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Transportation Grants | How to Start A Trucking Company | $10000 to $25000 Grants for Everyone

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Information Transportation Grants | How to Start A Trucking Company | $10000 to $25000 Grants for Everyone

Title :  Transportation Grants | How to Start A Trucking Company | $10000 to $25000 Grants for Everyone
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Frames Transportation Grants | How to Start A Trucking Company | $10000 to $25000 Grants for Everyone

Description Transportation Grants | How to Start A Trucking Company | $10000 to $25000 Grants for Everyone

Comments Transportation Grants | How to Start A Trucking Company | $10000 to $25000 Grants for Everyone

Ask Rinde
Our Grants Masterclass now Live at our website wwwaskrindecom Please Note: any other comments soliciting you or impersonating me, is not from us Thanks for watching
Comment from : Ask Rinde

Debra Williams
Will I be able to qualify for the Safeway grants? USDA grants
Comment from : Debra Williams

Syed Ahmed
Do I must have cdl license? To start a truck company business?
Comment from : Syed Ahmed

I need a Grant please help me I am a catfish farmer
Comment from : MONDAY EMMANUEL

Hey I have some questions
Comment from : Timothy

Lisa Hardin
Please post you email
Comment from : Lisa Hardin

orlando perez
I have over 25 years of experience in the transportation industry Because of health issues I cannot drive a tractor trailer but I would like to start a business in the transportation industry Can you help and enlightening me in the right direction since it would be difficult to live off SSI OF $840 per month I appreciate any help and thank you
Comment from : orlando perez

Randy Linney
Do you do the paperwork for us and how much is it for the paperwork
Comment from : Randy Linney

Linnea Brown
Can any of these grants help for a start up moving company needing a box truck?
Comment from : Linnea Brown

Jeff Kemper
I seen the trucker driving that robotic truck break the lawbrHe got out from behind the steering wheel While driving on the highwaybrBy law a driver is required to stay behind the steering wheel wide awake While that vehicle is on the roadbrbrDot law!brbrBy law an operator has to take control of a vehicle if something goes wrong instantlybrSitting on the bed or using a toilet or cooking is unacceptablebrIf you get into an accident What are you going to tell that judge or your victims parents?brbrThese robotic vehicles can be hacked, computers can and will freeze upbrbrYou are still the operator of that vessel even in robotic modebrbrThat means just that lives are on the linebrbrThe trucker can go to prison and the computer programmer all the samebrbrJust like in a 747 Jet or cargo ship or ocean linerbrThey can not ever leave the controls unattended without a operator in that seat to grab the controls if something goes wrong!brI am glad I seen this video So I can send it to the white house president and federal motor carriers associationbrNext thing you see will be idiots sleeping or watching tv or playing video games instead of their safety jobbrbrThis video is the same reason that drivers wanting the funds to go into business but not be responsible for their actions and the trucks computer roboticsbrbrThose drivers need not apply for a class A or class B CDL liscsen ever if that's what they will do when drivingbrDriving is just that driving only even in robotic modebrbrAnything less is a major lawsuit on truck robotics companies, programmers , truck owners, and operators too!brbrBut I do want to say your video information will help poor people get into a semi truck When banks and credit unions refuse to give out business loans or grants to othersbrWhich creates a ""illegal Monopoly""!brbrSince my CDL class A for interstate Over a year ago I still have not found a full time truck driving jobs with any companybrbrYet loaded are still getting backed up at the ship yards and companies seem to be refusing to hire anyonebrYet driving colleges are running students through in massive numbers for jobs no one is hiring forbrWhich seem like lies by asking for government assistance for trucking companies everywherebrbrIt sounds like FRAUD to me!!brEspecially since people on public aid are trying to get a liscsen to pay their bills and get off of public aidbrOften now forced there because businesses brought in millions of illegal immigrants for American high paying jobs that were promised to thembrbrI know I was one of thembrbrThat's why people like me need business grants and loans as we get set up to fail More and morebrbrWhile immigrants get babied morebrbrHonestly it makes me sick!brCompanies should be ashamed for their actionsbrI also hope they know government will hold them 100 accountable for their actionsbrIt will backfire to refuse others the legal right to move on!brWhile truck companies extort customers causing fake hyper inflation
Comment from : Jeff Kemper

Oluseyi Oremule
I'm Oluseyi I'm watching from Nigeria I'm driver and I work in many companies as a driver so I want to have my own car that I can be use as cab like Uber cab so pls how can I get this grantbrThanks
Comment from : Oluseyi Oremule

Frankscustomerservice Gmail
I got my $40,000 grant approved through mr frank 👆👆 go mail him to start your grant application process immediately brbrThank me later
Comment from : Frankscustomerservice Gmail

williams yamoah
Can u help me to get into this grant because I have tried a lot to get my own truck still not getting it I can't get help from no one Please help me out
Comment from : williams yamoah

