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SWTOR: 2.6 Billion Credits in One Day |Largest Exploit in SWTOR|

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Information SWTOR: 2.6 Billion Credits in One Day |Largest Exploit in SWTOR|

Title :  SWTOR: 2.6 Billion Credits in One Day |Largest Exploit in SWTOR|
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Frames SWTOR: 2.6 Billion Credits in One Day |Largest Exploit in SWTOR|

Description SWTOR: 2.6 Billion Credits in One Day |Largest Exploit in SWTOR|

Comments SWTOR: 2.6 Billion Credits in One Day |Largest Exploit in SWTOR|

After reading some of the comments, I think some clarification is in order:brbrI did take advantage of the exploit by selling goods on the GTN In this sense, you could say I helped the exploiters launder their money but here is my response brbr1) This was happening over the span of 2-3 hours (at least when I saw it was happening) When I saw hypercrates being cleared I put up a number on the GTN for a greatly inflated price I did this because I wanted to see if they would actually sell so I could get footage I was also in the mindset of "there is no way people will pay 90 mil for a hypercrate" and I was in disbelief when I came by an hour or so later and saw that they actually sold! A lot of my other items that sold (command thrones, hoverchair, plat items) were put up for the same reason and I truly didnt think they would sell You can chose to believe me or not but what I can confirm is that this wasn't an intentional listing where I knew that these items would sell and so I was putting them up to get as many credits as possible As I mentioned in the video, it would not be in my best interest to do this because in times like these it is better to have your credits invested in items to protect yourselves against inflation and the devaluing of credits brbr2) The point of making this video was not to "piss off poor people" I made this video more as a news item to let my subscribers know what happened and the potential negative impacts on the economy The footage was included to provide a taste of what actually happened and keep in mind my numbers and sales are nothing compared to what other people had so it is meant to emphasize the extent to which the economy might be affected brbr3) All of that being said, I understand this is a very sticky subject and while the damages to the economy can affect everyone, it affects the wider community more who doesn't have billions of credits and all the rare items they could possibly want After re watching my video, I can see that there are many ways I could have approached this topic a lot better I will 100 be sure to keep this in mind going into the future
Comment from : SWTOR TV

Rehan Zaffar
What the actual fudge? Ur telling me people have hundreds of rare items while im out here tryna get a vented saber and hypercrate for a week Been playing for like a month and a half
Comment from : Rehan Zaffar

and nowadays 1 ultimate cartel pack is 100mil
Comment from : Weshu

Seth Thorne
Heyo this video randomly popped up in my feed today, I remember this exploit, I made like 90 billion and I still have like 4 full bays of hypercrates and tons of other rare shit in my bank from this brbrNever got banned, nothing ever happened at all to my character or accountbrbrAlso funny remembering how cheap things were back then
Comment from : Seth Thorne

Peter Griffin
can i get a swtor loan?
Comment from : Peter Griffin

dang son
Comment from : DPNP0

Very maximum cool
Comment from : H-chris

Drew Belinski
I Just logged back after a long break I remember the day this happened Crazy stuff now peacemaker sabers are 900 million wow
Comment from : Drew Belinski

Barrett Amodei
Ban all accounts that cheat and exploit brbrSimple
Comment from : Barrett Amodei

Micky Rourke
3 plus year later, hypercrates are sold for 880,000,000 This was when inflation really had an impact
Comment from : Micky Rourke

thoronir gros
Imagine not selling Hypercrate for 500m
Comment from : thoronir gros

Sunborn Arizonan
Even in 2020 The GTN inflation is killing this game New people join Play for a while and see the overpriced shit Then quit the game
Comment from : Sunborn Arizonan

Wow Interesting video seeing this now Hypercrates nearing 300m on GTN
Comment from : LordDangles

Dr Shepherd
There isnt a game that is not safe against exploits I just regret not playing at that time and also having at least something from it I mean if they got away unharmed I dont want to buy their GTN items for millions when they got it for free
Comment from : Dr Shepherd

Kyuta Libero
You and all rich people in game have the power to destroy inflation by buying and selling at a reduced price
Comment from : Kyuta Libero

Bence Vass
id just wipe credits from everyone on every server, reset all balances to zero at this point the amount of stupid ass blundering requires pretty desperate measures the 99 is getting hurt by the inflation, so the 99 would actually benefit in the long run
Comment from : Bence Vass

