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Should You Have Your Lincoln Cent Proof Graded? RARE Proof Cent Values

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Information Should You Have Your Lincoln Cent Proof Graded? RARE Proof Cent Values

Title :  Should You Have Your Lincoln Cent Proof Graded? RARE Proof Cent Values
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Frames Should You Have Your Lincoln Cent Proof Graded? RARE Proof Cent Values

Description Should You Have Your Lincoln Cent Proof Graded? RARE Proof Cent Values

Comments Should You Have Your Lincoln Cent Proof Graded? RARE Proof Cent Values

Im still not sure on the Difference of Machine Doubling and Double DyeI have a bunch of 1969 with what you call Machine Double ing(NOT THE 1969 Double Dye Everyone would Love to have Thanks again Daniel
Comment from : Clifford

Thanks Brother for ALL You're Help
Comment from : Clifford

Mark Chilluffo
I found two boxes of uncirculated 2022d dimes what would you do with them thanks for your channel much appreciated
Comment from : Mark Chilluffo

Sara Grice
Hey Dan I have a 1909 vdb red brown pretty nice should I send it to the graders
Comment from : Sara Grice

Countrygal weaver
Thank you for this video It helps a lot
Comment from : Countrygal weaver

Kristi Lama
Nepali Experience plz
Comment from : Kristi Lama

I hate that coins left in the Mint packaging can develop issues but if you cut them out out the packaging they lose value 😳
Comment from : Blake

william phillips
Great information very good
Comment from : william phillips

tom_morgandealer _pgh
Almost never ever want to dip a penny or any copper always ruins the color and you see it right away this is an older video i know but now more then ever dont want to waste money sending off bad proofs or pennys in general
Comment from : tom_morgandealer _pgh

Crystal Moore
How can I get a list of the wheat penny list
Comment from : Crystal Moore

Martin M
Would the 1960 cent be a trial for the baking soda/ aluminum cleaning method? I haven't seen any copper coins being cleaned this way only silver, yet would it damage this copper cent?
Comment from : Martin M

Chau Nguyen
Y0U are the best ! L0VE ❤️ all Y0UR teaching and Y0UR kindest 0F HEART!br🙏❤️DANIAL! brG0D BLESSED! New Years ! J0ys for all Y0UR families!
Comment from : Chau Nguyen

William Bailey
I have a question that I’d like you to answer and address the possibilities of: How many coins might be graded that have Varieties that were not discovered because Variety Attribution was not requested and paid for by an unknowing submitter? And therefore many varieties may never be discovered because they’ve already been slabbed as regular coins
Comment from : William Bailey

Daniel, can ask a question, where and how do sell my coins collection? Penny, Dimes they are error and very good condition some are Gem and error, thanks for answer
Comment from : TheEmpire!!!

Michael Poole
At this point your talking about the 70s you mention nothing about the 64 proofs that is the mega of all proofs only 30 to 50 proofs minted I have one a 64 proof I'll send you some pics mega coin at least thats what I was told br But you can correct me if I am wrong or there wrong
Comment from : Michael Poole

William Clark
You Are #1 , Thank You so muchbrI have alot of pennysbrNext will be a the thing that you put them into
Comment from : William Clark

nhad tabz tv
I have a coin quarter dollar in 1988 p'
Comment from : nhad tabz tv

James Cruz
I have learned alot from your knowledge, i found a 1954 p penny and it looks like and has the finish of a proof, but i was wondering i could send a photo for your appraisal or at least so more knowledge
Comment from : James Cruz

Nicholas Phillips
Good info thanks!
Comment from : Nicholas Phillips

Mickey Mouse
Hi very good tip and knowledge of coins thank you very much I would like to sell my collection of Mitch match mixed stuff all of the coins in Star notes came from the bank Kenny from northern Kentucky USA I want to get a motorhome you have a pawn? shop? where you located at
Comment from : Mickey Mouse

Thank you Daniel! 🙏❤
Comment from : Kim K KJK

kathleen joy joy
1979 sir
Comment from : kathleen joy joy

Leann Kennedy
What should valuable coins found in coin rolls be stored in? Currently I'm using 2x2's
Comment from : Leann Kennedy

john marks
Carbon spots
Comment from : john marks

William Sabato
Daniel, can a proof set contain all doubled dies???
Comment from : William Sabato