Kevin Cain
I'm looking for a grant to help me get my class A CDL Training, but I need to stay home to go to school and I need money to help pay bills while I'm in school
Comment from : Kevin Cain

Robin s
Your video is very educational Helped a lot just started and you helped by narrowing transport business down now I know to look under social services
Comment from : Robin s

Rick Burns
I'ma truck driver for the past 2yrs, 53 yes old I'm interested in grants to purchase my own truck to start my own business I'd like to focus on hazmat freight I'm also a felon from southern Illinois Can you please help me?🤷🏿‍♂️🙂
Comment from : Rick Burns

Kynyatta McHaskell
Thank you for all your information but I was wondering who was driving the truck in the video I'm confused
Comment from : Kynyatta McHaskell

paul eller internet business channel
good job
Comment from : paul eller internet business channel

newtube order
you wony get anything from those guys , this guy just bullshiting us
Comment from : newtube order

Amanda Meet her on 👉 𝟣-𝟦𝟢𝟪-𝟦𝟨𝟣-𝟩𝟤𝟣𝟨
I ain't feel like this since a long time, and I'm sobrhappy just to feel like this, it took a long time I wasbrreally so glad to get the funds into my account frombrMrs Patriciah just when I thought it's over for me shebrcame to my aid and save me I will never bee an ungrateful to her service
Comment from : Amanda Meet her on 👉 𝟣-𝟦𝟢𝟪-𝟦𝟨𝟣-𝟩𝟤𝟣𝟨

Sarah Text her through 👉 Ι-Чθȣ-ЧбΙ-72Ιб
It's hard to use words to convey my heartfeltbrappreciation for the kind of help Mrs Patriciah hasbrrendered for me she's always the best and goodbrperson I am very great-full for the payment I receivebrfrom her service too She's the beat admin, and ambrso really happy with her good working software
Comment from : Sarah Text her through 👉 Ι-Чθȣ-ЧбΙ-72Ιб

Henry James meet her  𝟣-𝟦𝟢𝟪 𝟦𝟨𝟣-𝟩𝟤𝟣𝟨🤏
Comment from : Henry James meet her 𝟣-𝟦𝟢𝟪 𝟦𝟨𝟣-𝟩𝟤𝟣𝟨🤏

Donald contact her through ı-408-4бı-72ıб 🤏
Comment from : Donald contact her through ı-408-4бı-72ıб 🤏

Maxwell To Reach Her  𝟭-𝟰𝟬𝟴-𝟰𝟲𝟭-𝟳𝟮𝟭𝟲 ◀️
I appreciate what you’ve done for me mrs Patriciah just a random thought come to my mind that I have to thank you for being so kind for the b$20,k/b you added into my balance and thank you for making my life better there’s no one like you maam I’m so grateful thanks
Comment from : Maxwell To Reach Her 𝟭-𝟰𝟬𝟴-𝟰𝟲𝟭-𝟳𝟮𝟭𝟲 ◀️

Chalote Text her through { ⓵-⓸⓪⓼-⓸⓺⓵-⓻⓶⓵⓺ } 🤏
Comment from : Chalote Text her through { ⓵-⓸⓪⓼-⓸⓺⓵-⓻⓶⓵⓺ } 🤏

RoseContact her⏩ ı-408-4бı-72ıб ⏪
I'm successful today because I never stopped trying when Ibrfall I gather my self enough courage and energy to take abrbold step and rise again There's so much Joy when you'rebrprogressing financially My life is sweet now because of MrsbrPatriciah wonderful and excellent service I received somebrof $30,000 from her service to start up my business MaybrGod keep blessing her works abundantly as she helped mebrstart my career business she's the best among others
Comment from : RoseContact her⏩ ı-408-4бı-72ıб ⏪

Hello my name is shaniqua I am currently in the process of getting approved for non emergency medical transportation through medicaid right now all I have is a vision and a dream I've been researching trying to figure out how to run this business in NYC its really not easy but I am not giving up I found a good location to put the base I need to run the medical transportation business in NYC but don't know how to go about purchasing itbrIf you can help me out with any info big or small I would really appreciate that so much thanks again
Comment from : JAMIR BOXED

Debbie Accetta
Iam olone AND pool I dont understan pleace help me Iam pool AND sick impedida plese do santhin for me
Comment from : Debbie Accetta

Patricia Reed
Hello I would love to talk with you I am going to email you I have a transportation company that was started last year and I’m looking for grants Thanks for the info and I will email for other questions
Comment from : Patricia Reed

Lisa B
Email address again please? I couldn't write it down that fastty
Comment from : Lisa B