So let's say I find a exploit and use it would I get banned because I might of found one
Comment from : theforcebewithu

They should have spread it out between different characters then they wouldn't have gotten caught
Comment from : mrwestsida

Michael Metzger
My account got banned for apparently using this so-called exploit What I don't understand is what makes it an exploit? I didn't do anything you just showed in that video but I did by crates, I kept what I wanted and attempted to sell what I could and gave the rest away I saw nothing about an exploit, didn't know they existed in the game and yes I did make credits that I turned around and spent in the game, mostly for my guild How was anyone to know this was an exploit? When I started buying crates it was just the way the gtn was goingI thought that was the way it was For me, the banning is just wrong! If you have the money to spend to buy cartel coins and you buy those 30 crates, why is it wrong to sell what you don't wantand lets face it, most of their armor sucks in appearance I feel robbed! EA knows about this, did nothing to give me a chance to be warned or anything of the sort and if they want to stop it why not just make everything you get in those crates bound to legacy? Who is robbing who? I spent a ton of money on that game! I feel robbed by a company that I thought was better then that
Comment from : Michael Metzger

Is the companion gift leveling still possible?
Comment from : Zach

You know who has the most problems with inflation? F2p and prefferred I have a 200000 credits cap With that I can buy less and less over time Great! Just adjust that stuff to inflation!
Comment from : YassoKuhl

Wow, I'm killing myself to get 5 millions and you just get 70 billions
Comment from : Timewardd

Robert Brennan
Hey I'm a Guildmaster and want to get 50,000,000 credits to buy a Guild flagship
Comment from : Robert Brennan

at the end of the day they dont care people are still putting things at stupid high prices and its not as simple as finding this sort of thing whenever you need it would i have used the exploit if i saw it yes but only until like 50mil or close to that thats ore then what i need for the stuff i do but its not simple for us players who don't have the time to spend days farming credits
Comment from : kotormaster1975

Michael Delia
What lightsaber is that? and does it have a weapon tuning or is it part of the lightsaber?
Comment from : Michael Delia

doesn't seem to be working anymore right?
Comment from : Sonicwind

I'm sorry, but I won't pay 500 million for Sateles Boots Not in my book Oh, fuck no
Comment from : GeneralErica

I wish I found this exploit sooner
Comment from : Mauler

John G
Guys, this is why you should have invested in bitcoin
Comment from : John G

give me credits xD :(
Comment from : ØuhkwA

Bayou Treasures
the game is f'ed for the average player now Done with swtor
Comment from : Bayou Treasures

if i had used the exploit it would have been to get loads of gifts for my loads of alts
Comment from : lazypizzaguy

Kakashi Hatake
Billions of creditsdamnthat vented lightsaber is all I wantand its 100milughwish I could have done this lol
Comment from : Kakashi Hatake

I could use a couple million credits if you're feeling generous
Comment from : gunshyghosts

Amber Brack
Omg u literally have 2 billion credits! Can you help a girl out and help me get “Bold Hellions armor set” it’s 70mil in GTN and that’s ridic! ps I play on ur sever (;
Comment from : Amber Brack

Michael Davila
Swtv you are reason why gtn is wacky 90million crate
Comment from : Michael Davila

Credit breaking is the amount of credits you don't get during the drops on the latest flash point
Comment from : Allaris

James 501
Hey SWTOR TV thanks for the video as always, you were on the Harbinger server does that mean you're now on the star Forge server and if so are you open to friending and playing flash pionts and such with your subscribers? I won't be offended if you say no
Comment from : James 501

Pollen Dvitchky
When you are in ur bed at 5:40 am, cant sleep because of anxiety watching this, regreting that you didnt get up on this exploit earlier but then you remember u broke af and dont have an active sub for a long time so you are kind of happy
Comment from : Pollen Dvitchky

Greatand again I didn't sell anything
Comment from : Xhale

this is why he is rich, smart and took advantage of the bug LEGALLY, not exploiting, so got massive amounts of money from the exploit without exploiting and risking account, dishonorable and a bit hypocrite but hey it works, wont blame u sold severl trash at x100 cost anyway
Comment from : GREEN UMBRELLA Corp

