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How Much I Made In One Day Recycling Cans

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Title :  How Much I Made In One Day Recycling Cans
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Comments How Much I Made In One Day Recycling Cans

Mike Malone TV
Hey Friends ! I wanna thank you all for the comments , likes, and the love Please subscribe to my channel and help me grow my channel if you like the video Bless up 🙏
Comment from : Mike Malone TV

Michael Hart
I do this for a living and can make about $100 a week on average if going out twice a day working 8 hours, digging through every trash can, blue bin, dumpster, woods, whereever getting chased by mall security for digging in there bins n shit I make my own money my own way, ill never work for anyone ever again
Comment from : Michael Hart

Derrick Johnson
I think you got tookenI don't know what they pay by the poundBut if Its around $170lb you would of gotten over $90-95 easy basecon those 3half pound cans alone
Comment from : Derrick Johnson

timothy boland
Nice video bro brThose men are good at what they do With recycling I've had done some still do abit
Comment from : timothy boland

Jody Moyer
I used to work at Reynolds Aluminum when they had trailers that people could take their cans to and sell them I ran one of those trailers and it actually was my first full time time job while I was going to college Now I get 55 gal plastic barrels from work make the top into a lid and throw my crushed cans (crusher costs $8 bucks at Harbor Freight) in the barrels I 5 barrels and about time to take them to the recycling center You're not going to get rich recycling cans but it beats throwing them away
Comment from : Jody Moyer

eric Blair
That’s why Oregon is awesome10 a container regardless of what material No sorting Just deposit redemption As opposed to scrapingyour pile would have been 150-200
Comment from : eric Blair

I get a lot of cans because I have my brother get them from a huge auto plant he works at and there is 8 dumpsters at my complex plus my friend saves them for me from his complex, I get to 400 pounds pretty quickly then turn them in
Comment from : MissAmazanda

Brittany Anya
I'm trying to do the 1-year challenge and started new challenge cash out at the end of the year I want to start now and I will post my video at the end of the year
Comment from : Brittany Anya

Brittany Anya
I love us all we all appreciate the value of money I also recycle cans myself and my apartment about 5 to $10 a day I can make just recycling for about 20 minutes
Comment from : Brittany Anya

Why do people think you're going to be homeless cuz I cans you don't got to be homeless to work a job people thought processes are weird
Comment from : MMB

yo that looks like green back are you in sac ?
Comment from : perkmonty

Reis van dam
Wow 74 dollars lol I made more
Comment from : Reis van dam

100 bucks per day x 30 days is 3 grand a month that could save a lot of people from starving and homelessness Recycling is amazing
Comment from : Georgia

Okay now I feel a bit better seeing you got $74 for all the recyclables you have Seems like you need A LOOOOT to get $100 a day
Comment from : Monica

I only got $50 for like 10 big trash bags but I think because it was mostly glass and aluminum is better
Comment from : Monica

Return of the Gorgon
Tax free!!!!!
Comment from : Return of the Gorgon

Comment from : Olonzo

‎כ7ياه£&٦grhעןننلف Psyfuck ؟؟
nice collection great advise for others
Comment from : ‎כ7ياه£&٦grhעןننلف Psyfuck ؟؟

Camron Alcantar
U leaked the License plate
Comment from : Camron Alcantar

That guy was acting sus
Comment from : Smorz

Anthony Thomas
save your money it will grow make some more see how much you make
Comment from : Anthony Thomas

MaineLy Me
That's insane I got 60 from just a car load of bottles at bottle redemption with much less work
Comment from : MaineLy Me

Jake Barrett
Hey man love this video just wanna let you know it illegal to grab trash out of a dumpster and bring to a recycling site
Comment from : Jake Barrett

Anthony gutierrez
Thanks for that video you made my friend, it helps a lot to know how much earnings can be made by recycling 😁
Comment from : Anthony gutierrez

U Did not mention what state you were in, you could only make that much money in California where I am a certified Cal recycle center, 1 Of the 470 left, whereas there were 1700 CACRV just three years ago, California Is making it to wherethe homeless guy or even the respectable guy that wants to save the earth will not be able to recycle if the recycling center owner is charged overwhelming rates to get rid of the material, a lot of people do not realize that us recycling centers float the state of California millions of dollars every year without a penny of interest, any other entity in the world that would be illegal
Comment from : Studio1231

Jose Reyes
200 hundred on a good day that's alot of money in one month that like 6 thousand I don't think hes homeless or probably drugs are expensive these days 🤔
Comment from : Jose Reyes

Markis Couch
Great video! Thanks Columbus, Ohio USA 👍
Comment from : Markis Couch

Scrap Rush UK
Hey Mike, new sub here from 🇬🇧, I recycle scrap metal here in the UK and wish it was as easy to scrap cans here as is there, when I say easy I mean profitablebrI saved all my cans from home for around 6 months (mainly Guinness and Red Bull) 😂 and my scrap yard told me they would only take them as irony aluminium price rather than clean aluminium which kind of sucked And as for recycling plastic and glass it’s near to impossible to find a place that will pay you for recycled plastic and glass herebrI am considering collecting and storing huge amounts and see if I can ship to somewhere in Canada or the States and make profit from it that waybrWhere are you Canada or America?
Comment from : Scrap Rush UK