Michael Johnson
hi dan , mike here i have alot of coins that im pretty sure are error coins and i also have some high grade coins also i was thinking if i can send pictures of them and if there worth some good cash give me a ballpark figure on whats it worth and ill send you everyone of them ten at a time , lets make some money you sound like your honest and would b fair , i live in las vegas nv and as you know we get people around the world so chances are i ll find some good ones email if you think its worth your time oh yeah i also have a 50c it weighs109 and 58 it weighs 115 thanks mike
Comment from : Michael Johnson

Wayne Garcia
Hi Daniel I have around 200 silver certificate's from 1- 100 dollar bills Can I trade the for face value in silver ? If so could we contract so we both can make some blessings? Thank you for listening
Comment from : Wayne Garcia

ihave 3pices of pennyhow can ideal hernive your vidio
Comment from : JOEY LISING

Risalina Moral
Comment from : Risalina Moral

rey pagsibigan
I had a penny copper in pront , siver other side if u want to see it allow me to send a video or picture too you Thank you
Comment from : rey pagsibigan

Daniel can you plwwse help me identify this 1958 penny I have it has the same tone patterns on the reverse and obverse and the letters are super fat I can't get a detailed foto can you helpme I also have the 1983 ddr002 please help me i have an extra 1983 Dr 002 and some other coins which are rare like 1991 ddr triple die
Comment from : Mendezman75

andre prado Prado
Tenho 1962 d vale alguma coisa 41 99581930 brasil
Comment from : andre prado Prado

Chuck Belliveau
That’s exactly my point that I had made in money your other videos is they’re not consistent with the grading to make sense of what they’re doing in this 92,002 S clearly looks like the better Coin to me than the other one so I don’t understand it that’s why I said in one of your videos that they need to come up with something that’s more details and how the grading the Coins so when we send these things and we have a better idea because it seems to me it’s like shooting the lottery it shouldn’t be like that if they’re going to grade it under a system and that’s just my thought on that I love the video so great points that you make thank you
Comment from : Chuck Belliveau

Mark Garza
Very grateful for your Knowledge! The Reading sight on true doubling was extremely useful in knowing what the heck they are and to recognize it and not waste time when guessing through it all! Thanks man
Comment from : Mark Garza

H0ward Prokopchuk
Thanks again another plus for u an know Whitch icons to look up that are best to grade an send offAppreciate the sites u mention where to go for different errors etc !
Comment from : H0ward Prokopchuk

Greg Fiscus
Are the S mint mark coins notorious for being the S being up in the date above the bottom of the nine or are they supposed to be completely blow the whole day
Comment from : Greg Fiscus

Jon McCarty
Thank you again I will look at my ungraded proof sets tomorrow with a sharper view
Comment from : Jon McCarty

Zoeann Vasquez
Coin opp I really liked how you explain these Penny's It's credit to my son It kept me motivated I found a 1969 S Red penny
Comment from : Zoeann Vasquez

Belen Racaza
I have 1990 no mint mark Where I sell it
Comment from : Belen Racaza

Ricky Wheeler
Great video Love them penny videos Thanks Daniel
Comment from : Ricky Wheeler

Kevin Christopher
I have some coins my paw give me [email protected]
Comment from : Kevin Christopher

This is so helpful thanks for sharing! 🤙🏼
Comment from : Anthony

Letty Zara
A question Daniel;how to differencing Cameo,red brown yellow etc
Comment from : Letty Zara

Letty Zara
Am just beginning,but been saving coins for a few yearsbrDaniel is the perfect teacher can't stop watching his videosbrCan't wait to send some pics for his advicebr👏👍
Comment from : Letty Zara

joefrey salmorin
I have one cent 1982 D lincoln
Comment from : joefrey salmorin

good morning, I hold a 1944 steel penny non-graded, I have no clue what next steps I should take towards selling it
Comment from : RC

Kenneth Runyon
Thanks, a lot I've learned so much from watching so many of your videosSincerely, Kennydawg
Comment from : Kenneth Runyon

Norie Sarmiento
How can i exchange and where
Comment from : Norie Sarmiento

Bhaskara Babu
Sir can you please help me & show the way how to contact buyers iam having all British India coiñs available in multiple s available my name is Bhaskar staying at visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh INDIA i need your help sir awaiting for your concern reply positively tq sir
Comment from : Bhaskara Babu