The only way I 'took advantage' of this explot was taking a comp to level 50 to see if there was an achievement for doing so There wasn't
Comment from : jayrobb9

Bioware needs better testing if they let something like this go through It's not the exploiters fault, they just used the system that was moved to production that was provided by the base game
Comment from : Nimbull

Albert Baldry
Dude, you made a benefit from an exploit
Comment from : Albert Baldry

I say good on them lucky bastards lol brbrdamn why am I never on when there's a exploit haha
Comment from : LordBritOne

So its NOT easy to track people who spent billions of credits on GTN within a 1-2 hour window?
Comment from : KH23

Alec Fortescue
I think this is the reason they pulled amazon time codes - people will have harder time covering tracking if they use same credit card Rollback seriously should have happened
Comment from : Alec Fortescue

You are mad that they didn't act quicker, fuck the better question is how did this slip by
Comment from : Trixstir

Just makes me so much happier I don't play anymore was a pain int he ass enough to but the sith recluse when it came out
Comment from : Trixstir

sigh if i know earlier i can max all my comp aff to 50 for those 3 gift guess is too late than sigh
Comment from : utubeminime

[Untitled] Unknown
Yooo gimme some credits, you don’t need yoursbrMa’ella
Comment from : [Untitled] Unknown

DarthShadie Lavellan
This really sucks because those of us who don't have that many credits, by the time we save up those 30 mil, the item will be priced triple that price (sigh)
Comment from : DarthShadie Lavellan

That's depressing as hellbro I was farming for weeks on heroics and shit and I only got about 30 or 40 million credsI was about to buy the item I've wanted for so god damn long, the revans reborn armor setand now I'm assuming I won't be able to, especially since I can't get on for another 2 or 3 weeks
Comment from : Cameron

Jon Parker
I hate this I hate this so much I'm never around for the quick bugs that get people millions upon millions of credits, and when I'm around for the long-term ones, it's useless by the time I get on the game That, or they straight up ban anyone who uses them I sit in this game for hours sometimes, running heroics or something to get a couple million credits here and there, then I look for the items I want on the GTN and see that they've gone up several million credits Then I stop playing the game for a while until the process begins again Nothing is worth playing in this game anymore, since the items I want are only ever added as cartel market or cartel pack "rewards" and I know I'll never get them in this player-driven and exploit-driven economy
Comment from : Jon Parker

The Raging Storm
How did I miss this I could of made shit loads fuuuuucck sake
Comment from : The Raging Storm

Evan Carabona
Increase credit cap x1000, increase credit drops x10 brbrCredits buy new tokens which will then be used to buy stuff from vendors and the GTN brCharge each token at $1,000,000 creditsbrWhich will starve out the credit market and kill the creditsbrbrAnd in a year, introduce new currency bdue to popular demand/b
Comment from : Evan Carabona

Also, still not as bad ax the STO economy
Comment from : rebuiltHK47

We can't really blame BioWare for not acting fast enough because they knew about it when they were informed They can't act much faster than that As for nit letting bugs like that into the game, that's not possible We're dealing with very complex software They can do their best, but until they gave something that can process all the code and find all errors in under a few days/weeks, there will always be bugsbrbrRegarding the economy, it's really lame that it could be damaged by what happened Personally, if I made billions, or just hundreds of millions, I would sink it into perks on all permanent toons, then assuming I have much left I would buy cool stuff off the gtn
Comment from : rebuiltHK47

It should be clarified the high end stuff may have gone crazy temporarily but most items are much cheaper Only thing I buy that doubled was hypercrates Were 25 million bottom, now 50 million I play on starforge
Comment from : Aphrodyte

Paul Ramos
Crap, I didn't even get to sell anything since my wifi was screwed up Ticked off lol Guess I'll be stuck with only 2mill credits for now Help!😣
Comment from : Paul Ramos

Jamyson Freire
why u keep exposing a bug dude? Do u really want to destroy this game once and for all?
Comment from : Jamyson Freire

luke whiteman
Is maybe strange what I'm gonna say but I think you only got billion of credit because you got 11 thousand subscribers on YouTube or you just lucky because on my server nobody buys my stuff no matter how expensive I do
Comment from : luke whiteman

Kevin Cormier
And the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil
Comment from : Kevin Cormier

