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Learn the Italian Alphabet: letters and sounds (Italian Pronunciation) (1/3)

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Information Learn the Italian Alphabet: letters and sounds (Italian Pronunciation) (1/3)

Title :  Learn the Italian Alphabet: letters and sounds (Italian Pronunciation) (1/3)
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Frames Learn the Italian Alphabet: letters and sounds (Italian Pronunciation) (1/3)

Description Learn the Italian Alphabet: letters and sounds (Italian Pronunciation) (1/3)

Comments Learn the Italian Alphabet: letters and sounds (Italian Pronunciation) (1/3)

Koh Flugilo
Fantastic video Manu! I listened to this video to find out if Italian just might maybe possibly per chance happen to use the English short /i/ sound like in the Erasmian Greek pronunciation for the word “intrigue” The first /i/ is short, and the second /i/ is long The short /i/ sound is one that I hate to not use because it makes me sound, um, un-Amerikan At about 2:30 into your video here, you used the word “vanissimo” Now I finally learned how to spell it (and pronounce it like you do) How kewl is that? For English guessing on how to sound-out a word, the vowel before a double consonant like in “vanissimo” would be short /i/, but not this word I have an interest in Italian because the so-called Esperanto/Ido accent is supposed to mimic Italian Vhan-nee-see-moh!, I suppose… 🤙👍
Comment from : Koh Flugilo

Nove Pipps
Italian is my favourite language & the most beautiful in the world imo I love your approach to teaching! You are very fun Thanks so much for this 🌞
Comment from : Nove Pipps

If you compare this to Latin American Spanish you have three more phonemes/sounds in Italian and Latin American Spanish doesn't have a single sound Italian doesn't have The same Z sound as in English, the G sound like in July or Giornatti, and Italians actually pronounce V whereas in Spanish V is pronounced as B So unless you lisp in Spanish you are left with 5 vowels that can only be short and a narrow selection of consonants I truly love Spanish but I have to say that due to the stated reason Italian and French sound better
Comment from : Basem

Priya Varma
Hi there I'm from India Idk for some reason I wanted to learn Italian So after starting to learn Italian I got to know that my mother tongue (Telugu) is called Italian of the east Just a funfact
Comment from : Priya Varma

Sheik Abdul Aziz Bin Baz
So technically I can’t spell my name in Italian because it has a Y😂😂
Comment from : Sheik Abdul Aziz Bin Baz

not even italian but wanna learn jt
Comment from : L

Wooah I never knew that J, K, W, X and Y don't exist in Italian 😂 brHow interesting!!
Comment from : Janini123

Thomas Robertson
My brother studied languages at the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center in California The pace of study was intense Students had to master the language course in 36-64 weeks Psychologically it was very difficult, but fortunately he was helped by Yuriy Ivantsiv's book "Polyglot Notes Practical tips for learning foreign languages” The book " Polyglot Notes" became a desk book for my brother, because it has answers to all the problems that any student of a foreign language has to face Thanks to the author of the channel for this interesting video! Good luck to everyone who studies a foreign language and wants to realize their full potential!
Comment from : Thomas Robertson

israa Abuzian
I couldn't pronounce your name, can you write it to me by pronunciation in English 😔
Comment from : israa Abuzian

KBM Phoenixx
yooo fire video!!👨🏿‍🦼
Comment from : KBM Phoenixx

Alexandra Izotova
Зачем преподавать итальянский и объяснять на английском?
Comment from : Alexandra Izotova

I live in Italy and I am tired of not being understood over the phone when I try to spell out my very long cognome This has been helpful! I learned Italian by speaking it and never properly learned the alphabet 🤣 Grazie!!!
Comment from : Diane

Emily Matheus
Comment from : Emily Matheus

Gobaad Ali
Thank you brother
Comment from : Gobaad Ali

where is w
Comment from : MrNightingale

Kanchana Perera
Thanks for sharingim following you
Comment from : Kanchana Perera

Starts at 0:39
Comment from : CyrusKad

Allyson Colombo
Da italiana mi fa molto piacere vedere tantissimi commenti di persone che vogliono imparare la nostra lingua Inoltre sei davvero fantastico ad insegnare, continua così e buon lavoro!
Comment from : Allyson Colombo

Spanish: "Ok, so we're calling this letter: J 'jota,' and we're calling this one: K ' ca' What are you guys calling them?"brItalian: 😑 bI pretend I do not see it/b
Comment from : LimeGreenTeknii

