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Lil Wayne ft. Allan Cubas - Cameras (Official Music Video)

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Information Lil Wayne ft. Allan Cubas - Cameras (Official Music Video)

Title :  Lil Wayne ft. Allan Cubas - Cameras (Official Music Video)
Lasting :   2.31
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Frames Lil Wayne ft. Allan Cubas - Cameras (Official Music Video)

Description Lil Wayne ft. Allan Cubas - Cameras (Official Music Video)

Comments Lil Wayne ft. Allan Cubas - Cameras (Official Music Video)

Welesse Musik
grande musico lil wayne
Comment from : Welesse Musik

Nobody can surpass lil Wayne still the greatest rapper of all time n it’s 2023 he is still making hit music
Comment from : Marveen

Alan Cubans line is very catchy
Comment from : Marveen

Malik Johnson
Y’all new rap niggas pay weezy homage he the trend setter
Comment from : Malik Johnson

Daniel Varela
Okay but I just heard something extremely like upsetting an I'm not gonna talk bout ittf was thatI guess it is true what I heard on that other albumbrholy shit
Comment from : Daniel Varela

Matthew Anastasiu
The goat right here
Comment from : Matthew Anastasiu

Sol Gurei Fokkusu
Sounds like "da drought weezy"
Comment from : Sol Gurei Fokkusu

Pifffaxxx Farquad
Lil Wayne omg still a master
Comment from : Pifffaxxx Farquad

Wayne best rapper alive still 🥱
Comment from : jaden_

Alex _Harnar_618
I am begging you internet, if there is someone out there, with a copy of the song: ‘Brad Pitt’ by lil wayne (featured BoB) Please…PLEASE leak it, or send it to me We cannot have this song be lost to the wind
Comment from : Alex _Harnar_618

Ron dinero$$
Comment from : Ron dinero$$

Dan Rincon
I still don't like autotune
Comment from : Dan Rincon

Juan Marrero
That Alfit on Lil Wayne is Fly as F**k That's Hip Hop!!!!!
Comment from : Juan Marrero

Cody Bradley
Keep on thriving,hustleing,learning,motivating and inspiring hope we all get money and try to live our best lifes how ever we se fit
Comment from : Cody Bradley

Michael Freier
Jameson Do you have an ig account ?
Comment from : Michael Freier

Christopher Martinez
Comment from : Christopher Martinez

Roman Sako
Man he does not get tired of killing these beats Weezy waay fresher then most of the other's rap artists
Comment from : Roman Sako

Kent jones
She say she ticklish get her clit tickled and make her pussy lips giggle that's a bar that only Wayne or Em comes up with how he think of this shit ? Lyrical Genius/ and the keep that tommy on me like I'm martin nigga WOW!!!! Those two bars our next level type shit!!!!
Comment from : Kent jones

Comment from : แฉล้ม

Mana Steel
I love Wayne #coolb
Comment from : Mana Steel

Cuba suerte mi rey 🔥🔥🔥🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Comment from : Jquinofficial

Robert Porter
Weezy tha 🐐 🔥
Comment from : Robert Porter

Official Acid flame
I still like what you are doing and my dream is to great you
Comment from : Official Acid flame

Chris Cortez
Bi***ch stop Playing wit a rich n**ga
Comment from : Chris Cortez

weezygoat weezyscarface
lil wayne been in my heart since i heard lil waynebrdont bitch bout wat this man sayn about
Comment from : weezygoat weezyscarface

Miss Penny
Comment from : Miss Penny

I'm in the north eagle in this bitch flying slapping niccas watch this native American hit do a flip stack the chips ball till I fall watch em call wild
Comment from : xxxthugaxxx

Shit music fucken embarrassing
Comment from : pauly300300

B1U3 ragg 🔵💙🫐🍇
Comment from : LASS13b1PPL

Fred Hooper
Go head Dwayne!
Comment from : Fred Hooper

Kelvin Winslow
He just saying a bunch of rhymes Just noise He look like a lotta noise too😒
Comment from : Kelvin Winslow

Hakan Yıldırım
Comment from : Hakan Yıldırım

Samson Fikadu
Weezy is timeless, he still go it
Comment from : Samson Fikadu

Ali AT
Lil Wayne did it awesome Beat's Trash tho
Comment from : Ali AT

shadowclay23 is cool

Dis nigga really da goat 😂
Comment from : Brandoo

Kick A Door Enterprise
Comment from : Kick A Door Enterprise

King Fye
Yo check out this New Louisiana Artist youtube/ramosgQsGto youtube/ramosgQsGto youtube/ramosgQsGto
Comment from : King Fye

About time he gives us some more❤
Comment from : All PLAY No RULES

This song sucked Wtf lol bruh It’s been like 5yrs since I listen to lil Wayne, this foo changed up a lot
Comment from : EG VIII Ghost

Comment from : ҂͢ᴅᴇ͞ᴍᴏ͖ɴ٭☄

Comment from : Grandson

Jamar Wyche
Greatest to ever do it
Comment from : Jamar Wyche

Comment from : Danny

message 👉Fredricktechs on Twitter
Comment from : message 👉Fredricktechs on Twitter

Aaden Oleary
Lil Wayne 2024
Comment from : Aaden Oleary

Jason Matute
Lil wayne always making good 👍 music Allan cubas que talento mi hermano honduras 🇭🇳 in da house 🏡 good luck brother Young money 💰
Comment from : Jason Matute

Juice Lee
Wayne: "Don't shoot at the ground an complain about missing!"brbr#GOAT
Comment from : Juice Lee

meditation And Healing Over Night
Been A fan Of Wayne Since the 90s
Comment from : meditation And Healing Over Night

