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How I made my homemade crypto USB miner!!

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Information How I made my homemade crypto USB miner!!

Title :  How I made my homemade crypto USB miner!!
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Frames How I made my homemade crypto USB miner!!

Description How I made my homemade crypto USB miner!!

Comments How I made my homemade crypto USB miner!!

Can this mine other coins like bitcoin
Comment from : RJEWELLERS

Can i buy that?
Comment from : LizaYT

Excuse me, how do you solve the problem of limiting each IP address to 50 chips?
Comment from : RH C

Fuark Crazy Man
hello i like your project is nice. i want ask you one things.. this crypto coin is fake or pay all the way? what is the max piece of arduino for ip?
Comment from : Fuark Crazy Man

Justin Curtis
Blatant request for BTC & ETH USB miner examples. Show us how we can make them ourselves please.
Comment from : Justin Curtis

fipik com
How much hashrate your getting from one USB miner ?
Comment from : fipik com

Crazy Couple
Very well done mate,
Comment from : Crazy Couple

Cornell Bentley
Some of the parts associated with this are discontinued, is there a way that you might update the parts list? And do you have any videos showing more of the process etc?
Comment from : Cornell Bentley

pietro pai
You seel it ?
Comment from : pietro pai

The problem I have with this is the processor. Cant get any. Alsi I was wonder how many pf is the crystal? I'm seeing 15pf to 18pf?
Comment from : DIY IN THE GHETTO

abhinav k.b
Is it better than esp8266
Comment from : abhinav k.b

Can I get a schematic for the creation of a USB duino mining that you published I'm interested in assembling it.
thank you

Comment from : Otodrak_Tutorial

Vermont Vitalis
how can i get this to mining duino?
really awesome

Comment from : Vermont Vitalis

Leith Cullen
Hello, are you offering this fully assembled?
Comment from : Leith Cullen

Bro i need usb arudino how can get pcb & metriral pls info mevthanks
Comment from : MR RASHID

Yanapa Plachum
how much per piece
Comment from : Yanapa Plachum

Can you make a vid showing us how you have the raspberry pi setup like the steps to set everything up
Comment from : Josue

Can you also make a flux or ethereum usb miner? Nice video btw
Comment from : Miki

Palakondarayudu Uppu
🤔🙄 bro u r awesome. Can you make one for ethereum???
Comment from : Palakondarayudu Uppu

Gerardo Suarez
189 H/S ...?
Comment from : Gerardo Suarez

Please add schematics of pcb in description
Comment from : PARTH GUPTA

could you provide the BOM file
Comment from : legotull

you know you could've used the panelizing feature of jlcpcb to make pcb fabrication price a bit lower.
Comment from : lKhloodyl

Sam T
How much duco does it make per day?
Comment from : Sam T

Daniel Jovar
Thanks to everyone for watching 🎉
🚀Remember to subscribe to my channel so we can grow to 20K soon!!
Subscribe: bit.ly/3b7dBjJ​
I'm planning a lot more amazing projects like this in the future 🙏🏻

Comment from : Daniel Jovar

gqnesh cha
Comment from : gqnesh cha

How to mine dogecoin? Or any scrypt based
Comment from : Catalin_

Andrew Jenery
Like the pcb design software you were using! Could be used to design other custom prods as a sideline.
Comment from : Andrew Jenery

Damn man, wish i could solder... :( Nobody selling pre-soldered ones for some extra cash?
Comment from : Kaniboy84

ood video and I want to order one but u has soldered some stuff and that is something that I can’t do so when I order it will the Cristal be already be there ?
Comment from : Aishergare

Iwan badrus Samsi
Can i buy ? Im from indonesia
Comment from : Iwan badrus Samsi

Robert Furr
Can't believe I missed this by a month... Anyways I can't wait to try this
Comment from : Robert Furr

Megh Megh
Grate work, I watch many video about topic but no one clear about details, thank you so much. If I want to earn 1$ in a day then how many arduino I need?
Comment from : Megh Megh

So I'm curious on how fast this invention of yours mines? how many Duino's it creates in 24 hours/week?
Comment from : Flight1530

Augustin NodleCash
good job bro .. let's mine
Comment from : Augustin NodleCash

Martha delacruz
how much bitcoin can you mine a day?
Comment from : Martha delacruz

Mini Bike USA
Great quality video my friend. I love your work station. ✌️ Question: What would be the final cost per miner? How long to make one from door to operational? Thanks in advance.
Comment from : Mini Bike USA

Maximus Gaming
Guys just buy esp8622 or 32... Your welcome :)
Comment from : Maximus Gaming

Comment from : ВЛАД.К

Stupid waste of money
Comment from : AVTO PERETS

Rajesh Kumar
Bro is mining stopped
Comment from : Rajesh Kumar

Ржачные видео
Just buy rpi0w noob you will get x10 hashrate
Comment from : Ржачные видео

алексей боров
Revux lox
Comment from : алексей боров

Инокентий Борисов
Duino coin is scam lol why are you mining it?
Comment from : Инокентий Борисов

do you sell them ???
Comment from : ВЛАД.К

YES! finally OBS! xD
Comment from : BastelPichi

Can you make arduino mining rig but using Raspberry PI instead using you're Computer
Comment from : MuhammadYogi

