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My Struggle with Learning Disabilities and How to Deal with Them

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Information My Struggle with Learning Disabilities and How to Deal with Them

Title :  My Struggle with Learning Disabilities and How to Deal with Them
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Frames My Struggle with Learning Disabilities and How to Deal with Them

Description My Struggle with Learning Disabilities and How to Deal with Them

Comments My Struggle with Learning Disabilities and How to Deal with Them

I agree
Comment from : Sl

Ron Johnson
I, too, have a learning disability, ADHD and dysgraphia I was told I would not account for anything I always said I will prove you wrong
Comment from : Ron Johnson

Henry Middendorf
We all learn in different ways and sometimes it takes longer to pick things up be proud of who you are and be the best you can be
Comment from : Henry Middendorf

Ernest Adames
I’m a middle-age man I have learned disability since childhood learning reading, and writing and depression, anxiety
Comment from : Ernest Adames

Sarala rajan
Great experiance catherine, you r wndrfll
Comment from : Sarala rajan

Heidi Richardson
I learned by virtual seeing it done, not being told how to accomplish it Words mean nothing to me I'm seeking for people who are in this disorder Ty for this video/ struggle
Comment from : Heidi Richardson

Chanelle Horide
You are amazing 🎉
Comment from : Chanelle Horide

Fabian Martinez
I suffer from dyslexia and I remember when I was in the 1th grad over hearing my first grade teacher talking down on me I remember every word she said to other teachers about me she would say that because of my dyslexia i wasn't gonna amount to nothing in life and that's all it took for me to hear now it's hard for me to find confidence and there's a lot of things I have in mind to become like my own boss is my main goal but my dyslexia Makes me feel like I don't fit in with everyone else That's because I loved my first grade teacher at first I thought she was a nice person but Any ways I just wanted to say thank you to that teacher now look at me I can't find it in me to try and follow what I really want to do witch is becoming my own boss But Im not good for nothing
Comment from : Fabian Martinez

Kalvin Baatjies
Comment from : Kalvin Baatjies

Tyrelle 0320
When I was in the 4th grade I was put in a special Ed class due to a comprehension disability People don’t understand the mental health struggles that came with feeling isolated and separated at a young age Every morning I had to walk to the other side of the school ALONE while my cousins and friends all went to the regular Ed hallways But I got back into regular Ed in 9th grade🎉! I changed my IEP to IGP, I increased my Lexile score, I took honors classes and graduated HS class of 2021
Comment from : Tyrelle 0320

Amadeus Jean
Thanks for the video,u are amazing, u have just help me ,ooh I forget u beautiful
Comment from : Amadeus Jean

Keana BA
Comment from : Keana BA

Gina midnight The Fox / Cat
I also have a learning disability I'm worried that i won't be good for working
Comment from : Gina midnight The Fox / Cat

You are beautiful great story never give up on yourself you can do anything you put your mind to
Comment from : James

Bob Frisbee
I can't read either and I'm so ashamed
Comment from : Bob Frisbee

Jeremy Carpenter
Katherine you are beautiful and smart we just speak a different language than regular people
Comment from : Jeremy Carpenter

Lee, Eve she her
this is me!!!! omg thank you for your vulnerability i experienced the same thing i struggled in silence
Comment from : Lee, Eve she her

Catherine Manning
I also have a learning disability but I also have ADHD anxiety depression and PTSD so it was really hard for me to to learn in school I would always lose track in school so they had to put me in a special ed class and I hated it so much I would get bullied people would laugh and say haha your special Ed why are you stupid why do you forgot things so quickly why are you so slow just hurtful mean things the teacher had 0 faith in me that I would graduate fifth grade because I was behind my reading and I would get things slower than the other students so I would compare myself to the other students and I would say why is this person getting so I felt like no one got me I felt alone sad and afraid to tell people that I am special Ed and why it takes me longer to learn I still haven't told anyone this so this so this is my first time saying this in public
Comment from : Catherine Manning

I love you keep up the good work we need you
Comment from : Peacehells

Donna Poole Jack of all trades
They stuck you special education, and you stay in those classes until you graduate high school That they did to me
Comment from : Donna Poole Jack of all trades

User2100 🦇
Thanks for this I don't feel left out I have struggled alot with studies etc and I feel like your video has made me feel better about myself
Comment from : User2100 🦇