Damn if only I had a fraction of those credots i could really get some stuff done in my stronghold lol
Comment from : Aloofsnake

Comment from : Lawrence

Micah Morri-san
All I can say is "Gee, THANKS EA, & also THANKS a bunch both Exploiters and rich assed people who just with billions of credits burning holes in their pockets not doing anything with them, way to totally De-value all day-in / day-out, day after day, year after year, constant every chance I get, heroic mission credit farming, been in game 2 years now, 90 of which is time as preferred player, and in 2 years still have not obtained all legacy perk character and global unlocks, and which I greatly struggle in ONE weeks time, doing as much as I can or have [TIME] for, and still considered very lucky if I see the light of hitting 1 OR 2 million creds in ONE weeks time, doing it the "old fashioned way" and actually busting my ASS well and truly OFF for it, avoiding any and all exploits like the plague of death, because I feel too damn invested now to have my account "Banned", I refuse to let ALL that hard work, sweet and tears to for complete NOTHING, and just flushed right on down the shit-pot But also, would like to thank all involved in just totally "Destroying" the over all economy and in-game market and totally just taking a shit in the eye of ALL my hard ass work put into it, de-valuing it and rendering it just completely worthless, No, I'll just say again I LOVE the feel of all that hard work adding up to nothing, I truly enjoy putting in copious amounts of work with almost 0 pay-out, NO, that is like the equivalent of going into work at a labor-house [which I have done before] saying "Oh no, don't worry, I'll slave my ass off, break my back, and sweet till I pass out in a non air conditioned garage warehouse in 100 degree summer heat [which I also have done] for the better part of 8 - 9 hours of the day, 5 - 6 days a week, AND you DONT have to P-A-Y me for it" Uhh, Yeah NO, I'm the type, I DO NOT play THAT bullshit for "FREE", I'll be damned, I go through all that bullshit and you only put a damned penny in hand, I "WILL" look you in the eye and say "Oh I KNOW, you are planning on transforming that shinny "PENNY" into a GOTDAMNED 1-0-0 dollar fucking BILL, that is "IF" you don't want to get squarely "PUNCHED" in the GOTDAMNED face, with enough force to knock you on your back onto the floor" Yes, I'd have to say I love the feel of the de-value of ALL my spent time/work/energy [[ Sure must be NICE to be THAT fucking Rich & hopelessly Lazy, must be nice, to just sit there and take advantage with NO work at all put into it ]] due to rich assed people OR exploiters OR GTN breakers 'cough-cough SWTOR TV cough-cough among way to many others just to name examples cough-cough' who all just sit there and watch as all that money just falls into their happy little laps, not seeing an OUNCE of work put into, not seeing any effort, NOT seeing one single damn mission run, having it easy peasy, forgetting what it is like to legit 'Work-for-your-meal', when we have both me and I'm sure plenty of other people both in-game AND in real life, whom do not get to have so much as 'Crumb-of-Bread' [aka 'Food/Meal] WITHOUT putting in at least SOME degree of hard days 'WORK' for it, yes sir, sure must be nice to just sit in bed and magically get paid millions for nothing at all on-line or off, and just not need to slave and bust ass all damn day long, 'I SURE WISH 'I' COULD SIT THERE AND DO THAT ALL DAY", sure makes me wonder how some of these players 'Live' in real life, when they are living b themselves, no longer sheltered by mommie & daddie, living in a barely moderate type of house, having tons of bills to keep up with in order to NOT be living on the side of the street, bouncing from job to job, only able to get some partial dead-end slave work here and there, and above all else 'No longer' able to have someone else THERE to just throw their millions at them for nothing, makes me wonder how some people out there manage to live on the daily having to put 'ALL' the work into it, when they probably never had to even 'Make-their-own-Beds' not one day in their lives, makes me wonder how the even survive in a 'dog-eat-dog' type of world, or 'IF' they even 'DO' survive, when most probably don't even know what 'Surviving' even means, or probably do not even possess the brain mass needed to properly 'Spell' the word"brbrAnd regardless of off-line or on-line, people wonder why I have such a good hard lack of 'Faith' in or towards humanity, look at thing from my perspective, from the biggest scale one possibly can, up in the stars looking back down at us [my perspective] 'A' person maybe 'Smart' however People = 'Garbage', and there is a good chance that whatever fate is in store for all of humanity, there is a good bet that it is entirely 'Humans' fault for it, and we all deserve whatever fate/penalties/or punishments we get, as I feel pretty certain it will be of some dumb-assed bullshit we bring upon ourselves, that 'Might' have been entirely avoidable but we were too 'Stupid' to do othersise Much like how Arnold said in the old classic Terminator 2: Judgment Day "It is in your Human Nature to destroy yourselves", and as for Me, personally, I don't ever place money or bets on sinking ships, even if 'Humanity' is among one of thosebrOn a final note, I know good and well, the value of having to bust my butt for what I get, I've been doing now for far too many years, too damn many, by now, I probably don't even now what it is like to have things so easy, and all I can say is 'Piss on those whom don't also have the same structured or built into them, and think they can just ice-skate on by in life' [End Rant]
Comment from : Micah Morri-san