Silver god Is king
I got 57-1960 think I should
Comment from : Silver god Is king

Coins USA
Do you know how much a 1954 NGC PR67 RD lincon cent is worth?
Comment from : Coins USA

nikkie nova
how much is 1964 one cent penny
Comment from : nikkie nova

I have 8 1992 s proof penny uncerculated should I grade them? Does it worth something?
Comment from : CARLO ABALOS

Mr E
Lots of great info Daniel Thanks Kinda weird because 2 days ago I received a 2019 W PF 69 RD Rev Proof First Day of Issue Shield penny graded by PCGS Since it was only $2020 shipped, I got it because it was unique Off topic, but I also got a NGC MS69 RD PL First Day of Issue for the same reason
Comment from : Mr E

Ed Gufler
Thank you very much for the video I learned a lot about coin grading by watching this one
Comment from : Ed Gufler

Tony Campbell
Can some tell me, if the AM are touching is it worth more then a wide AM
Comment from : Tony Campbell

Warren Williams
Thank you for the knowledge that u take the time of your day to impart unto me
Comment from : Warren Williams

Jeni Hansen
Comment from : Jeni Hansen

Andy Slingblade
How can you tell these older coins are proof (0:50)? There's no mirrored background let alone cameo
Comment from : Andy Slingblade

Helen Richardson
Another thing I want to ask is how much do you charge to clean coins?
Comment from : Helen Richardson

Helen Richardson
Daniel, what do you do with the Lincoln Cents that has the bubbling errors?
Comment from : Helen Richardson

akram khatib
Wonderful Highly helpful Thank you DanielbrSincerely brDr A KHATIB
Comment from : akram khatib

Randy Tipler
Thank you for this video I was loosing my self with out these buetys being shown in a video thanks Daniel love them linchons and wheateys
Comment from : Randy Tipler

Simplicio Camirino
I have that coins, but 2014,and 1982,i presents you of my chanel, or see you my chanel, DC,
Comment from : Simplicio Camirino

Carl zidro
I have old coins
Comment from : Carl zidro

I have a deep Cameo 1959, what would be the next step?
Comment from : HILLBILLY henry

Randy Tipler
What about the 82 all verity cents there are 7 ms 67 what are they worth thanks
Comment from : Randy Tipler

Numismatics PH
good always guide yo and protect yo sir godbless
Comment from : Numismatics PH

Numismatics PH
good eve sir im from philipines i have 2pcs one cent liberty 1998 2018
Comment from : Numismatics PH

Kristine Bailey
I got a 1941 the E in liberty looks like a possible die crack kinda squares off really odd to look at
Comment from : Kristine Bailey

stop asking
I have several 1951 1952 and 1953 proof sets it's the whenever I can buy them at a good price I'm all over it especially in that original government packaging it's the perfect category for me because they're not super rare that they're wicked expensive but also not so common that they're easy to find finding cameos aren't as easy as one would think
Comment from : stop asking

ronde gastanes
Daniel Sir, i have 1 cent of 1993 D mint markMy problem is how to sell my coin? I leave here in Phillippines and i have more different year of coins of Lincoln cents
Comment from : ronde gastanes

Edwin Coins Tv
Just watch this video great one thank you brother!
Comment from : Edwin Coins Tv

i need information about 1970-d small date
Comment from : MeDuSa MM

Angie Fisk
get 64 dimes at spot and look for doubled reverse if the dealer will let you pick through then you still have silver and maybe a doublethey are more common then people think and there are other easy ones like early quarters like i think 41 and 43 washingtonsmany others at spot silver price,but for obvious reasons the newer ones are in higher grades
Comment from : Angie Fisk

Autumn Oaks Farm
Daniel great video could you do a video discussing older proof sets placed in capital holders I am reluctant to acquire proof sets in that format as there is no idea if they were just part of the original proof set and moved to capital holders to preserve them
Comment from : Autumn Oaks Farm

William Crussen
Hey i have a lot of old coins like a 1911 wheat pennie and i would like to sell them but don't know how to go about doing that
Comment from : William Crussen