Jarred Reaby
Hey there my name is jarred I am from Melbourne, Australia I have got a learning disability as well I seen your video u should be proud of yourself to share this with other people and worldwide I also got bullied and hated reading in front of people and till this day i still struggle to read in front of people but I am starting to get abit better at it I struggle at school I had a lot of people told I won’t do well in life I should be a waiter Now I am fully qualify cabinet maker married with 2 kids I would not tell many people about my disability because I felt people would look at the wrong way now I have started to be more comfortable of my disability i have no reason to hide it anymore seeing this video and listening to your story is really good to hear and it’s good to hear other people like u doing good thank u for sharing your story
Comment from : Jarred Reaby

Eliza _gameing
Tbh i am 13 and i got held back i 1rst grade bc of my reading level bc of my learning disabilities no one wanted to help me but yesterday i was doing my school work it was writing i forgot what this one word was or what it meant so i went to my mom but instead of asking her i started to cry bc i really was nervous and my learning disabilities was my biggest i insecurities and i still struggle
Comment from : Eliza _gameing

Nelson De la Rosa Acosta
Katherine Chloe Cahoon I have a learning disability too in high school and most defently ll graduate next year and they keep me in small class i also sometimes wonder why I can t comeprihand things like a regular person I have an Intellectual Disability and metal retardation and some times that makes me feel like an outsider I don t make friends in school but some times I blame myself or some times I even say why I;M like this why was i brought like this why i deserv this and i know many people say too me you should be thankful that you walk you talk you think and you run and sit many people can t do that m like sure M thankful but you gotta understand I fear for my adult life and 20 years old m not thinking negetive but it hurts that people have to repeat things too you I feel your pain
Comment from : Nelson De la Rosa Acosta

el material
Powerful! Thank you for sharing! It was really difficult to share but how beautiful! All the negative untrue comments you received were all about the person making the comment and not about you I appreciate the tips you shared Life is too short to care about what other people think; In the end, what they think or say really won't matter, for you Love what you said about using criticism to motivate you to be the best you can be I may have an undiagnosed disability Thanks again!
Comment from : el material

Miles Eddy
I’m 17 and in 10th Been held back before I have dislexia, ADHD and dysgraphia I couldn’t even read a book until 3rd grade What I want people to know is that having a learning disability is not a bad thing, it just means you have to try harder People that have learning disabilities are warriors I never give up on myself and nor should you You just have to say it in your mind that I am capable of achieving anything I put my mind to While you might be hating school you have an entire beautiful life ahead of you NEVER GIVE UP you can be anything you want in this world
Comment from : Miles Eddy

Pink Clouds
Im 18 and I got diagnosed with dyslexia few weeks before turning 17 And I really just didn't understand that I've always struggled in school I've was told to just fucus harder and more Seeing other students getting the best grades and them getting a results they like, while I'm here I have to put more effort to just get a bad results made me frustrated I now have anxiety and depression because if it brbrThe teachers always ask why don't I ask when I need help I like can't do because it's embarrassing for being the the only one struggling and asking for help in class And feeling a lot of shame I do care what other people think about me, and I don't was them to know that I'm that what I'm slow learner brbrIt gets exhausting working hard and not getting the results I want, feeling like dumb and stupid, failing things, not feeling like you belong there and to know that I'm gonna make even more mistakes than people without LD
Comment from : Pink Clouds

Aunti Gingy
This is how I felt my whole life
Comment from : Aunti Gingy

Mikia Martin
You right baby
Comment from : Mikia Martin

Mikia Martin
It was sad when she could not think of what to say and you are not stupid and that teacher That teacher doesn't know what she is talking about I have a mild learning disability
Comment from : Mikia Martin

E T909
Needed to hear this so much, thank you for sharing 🙏🏼
Comment from : E T909

My mother just to smoke during pregnancy of me and I know I am not normal in many small things
Comment from : Boeing777

Nisar Ali
me suffering too how can i improve reading and memory
Comment from : Nisar Ali

Marisa Ramirez
Yeaa I still struggle with my learning disability and was honestly embarrassed by it🤦‍♀️😭I'm still learning how to cope with with it because I get emotional fusterated alot
Comment from : Marisa Ramirez

