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Nine in multiplication is like 3×9 and you don't know well what I do is I multiply 3×10 is 30 now minus 3 is 27 so 3×9 is 27
Comment from : ssionh_

Jean McIntosh
My daughter struggled with 8*8 so I taught her a ryhme and now she remembers it br8 ate til he was sick on the floor🤮br8*8=64👍
Comment from : Jean McIntosh

Ryan Ho
I learned the table to 10 at around 4 years old, and up to 20 for quicker calculations around 8 years old🤔
Comment from : Ryan Ho

Osamede Nnadi
I thought she said 2, 5 and 10 times tables Watch the video again, I believe it would help you okay
Comment from : Osamede Nnadi

this is amazing thank you
Comment from : damnnn

Jo’s Natural Oasis
Comment from : Jo’s Natural Oasis

Ali Mortada
She looks like a goth but old go touch grass
Comment from : Ali Mortada

Oefenen met Resultaat
Thanks for this video Wish all parents would do this! I'm a Dutch teacher who likes to make videos, to help kids/parents learn in a fun way I've translated one of my videos for you Please let me know if you like it :-) wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=8aCT0LaAHWg
Comment from : Oefenen met Resultaat

@lilah don’t be discouraged all kids learn at different times Specially with the pandemic math in schools was hard since a lot of you kids had home schooling Stay positive stay focused and take it one times table at a time You got this !👍🏽
Comment from : vic

Lore 353
When I was smaller the teacher would tell us to do a sheet of “Xs” but we could take our time He didn’t time us So I did mines differently I know my 1s 5s 10s 11s but the rest I never study Everyone finish before me I however did them differently I would make a box using the second number and I would use the first number and started to evenly into the that I created I would count it all and get my answer yes I took longer but I was the only one that got a 100 that day and I was the last person to turn it in:…I felt so proud of myself
Comment from : Lore 353

Paul Vega
This is amazing I'm about to start with my son!
Comment from : Paul Vega

Natalie R Family
Thank you I was trying to figure how to teach my 4th grader He had a hard time and was confused last year (3rd grade) about multiplying 1 and 2s brHe wants to start learning them over at home before the teacher starts teaching it in class
Comment from : Natalie R Family

Comment from : aghabshbssbd

Michelle Yannantuono
You said there's a pattern for the 9 and 8 timetables You told us the pattern for the 9 times tables, but you never told us the pattern for the 8 time tables
Comment from : Michelle Yannantuono

Chiamaka Rosemary
Thank you so much ma'am This is really helpful
Comment from : Chiamaka Rosemary

SilverFox_FG 🦃
How could a 75 year old learn this? I'm 19 and this still is hard
Comment from : SilverFox_FG 🦃

Kathyjo Mcwilliams
The times table is for kids 2x2=4 is the same for a 7 year old and a 90 year old Anyone can learn at anytime in their life
Comment from : Kathyjo Mcwilliams

Rachel Bustamante
Where can I get the free download sheet?
Comment from : Rachel Bustamante

Tesie Marie
Ahhh! Just found this! I love this! Thank you so much!
Comment from : Tesie Marie

Cynthia Woods
Thank you so much for sharing this guide! I wasn't able to get the free download to workbut that's okay, I can make them
Comment from : Cynthia Woods

Ofe Nolan
is the printable available? is not allowing me
Comment from : Ofe Nolan

Jesus Is Coming Soon Help Us Jesus
Where is the drill sheet located
Comment from : Jesus Is Coming Soon Help Us Jesus

Jesus Is Coming Soon Help Us Jesus
Where is the free Download?
Comment from : Jesus Is Coming Soon Help Us Jesus

Jesus Is Coming Soon Help Us Jesus
Don’t forget 10 years old and for me 60 years old memorize them
Comment from : Jesus Is Coming Soon Help Us Jesus

Jesus Is Coming Soon Help Us Jesus
I need your help on teaching my granddaughter how to write neatly and correctly
Comment from : Jesus Is Coming Soon Help Us Jesus

Jesus Is Coming Soon Help Us Jesus
Can you send me those facts on paper! I really want her to get them (memorize) She’s 5th grade now
Comment from : Jesus Is Coming Soon Help Us Jesus

Jesus Is Coming Soon Help Us Jesus
Hello! I enjoyed your video! I need your help! My 10 years old granddaughter is very smart girl! She loves Math and she is an A & B student, but I can’t get her to memorize her multiplications (Time Table) Please help and I could not find the free download that you said you was going to give in the end! I could find it! I appreciate the download and you can send it to my email! Thanks
Comment from : Jesus Is Coming Soon Help Us Jesus

jayden h
You good girl
Comment from : jayden h

Hani Syed
My kids now the time table thank you for teaching my kids
Comment from : Hani Syed

