth
Paper gold and silver is kept low by the people that hold paper gold and silver
Comment from : paul charlesworth

When it happens, we will all be vindicated, however we won’t want to live in the world after When Silver shoots to the moon,crime will be up by 400
Comment from : Scott

David Klefeker
So then what’s the point of holding an asset (gold/silver) that is being so manipulated?
Comment from : David Klefeker

The silver stacker did not mention Germany quezze tray
Comment from : ATO GTO

Nephilim ivritt
than how come for the past 4 days its been stuck on $2618 an oz kind of tells me the crooked UN Globalist are up to something
Comment from : Nephilim ivritt

Gary Robinson
There's no shortage of anything It's the value of your money going down making you pay more
Comment from : Gary Robinson

Gary Robinson
The Federal Reserve has been devaluing gold and Silver since 1913
Comment from : Gary Robinson

Stinky Pocket Stealth
If every other system is broke then expect even the silver market to be fake those who hold silver are the true rich because when the fake silver market collapses physical silver is the way to go
Comment from : Stinky Pocket Stealth

The Patriot
Sure! That’s why silver is flat at $26😆! Silver only mover to $55+ when JPM took their knee off the neck of silver for a few weeks Silver is one of the most manipulated commodities on earth You will never make a dime on silver The spot price insures you lose money I stacked for 15 years I finally moved into crypto and Bitcoin at $400 I made millions of dollars on the switch Silver is manipulated!!!
Comment from : The Patriot

wade fox
4 beef packers control 85 + of the market As a producer I get $115 a pound for beef on the hoof
Comment from : wade fox

Silver Rose
Love the Talking hands! 🤚 When will it out pace inflation? Trying to get as much silver as I can
Comment from : Silver Rose

David Koch
Great content! Just check this out, how to buy gold and silver for the best price   tinyurlcom/yzhoyj67
Comment from : David Koch

Comment from : Salamander

Bullets are very expensive!
Comment from : MrNedsaabdickerson

Uhmmm interesting!
Comment from : MrNedsaabdickerson

Eyes Opened NZ
Let's get physical! Bargain prices any spare cash I'm getting I'm spreading it into Silver most undervalued asset in the world! Thanks Brother
Comment from : Eyes Opened NZ

Keep stacking ignore the noise Real money has long term real value 🏆🥈🏆🥈
Comment from : Batman

Thanks buddy
Comment from : Batman

Eliodiro Aguilar
Comment from : Eliodiro Aguilar

Tim is a Legend
Comment from : MYC ODD APP

Very happy with metal Even the dealers are paying over spot Went to trade silver i bought in the teens and the dealer offered 30 per piece Just yesterday
Comment from : MYC ODD APP

Sycotic Society
Very powerful tactics are used for Silver suppression But, hyper inflation always wins
Comment from : Sycotic Society

Successful Slave
Love a good Tim episode 😆 Great video Yankee Till next we meet ❤🤍💙🥃💀🦀
Comment from : Successful Slave

Numismatic Stacker
Some aspects of inflation is transitory Silver and gold is a hedge on inflation and is controlled Thank you basel 3 and JP Morgan When the SHTF comes around the pressure will be to great for control and gold and silver will go to the moon
Comment from : Numismatic Stacker

Daddy Silver Bucks
You don't see inflation with metals because the bank runs the world Cash is KING
Comment from : Daddy Silver Bucks

Jack Flash
The physical market isn't rigged I don't look at the paper price because I'm not buying paper If you want to get cheap silver buy paper silver
Comment from : Jack Flash

Can't handle the hands
Comment from : ArtVanAuggie

Tree3 Climber
Petroleum is the Biggest Commodity Market on Earth Oil and Diamonds are More Abundant than DemandbrYet, the Fed Market, Loves High Oil Prices Which makes No SensebrAnd the Minuscule PM Market is Held Low hmm 🤔
Comment from : Tree3 Climber

She Shot JFK
How are they keeping the price of silver down? One word: India
Comment from : She Shot JFK

