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Valuable Eisenhower Dollars 1971 to 1978 - Varieties To Look For

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Information Valuable Eisenhower Dollars 1971 to 1978 - Varieties To Look For

Title :  Valuable Eisenhower Dollars 1971 to 1978 - Varieties To Look For
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Frames Valuable Eisenhower Dollars 1971 to 1978 - Varieties To Look For

Description Valuable Eisenhower Dollars 1971 to 1978 - Varieties To Look For

Comments Valuable Eisenhower Dollars 1971 to 1978 - Varieties To Look For

Noel Aunario
Good day sir How much the US$100 gold coin 1972 Dwight Eisenhower???
Comment from : Noel Aunario

J Tyler
1972 D clad i found doubling in every letter on the reverse I bought 10 1971 D eisenhowers at the bank and found doubling in several letters on obverse and reverse are doubled Do these coins been recongized as a variety?
Comment from : J Tyler

J Tyler
What about the 2017 P one cent
Comment from : J Tyler

Woodsy Crypto
dang, Mine is a Eisenhower D Mint
Comment from : Woodsy Crypto

Abel Cerrillo
I've seen one silver dollar that had Liberty spelled LIBERTK
Comment from : Abel Cerrillo

Joe Taylor
Wendy's coins and collectables says there only worth a dollar fifty ?
Comment from : Joe Taylor

Dr Thomas Rasberry
Why was the quality of cameos so inconsistent? Seems like the same issues happened with Kennedy proofs, as well
Comment from : Dr Thomas Rasberry

I have 1/2 dollar 1976 , from phillipines
Comment from : DarkPlayz

Big Joeylongsr
I have a mint 1971s silver
Comment from : Big Joeylongsr

I have one i wanna know how much it's worth
Comment from : anime_dude420

I have coin in year 1978 how can I sell sir
Comment from : PR BGMI GAME

Clorox lavender scent
Today I have actually found a 1971 s ike dollar 40 silver business strike at a bank It's one of only 6million minted I couldn't believe someone just turned that into a bank
Comment from : Clorox lavender scent

ayaz khan
Comment from : ayaz khan

Josephine Enriquez
I have this 1974/
Comment from : Josephine Enriquez

I'm from the phillipines I have one dollars year 1971
Comment from : palusss

Joseph L Beamon
Once again many mahalos for the advice and info Daniel I have the DIVA 6D1 - 401 RUNNY NOSE !!! Going to the coin shop to see it's value
Comment from : Joseph L Beamon

London Leat
Is the 1978 worth anything in mint condition? Mine is golden I cannot find anything about it
Comment from : London Leat

Great video I do have a question though: What is the difference between 1971-S Silver proof and 1971-S Type 1 Reverse proof as listed on the PCGS Coin Facts? Is the Type 1 Reverse a Clad proof? Thanks
Comment from : Writer1984

Nicole Carroll
Can you tell me if my coins are worth anything if I can send a photo I have a set with all coins quarter, dollar, half dollar, quarter, dime and pennybrThank you,brNicole
Comment from : Nicole Carroll

Mom’s Love is a Lifetime Warranty
I have 3 of the brown box proof S 71's, but trying to look closely at the details with a camera, it just reflects the camera and I can't figure out how to photograph them without the case reflection or camera reflection :-( to see any possible DDO detail Kind of frustrating
Comment from : Mom’s Love is a Lifetime Warranty

mike tv vlog
I have one coin of leberty 1978
Comment from : mike tv vlog

Robinson Qioeg
I saw at the coin shop, well it needs to bargain the price
Comment from : Robinson Qioeg

Eric Nalopa
I had 1978 liberty one dollar coin How much the value today My grandmother gave it to me
Comment from : Eric Nalopa

Domingo De Anda
That was pretty damn good, thanks
Comment from : Domingo De Anda

Peggy Kintner
The back is painted
Comment from : Peggy Kintner

Manuel Mendoza
I have that coins 2 pcs if u r interested to buy pm me
Comment from : Manuel Mendoza

Angelina Wong
Where can I sale my old coins and old bill??
Comment from : Angelina Wong

Wayne Wheeler
Ikes have definitely caught my interest Unlike Morgans, Peace Dollars and other older types, collecting the more modern Ike Dollar (the last big hefty US dollar that was in general circulation) seems to be within grasp for an average guy with modest means I can imagine the wonder that Ikes will generate on the faces of those that come a couple of generations from now Thanks for the referenced resources!
Comment from : Wayne Wheeler

Home girly Girl Ish
1972 D type 2 I believe how can I sell it?
Comment from : Home girly Girl Ish

