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Cash Smuggling | National Geographic

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Information Cash Smuggling | National Geographic

Title :  Cash Smuggling | National Geographic
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Comments Cash Smuggling | National Geographic

Audiel Perez
How did the car turn from a ford to a chevy lol this video is fake
Comment from : Audiel Perez

This money goes from one criminal Org to the next being the US Government/politicians This is how they get their cut all the time best believe that
Comment from : IBringTheRain

i would put like 10k in my pocket
Comment from : Tr1zzy

riryan_doc sells on Instagram 💊🍄
👆👆 dude sells and ships globally…he got you for your healing experience and personal discovery 🍄🍫💊🔌
Comment from : riryan_doc sells on Instagram 💊🍄

Ablezer Aviles
That was two different suvs lol the first one was a jeep and the one they were gutting was a chevy traverse
Comment from : Ablezer Aviles

Cristian Mercado
El que no transa, no avansa compa
Comment from : Cristian Mercado

Cristian Mercado
There's always a better wayAlways
Comment from : Cristian Mercado

Richard G
Do away with big bills that will make it harder to move money ! just think of having to count Millions in 5s 10s and 20s !
Comment from : Richard G

Rick Sharma
Please Give me (($1000$)) Only
Comment from : Rick Sharma

Rasu Khiung
That's a lot of money
Comment from : Rasu Khiung

Its obvious that they didn’t take it apart cuz of scratches must have been a snitch
Comment from : Abc

I always wondered if they break your car and don’t find anything… What is going to happen next if your car is in pieces and it’s not drivable…
Comment from : EDO_MANN1

Saroj Kanda
Jai mara di
Comment from : Saroj Kanda

Catch one load, let 9 more pass
Comment from : ll NATE DOGG ll

Sohail Khan
Bad luck this family
Comment from : Sohail Khan

Gloria Garza
What happens to all the money??
Comment from : Gloria Garza

imagine its not and u break the car apart LOL
Comment from : 6IX 9INE

Jim Salaj
Comment from : Jim Salaj

See, if they would open a free checking account you know, one of those that pays $500, they wouldn't have this problem and plus they would have $500 more !
Comment from : Zone47

This staged
Comment from : Jasun

8ball phil
caught one , another 20 got through
Comment from : 8ball phil

Richard Griffin
U know most if not all of their busts come from snitches Don't believe the hype 12 aren't that smart
Comment from : Richard Griffin

Lynn Leigha
I think people who commit crimes, with children in toe, should definitely get a harsher penalty
Comment from : Lynn Leigha

Ryan Ward
Our government hates competition
Comment from : Ryan Ward

Jan Slays
So if there was never that scratch they would went passed?
Comment from : Jan Slays

I remember hearing stories like this where "the caught vehicles" was one of the ways for those working on both sides of the border to get paid to not draw attention
Comment from : Adero

VooDoo Child
What happens when the Border Patrol suspects a vehicle and then find NO drugs but yet destroys the persons vehicle Does the Border Patrol pay for the damage? Sorry I meant the taxpayers You need to show some of those cases!
Comment from : VooDoo Child

Marvin Avila
People snitch a lot in Americans that’s messed up these day
Comment from : Marvin Avila

Isaac Mejia
my freedom right there
Comment from : Isaac Mejia

Daniel Feld
Just give them care back when done and wish them luck
Comment from : Daniel Feld

Prophet Muhammad SAW
Comment from : Prophet Muhammad SAW

Billy Eggers
That was all a part of the plan He finds it, he confiscates it and then it's across the boarder Sheeeessshhh
Comment from : Billy Eggers

Liam Meinema
Imagine they were wrong and just tore apart a car for no reason
Comment from : Liam Meinema

Juan Mendoza
Oyul79j9jh6fe47aw4tyf uk were Kipp uydw5efhvihjojoout
Comment from : Juan Mendoza

Juan Mendoza
That's a lot
Comment from : Juan Mendoza

Juan Mendoza
Comment from : Juan Mendoza

Won Thouzan
Comment from : Won Thouzan

Alejandro carranco
La marca del 🐀raton ovidio guzman soy el raton 🐭😀👍👍👍
Comment from : Alejandro carranco

Raymond Dauteuil
These guys should deff be allowed to keep a stack of bread everytime they find a stash like that
Comment from : Raymond Dauteuil

2 Different cars
Comment from : Mahdman

Paya Suantak
Why seiz even money huh?
Comment from : Paya Suantak

Dancehall Dashout
What happen when they aint find nothing
Comment from : Dancehall Dashout

Daniel Cano
Entre loske enviaron eso Ai unifiltrado Kedio el pitaso enkecarro iva
Comment from : Daniel Cano

Were does the seized money go?do they have a room full of seized money that just sits there?
Comment from : Lee

Angry Teletubby
wait so this isnt a how to?
Comment from : Angry Teletubby

Leith Chesser
The car the family is in is different than the car with the drugs in The first one looks like a Ford Escape the second ones a Chevy traverse Staged?
Comment from : Leith Chesser

Anita Boodram
Blood money 💶
Comment from : Anita Boodram

zepher starrtrail
"5-6 hours to count it" They better go back to school if it takes that long
Comment from : zepher starrtrail

Steve Duncan
The original vehicle is a Ford escape The car they tear apart is a Chevy You people are morons
Comment from : Steve Duncan

He showing his face like that cartels will be looking him up
Comment from : upsie

Shashidhar Shettar
This was a planned seize just to keep the yearly quota met for federal agents
Comment from : Shashidhar Shettar