Okay, let's see if I got this right brbrMi Chiamo Tyler Farro tee Egreka Ele Eh Ereh
Comment from : ABYSS

buddha fire
Not now
Comment from : buddha fire

Júlia Piffer
Italiano é muito mais fácil que inglês
Comment from : Júlia Piffer

Maria Paredes
Good thing I speak Spanish, so the "r" was easy to pronounce 😂😂
Comment from : Maria Paredes

Andrew Mark
I know he says not to worry about rolling the tongue on the letter R but I've been practicing for months and it's been one my biggest flaws in speaking this language Either way it's a great video for beginners
Comment from : Andrew Mark

when u realize R is pronounced EREH: binner AoT fanbase rising/b
Comment from : CC

A 0:39, B 0:47, C 0:51, D 0:54, E 0:57 , F 1:02 , G 1:07 , H 1:10 , i 1:13 , L 1:17, M 1:22, N 1:25 , O 1:27 , P 1:32 , Q 1:35 , R 1:39 , S 1:45 , T 1:48 , U 1:51 , V 1:54 , Z 1:59 ,
Comment from : Blake

Nobody  •666 years ago
Sono italiana bellissimo …pee zeh -tah
Comment from : Nobody •666 years ago

عبد الرحمن العبيدان
Comment from : عبد الرحمن العبيدان

Dominique Pierre
I love italiens ; brSimillar culture ; but Germans and English people are not my favorite people
Comment from : Dominique Pierre

Bro how do you do ? Do you have telegram chanel ? As you tubebr '' thank previously for answer''
Comment from : Montana

Venus Star
Don't worry about the "RRR" Thankyou for the assurance 😅
Comment from : Venus Star

zach friedman
Who else is here after watching the sopranos?
Comment from : zach friedman

Jelou Lumbo
Grazie per questo video ♥️☺️
Comment from : Jelou Lumbo

Thanks! This is going to make my italian fandubbing so much easier!
Comment from : MultiLangCoder

Rouhina Nourizadeh
Thank you💐💐💐
Comment from : Rouhina Nourizadeh

Ana Prudencio
Comment from : Ana Prudencio

Duron Worldstar💫
Comment from : Duron Worldstar💫

Rubi Dihingia
Comment from : Rubi Dihingia

Any one we can practice italian
Comment from : Hamdiscorner

Brenston A
I been looking for a lesson like this for the longest! Thank you soo much!!!!!!! This is how we should all learn! This is how we learn basic Italian This should make a big difference for me moving forward Grazie!
Comment from : Brenston A

Marlayna Fox
What happens if you're trying to spell your name but some of the letters aren't in the alphabet
Comment from : Marlayna Fox

I love you so much ❤️❤️🥰
Comment from : تفائل

Anyone else learning italian because of måneskin?
Comment from : Mariam

asmaa Baghdadyy
Comment from : asmaa Baghdadyy

Jeronimo Pitter
How to use J in Intaliona and how to learn
Comment from : Jeronimo Pitter

Jack Perna
“How would you spell your name”brbr…1st letter is J … uuuhhh…
Comment from : Jack Perna

coco name
I’m Japanese and English isn’t my mother tongue, but i can study Italian well in this video Thanks😊brbrわたしは日本人で、英語は母国語ではありませんが、この動画でしっかりイタリア語を学習できています😊ありがとう❣️
Comment from : coco name

A AhbrB BibrC CibrD DibrE EbrF EffebrG GibrH AkkabrI IbrJ I LungabrK KappabrL EllebrM EmmebrN EnnebrO ObrP PibrQ KubrR ErrebrS EssebrT TibrU UbrV VubrW Vu DopiabrX IksbrY IpsilonbrZ Zetta
Comment from : 𝑒𝓁𝓁𝒶

Chicco Sauno rex
Fai anche una versione in italiano che non so l'inglese?
Comment from : Chicco Sauno rex

Sohaib Rajpoot
Start learning Italian today😊
Comment from : Sohaib Rajpoot

Any Body
Maneskin brought me here! brGotta learn italian as soon as possible, cuz those band interviews in italian are hell lotta interesting! 😂
Comment from : Any Body

donami soldi
Ok Ora so l’alfabeto
Comment from : donami soldi

Emma Emma
I started learning Italian today
Comment from : Emma Emma

duygu maximoff
Then how do i pronounce this 'å'
Comment from : duygu maximoff

BLaCk Pink Vs bTs
My aunt is in Italian so I have a dream to go there if I will have a chance so I will have to speak italian
Comment from : BLaCk Pink Vs bTs

Who else is here because she/he/they got obesessed with Maneskin from esc and is not determined to learn Italian to understand their lyrics
Comment from : Lizzy

wa 17
Let's start learning my third language :)
Comment from : wa 17

Helen Sweeney
I Am Doing a Project And This is helping me Alot
Comment from : Helen Sweeney