Home girly Girl Ish
I have the 1972 D
Comment from : Home girly Girl Ish

Ernesto Garcia
Sir i have one dollar 1971-D for sale$$ Im from phillipines
Comment from : Ernesto Garcia

The 72 type 3 is so easy to identify The large islands looks like an alligators head
Comment from : typeviic1

I cherry picked clad Ikes and sent them to ANACS for cheap holders I got returned, a 71 MS66 and a 73-D MS66 Im thinking of sending them for PCGS crossover
Comment from : typeviic1

I have a bunch of Ike dollars I bought from an old drug dealer Looks like some of the valuable ones you speak of They are in a black sleeve though not what you showed in your video
Comment from : TriLifeBullyFlight

Jhing Bastinen
i have 1971 gold plated eisenhower dollar
Comment from : Jhing Bastinen

Wanda Williams
Just out of curiosity, why is there no Ike dollars in 1971&1972 proof sets
Comment from : Wanda Williams

Mushtaque Ahmed Mohtesham
I have 1972 1974 1978 what is the price this 3 coins sir,,, 9741 211132
Comment from : Mushtaque Ahmed Mohtesham

Rhonnell Hari
I have one 1776 - 1976 one dallor eisenhower i want to sell this coinsthe most expensive dollar here is what i havelet me know if you are interested
Comment from : Rhonnell Hari

Chris Kifaya
I cant get on Facebook I got kicked off itdang
Comment from : Chris Kifaya

Christian Campbell
Thanks for making this video, I just started filling the Ike set, this helps me keep an eye out for some Been a long time viewer I always appreciate your videos!
Comment from : Christian Campbell

I remember ordering a silver uncirculated 1971-S Ike dollar back in the day Still have it, too I also have a 1973-S Blue Ike
Comment from : 8avexp

James Goss
My late father-in-law had a couple 1971-D Ikes I think he got them in 1971 as a novelty as soon as they were available, because only the earliest 1971-Ds included that reverse I took a look at them a couple months ago, and they were both the Friendly Eagle variety Both pretty good looking with clean fields
Comment from : James Goss

Mrs Yukon Cornelius
The Eisenhower and the American eagle are two coins I am interested in and would like to collectand Benjamin also What is the difference between the walking liberty and the American Eagle? I can look it up I just was thinking about all the information in this video… You sure know a lot of stuff in your head, Daniel! You’re very much appreciated ❤️
Comment from : Mrs Yukon Cornelius

I also have a question about busting coins out of the brown boxes I purchased a brown Ike, proof silver, in the brown box, but the cardboard box was damaged I busted the coin out and it's beautiful Does it really matter if the coin is still in the brown box, especially if the box is in bad shape?
Comment from : TheDurnans

I'm fairly new to collecting I purchased a bi-centennial silver proof Ike and was perplexed that the reeded edge had a hint of copper color, like a clad Yet, it weighed the same as a 1971 proof silver S that I have which I know for a fact is silver Is that common to find a '76 silver proof with a hint of copper on the edge? I'm really perplexed by this coin
Comment from : TheDurnans

Michael Smith
Your videos are awesome man I watch every one you come out with So much info
Comment from : Michael Smith

Barry Barney
to us all I was a complete beginner and I have learned everything I know about coins from you I appreciate you and you tube as well THANKS
Comment from : Barry Barney

Barry Barney
Hey Daniel I just want to say thank you for all of the help that give freely
Comment from : Barry Barney

Alan Canavan
Thanks Daniel I might just start a new collection
Comment from : Alan Canavan

fralan hernandez
Do the still have value if not mint?
Comment from : fralan hernandez

Jimmy b747
Wow another amazing super great video info and analysis from absolutely the best channel on utube its fantastic how you go into such great detail wish your buisseness and your channel all the best thank you keep the videos coming there must watch
Comment from : Jimmy b747

Good one,I like IKE !
Comment from : mammyrammer

Thomas Jensen
Thanks for the information
Comment from : Thomas Jensen

Levi ORourke
Daniel after tomorrow's purchases I will not be buying for a couple weeks I am dumping money into my dream car currently And I'd like to get it finished cause it's close So the next purchase will most likely be at your shop
Comment from : Levi ORourke

Collectibles  Coins And Paydirt
O I found a br1971 FS-101 DDO brPenny yesterday it's only about a VF20 but I was aesthetic to find it
Comment from : Collectibles Coins And Paydirt

Collectibles  Coins And Paydirt
I don't have any Eisenhower's in my collection
Comment from : Collectibles Coins And Paydirt

Alden Davis
Great JobThanks
Comment from : Alden Davis

Hell, I got into Shield Nickles, Ike's aren't that much more of a stretch 😁
Comment from : petespal