Ревокс плохой
Comment from : KonaRr1337

Wasa Mada
Danny boy...seeeee ya in discord
Comment from : Wasa Mada

Wasa Mada
Danny boy...seeeee ya in discord
Comment from : Wasa Mada

Manan Patel
Comment from : Manan Patel

Bagus Yunianto
Give me please😅😅😅
Comment from : Bagus Yunianto

Tech Build
Why don't you make the miners with the AtMega32u4 microcontrollers used in Arduino Leonardo? They have USB capability and will eliminate the need for a USB to serial convertor chip.
Comment from : Tech Build

52 Pickup
Glad to be one of your first 10,000 subs. Would love to pick one of these up :)
Comment from : 52 Pickup

Just throw them away, useless
Comment from : Река

Nice scam noob
Comment from : Река

i hope you make real money someday so all this efford can pay off good luck
Comment from : yigi

Strahinja Prole
I got my cards at IMINERS,CO and they are great group of people. Cards are cheap, support is insane, shipping is fast and they provide wholesale discount. My recommendation to.
Comment from : Strahinja Prole

manoj t
your mail address or whatsapp number, sir? please provide. thanks in advance
Comment from : manoj t

👍for open source
Comment from : UNKNOWN

My Own
can you tell us the steps on how to make it from scratch to become like that..
Comment from : My Own

Вова Слюсарь
Stupid waste of money
Comment from : Вова Слюсарь

Tatyana Baskova
Just buy rpi0w noob you will get x10 hashrate
Comment from : Tatyana Baskova

Dmitriy Ko
Revux lox
Comment from : Dmitriy Ko

Aleksandro lima
My friend, great vídeo is to be congratulated
Comment from : Aleksandro lima

Aleksandro lima
Comment from : Aleksandro lima

What a great job. I don't have the technical skills to complete one. Would you be will to sell to the public.
Comment from : logangrmnr

Franvk LKuiAS
Ревокс плохой
Comment from : Franvk LKuiAS

Metroid team
Amazing, please make a USB Coín miner , asic miner .please.
Comment from : Metroid team

I have a question.. can I mine with arduino board using raspberry pi only or do I need windows to run the miner?
Comment from : M AHN

Yiğit Kadir
Awesome project, how much will each board cost
Comment from : Yiğit Kadir

nice video very interesting
Comment from : Manuel

Quality video as usual!
Comment from : revoxsvko

Please make a bitcoin usb miner like this
Comment from : MITHIL KANDKUR

grosir petshop
I am very interested and want to buy, do you sell. please provide me the online shop address so i can buy.
Comment from : grosir petshop

Jaune Cosula
This was awesome... was thinking maybby similar with ESP & Wifi, that would be standalone.
Comment from : Jaune Cosula

Toni Kovacs
Comment from : Toni Kovacs

Toni Kovacs
Gpu or usb mining a have buced 1,000 dolar
Comment from : Toni Kovacs

Bảo Phan Gia
Can i buy it with duino-coin crypto🤣👌🤣
Comment from : Bảo Phan Gia

From the time you paid for the USB miner, how long did it take to get to your door?
Comment from : Flight1530

Robert J. Wiltshire
Very amazing video! This energy and time and passion needed to push the crypto-verse forward. We need more men like you!

I began my custom pcb mining adventure within the last 3 weeks. I am still learning. Would you mind if I emailed you or messaged you with some questions?

Comment from : Robert J. Wiltshire

The expensive pcb being delivered but not working is a huge turnoff. The manufacturer did not QT the item before selling?
Comment from : WanWarrior

Comp Resource Group
When are you going to start selling them fully completed so we can mine duino with them?
Comment from : Comp Resource Group

Josh Griffin
Now I want to do a compute module like this for some of my devices own projects. I want to add usb cluster computing to a set of either Nvidia Jetson nanos or raspberry pi’s as you did to enable some offloading of functions to other components that could perform it faster. I’m trying to develop something similar to a usb GPGPU for additional performance gains by using the cores as I would in a GPU compute library similar to either Cuda or OpenCL.
Comment from : Josh Griffin

Gene Hobbs
Very cool build
Comment from : Gene Hobbs

Ladislau Neto
Comment from : Ladislau Neto

Time for a Bitcoin miner :") pls yes
Comment from : AmazingDoodle

Steve W
Amazing! Your videos are so good and informative! I can't wait until the next one:)
Daniel maybe you could tell us how the individual USB miners compare to a PI 3b? Uhh my friend wants to know. Is it faster? And by how much?

Comment from : Steve W

kevin brady
Nice job quality product
Comment from : kevin brady

Ken Dac
Great video, your Bitcoin mining with raspberry Pi got me to subscribe
Comment from : Ken Dac

Comment from : Neuroperformance

Joaquin Verastegui
Comment from : Joaquin Verastegui

awesome video!!!
Comment from : phantom32

viktor stahre
Comment from : viktor stahre

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