Coleman T
Let's eliminate SLV Paper Of course JPM has illegitimized that paper form of silver We all know that as truth But Does this include PSLV? Sprott's prospectus guarantees 100 physical backing, in a vault for every PSLV share sold Your thoughts Please?
Comment from : Coleman T

I don't think Tim quite understands the movement of determined Apes at Wall Street Silver We have, are, and will continue to impact the market and price
Comment from : Ungovernable

David Cromer
$50 for stew meat Where is this person shopping? Or how much are they buying? It’s $7/pound just down the street
Comment from : David Cromer

It’s Been here for awhile
Comment from : blumax413

Lost For words
Tim is the Man
Comment from : Lost For words

David Faiella
I AM [email protected] am power, I am real, I am love, I am life, I am presence, I am wisdom, I am proud, I am strong I am listening, I am becoming, I am aware, I am becoming who I am love brI am the miracle presence of divine love wisdom power absolute perfection Faith hope and charity, I am with a peer heart and presence of absolute perfection I repeat absolute perfection I am the law of forgiveness, I will become an absolute pure presence of wisdom, life, love, and order brI am Love from the heart, become one with your inner self of manifestation I am the presence of consciousness, I am a master of myself, I am the love of life, the power of a god, the wisdom of perfect understanding of the truth of air and perfection, love of the driving power, and the will of pure life brI am harmony and silence deep power of the blessing of feeling consciousness conviction ultimate power of the principle of life's beginning and end of who you are close your eyes and feel the truth of joy understanding Distinguish all negative and become perfection of attitude love and life All problems wilL disappear, I demand the pure presence of internal I am presence No one tells you what to do, you are the being of perfection you are the lightbrInsist to overcome order, and receive it in the glory I command pure life, of love eternal love balance of life, and control all your struggles I command perfection of pure heart love-life energybrBybrDavid Faiella brChanneled By The NEW CONSCIOUSNESS 5th DIMENSION ASHTAR COMMANDER OF THE GALACTIC FEDERATION
Comment from : David Faiella

william ross
Nothing new here
Comment from : william ross

Kalbir Singh
With what currency does Russia China India Iran buy gold with
Comment from : Kalbir Singh

PM Time
When the CB fiat ponzi scheme ends the REAL price of ALL assets will finally be discovered With everything manipulated either up or down true price discovery is impossible to determine Personally, I'll go with the 5,000+ years of history attached to PM's
Comment from : PM Time

Silver is just one bullet in the fight against inflation Get rid of variable interest rate debt ASAP Stockpile your groceries as much as your silver Inflation will only effect the cost of what you buy If you are in a position (working on it myself) that you don't have to buy anything, or as much, the effect on you will be much less Pay ahead on your fixed expenses You will soon find that your electric and water bills will be going up also So pay ahead
Comment from : adultingwithnudo

tony ricca
We are pipe dreaming if we think gold and silver will hit dream prices because Wall Street and banks will continue to manipulate this market and control it to death Look as gold and silver has been going down while oil prices keep going up and up and look at the Dow it’s hitting record highs when this country is in economic trouble so all these videos of 100 dollar silver 5000 gold is all crap just click bait they will never allow it to hit precious metals meanwhile we are paying 10 dollars over spot on eagles so what’s up with that
Comment from : tony ricca

RSI Raistlin
I dont understand why people want triple digit silver Would you then sell your silver? Would you WANT to trade it for a that much weaker dollar? Your metals are hedging your currency holdings Why would you BUY into those currencies at all time lows vs the physical metals?
Comment from : RSI Raistlin

Blues Dawg
Silver was $48 back in the mid 80's, gold was around $900 Gold has doubled but silver is half of what it was back in the 80's This is being controlled
Comment from : Blues Dawg

a few moths back it was $17 and ounce and now its $26 + ??? is that not inflation?
Comment from : sim672

Martin Clark
the key is patience
Comment from : Martin Clark

Free man
I see what he is saying - the physical price continue to hold up well above the spot market price - no let up at all1/10 ozt gold eagles are still way over spotbrbrcopper has settled down from its high - it's still high, but well below its price from a couple months ago
Comment from : Free man

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