Jongle Wongle
I raid street bins for deposit containers You don't have to be homeless to do it You see the money in it and you do it People think I'm homeless or otherwise in dire straits, but I do it for cash which I would not otherwise have I get people trying to hand me cash It is actually the cheap arse junkie dead beats / loiterers who are the ones usually hostile to it When the scheme came in my next of kin presented dockets of minor amounts to do with it, so that they are for me doing it If I ever learn that the scheme involves the returned containers just being golf course fill or being incinerated then I'm immediately done with it and its leave it all the the municipal people, but I don't know that to be the case They say that the glass and PET is being closed loop recycled
Comment from : Jongle Wongle

I usually make about 12000 a year but this year we forgot to take it back and it was a ridiculous amount and we made 2 something off of like 3600 and some
Comment from : HEMI DREAMZ

عصام محمد
Hello dear Mike, the place where you sold the cans and plastic in any state or countyI want the address of this place in detail please
Comment from : عصام محمد

$74 for how many cans
Comment from : Theassociate

Daniel Persson
if i could make 100-200 dollars a day collecting cans i would 100 quit my job
Comment from : Daniel Persson

I thought this looked familiar that's Auburn Blvd right next to the mcdondals
Comment from : PunchNugget

Flac Tha Doc
Just from see the liquor store you was in front of I had a feeling u was in Sacramento and when I seen the blue news paper bins I new it was official
Comment from : Flac Tha Doc

Jordan Hanlin
I've been thinking about saving cans just to kinda do it I guess it will be worth it idn thanks for the video
Comment from : Jordan Hanlin

rudy torres
C’mon this guys full of shit how many months did he buy groceries and throw cans and plastic bottles in that makeshift trailer box and then go to cash them in the recycling centers dont pay enough and thats the problem they could even deny you a sale because they sometimes limit what they can take! the recycling centers need to pay more because it is alot of hard work for anyone to search out and recycle
Comment from : rudy torres

I came here because I was trying to see how I can build a recycling can Lol I actually enjoy recycling, my mom and I, we go around the neighborhood and recycle It is hard work but I enjoy it because I’m with my mom (: brBut I do have a job too
Comment from : LOVE MENDEZ

nguyen thuy Vi
i want to try but i'm a bit embarrassed (I used to pick up cans from the street for a school campaign but now I'm an adult)
Comment from : nguyen thuy Vi

So you don’t understand what they go through You didn’t collect anything!😂
Comment from : tweezerjam

More like $35 a day
Comment from : VIPER FORD

How many cans is there for each $100? I'm from Denmark :)
Comment from : SuperRashead

I drank a lot a lot of pop like 30 packs and was wanting to start saving my cans

you know i gotta ask, when you take the scrap in you have to give your IDbrWhich means they know how much you recieved as cash paymentbrbrIf you pull in like over a certain amount if you did this as a living I have to ask would the government hit you for not declaring the money?
Comment from : Blazeboy

What state is that?
Comment from : JAY MOORE

Bob v
It’s easy to go on trash day and hit all the recycle bins in the early AM Collecting cans from trash cans is impossible to get 100 In 5 hours let alone 200
Comment from : Bob v

Then with that 74 you can buy a small tf then sell it for 100 then buy a small console for 100 sell for 150 and go on from there
Comment from : Baggedlunch

I subscribe And I'm recycling For 200$
Comment from : austin4643d

miguel guzman
I work in a construction site And started recycling I have a lot of cans and plastic bottles Everyone sees me but idc, I’m money hungry I want more I also started collecting wires, to get copper from the inside
Comment from : miguel guzman

Im ok
How much a can price bro
Comment from : Im ok

Artist Frank
Comment from : Artist Frank

CA Mudlarks
Not bad bro, that’s like three 30 packs
Comment from : CA Mudlarks

South Beach Miami Art
Here in Florida the homeless can't do it You need a license plate and they run a background check Electronic fingerprint too You can make minimum wage if you set a route and calculate I spend $5 in fuel for every 100 pounds 33 cents a pound You have to write down all the garbage pick up zones In Hollywood, Florida there are alleyways with hundreds of bins You'll load up quickly and several drop offs due to overload It works out
Comment from : South Beach Miami Art

They wanted to lift your stuff
Comment from : Lastkingof33

American Citizen
If you are making $200 per day then you can afford rent!
Comment from : American Citizen

Dave McIntosh YT
TY Mike
Comment from : Dave McIntosh YT

Zoe Leversage
i live in ontario canada so we hand in old beer cans for 10c a can so i go an pick up cans on all of my bike rides since i am a distancebiker and easily make $5 in 20 minutes its sad but good lol
Comment from : Zoe Leversage

james sanders
I have been collecting cans to, I crushed my cans to fit more in a trash bag, should I be crushing my cans or not
Comment from : james sanders

Robert Iglauer
I can smell those dollars
Comment from : Robert Iglauer

Swag beats productions
Pls blur ur number plate
Comment from : Swag beats productions