I have been struggling with learning from so long now I have a very hard time understanding stuff, and when teachers go over something, I don’t remember what I have learned I have very bad memory, and even when I study very hard I do so bad on tests Whenever I look at numbers on a page all the numbers start moving and I have a really hard time seeing the numbers Like I can’t differentiate between numbers when there are many of them on a page, so a lot of the times I’ll do really bad on anything related with math I feel so dumb because everyone else around me learns so fast, and I’m so slow when I’m learning stuff I’m in college now and it’s gotten worse and I’m having such a hard time and I have no one I can talk to because I feel like they’ll hate me for not being smart enough
Comment from : YeahIdisagree

Jackie Saenz
😭😭😭 I ruined my entire life of going back to school going to college starting my dreams to become a filmmaker because I'm learning disabled I'm having trouble reading and writing having trouble understanding what's real and what's not I forget things for like 5 or 10 seconds I don't know how to do an application my sister's in college and she will be graduating real soon and I have nothing 😭😭😭 I hate myself the way I am of being learning disabled not knowing how to read or write or knowing about good behavior I ruin 10 years of my life just sleeping and playing video games when I should be studying to become a filmmaker that has been my dream And I ruined it I don't have any friends My old friends they forgot about me because they would not a woman who is confused learning disabled and who says me things about other people I am not a racist I am just confused I'm always confused that's what I hate about myself confusion inside my Head It hurts so bad 😭😭 All I wanted in life was to make some friends and start a new life somewhere else and I ruined it because I'm learning disabled confuse stupid and crazy nobody would ever love a woman like me 😭😭😭 who is slow chubby and never listens
Comment from : Jackie Saenz

Zoe Gyal
Omg you gonna make me cry! I have learning disabilities
Comment from : Zoe Gyal

Ashleah Summers
This was powerful Thanks for not editing out your doubts in the middle
Comment from : Ashleah Summers

Tymir Dumas
I have a learning disability to and I love it and I don’t care what people think about me I have difficulty of learning different things like math or paying attention or maybe just speaking up for myself 💯😔
Comment from : Tymir Dumas

Aton Sol
To all of you, keep hope alive , I learned a long time ago , we just a learning difference and we can add apt, but it's important that the people around us know what we have and learn how to support us Blessings to all of us we are all gifted in some way Take that and run with it
Comment from : Aton Sol

Aton Sol
Thank you I am a retired teacher and counselor with a learning challenge in reading and math, I have a master's in educational counseling and have begun writing two books , yet I still struggle with a world , a society that has little tolerance for my blunders in every day things I reached out for this video in a moment if sadness cause I get so frustrated with myself cause I can't relax or I will make a mistake that will upset others in particular my wife who is a genius in many areas But has her own emotional issues that impact her tolerance level Thanks for sharing, I know we are not alone ever
Comment from : Aton Sol

Matthew McCorkle
I have a learning disability and this made me emotional
Comment from : Matthew McCorkle

Thank you for sharing your story🙏🏾❤️
Comment from : myeshadapisces

Battelest ·
I feel your pain I have Dyscalculia and I learn certain things slow I have gotten better with age (27) at the time of typing this, but when I see other people then look at myself I feel stupid even if I know its wrong to compair myself I struggle talking to people and remembering things :'(
Comment from : Battelest ·

I feel your struggle and send you much love and kudos for putting yourself out there You are brilliant! As someone who was shouted at Infront of my whole class and told by my teacher that another teacher I had retired because I couldn't do maths I totally understand your angst
Comment from : froggy8030

Trillionaire 247
Damn she spoke well
Comment from : Trillionaire 247

Everything  with alexkay
Thank you for sharing your story with us , I am crying as you are telling your story as it is a reflection of my life
Comment from : Everything with alexkay

Everything  with alexkay
I remember this one time during a math literacy class my teacher asked me to solve a problem that was a the board when I couldn't answer the question,he took me to the principles office where I got suspended from school, I remember the anxiety , humiliation and frustration I got back then , I was often bullied because of how slow I was by both teachers and leaders , I am adult I struggle with most of the things in my life like securing a job or getting into a relationship, I just don't know what to do
Comment from : Everything with alexkay