You are right it is easier to learn by making it fun l learn my time tables in one week from this girls channel because it is soooo muuuuch fuun!br youtube/oEjjusRSVKw
Comment from : Paddy

Lynne Springer
Great idea Expect I would not tell my students which ones are the easy ones Once they realize the others are hard that is putting up a block and many kids never get to the point of mastering the 7's, 8's, 4's , 3's or 9's I would say that they are all easy and I would teach them right up the line--- 0, 1, 2, 3 , 4, etc I am starting with a tutoring group that will be working with kids across the US to address the students who have fallen behind during the COVID I was given the choice of math or reading and of course, I chose math My interview will be presenting a lesson I though that nothing could be better than a multiplication lesson I do understand why you chose certain numbers first- the easier ones I have taught in schools for almost 40 years and the biggest stumbling block has been those multiplication tables During testing an enormous amount of kids were counting with their fingers YIKE!S!!!
Comment from : Lynne Springer

gud for childrens
Comment from : AXOLOTL YT

kuppireddy mandakini
Very much bad 👎 video😡 i will not subscribe this video😡
Comment from : kuppireddy mandakini

rody Glo
Can you cal me I have a 11 yr old daughter I Iove to talk to you……
Comment from : rody Glo

My daughter doesn’t even want to talk about math with me
Comment from : Z

Im literally a 4th grader and a 10yr old and even i keep looking for vd like this it just get out my head i can’t learn good they tell im stu pid! i just wanna learn it in a good way and a fun way and ez way but they teach me the opisit of it they teach me hard of it and always yell at me and always like treating me but im trying my best even tho it takes moth for me to learn! i try my best but why the heck they don’t understand me?! im getting depressed cast it always go in my head im stu pis dumb?!
Comment from : HYUNA MAY TICSAY

Valerie Chaplin
Where is the down load
Comment from : Valerie Chaplin

michelle Russell
How do I download the sheets?
Comment from : michelle Russell

Hetal Jariwala
U can watch this at 125× speedthat helps get through the video without making much difference
Comment from : Hetal Jariwala

D K itsourchildernsfuture
Hello Clara, I'm a new sub today, I'm a 57yr "young" grandma in DeLand Florida and I happen to live with my daughter, my 9yr old 3rd grader granddaughter and son in law now since the end of 2018 because of disability reason My granddaughter is REALLY going through some changes, much of it I believe is hormonal, she's full of energy, has an exuberant personality, and from one minute to the next can be the absolute sweetest heart felt young lady, and outta nowhere be growling and yelling at the top of her lungs when frustrated or upset My goodness it's been an absolute rollercoaster! With that being said, she is definitely struggling in math and and testing Any kind of tests actually And she may very well not pass 3rd gradewhich I think adds even more pressure to her little mind She has times where she can sit and listen but then easily gets bored and then sidetracked I've been working with her on the times table and she'll be doing good, then obviously gets tired of going over them, I'll give her a break, sometimes she'll remember what we went over and other times it's like it went in one ear and out the other🥴brI just came across our video and since she's home with me today "teacher work day", I'm gonna try your method, WISH US LUCK!☺️
Comment from : D K itsourchildernsfuture

Thank you so much ✨❤️🥰 by the way if anybody is a slow learner I'll helpbrbrTip1 5 times is easy I'll show you brbrSo it like thisbrbr5 br10br15br20 br25br40br45br50br55 It's easy way easy for young children as we'll u just a number example: 30 br35 Like that u can go far away like this: 60 65 70 75 80 85 90 95 Like that brI'm lazy right nowbrTip2
Comment from : Jade

Vanessa Kangas
Are there still free drill sheets? I'm not seeing a link for them? brTIA!
Comment from : Vanessa Kangas

Practice gets Results
Thank you Loved this video Especially the skip-counting part
Comment from : Practice gets Results

Luisfernando Teco
Hey my is Luis I'm having trouble to learn the time table 😞
Comment from : Luisfernando Teco

I am 7 but I don't know 5 times
Comment from : Callum

Noemy Mackorty
My mom used to hit me with chancla every wrong answer
Comment from : Noemy Mackorty

♥︎Kpop world♡︎
Amazing 🤩 so helpful!!
Comment from : ♥︎Kpop world♡︎

I’m just watching this because my mom wanted me to “Learn” my time tables BUT brthis actually gave taught me how to actually ✨D O✨ my time tables so thank you for that😌🤚
Comment from : Freakk

