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Memory: Crash Course Study Skills #3

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Information Memory: Crash Course Study Skills #3

Title :  Memory: Crash Course Study Skills #3
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Frames Memory: Crash Course Study Skills #3

Description Memory: Crash Course Study Skills #3

Comments Memory: Crash Course Study Skills #3

Lucky Luckylunax
Thank you! This helped me a lot!
Comment from : Lucky Luckylunax

ashura otsutsukii
informs us on how memories work, overwhelms us with loads of information
Comment from : ashura otsutsukii

Infinite 5G
I got ADHD so i needed to rewind quite a bit but i understood the video in the end great work 👍
Comment from : Infinite 5G

Chopstick Heartes
No, no flying cars yet
Comment from : Chopstick Heartes

No we have corona virus in future
Comment from : Akito

Claire H
Pro-tip: If you have difficulty remembering a word or date, set it as your passcode brThat's how I can spell prosopagnosia
Comment from : Claire H

Garrett Hamilton
I think i stored a new book in my library today thanks CrashCourse
Comment from : Garrett Hamilton

Ashesh 808
Guys He's not joking, there are ninjas behind you I REPEAT there are dangerous ninjas behind you at this moment
Comment from : Ashesh 808

no the future dose not have flying cars, we have and apocalypse and not being able to leave the house
Comment from : qt_sage_

Great courses plus looks like a great app to use to learn information to pass time I will look into it
Comment from : Jiro

Roosa Repo
Thomas: "Helsinki is the capital of Finland" brMe, always stunned by when someone from outside Northern Europe knows that Finland exists: " Torille!"
Comment from : Roosa Repo

Ahmed Mamdouh
=Do you have flying cars? br-No we have coronavirus now
Comment from : Ahmed Mamdouh

Zamani Green
Think I'm going to use the Leitner System :)
Comment from : Zamani Green

mama Abeer372
Please translate this one to Arbicand thank you very much
Comment from : mama Abeer372

Tech Titan
Thank you for sharing this brI've never heard of the Leitner System That's great This is applicable to all parts of my life
Comment from : Tech Titan

Shojin Tam
Spacing:brReview right before you forgetbrActive recall ( real life problem)
Comment from : Shojin Tam

Enio Tanaka
A like for civ 5
Comment from : Enio Tanaka

please help! I can't forget ninjas are behind me
Comment from : Singh

Carolyn Ditto
thanks thats very helpful, had to watch for my school and was expecting a really boring vid but no, this isnt its acctually really cool
Comment from : Carolyn Ditto

Is it ironic that I am studying memory for a test a day before and have fifty more pages to cram while watching this video? Yes, I think it is
Comment from : Sanya

Directions unclear; had to fight ninjas behind me
Comment from : Joanna

Rodrigo Balderas Juárez
Hey CrashCourse , thanks for these great videos with Thomas!brOne question here How to make the Leitner system systematic? I mean if you are studying one concept and you start adding knowledge and reviewing it and then you add some more information how you organize your studying sessions For example imagine you already are going to review one topic in the third session (7days) but then in the assignature they give you more new topics, you are going to have to review them in a 1rst and 2nd session right? Now imagine you have 8 assignatures How you can organize all these studying sessions following the new and old topics you have been teached I hope I explained myself Thanks!
Comment from : Rodrigo Balderas Juárez

Chirag Chachad
What apps did he discuss?
Comment from : Chirag Chachad

\Almost_ Famous/
My school told me watch this😁👍
Comment from : \Almost_ Famous/

I blanked out at the part about breakfast, then I zoned back in when you talked about the ninjas behind me 😂
Comment from : Castle708

"and concentrate on the fact that there's a ninja behind you"brKing Slime has awoken!
Comment from : WhizPartyDoge

Ishould Findagoodname
Leitner? I barely know ‘er!
Comment from : Ishould Findagoodname

Aimless Drifter
what if I recall information wrong often, so I check answers to often to make sure I'm not practicing something that's incorrect :(
Comment from : Aimless Drifter

Khoa Dang
I want to learn but i don't understand too muchCan so teach me English to understand :((((( Thank you so much everyone
Comment from : Khoa Dang

Isaac Ndidi
Stan Lee
Comment from : Isaac Ndidi

Baylie Nixon
Civ V tho
Comment from : Baylie Nixon

Jade Brown
Cold fronts have pointy nipples >br warm fronts do not )
Comment from : Jade Brown

Jade Brown
Oh Spaced repetitions, this would explain the seemingly random improvement when I take a break from something
Comment from : Jade Brown