Randy Linney
How much do you charge to write a transportation Grant for a company
Comment from : Randy Linney

I'd like to transition from ride sharing to 26' trucking and cargo van business
Comment from : Don

Santiago Agustine
I am 55 years old with very little set aside for retirement at this point I have always been curious about the stock market and have witnessed some people who played the game right and retired early because they used the stock market When I ask them, most said that they invested very little to start with, but their portfolio grew I do have a significant amount of capital that is required to start up but I have no idea what strategies and direction I need to approach to help me make decent returns
Comment from : Santiago Agustine

Verlyn Willis
Trying to get my own truck and i want to invest in Real Estate
Comment from : Verlyn Willis

Keith Smith
I need a grant to help start a trucking company
Comment from : Keith Smith

Do you have any info on grants for independent dispatching
Comment from : Supermane713

Marcy Lewis
My son is just getting started he have all his necessary paperwork done to start his business but he need a grant in order to get his truck to start his business so we are looking for a grant writer
Comment from : Marcy Lewis

Whisby Group
Hey man i need help
Comment from : Whisby Group

Cornelius Baker
Just got authority and LLC wanting to now if these grants could help me purchase a box truck for my business
Comment from : Cornelius Baker

Fye Trukkin
Peace sir safe way give free grants for new truck business
Comment from : Fye Trukkin

foday jammeh
Please can help me I want to start now!
Comment from : foday jammeh

francis boker
I recently had a bad experience with truck owners and decided to form my own company Already received my USDOT and MC numbers is it possible to give info to get off the ground with my business Hoping to build a fleet ( Straight Trucks Cargo Vans, 18 Wheelers)
Comment from : francis boker

D Steamer
Can I get information??
Comment from : D Steamer

Country Williams
How can I get a grant for my trucking company
Comment from : Country Williams

David Summers
At the 4:30 mark a guy is driving then unbuckles and looks like he is headed to the back of truckdid anyone proof watch the video? Other than that, the video is very informational
Comment from : David Summers

The Flight Club Worldwide
Just earned a new sub Keep it up brother!
Comment from : The Flight Club Worldwide

zaiya isho
How can I get the business loan do I can play for transportation ?
Comment from : zaiya isho

Andre Marcus
Thanks New driver trying to get a small business started after I obtain my 1yr experience About 8mo in Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated Thanks
Comment from : Andre Marcus

Nikki’s Corner From Health Care to Toolbelt
Good morning just came across your video started my business last year Looking for grants for my business as well thank you for your information
Comment from : Nikki’s Corner From Health Care to Toolbelt

RentToOwn Nation
This is Incredible Information on Trucking grants and transportation grants Thanks so much!
Comment from : RentToOwn Nation

Upscale Suffern
This is Awesome Information!
Comment from : Upscale Suffern

So, do I have to have an LLC for all of these grants? Or can I start my trucking company from these grants?
Comment from : Wes

AskRinde Networks
Comment from : AskRinde Networks

David Hudson
Why you don’t seem to reply You always say thanks for watching
Comment from : David Hudson

Best funding via ALEXANDER LIAM HACKS on IG
Always get my grant from my lender ALEXANDER I’m up to $120k grant without affecting my credit
Comment from : Best funding via ALEXANDER LIAM HACKS on IG

Safeway is saying serial service grants, not transportation grants
Comment from : NC P

I am a small trucking company owner in starting up I need help and this helped a lot Thanks!!!!
Comment from : Wood_hauler78

Vicky J Portillo
I would like to communicate with you so I can ask you about my new business idea
Comment from : Vicky J Portillo

I just need 10k
Comment from : TK

Does this work for California
Comment from : PressureBoyz

Brandon & Peggy Love Lit
What can I do to get me a loan
Comment from : Brandon & Peggy Love Lit

lola K
Is there any way of getting a grant for your first truck? My husband is a contractor for someone else that owns the truck he drives He delivers to and from the port here in Florida where we live He pays half of every single expense related to this truck, including gas, insurance, tires, tags and many other fees associated with the truck Also half of his paycheck goes straight to the owner He will retain his spot at the port regardless of who's truck he's driving, so he'd really love to just have his own, but the down payment is almost impossible to come up with right now especially given the state of the economy We can barely feed our family We've been thinking about purchasing a truck for some time now His goal is to have more than one truck on the road eventually We honestly just don't know where to start, any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!
Comment from : lola K

George Greey
I’m a 10 year truck driver in LA I would like to start a trucking llc?
Comment from : George Greey