You should update the discription, it says that you play on the harbinger😂
Comment from : Hax1904

Alexandros Var
WHY !! :(
Comment from : Alexandros Var

Marshall Law
Damn I wish I would have known this than I could have made some credits from these exploiters
Comment from : Marshall Law

I sold the augment 46 stuff for around 90 million credits xD from my never get over 100 million to 500 million was a nice jump :3
Comment from : HuhuMoka

Lola rollback would have been a great idea within like 12 hours lol
Comment from : SaltyPlaya

Filda The One
If they ever wanted to rollback, they would need to give every active player atleast 50k of Cc's Cause a lot of players would be very pissed
Comment from : Filda The One

ok again it is not Biowear it is EA they sign Biowear's paycheck's so they have to do what EA says so as always blame EA
Comment from : lordmech

George NoX
doesnt seem fair to those people that play normaly and didnt use this exploit to get alot of credits, now these exploiters are sitting on a ton of cartel packs that they can use later to earn even more BW should ban those people or at least have a way to track what they bought for those credits and remove the items from their characters
Comment from : George NoX

Hmm i'm gonna try to sell my Satele Shan's Tunic for 100M then lol
Comment from : supervanilla

Drew Belinski
Damn I should of had my items up
Comment from : Drew Belinski

Comment from : KevinJohn556

Thanks for posting this! I did a bunch of math figuring out how many discounted gifts I wanted, and then went to buy them on my gift toon, didn't see any discounts and thought I missed it Forgot it was impside only! Now to go burn through 25m :)
Comment from : Zambedos

wish i was one of those exploiters I don't see why people are angry at them Bioware are the ones who messed up and they just bought items
Comment from : Adam

Lone Wolf
I just bought 5529 cartel coins what should i buy shall i w8 for sales?
Comment from : Lone Wolf

Ashley Padgett
Probbly shoildnt be showing this exploit People r being ban for it
Comment from : Ashley Padgett

Final Soulution
On Satele Shan's Defiant Vented Lightsaber literally went from 120m to 240m in one day I have definitely noticed a large surge of buying items that were previously difficult to sell though and prices have gone up at least slightly on most items albeit those could be normal fluctuations in some case, but most items have at least fluctuated to their peak ranges which is certainly abnormal to have that across the whole board Usually it's just a few different items a day that will do so and then they will fall slowly back down to their middle value
Comment from : Final Soulution

With such a huge inflation in the game right now The SWTOR feels more like a Venezuela simulator rather than the Star Wars MMORPG game :D
Comment from : Efarys

Comment from : TheSkyWookie

Comment from : TheSkyWookie

I hope bioware does nothing about it
Comment from : star-lord

Well since I was at work (I know I actually work for a living and not sitting at home in my mother's basement cheating at games for money) when this exploit hit, I just lost out My items on the gtn at the time went for normal price, and I couldn't re-post items in time for the exploiters/cheaters to buy my stuff So I got nothing out of it I don't tend to keep large amounts of credits I save up to buy things off the gtn from the packs after they are released So when the new pack hit on the 28th, I waited to this week before I started buying So far all I have bought are the decorations which are awesome
Comment from : Araeagle

K Mel
The GTN became an even bigger mess after that credit exploit
Comment from : K Mel

Manuel Maldonado
Yoo hit me up with that 100mil
Comment from : Manuel Maldonado

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