Armando Alejandro
We all know that their are a lot of different, more reliable ways to pay each other,this is a dime drop and a payment,how else do you think the us border patrol gets paid,this is just part of the deal today for you and tomorrow for me tampering with the windshield wipers you have to be kidding me this is bulshit
Comment from : Armando Alejandro

ketty nakayama
Whaat!!? Looks bigger than one's shown on d news 😵
Comment from : ketty nakayama

Reuben J Cogburn
I miss the days when people with the authority to arrest other people oh, did not dress up like they were a soldier headed into battle I understand the world is a different place these days, but when every cop is dressed up like Rambo it just makes the world a crappy replace
Comment from : Reuben J Cogburn

Douglas Pogliano
100 not trustworthy if you have sunglasses on you cant be trusted if you have your eyes covered
Comment from : Douglas Pogliano

Tom Markham
Yeah an just think you bitchs marry them just so they can get a green card Hmmm 🤔
Comment from : Tom Markham

Jason Ingram
😇Know That Family Was Forced😇brNow the Cartel will try to kill thembrProtective Custody For Life $
Comment from : Jason Ingram

douglas becker
These guy are good When they started bending the car up with a crowbar, I’m like, stay outa crime…ain’t worth it
Comment from : douglas becker

Kurbick San
Who keeps the money? Lol
Comment from : Kurbick San

David Holland Farms
Pokémon are not safe from these guys 4 sho
Comment from : David Holland Farms

David Holland Farms
The negative likes most likely are cartels themselves
Comment from : David Holland Farms

Arun Vijayaraj
After Rish gang
Comment from : Arun Vijayaraj

Maxell deNomie
U guys got good stuff, not keeping any of itRespects, and keep going
Comment from : Maxell deNomie

Rusty Shakelford
This is how a proper supply chain works
Comment from : Rusty Shakelford

this is fake? who would have suspected a family to smuggle stuff
Comment from : flisko

Only in movies
Comment from : Greenman

Aaron Petry
They counted the money the total was $1,200 Wow great job guys
Comment from : Aaron Petry

f u all
I don't get it why don't all the cartels team up and wipe out the police, boarder control and goverment wipe out the lot the cartels have more than enough men and guns to pull it of, that's what I would do if this was my business
Comment from : f u all

Timothy Wynne
There was actually 600 grand but some went missing
Comment from : Timothy Wynne

Comment from : DD CLASH YT

Sunil Sangwan
Comment from : Sunil Sangwan

Every single one of these: 3 types of commentsbrbr1) You said 16 packages right? br12 packagesbrThat's what I thought; 10 packages brbr2) This one got caught but 4,000,000,000 more got throughbrbr3) It's just pennies/lunch money/nothing to the cartel
Comment from : StealthyDead

Imageguy Imageguy
what happens if they are wrong and they destroy a car?
Comment from : Imageguy Imageguy

Josh Repple
What happens if they don’t find anything but they destroy the car do they have to pay to get it fixed
Comment from : Josh Repple

And that is why Crypto exist
Comment from : SpacebarWASD

Ahmad Hassan
Iam sure they had a information
Comment from : Ahmad Hassan

คุณ พิทักพงษ์ เรือนอ้าย
Comment from : คุณ พิทักพงษ์ เรือนอ้าย

Thomas Thomas
For sure they had information about this car
Comment from : Thomas Thomas

Kami Art
Waooo Great job 👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍
Comment from : Kami Art

ബ്ലൈൻഡ് സ്പോട്ട്
ഞങ്ങൾടെ MVD കാക്ക തൂറിയൽ വരെ ഫൈൻ അടിക്കും അത്രേം ഇല്ലല്ലോ😂😂
Comment from : ബ്ലൈൻഡ് സ്പോട്ട്

Dan Mitchell
Is this even real? The SUV they have initially (at 00:12) is a first generation Ford Escape, the car they are ripping apart at 01:32 is a Chevrolet Traverse
Comment from : Dan Mitchell

de hash
Bill counter can handle it faster, than 5-6 hours
Comment from : de hash

Mark of the Devil
I'm gonna start looking at cars a little differently now
Comment from : Mark of the Devil

Hassan Sellak
No more geography to study!!!!
Comment from : Hassan Sellak

What happens to that money?
Comment from : FireVulpez

Story looks fake! brScratches is not any symbol of tampering cars get scratches all the time
Comment from : A M

shannol ferns
Asking are you carrying arms or weapon and people will say yes i am, going to pochinki then school appartment for enamies
Comment from : shannol ferns

Craig Bossman
very good job
Comment from : Craig Bossman

Otar Murmanishvili
what will be if they broke car, crash it but they won't find anything? :D border police gives you brand new car or what?
Comment from : Otar Murmanishvili

Daniel Ray
Too bad those 100s are worthless brI witnessed a store reject a 100 because it's the old design
Comment from : Daniel Ray

Alinafe Mphwina
Comment from : Alinafe Mphwina

Blinds 4 u
and just like that the government steals again shameful
Comment from : Blinds 4 u

Colby Tate
And what if there’s nothing behind those scratches and other marking do they give them a new car after they’ve destroyed the engine bay???
Comment from : Colby Tate

Green_thumb 3579
So if they never found anything, would they be responsible for damages?
Comment from : Green_thumb 3579

Daniel Sanchez
Let's destroy dirty blood bad guys money 🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : Daniel Sanchez

Comment Channel
They got those packages sized so they could let the other 10 trucks with guns ammo drugs and money in and out
Comment from : Comment Channel

Alban G
Comment from : Alban G

LowLimit Soldier
This looks real Lol
Comment from : LowLimit Soldier

William Knight
Anyone know what would happen if CBP ripped a car apart and found nothing?
Comment from : William Knight

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