Numismatic Stacker
Comment from : Numismatic Stacker

Dodger 455
wow there are a lot of those, better check my rolls thanks
Comment from : Dodger 455

Good info, thanks for sharing
Comment from : INDIANA BOB

Colemans Street Coins
Very informative and great description of what you are talking about Thanks Dan
Comment from : Colemans Street Coins

Nickel Nation Coins & More
Good info, I've had so many Ikes go through my hands and have never looked for varieties
Comment from : Nickel Nation Coins & More

Thank you for taking the time to test the coins and metals that come into your shop!
Comment from : SpegTacular

Josepch Will
Thanks for another video I have access to some proof sets which I can go look through that have basically stayed in a safe since they were purchased
Comment from : Josepch Will

King T
I have a 71 i was thinking about getting graded I Just ordered the Washington commemorative Will definitely be getting more
Comment from : King T

roger martin
I couldn't sell an Ike to any of my customers if my life counted on it I have tried to promote them to customers for years and they all think their junk What a shame
Comment from : roger martin

Bill Driscoll
Thanks for the information And have a great day
Comment from : Bill Driscoll

How would it happen that there is only one proof coin missing the S mint mark Seems strange to me 1976 no S type two silverI imagine many have tried to get their finest file out to try to fool pcgs/ngcThanks again
Comment from : KENNETH COOK

Excellent overview of Ikes They were my first collectable coins as a kid, especially loved them since I didn't grow up in America This brings me back to hours of fun when in hanabada days(young ’un) I learned about the known varieties then and followed discoveries over the years Makes getting older sort of worthwhile:LOL! Time maybe to dig out the old Ikes and get them a good new hanabada home Another great video
Comment from : Hualani

James Gossweiler
I have an autographed Hollywood actress photograph (Anne Francis) dating to the 1950s made out to Eisenhower hanging in my office She was in The Forbidden Planet (1956) with Robbie the Robot LOL I don't have any Eisenhower dollars
Comment from : James Gossweiler

Comment from : ROSEBUD39

great info that is always priceless, thanks for all you do for everyone, thanks
Comment from : jackiealley2

Tom Abbott
Thanks Dan I appreciate your videos
Comment from : Tom Abbott

Pollock 14
Very nice I have a complete set of these too
Comment from : Pollock 14

DJ Rez
i just want to say Dan is a great person to deal with! awesome shop and very trustworthy I bought and sold from them and he is always prompt to answer emails
Comment from : DJ Rez

Lee Brewer
Ike's are some of my favorite b/c when I was a kid, I dreamed of the days when people could get this large of a coin then in 71 they started making a large coin again I used to love getting these at the bank As always, people did not want a dollar coin for daily commerce, so they did not circulate well But they are a fun coin personally, and ironic, my favorites are the Daniel Carr overstirkes you can get on eBay every once in awhile As a kid I dreamed I found a 1975 Ike dollar, and now I own an overstrike that is as close to the real deal as you could get
Comment from : Lee Brewer

Linda Nelson
I learn something new with each of your videos I was completely in the dark about the varieties in this series Years ago I bought what I thought was going to be 100 silver dollars, but when I actually saw them it was two Morgan's, and 98 circulated Ike's I paid for the Morgan's, and face for the rest Afterwards every time I ate out, or had coffee with friends I'd always leave a couple Ike dollars A lot of servers had no idea what they were They were almost always amazed Hopefully I planted a small seed to interest a few of them in collecting
Comment from : Linda Nelson

Les Wylie
Daniel thanks for sharing buddy , I bet Lincoln thanks you for the shout out
Comment from : Les Wylie

George Matthews
Comment from : George Matthews

Mark Sgarlata
I now have a complete set of proof eisenhower dollar in pcgs 69 dcam because of you! Thank you Dan They are cool
Comment from : Mark Sgarlata

Tylonn Platinum 3rd Coins
Great info on a series that I’ve overlooked, thanks Dan
Comment from : Tylonn Platinum 3rd Coins

Merle Bolton
I dont like you
Comment from : Merle Bolton

CM Silver
never new there was a whole section on Ikes thanks
Comment from : CM Silver

russ sherwood
what silver dollars were minted in the 1960s? thank you for the video, be strong, be safe, and be blessed
Comment from : russ sherwood

John Scanga
Another great videogreat information, I am considering purchasing some Ikes in auctioncontinued success
Comment from : John Scanga

Lincoln Central Coins ® ™️
Awesome job thanks for Sharing my friend You guys are awesome
Comment from : Lincoln Central Coins ® ™️

Minir Monedha Relaks
Hello good day brNice share like video 👍
Comment from : Minir Monedha Relaks

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