So inspiring! I’m 30 yrs old and just found out last year I’m dyslexic Grew up my whole life thinking I was stupid I listened to what teachers said about me and just decided not to bother trying I did go to college but it took me 7 years to get a bachelors degree at Mizzou So I can’t tell you how much this means to mean to hear your story
Comment from : ShelbyKay

Maia Autumne
I can somewhat relate as have the same problem with speech I know what i want to say but it doesnt come out how i intended I forget words and wonder if people think i am stupid I am fine with reading and writing though Interviews are absolute hell so I have been doing the same kind of work for the whole of my life never growing Socialising just doesnt happen Up until recently i preferred not to speak at all in meetings or contribute to discussions, now I am somewhat 'out' I do sometimes contribute
Comment from : Maia Autumne

Marissa Naumchick
I had a learning disability when I was born with it, yes I do drive and have my own car I will always remember when I was in school and I was being bullying Lots more I love people who's being close with it and lot more
Comment from : Marissa Naumchick

michael tackwood
I have a learning disability
Comment from : michael tackwood

michael tackwood
This is amazing young lady thank you for your story I can identify with you I have dyslexia
Comment from : michael tackwood

Gianluca Graziano
This was church thank you
Comment from : Gianluca Graziano

Faith Hope Love
You are amazing Thank you so much
Comment from : Faith Hope Love

Michael Knapp
People need to understand that there can be a lot of trauma with these kids that have to live everyday with a learning difference When they make a mistake in the classroom and the whole class laughs at him or her, it hurts When someone calls him or her a retard for not getting the answer right, it hurts The ill feeling turns into low self and significantly affects the kid in many many ways A learning difference doesn’t just stay in the classroom, it follows them everywhere they go
Comment from : Michael Knapp

anthony craddock
There’s far more help now than ever in our schools but it’s still difficult for children because of how different they feel Good luck to you in whatever you do in your life Life is hard no matter what It’s how you approach it and the encouragement others give to people that struggle to give them the confidence to achieve things in their own lives
Comment from : anthony craddock

Gayle Cheung
I grew up with learning disability and petrified of reading out loud and have to do you like current there’s presentations are in grade school after high school petrified and I suck at test… But I can read really well now and spell pretty good a lot better than I did before
Comment from : Gayle Cheung

Comment from : THE PR3TTY1

Jessica Mendoza
My 10 yr old has a learning disability and our neurologist told me the same as your mom Can my daughter be your sister😘
Comment from : Jessica Mendoza

Maria Gibbons
Thank you for caring enough for others as to courageously share this! Continue seeking and sharing your personal talents
Comment from : Maria Gibbons

Holis Agard
I really understand what you are experiencing They are a lot of people who are suffering from this condition and they are afraid to ask for help due to embarrassment, sometimes not only your teacher can make you feel bad your family members also and it hurts so badly knowing that you are trying your best but it's never good enough please if there's any help out there that you can offer to someone who is suffering from this condition please do🙏
Comment from : Holis Agard

Dahlia with the curly hair 🌸
I enjoy watching your video You are a truly beautiful and smart person God bless you 🙏🏽❤️
Comment from : Dahlia with the curly hair 🌸

Karima Echols
All 5 of my children have a learning disability so I relate
Comment from : Karima Echols

Karima Echols
Thank you CAL
Comment from : Karima Echols

Karima Echols
I would love to read a video like this
Comment from : Karima Echols

Karima Echols
You got me in tears 😢😢😢😢😢😢
Comment from : Karima Echols

Karima Echols
Comment from : Karima Echols

Karima Echols
It happens because your human and your beautiful 🤩
Comment from : Karima Echols

Karima Echols
Finally a video I can relate tobrbrI also have a learning disability and ADHD and a speech problem 😢😢😢
Comment from : Karima Echols

Victoria Leger
I never knew how much I needed this because I have a learning disability too and I feel stupid when I can't remember things because of my short term memory loss and I related so much to your video I hate saying that I need someone to explain what a certain word means even if I already know it and your video made me realize that its ok to speak up and I don't have to feel bad anymore Thank you for doing this! You are my hero!!! :)
Comment from : Victoria Leger