Johanna Parrish
Cool video I have been saving cans since last fall Ready to cash them in
Comment from : Johanna Parrish

wygold’s metal detecting adventures
I’m not homeless but I save all of my recyclables cause I want my nickel back from each and every single can and bottle
Comment from : wygold’s metal detecting adventures

thanks for making this lol i will subscribe
Comment from : SPIDEYLEE 23

Would've been nicer if you gave those homeless people those 74 bucks
Comment from : Kronos

Frank Ganuza
Am 10 and I make 20 bucks a week from doing that
Comment from : Frank Ganuza

I usually save all my can til the end of the year, like in November, than I'll take it in and recycle it for the holidays
Comment from : MaKayLa

Shawna Hogan
Where do you live that recycles cans for money??!
Comment from : Shawna Hogan

I forgot some people don’t crush the cans lolbrbrOr do I only crush them ?
Comment from : DavidPerez

e-lo- ken
If you dont squish/ smash the cansbrbrYou get paid less
Comment from : e-lo- ken

pluto V2
Comment from : youlovenygee

Joi Heaggans
Could have drove to Michigan and got 10 per can you had well over $200 worth
Comment from : Joi Heaggans

Joi Heaggans
15 for $74 🧐
Comment from : Joi Heaggans

Chance da man
Can I do this in Greenville Texas
Comment from : Chance da man

Edgar hair
Nice video 👍
Comment from : Edgar hair

Camaron Russ
I’m 13 and I’m thinking of making a trailer and going around and taking cans from people weekly for free so they don’t have to worry about them and then I can go around and sell them
Comment from : Camaron Russ

What if Master
I am going to collect in till I heve 40 bags
Comment from : What if Master

Kevin Rehberg
Aluminum is dropping like a rockI can only speak for my state but we only get 20 cents a lbOne of my locals won't even accept unless you have over 40lbs at a timeChina stopped taking our aluminum and with all the manufacturing over there, our foundry costs are prohibitive
Comment from : Kevin Rehberg

Dornell Blanks
It's good you making money hey get it how you can i support that but when you said im rich that was funny im not gonna lie Just imagine being rich by having 74 dollars
Comment from : Dornell Blanks

Evan Holmquist
Great video! I know I probably won't make too much with all that hard work but I'm only almost 14 and I just started collecting I don't care too much about how much I make but I do care about helping the environment!
Comment from : Evan Holmquist

Jeff Brown
Yeah, no -- you don't make $200 in a day collecting cans and bottles You could go for 12 hours and not make that much
Comment from : Jeff Brown

Albert the Dog Einstein
Do you get paid for the plastic? If so is it as a deposit or by weight?
Comment from : Albert the Dog Einstein

Catalina Sanchez
It not only homeless that collect
Comment from : Catalina Sanchez

RunniN IT
A rat? Eew lol
Comment from : RunniN IT

Oscar Lopez
I can take those cans and bottles if you don't want it anymore and by the way i don't recycle glass bottles anymore and i only recycle plastic bottles and cans
Comment from : Oscar Lopez

Acerelei Entertainment
Well done video! Enjoy watching your videos
Comment from : Acerelei Entertainment

Nicolle b
Can someone tell be how much each thing u recycle is worth like what is a gallon of milk worth Like idk??
Comment from : Nicolle b

Wow like this video! I just subscribed, because I love this kind of meaningful video making channel
Comment from : モグラmimimogura

When the homeless people make 15$-50$ an hour and you only make 10
Comment from : Dead

Elena Wilcox
Hey great video, thank you for sharing Where did you take the glass bottles and plastic for Money exchange? I’m assuming you took the aluminum to the scrap yard where they take metal
Comment from : Elena Wilcox

Kidz Zone
the thing is those were given to you what if you had to collect them can by can
Comment from : Kidz Zone

Owl Knickerknots
Comment from : Owl Knickerknots

Tenisha Stephenson
If he makes $100 or $200 in 5 hours he chooses to be homeless
Comment from : Tenisha Stephenson

Aztec Dragon
Where did you collect most or your recyclables?
Comment from : Aztec Dragon

Noah Walsh
I’m just a 15 year old teen turning 16 years old this year, and I just love money, I even scavenge for money, and I steal money, when I see it laying around in my brothers bed room I just do this, cause I don’t have a job, and I love money so much
Comment from : Noah Walsh

Tyanna Hill
How long should i wait before turning them in ?
Comment from : Tyanna Hill

I am in my teen years and new to all of this, started collecting like 3 weeks ago, should I be saving the labels on plastic bottles?
Comment from : Minh

Up here you can only return alcohol 10 cents under 750 ml, 20 cents equal and over, and you have to take them to "The Beer Store" When I was in Germany you could return other kinds of bottles, glass and plastic, and all you had to do is take them to a grocery store and put them in a machine that scanned them for defects You get a receipt which you then take to the cashier This was over twenty years ago and I still can't believe this hind of technology and system isn't used in North America
Comment from : K S

Media Guy
Those recycling places rip you off In my state I can go to the supermarket and they have machines that you put the cans in and they dont take any money out each can is 5 cents
Comment from : Media Guy

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