You are not only gorgeous, but your heart is clear as the crystal water Your financial help came in at the time when I needed the loan desperately for my clothing business I am so glad to have you in my life Alexander May the bond of our friendship continues forever Alexander in today’s world i would actually never find such people who may actually help me with money but for you I would just say that you are actually an exceptional person for me Thanks giving for you just helped me with a $200,000 grant and actually saved me In today’s world you would actually never find such people who may actually help you with money but for you I would just say that you are actually an exceptional person for me Thanks giving for you just helped me with money and actually saved me from all that very trouble a very huge debt
Comment from : contact ALEXANDER LIAM HACKS ON IG

Best funding via ALEXANDER LIAM HACKS on IG
The least I can do is offer you sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart Your help really came in handy for me at the time, when I desperately to buy me a house Thank you once again Alexander, and I know that this sincere help of yours will not be forgotten soon
Comment from : Best funding via ALEXANDER LIAM HACKS on IG

Best funding via ALEXANDER LIAM HACKS on IG
Loan approval 👆👆br•SBAbr•EIDLbr•FED GOVT GRANT
Comment from : Best funding via ALEXANDER LIAM HACKS on IG

Keith Raynor
Good afternoon I would like some help brI’m getting grants how do I get intouch with you
Comment from : Keith Raynor

Shelby chain
I am trying to start my business in transportation/trucking I would greatly appreciate any help to apply for a grant to buy equipment to get started Thank you Sir
Comment from : Shelby chain

annette norris
Comment from : annette norris

Troy Ellis
AWESOME, I definitely agree 💯 that it is a long-standing practice for companies to donate money or distribute grants for tax purposes I , however, would like to know what is the fastest and most effective way to obtain a grant if you need vehicle for LYFT or UBER ?! Thank you !
Comment from : Troy Ellis

Pray 4 the World
Super glad this video came up , grateful for the value your bringing to the world , hope your info reaches more and more people brother 💪🏼 brStarting a trucking business and would like to get more guidance on doing so … Thanks again 🙏🏼
Comment from : Pray 4 the World

Paper Chaser
Comment from : Paper Chaser

Barbara Butler
Thank you so much
Comment from : Barbara Butler

Thank you for the information I want to start up a box truck company
Comment from : CAPTAIN

parveen mehay
Bro I want start trucking business but I have 0 balance how I can do
Comment from : parveen mehay

Hady Bate
I need a grant for psv taxi what can I do?
Comment from : Hady Bate

Adriankyle De Luna
Need help
Comment from : Adriankyle De Luna

Trelle 17
Hello I'm looking for money to startup a trucking company I need money to purchase a truck can you help point me in right direction?
Comment from : Trelle 17

marck davies
I need help to get my box truck on the road!! I need help bro, I have a contract but need about $5,000 to get my truck on the road
Comment from : marck davies

davantay corey
How can I start a trucking business I have my cdl and I have a Business name with a EIN number registered with the state of Minnesota already I just don’t have enough money to buy a truck
Comment from : davantay corey

Hello, what can I do to grow my Uber business and what Grants can I apply for? Thanks!!!
Comment from : JovonSorillo

Shawna Ebron
Need your help
Comment from : Shawna Ebron

chaz king
I have a truck my mc an dot but I ran out of funds for tags an insurance how do I find financial help to get this thank you I had llc 2 years just didn't generate revenue
Comment from : chaz king

Duduzile Nkosi Lane
Very informative Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge 👏
Comment from : Duduzile Nkosi Lane

James M Bridgewater Jr
Help I am falling and need your help for transportation truck business
Comment from : James M Bridgewater Jr

Latwan Jackson
I need serious help obtaining the grant Please?
Comment from : Latwan Jackson

cameron fleming
Thank you for the knowledge
Comment from : cameron fleming

Randall McNeil
I have a business and I have no personal credit or business credit can you please help me get some capital
Comment from : Randall McNeil

Rolando Mota
Great video Im looking for grants that i can meet the requirements Im started in the transport industry in July 2020 due to lack of work What can i do to get help? Parts shortage and employee shortage has caused major loss of income
Comment from : Rolando Mota

Felisha Poole
I’ll definitely be in touch Thanks
Comment from : Felisha Poole

Stacia G
Need help getting the grant
Comment from : Stacia G

Eric Jones
Great information! I've been driving truck for 10 years and would love to get my own company started Please help! Will be reaching out to you soon!
Comment from : Eric Jones

Walt Man
Please help I'd love to get a grant to purchase equipment for my business
Comment from : Walt Man

Tuesday Property
I'd like to get a Transportation Grant
Comment from : Tuesday Property

upscale blue
Great Video! Wow, Grants for Transportation You know so much about grants
Comment from : upscale blue

Monday Property
Wonderful Information!
Comment from : Monday Property

settle m
Thank you Rinde
Comment from : settle m

Life Nation
Those 5 Grants are very interesting!
Comment from : Life Nation

Receive Dominion
Excellent Video Rinde!
Comment from : Receive Dominion

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