Laura Elzey
I’m that ONE PERSON that you helped🥰
Comment from : Laura Elzey

Hey After seeing your video, i really feel inspired You are actually very strong and much capable that you think That small issue is not going to take anything out of you You have inspired so many of us because you are strong, didn't stop working towards your goal and that is what a truly successful woman means and indeed you are We are proud of you! ❤️ You challenged your difficulties and worked really hard This is a special message from my heart to all those who never stopped believing and working towards their goal You are not just a determined person but you have motivated many of us to never give up! god bless you to succeed in all your endeavors ! You are a true inspiration
Comment from : roshne

I’m 17 but when I was a little kid I struggled with Auditory Processing disorder I struggled horribly academically and eventually mentally I got help thanks to a program called Arrowsmith which pretty much cured my disability as crazy as it sounds, but talking about my past experiences with the disability is a very touchy, emotional topic for me
Comment from : Syb_7

what’s the difference of a learning disability and just being bad at something? because no one is perfect, nobodies good at everything, if yes then what’s the point of school? if everyone is just automatically a straight A student
Comment from : s

I also struggled in school since the beginning I needed to ask a lot of questions but was just too embarrassed to ask in front of the class So I didn’t learn math well because of that And I don’t think I truly learned how to read, & spell well😢 smh
Comment from : Goddess-N-TheMaking

Sandra Sako
I’ve been failing classes although I used to be a good student and I’m thinking that I have a learning disability I don’t want to disappoint my family as my siblings are all successful and smart, so I don’t want to let them know that I might have anxiety, depression, an eating disorder, adhd, a learning disability and so many other disorders brPeople say I might be just self diagnosing when I tell them I’m having those symptoms although I strongly feel like I have most of these disordersbr I don’t talk to anyone about them Because no one is helping and idk what to do about it
Comment from : Sandra Sako

Ronnawit Laochai
I'm cryingI also have a LD thank you for the inspiration
Comment from : Ronnawit Laochai

Stanley Shrall
I understand I have a learning disability to and I'm starting to have problem with my left hand
Comment from : Stanley Shrall

Kellie Anne
I was diagnosed with a learning disablility in grade school they say auto processing disorder One teacher also said i wouldn't graduate college, but i did My teachers used to have to test my in person vs answering on paper I also fear speaking infront of people, when i get nervous my words come out backwards It's been a struggle and still is, Im learning to embrace my disability thank you so much for this video
Comment from : Kellie Anne

Dee Deyshan
Thanks for shearing, it was amazing
Comment from : Dee Deyshan

I struggled with learning disabilities from a very young age and even though I was able to overcome many obstacles , I still face it to this day and it is frustrating and makes me angry
Comment from : George

All I'm going to say is thank you
Comment from : Sebastian

fatfitness vang
I was place in a so call special ed class in highschool but it wasn't with special students just another class with learning disability students like me I just hated how they named my classes it was embarrassing to show my classes with my other friends so when they bring up that topic is would usually lie and also leave and tell them I have to go Im 25 and still hiding it
Comment from : fatfitness vang

Pari Shah
I have a learning disability I hate talking about it I struggled in school Ended up getting with the wrong crowd My parents never really pushed me because I’m not like my brother I started hating myself Got depression I’m back studying harder then ever because I know I’m my biggest fan
Comment from : Pari Shah

The Farley Burge Zone
Thank you 😊 I needed to watch this , I feel so stupid and worthless most of the time
Comment from : The Farley Burge Zone

b cole
i cant lie! mt learning disability stopped my shine!!! at 37 years old, i still dont kno whats next!!!
Comment from : b cole

Teachers can be horrible! I've had a few teacher that made me feel stupid I'm so sorry you had to deal with this It ruins your life and self esteem I'm 41 and going to see a nuroligest I need more answers? I'm severely depressed Thank you for sharing your story ❤
Comment from : Rachelstorrersings

Terry Rattler
I was in Special Education when in was 5th grade they called crazy dumb it hirt a lot when i was a senior in school i wanted to go college My Techer I could not go i was special ed
Comment from : Terry Rattler

angel s life 🧬
Comment from : angel s life 🧬

angel s life 🧬
This video really helped me I have a child who have a learning disability and this is ready for treating me even though I try helping her at home but every school she goes in they complain about the same situation I'm getting frustrated over that a mom
Comment from : angel s life 🧬