Highway Ghost
Damn this ain't Wayne 😔
Comment from : Highway Ghost

Juan Cardoza
Allán Cubas Blessings for you man keep it up 👍 Honduras 🇭🇳 Love You
Comment from : Juan Cardoza

Juan Cardoza
Honduras 🇭🇳 in the house too , Thank you Lil Wayne
Comment from : Juan Cardoza

Fair is Fair
Dudes lyric's are garbage kinda Surprised Wayne even jumped on this hate to hear that Lil Wayne is even on this garbage
Comment from : Fair is Fair

Devon Huggins
Hard value vybz
Comment from : Devon Huggins

Alexandros Zykai
Comment from : Alexandros Zykai

Terrell Robertson
N 60th St
Comment from : Terrell Robertson

lil wayne and travis scott

ninah bordelon
My world geography teacher got Allan signed for this feature
Comment from : ninah bordelon

Angus West
Nice beat use!! Love it 📸
Comment from : Angus West

Emma black rosie Black rosie
Comment from : Emma black rosie Black rosie

Zoe Løm
youtube/e7MsBrMCo6QbrbrNew track tankou 📸 ou menm ki potko tandel mkonseyew Al bay zorey u bon son e pa bliye abonnés AK like commente pou nouveau bagay ki gen pou vini yobrbrName atisbrbr Zoe løm negga fuck you what
Comment from : Zoe Løm

The beat is garbage :(
Comment from : Jairtheshadow

Michael Myers
Dis nigga said im not spittin im barfing nigga 😈🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Comment from : Michael Myers

Laguerre Micheline
Comment from : Laguerre Micheline

Laguerre Micheline
Nice cool
Comment from : Laguerre Micheline

Pooh Jackson
I appreciate you
Comment from : Pooh Jackson

Pooh Jackson
Fasho 💪🏾, much love
Comment from : Pooh Jackson

Eduardo Suarez
Teleoathical se vale to live for not to die for
Comment from : Eduardo Suarez

Eduardo Suarez
Por ESO nadien los quiere
Comment from : Eduardo Suarez

Eduardo Suarez
Not my noñgos
Comment from : Eduardo Suarez

Lex Bundy
allan cubas with a nice cookie cutter flow next to blow watch
Comment from : Lex Bundy

Richard Meadows
On tour now this month and 2022 that's rolling August
Comment from : Richard Meadows

Richard Meadows
Lil Wayne coming to Florida who's ready and hello New Orleans are you ready I'm from Florida that I am traveling
Comment from : Richard Meadows

Rodric Hamilton
I on ic correction ice on it per fect handle no transactionbrPick up game i ain't balling that shit still thier rim off the board like Jumanji keep your place
Comment from : Rodric Hamilton

Full support
Comment from : ScrizVevo

Purple Palm
Lil wayne always the goat thanks pops
Comment from : Purple Palm

DAVINCI njoroge
Comment from : DAVINCI njoroge

Brandon Bartlett
I will take up on that 1000
Comment from : Brandon Bartlett

Kay Swift
Why are your songs so hard to find?? Had to really look for this
Comment from : Kay Swift

Raquel Rosario
And my fav's from this album is Milli, Poison, & Pussy Monster but I like the whole fucking album, fact's! Keep up the good work, cuz u are 1 of the greatest rapper's alive And may the Lord keep blessing u & keeping u safe Jesus is the way tho Wayne so stop dealing with Free Mason's & seek for forgiveness in Jesus name, Amen
Comment from : Raquel Rosario

Raquel Rosario
Lil Wayne, I am such a big fan of yours, real talk! And the Carter ||| album released on June 10th, 2008 And I love it so much that I listen to it everyday when I ride to my program, facts!
Comment from : Raquel Rosario

2 White
Cubas got no niggahs
Comment from : 2 White

Stanley JH
#1 pac, 2a Biggie2b Wayne end of convo And it will be that way for a long long time
Comment from : Stanley JH

Laguruz Hagal
Ha Ma Bi La Di LiL Hu So Re Po HuR Ta Su Ma Ka Su Ma Ra SoM Gi Ro Gi GoT Fa Ke Ro To Pa ToR TiR Ga Se Lo BaR Ga Ri GaR HaGL 🔱🕉
Comment from : Laguruz Hagal

citizens of heaven
Don’t really care for the song but his outfit I love it
Comment from : citizens of heaven

You are the best rapper alive Love you man ❤️
Comment from : DDB

Punshiba Khaidemcha
Imagine Eminem featured in this song, 🔥🔥🔥
Comment from : Punshiba Khaidemcha

Comment from : Guru

Aaron Mwenya
"Don't shoot at the ground and complain about missing "someone explain?
Comment from : Aaron Mwenya

Comment from : Serectofjehovah

Kolawoleshonukan Shonukan
Yeah goat tunechi 🐐🐐🐐🔥🔥🔥💪💪💯💯
Comment from : Kolawoleshonukan Shonukan

Patrick Pena
"Ima go stupid on this Pi'erre beat" go crazy
Comment from : Patrick Pena

Reigns Andia
Comment from : Reigns Andia

Anton Cosby
I can spit every wayne song ever made bar for bar this nigga the best rapper ever madeI bet a million
Comment from : Anton Cosby

whoa NDGO
I heard Pi'erre Bourne produced this Thats true ?
Comment from : whoa NDGO

Kalpana Barot
2,4 million views in 5 months is sad for lil Wayne
Comment from : Kalpana Barot

Molly San
Comment from : Molly San

Comment from : GGUURRUU Robinson

Lucky Bstar
Wow I fell the hit 💪
Comment from : Lucky Bstar

Cecilio Soto
This Saint Johns lil brother?
Comment from : Cecilio Soto

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