Mahmud Habib
Comment from : Mahmud Habib

Mahmud Habib
6×8=48 48=3
Comment from : Mahmud Habib

Pov your In year 8 and still Don't know any ✌︎ oh and I need to get 1,000 thing right by tomorrow and I have detention lol
Comment from : taz_is_fabz

♡•Coca Nýsyir aShER•♡
Wow this helped me a lot!!
Comment from : ♡•Coca Nýsyir aShER•♡

Victoria Llaguno
Super helpful!
Comment from : Victoria Llaguno

Trace Tewayi
I am strugling lam in the5th grade and l cant tell time can you be kind enough and make a video for me 👼
Comment from : Trace Tewayi

My 11 year old still hasn't even come close to masteribg the standard 12x12 multiplication table I don't know why he can't figure it out and I am not a teacher and it just frustrates me I'm a horrible impatient teacher
Comment from : captainkrunch

Christly Saintsurin
Comment from : Christly Saintsurin

Joemarie Camilo
My teacher challenge my classmates to memorizing multiplication me and my classmates eyes is close 😳😳so hard when i watch this i learn and i have a perfect point and score Thanks
Comment from : Joemarie Camilo

Chi Wei Tan
You are the first American I know who can count !
Comment from : Chi Wei Tan

Christly Saintsurin
Comment from : Christly Saintsurin

Shereen Mostafa
Where is the six facts please ???
Comment from : Shereen Mostafa

glitter vs slime
what’s skip counting
Comment from : glitter vs slime

Harvest Thyme
For 9's we use our hands For 9 X's whatever number 9 x 3 put down your 3rd finger How many fingers are on each side of that finger (do not count the finger you have down So 9 x 3 is 27!! Love this trick!! Liam
Comment from : Harvest Thyme

Suruchi Mahajan
Nice video Thanks for information
Comment from : Suruchi Mahajan

Kelly Douglas
The numba ninja on you tube is an amazing resource
Comment from : Kelly Douglas

Buzy Bee
Hi can i please have the drill sheets?
Comment from : Buzy Bee

Mariza Natindim
Thank you for sharing your wonderful teaching strategies I love this to apply with my grandchildren
Comment from : Mariza Natindim

Buster the bunny care
This is amazing she needs more followers and likes the way she taught me
Comment from : Buster the bunny care

Why would you want to know that? A calculator can do that
Comment from : 77tubuck

tehanni forde
cool but i was lost
Comment from : tehanni forde

bLearning with this program has been a dream to use in my classroom /bbChildentStudy/bb It wholly supports my basal syllabus, but more than that, the program has even exceeded what basal offers It is more reliable and more engaging/b
Comment from : J A

Thank you so much I am a new Subscriber 😊 I'm sure there's a lot more to see for my kids in your informative videos Just a quick question how to access drill sheets for the 6 facts?
Comment from : HIBA JAFER

Multiplication tricks 🙏 Thankyou


Minnie Saffer
thanks for the fabulous video very useful
Comment from : Minnie Saffer

Rose Stein
A trick for the 9 times tables Put up all 10 fingers start with your pinky finger on your left hand For 9x1 but down your pinky finger, you are left with 9 fingers left For 9x2 put down your ring finger on your left hand you have your pinky finger still up for 1 and 8 fingers up past your ring finger that is down for 18 For 9x3 starting with your left hand put down your middle finger which leaves 2 fingers up before your finger that is down and 7 fingers that are up after your bent finger 27 and so on
Comment from : Rose Stein

Yanina Selikhova
Hello Is the printable still available?
Comment from : Yanina Selikhova

Rafael Perez
I would recite the multiplication table with my mom and if takes me at least 10 seconds to answer her she would compare me to other kids just for not saying the answer quickly Honestly, this video is the nicest way to even learn the multiplication tablebrbrEdit: I FINALLY LEARNED ALL OF THEM 😭
Comment from : Rafael Perez

To Allah is our return
Comment from : To Allah is our return

To Allah is our return
I didn't get any of this
Comment from : To Allah is our return

Angel XOXO
Seriously, this is way harder than what I teach They don't have to memorize anything, if you do the patterns, and they won't need to study it for more than a couple of days
Comment from : Angel XOXO

BABFT Tips and tricks!
Wow This is amazing My kids learned multiplication so fast from this Now they know the multiplication of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and 11 Thank you, this helped a lot! I’m gonna subscribe, thank you once again
Comment from : BABFT Tips and tricks!