Al Anton
Once again my opinion of the top grading company goes in the tank! Your PR67 looks way better than your PR69 I swear I believe they've got some guy who sits there and says, "What's this? Another 1990 Lincoln proof cameo Hmmm Already gave out 2 PR70DCAM's today It looks a little uh, what is that on the rim? Dust mite? No Thought I saw a speck in the left field No (BELCH) Oook My lunch was terrible today Remind me to shoot my wife if she gives me a tuna sandwich again Just the tilt glint of the light Ehhh, better give it a DCAM69 anyway Next!"
Comment from : Al Anton

Margaret Stoner
PLEASE BOYFRIEND Learn me a square rimbr Stalker is curious The norm! l❤
Comment from : Margaret Stoner

Rick Templeton
Hey Daniel why is anacs considered the third tier of the three grading companies when they were the first to start grading?
Comment from : Rick Templeton

Marc Koplin
We ARE Used To Seeing Lincoln's Bust Mounted By PCGS / NGC Slab n Graded Obverse Of Lincoln Facing Forward The reverse is THE Shield, Makes Cents, Right? *How DO you like the New Slabed and NGC Lincoln in Deep Cameo, FACE FRONT 😉 THANKS Again for Your Inspiring Interests in Lincoln's Shield Cents, Wreaths, Memorial Cents in Copper thru 1982-1983 (Unsearched $25 Boxes from 37 Years Paperweights
Comment from : Marc Koplin

Brian Mello
TY Daniel, great info
Comment from : Brian Mello

Hi Dan, Thank you for your time to educate us about coin collecting I bought $25 box of pennies and it looks like the box contained all brand new Shield Reverse pennies They have not been physically handled yet What should I do? Should I keep them for the next ten years, or should I go through them and get them to be sold? And what should I look for to know that a coin is a proof coin in Shield Reverse coin?
Comment from : t

Junjon Bargamento
i have 2013 -D lincoin shield spotlight color violet & red
Comment from : Junjon Bargamento

Toms Randomness
I sent one to NGC It was a 1910s I thought it would get 67 ended up getting 64 but rb and i sold it for 110 So it was a great 30 dollar buy
Comment from : Toms Randomness

Victor Lopez
I have a 1944 penny what do I need to look for to see if it's worth anything I don't know much about coin collecting this penny I've had in jar where I keep all my change and I just happened to run into it as I was looking for change I needed to buy something and there it was so if anyone can help me as to what I can do about this penny
Comment from : Victor Lopez

George Dillon
Thanks again Daniel
Comment from : George Dillon

Daisy Canty
Daniel ,you are the Greatest at explaining these coins Thank you so much!
Comment from : Daisy Canty

Eagle Rider
I Have Some High Grade Indian Cents In A Dansco Album , I Store These Standing Up Instead Of Laying Flat I Saw Another Video Where A Dealer Was Describing Some Coins On E-Bay He Would Look At Different Postings And Say , That One If Fake , Or That One Was Cleaned And Then He Said That One Was In An Album ? How Could he Know This Or Should I Be Worried Storing Them This Way ?brI Value Your Opinion
Comment from : Eagle Rider

Chris Garner
Those old proof cents look way better than the ones today
Comment from : Chris Garner

Andy Slingblade
I used to like Dustin with CoinOpp (23:39) alot, they used to do much of what you are doing now, but they have migrated to be primarily an auction site and I lost interest with them & unsubscibed from them
Comment from : Andy Slingblade

Andy Slingblade
Daniel will red cents eventually turn brown even if slabbed?
Comment from : Andy Slingblade

Andy Slingblade
Good stuff Daniel
Comment from : Andy Slingblade

That was a lot !!!!! I’m going to have to look at this a few times 👍👍👍👍
Comment from : Lori

Meo Con
Comment from : Meo Con

Karen Stanley
I have a 1982s Lincoln penny , Dime and Quarter I want to crack out of a set They are DCAM What can I hope to get by selling them individually? Thanks for your help
Comment from : Karen Stanley

Jack Mehoff
If you like appreciate his videos like me don't skip the commercials I know adds suck but that's one way they get money I did not know that if you skip it they don't get nothing or as much
Comment from : Jack Mehoff

Jack Mehoff
Very good video I hope your making something off this because this information is priceless You should stream on Twitch or Mixer If you need help with it I will be more than happy to help you for appreciation of all I have learned from your videos! Thank you! Excuse the name I am not happy with youtube atm
Comment from : Jack Mehoff

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