Floyd Wilson
I really wish I didn’t know I had mine brI decided to google itbrAnd I know the stuff I have now, among other things I figure I have, and it’s really demotivating mebrI barely graduated, if I never stumbled into the gym world, I probably wouldn’t have, because I loved going to school just for the weight training room they had brAnd here I am now, just started a personal trainers class online with one of my co workers at a gym I work at, and how many things the teacher was teaching all at once, overwhelmed me, I had to lay down, because I just could keep up, I’ve always had an extra hand in elementary-high school, and now, I don’t have that anymore, and I’m the middle of that class, I started to breakdown into tears because it felt like my brain was just being ripped apartbrIf it wasn’t for my co worker, I woulda dropped out of it, I’m almost done, and she’s one of the only people I’ve ever told about itbrAnd in class (mind you it’s on zoom) I constantly lose focus, i knew I’ve had it for awhile, but I never knew what it was till recently, and I been just depressed ever since googling it
Comment from : Floyd Wilson

Eaty McEatison
Yet another story proving the most incompetent people are hired for education
Comment from : Eaty McEatison

edwin giles
Thank you for your video you don't know how much this has meant to me to discover this describe dysgraphia, finish taking me 50 years to understand or at least try to understand what I've been classified as the school psychologist in some of the counselors call me autism spectrum person and this dysgraphia sounds a little bit more than what I do have so thank you for bringing this to light
Comment from : edwin giles

I always felt embarrassed I struggle with my school work and I’m afraid to ask the teacher for help about something that’s so easy it’s mostly math I’m having trouble with My anxiety gets the best of me and I try to figure it out myself and stay quiet
Comment from : Blonde

Sandy J
Listening to her story and reading these comments, " Had me in tears"! I too always felt I had a " Learning Disability" It's hard to retain information when I try to learn new materials Sometimes I can't remember what I just read and have to go back and re-read the paragraph I suffer poor memory And each and every job I had people notice that I am a " slow learner" I don't get opportunities to move up at my job, because of it I too felt ashamed and embarrassed! Suffering from heavy anxiety Once I had this old ugly teacher with A Big black mole on her face, For some reason or another, " She hated me"! She said out loud in the classroom that she wouldn't recommend me to work at a pie factory! Smh! She was ao cruel to me But anyway, The doctor told me I may have "ADD" and to get tested I never got the chance to pursue it, however I will go back and get the tested as soon as I can So, I pray for the young lady in the video as well as all of the people who has commented on their story of LD God bless!
Comment from : Sandy J

Donna Poole Jack of all trades
The teacher taught everybody the same ,and you are smart You are more talents than you ever know about You are the future , and the old teacher are the past
Comment from : Donna Poole Jack of all trades

I have a learning disability as well, very similiar to yours Like you, I struggled through elementary school up to post-secondary I just wanted to let you know that I think you are extremely brave to open up to the world like this, moreover, I have the impression that you're quite bright PS you have a beautiful smile 😁
Comment from : Leslie

Blurry Face
I know that this is an old video but this definitely brought me to tears I have a learning disability in math I don’t know how I did it with passing each grade, but I got a zero on every math test My teachers were so frustrated with me, they would yell at me and call me stupid People bullied me and laughed at me when I was called on to give an answer in math, I am 15, going on 16 and I’m still embarrassed I am in now a much better school that helps me learn and deal with it but till this day I can’t do money, read time on a clock, do multiplication and division and read measurements I still fear for my future because no matter how hard I study and try to learn,, I always seem to forget it the next day I don’t try to hide it anymore but it’s so hard to live this life with it, especially with depression and my anxiety disorder People tell me to grow up and call me names for not being able to do things that’s what considered normal people do I still cry, wondering why I’m just not normal But I come to the conclusion that no one is normal and everyone has a struggle and mine is math I’m not just bad at math, It’s something I don’t think I’ll ever fully grasp and that’s okay I’ll learn in some way that I can I know I can do it and with anyone out there struggling with math as well, I know you can to it as well It feels so good to know that I am not alone
Comment from : Blurry Face

Leigh Olding
Wow, you're my hero, you kept going, I would of run away, actually I fantasize alot about running away, my Teacher told me not to bother doing school certificate cause your going to fail anyway 🙄😬 I've had jobs before but it doesn't feel like my calling, I just stay and put up with it Till I burn out or break down, I hate learning difficulties 😒😪
Comment from : Leigh Olding

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