Manu, would you asses my knowledge of italian? I'd pay via paypal or something
Comment from : Vlado

Idk but this guy remind me of chester bennington lol
Comment from : Ninda29

questo ha aiutato molto mia sorella! voleva imparare l'italiano, quindi le ho mostrato questo video e ora è a posto!brbrtranslation:brbrthis helped my sister a lot! she wanted to learn Italian, so I showed her this video and now she is good to go!
Comment from : exphara

Chãn-dra LëkhaSrí
Recently I'm addicted to Italian language bcz of come vorrei🌟 song, thanks for this vedio
Comment from : Chãn-dra LëkhaSrí

Perry Tylor
I m new year
Comment from : Perry Tylor

Selina Antonia Graves
Thank you 🙏
Comment from : Selina Antonia Graves

Thank you so much for the video! But is italian from italy and italian from swiss is the same?
Comment from : Nonamepotato

Best tutorial
Comment from : zGreatestX

Mia A
Tee-ah-eme-i (ee)-ah
Comment from : Mia A

Marwari Chhoro
I am Indian your teaching style is शानदार 🙏🙏🙏
Comment from : Marwari Chhoro

Alaa Naji
Grazie mille
Comment from : Alaa Naji

Muhammad Abdullah
Im 11
Comment from : Muhammad Abdullah

Comment from : ?Eto

Kay Elle
I've been viewing this for a week and I can finally spell my name Cool!
Comment from : Kay Elle

Khan Khan
What about some symbols on the top of some alphabets for example è
Comment from : Khan Khan

Grazie mille perchè io non sapevo l'alfabeto in Italiano so solo quello di inglese,anche ma so l'unico Italiano qui?
Comment from : NotJake

Atikah Ahmad
Comment from : Atikah Ahmad

21-22 Vania Sokya
Kinda sounds like french
Comment from : 21-22 Vania Sokya

Lume the Crow
I feel like an Italian child lmao
Comment from : Lume the Crow

deniz öküz
Oh my gosh I am living in Rome I know Italian but not really because I am not good at the things that al IL del in lo can you make some videos with this words look like IL divano lo zaino
Comment from : deniz öküz

Nicole Lisa Thomas
The Y intrigues me
Comment from : Nicole Lisa Thomas

Nicole Lisa Thomas
after just watching this i can spell my name in italian i always just said its nicola , but now i can say and spell my name Nicole :) I am excited excuse me lmfu
Comment from : Nicole Lisa Thomas

Nicole Lisa Thomas
this helps so much i work for the italian market as an English speaker i even received a compliment for my pronunciation , after learning from you Thank you
Comment from : Nicole Lisa Thomas

Oregon Oranges
I've come to the right video! I find this video very useful,informative Now I can pronounce Italian alphabets!!
Comment from : Oregon Oranges

Janette Perez
i’ve always wanted to learn Italian and now i’m finally starting to learn it! i already know Spanish and English, so the alphabet sounded like a mix of both
Comment from : Janette Perez

Our space
I am new herehelp
Comment from : Our space

Debbie Baker
I just found you I hope you are still around - you make this effortless!
Comment from : Debbie Baker

Jo… papi
I tired learning this on an app but it's so much easier like this, your such a good teacher
Comment from : Jo… papi

nawaz chor
X ????
Comment from : nawaz chor

nawaz chor
Ciao fra
Comment from : nawaz chor

Hector J Estrella
I used to think that Spanish and Italian were similar but after watching this video I realize that they are EXTREMELY similar!
Comment from : Hector J Estrella

Ashrujit Poddar
started learning italiano
Comment from : Ashrujit Poddar

STEM 11 GALILEO A Genesis Anasarias
I'm from the Philippines and because of Wattpad, I found myself here hihi!
Comment from : STEM 11 GALILEO A Genesis Anasarias

Sassy Sassy
Hi Sir I am from India and I am wanting to know Italian and I have started from today
Comment from : Sassy Sassy

Io che sono Italiana👁️👄👁️
Comment from : reby👅

Kalim Khan
Where is jk
Comment from : Kalim Khan

How would you spell my namebrEmmanuel:
Comment from : Beatrice

Will McKay
2:06 don't mind me, saving a time stamp
Comment from : Will McKay

InvincibleGamer IG
Thanks for the lesson 😊
Comment from : InvincibleGamer IG

im here after watching sopranos
Comment from : AA

Joshim Shiakh
Nice video
Comment from : Joshim Shiakh

Comment from : Magentos’

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