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Earnings Per Share explained

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Information Earnings Per Share explained

Title :  Earnings Per Share explained
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The Finance Storyteller
Enjoyed the video? Then please subscribe to my channel, and find out next how to analyze EPS in detail: youtube/TRY_mjggMQY
Comment from : The Finance Storyteller

Chad Marrocco
Comment from : Chad Marrocco

Very nicely explained Thanks
Comment from : KARAN SAHNI

Your Wifes Boyfriend
At 0:23 where would i find this information of apple or any company in general? So i can save this sight to my favorites on my apple devices
Comment from : Your Wifes Boyfriend

When we are calculating Basic EPS , shouldn't we deduct Preferred Dividends from Net Income?? 🤔
Comment from : 𝗦𝗮𝗺𝗮𝗮

Is EPS what you earn annually or quarterly for holding a stock?
Comment from : Pravin

Bamsi 2003
It is ok for a company to have bigger or lesser EPS per year? Logically it should be bigger because it would mean that the company gets more money out of investors buying shares and with EPS you can calculate P/E ratio which might suggest if a company has undervalued or overvalued stocks, but idk, I might confuze something
Comment from : Bamsi 2003

Victor Javier Sanchez Melo
Gracias por los subtitulos en ESPAÑOL
Comment from : Victor Javier Sanchez Melo

Aakash Odh
Comment from : Aakash Odh

Is earnings per share the same as earnings payout?
Comment from : Siba

Mihir Patwardhan
Great explanation 👍👍
Comment from : Mihir Patwardhan

Ur videos are well made and wonderful to watch!
Comment from : LECityLECLEC

Wallet Invest
So basically Apple made $835 / $831 per share while they paid $022 out of the $835 per share for the AAPL shareholders Correct ??
Comment from : Wallet Invest

Александр Головкин
Oh finally, a good explanation! Thank you!
Comment from : Александр Головкин

Stoica Alexandru
The bigger eps the better, correct?
Comment from : Stoica Alexandru

Cristian lifts914
How do i find the preferred dividends?
Comment from : Cristian lifts914

Great information and excellent explanation…
Comment from : chaging1

Jolene Malone
this channel is so underrated
Comment from : Jolene Malone

طريق التميز
I have a question about importance of EPS in selecting stocks to invest in ?!
Comment from : طريق التميز

طريق التميز
Firstly, thanks so much for adding Arabic subtitles to your videos
Comment from : طريق التميز

Irene Aman
Yeah Yeah
Comment from : Irene Aman

where can i find key information such as the number of shares of a company ( Are there any sites you recommend )
Comment from : Ek

Gokul Krisnan
Thank you
Comment from : Gokul Krisnan

Aarti Kumari
Clearly explained Thankyou Sir 🙂
Comment from : Aarti Kumari

dennis ferreira
I don't understand the concept If shareholders only own a percentage of the company, why are they entitled to all of the profit?
Comment from : dennis ferreira

where is another video of it?
Comment from : StayPolishThinkEnglish

Muhammad Hamdy
Thanks a lot That's been very useful
Comment from : Muhammad Hamdy

What's is revenue vs EarningsbrbrIs that what it took in vs what it kept?
Comment from : Sam

Chuck A Mancini
You did a great job explaining EPS and breaking it down Thank You
Comment from : Chuck A Mancini

You're the only one I understood better than anyone
Comment from : Maska

Alessandro Gheltrito
Very good Only a question Where did you find the basic and diluited number of shares?
Comment from : Alessandro Gheltrito

The amazing guy
What does "convertible securities were being excersized" mean?
Comment from : The amazing guy

When will company add or subtract its eps on the day of declaring it? FE if apple announced its eps +3$ for this quarter will it add immediately Thanks in advance
Comment from : Akoirala

Good explanation!
Comment from : a

Vitamin D
So the $8 is how much you would pay for the share right?
Comment from : Vitamin D

What is a good eps?
Comment from : IZM

Filippo Iguera
Thank you very much! Keep going!
Comment from : Filippo Iguera

ntaj xeem yaj & nkauj nag channel
Very good
Comment from : ntaj xeem yaj & nkauj nag channel

Why do some sources say to subtract preferred dividends from Net income?
Comment from : ADrunkenYoshi

raphael dayan
This is the best finance youtube channel, no doubts
Comment from : raphael dayan

erez levi
again my friend very good explanation, but still i have one question:br1 Suppose I held 100 shares in Apple's first quarter of 2019, they reported $ 246 EPS brWhat does this mean about me because it's not money that I get (what I get is a dividend and a return on the stock if it was)?
Comment from : erez levi

James Perry
Comment from : James Perry

simply understood, thank you - subscribed!
Comment from : undermygarage

Tramell Malone
Your very good at explaining difficult finance analysis I am looking to have my own Finance/Investment firm one day Thanks!!
Comment from : Tramell Malone

Great Video Thank You!
Comment from : comelon3

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