The Boys
It was really helpfull cheers
Comment from : The Boys

Mahasen Kaled
I am useing my moms phone i wrote allot
Comment from : Mahasen Kaled

Danielle Gulick
I don't see a link for the free downloads?
Comment from : Danielle Gulick

Mustafa Akcacakir
I don't get it(;
Comment from : Mustafa Akcacakir

Phew I know times table now
Comment from : xsunnyarix

Retaj Mohamed
thank u!!!
Comment from : Retaj Mohamed

Lilah Nunez
But thanks
Comment from : Lilah Nunez

Lilah Nunez
I'm 10 and I didn't know my 9s or 8s and I'm 10 so stop saying all 6 or 5 Year olds know how to multiply okay
Comment from : Lilah Nunez

Victoria Ehrich
You are the best With your bless soothing voice No too much emphasis like learn multiplication in one minute etc Like other people dobrGod bless you
Comment from : Victoria Ehrich

Kleigh Howard
Comment from : Kleigh Howard

I don't nothing or understand a thing 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Comment from : Carlo

Michelle Forrest
I truly enjoyed your video I have been trying to teach my children multiplication and they seem to be struggling
Comment from : Michelle Forrest

Curt Conklin
I have created a program for my kids and the kids in my pod which turns out is almost the exact same thing as this I even say, "there are only six things you have to learn, and then really, only three because SQUARES!" I wrote it up and published it on TPTbrbrOne thing I add is story telling I create names for harder or more interesting equations For example, 24 is interesting because it shows up the most times on the table Numbers times themselves are squares I also make up dumb stories for certain equations Like 8x8 is called fat daddy because 8s look like chunky people (sorry PC folks) Or 11x11 is called splat because when written vertically, the equation looks like birds flying in formation (and birds poop) I will also "find" a kids favorite equation (it's just the one they get wrong the most), and then clue them by saying, "come on, this one is your favorite!"brbrAnother addition is the use of poker chips as a teaching tool You can use anything you have a lot of I tell the kids at the beginning of the session to set the chips up for 4s (as an example) They then set up a matrix of 4x12 blue chips with one white chip under the first column as a counter We can then start the session with step counting visually before going into flashcards When we get to flashcards, the child moves the counter chip over the number of columns and then step counts up to it They quickly want to show me they don't need the counter chip and do it in their heads before learning it completely (uh, yeah, kid - that was the idea)brbrI group the 0s, 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 9s, 10s, and 11s as "tricks" because the kids know them (for the most part) When we are doing flashcards, I ask the kids which "trick" before I ask for the answer This really hammers home that most of the 6s 7s, and 8s are not hard even though there are no tricks for those I call the three she mentions (6x7, 6x8, and 7x8) "the hard ones"brbrbrSometimes we play an advanced step counting game If working with 7s, I may ask the kids "how many answers start with a 3 and what are they?" (1 and 35) This gets them thinking more rapidly about scale before perfectionbrbrOMG I think I am procrastinating
Comment from : Curt Conklin

How do I get the freebies, Didn't see where to download etc
Comment from : bksusmc

7 X 8 = 56brwhich is 5,6,7,8 did you get it?br9's, 1 less then add to 9br4 X 9 = 36 ( 1 less than 4 and add 6 to reach 9)br7 X 9 = 63 ( 1 less than 7 and add 3 to reach 9 )br8 X 9 = 72 ( 1 less than 8 and add 2 to reach 9 )br6's : Skip count for 3 and read out loud evensbretc etc
Comment from : zahidmali

Cindy Nilsen
Please do not teach children that multiplication is "just repeated addition!" brIt is notbrYou get the same result however the processes are differentbrFrom: wwwmaaorg/external_archive/devlin/devlin_06_08html#::text=Let's20start20with20the20underlying,not20make20it20the20samebr"Multiplication simply is not repeated addition, and telling young pupils it is inevitably leads to problems when they subsequently learn that it is not Multiplication of natural numbers certainly gives the same result as repeated addition, but that does not make it the same Riding my bicycle gets me to my office in about the same time as taking my car, but the two processes are very different Telling students falsehoods on the assumption that they can be corrected later is rarely a good idea And telling them that multiplication is repeated addition definitely requires undoing laterbrbrHow much later? As soon as the child progresses from whole-number multiplication to multiplication by fractions (or arbitrary real numbers) At that point, you have to tell a different story"brbrOur American children need quality mathematics instruction
Comment from : Cindy Nilsen

Solomon Regina
My daughter was asked to resist it in school
Comment from : Solomon Regina

I am actually learning to simplify fractions using the greatest common factor And I have lots of trouble figuring out the Greatest Common Factor, because if you didn’t know, if you want to figure out factors instantly, you need to know and say your times tables instantly as well So will this method teach me how to say my times tables quickly? PS I am going to 8th grade btw :)
Comment from : Ennard

Freddy squeak Roblox
Thank you so much😊
Comment from : Freddy squeak Roblox


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