Ariel Currá
Great video!
Comment from : Ariel Currá

Ryan Kalona
6:26 RIP Stan Lee
Comment from : Ryan Kalona

Nyan Ard
How did he knew that im trying to memorize kanji _
Comment from : Nyan Ard

Kaylee Miller
Crash Course is going to change my life
Comment from : Kaylee Miller

jiayu Li
Really thanks for sharingIf only I have watched this in my early life,not too late thoughInitially I just want to practice my listening in English ,then I just get trapped!! Luckily I have chosen the series first ,then I can apply the learning skills to other specific subjects!😇
Comment from : jiayu Li

Im in space, space, im in space, immmm innnn spaceeeeee 3:10
Comment from : Shoeman

crafty cupcakes5
what does "Once BI Weekly" mean
Comment from : crafty cupcakes5

atreyu garcia
I like crash course SSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOO much [:
Comment from : atreyu garcia

Poet SummerBreeze
This was helpful Thank you I was familiar with the concept of space repetition, but didn't really know how to apply it I am going to download the Anki app as a result of watching this video Two thumbs up!👍👍
Comment from : Poet SummerBreeze

As always great job!!
Comment from : RAW JUICE AND HERBS

Gréta Kassai
space guy floating through the screen when spacing was mentioned had me laughing hard
Comment from : Gréta Kassai

Max Fiialkovskyi
Oh Good God, I Can't stress enough how important this is! This is what has to be mandatory education! brI knew most of this since high school, tho not the exact science of how it works precisely I explain it a little simpler: "Memory can count only till 4 Memories grow when you don't look at them, but has a self-destruction timer on it You reset the timer by recalling it, (not it looking up) The stronger the memory the longer is the timer"brand then you do following to memorize stuff:br1 Group information into bits of b*4 obvious things*/b br2 Visually imagine one bit for 6 secondsbr3 Recallbr4 Wait 30 seconds Recallbr5 Wait 1 minute Recallbr6 10 min Recallbr7 30 min Recallbr8 1 hr Recallbr9 3 hr Recallbr10 1 day Recall a few timesbr11 2 daysbrbr12 4 daysbr13 7br14 15brIF you fail anywhere THEN GOTO 1brbrbrLast year I started preaching this thing to everyone I meet in my travels I also always made an example by learning a bunch of random words in their language bwhile/b teaching the method brThus I know Arabic, Chinese, Turkish and Kurdish numbers and a whole lot of people learned Russian ones
Comment from : Max Fiialkovskyi

It missed one thing, sleep! Good sleep is one of the best thing you can do for memory
Comment from : grndragon7777777

Josiah Vincent
was I the only one that got the "its simple" joke?
Comment from : Josiah Vincent

Mayra Zuniga
Can you do one for adhd students
Comment from : Mayra Zuniga

Alchemist S
When I reread the notes package from class I remember how my teacher was talking and how that moment feltbrbrIs this some kind of weird superpower or is it normal?
Comment from : Alchemist S

Emmanuel Co
Yes, we do have flying cars
Comment from : Emmanuel Co

Luke Liebert
I don’t know, I’m a straight A student where an A- is a 954, and I cram for almost every test🤔
Comment from : Luke Liebert

Unidorsal Icosahedron
I'd rather make physical boxes and flashcards Also, if the relevancy of a piece of information is limited to a particular context, and there are cues in that context, there is absolutely no point in being able to recall it, because there is no use outside of a context that will make you recall that piece of information I don't really memorize derivatives or integrals, I memorize the methods of finding them, which means learning one little thing you'll reuse over and over, instead of many you won't use very often and might be too rigid
Comment from : Unidorsal Icosahedron

Pls translate to Arabic
Comment from : المنتقى

Amr Altayeb
As a Medical student i get a lot of informations that i can't regularly recall the same information for 2 or 3 times per semester is there is any solution 😅
Comment from : Amr Altayeb

Thomas A
Wait, thomas Frank works for crash course? Sorry if missing something, although it makes sense
Comment from : Thomas A

Braydogg 347
I just realized what he did at 1:53, he just listed three Intel gathering agencies lol
Comment from : Braydogg 347

Johnathan Brigs
Perfect, I'm watching this the day before a test, so you basically said I can't remeber the things I need to
Comment from : Johnathan Brigs

Fatih çağlar
Hi I am not a native English speaker and i can't follow video easily because you are speaking so fast :D I guess i am not the only one Can you add texts of subtitles of videos below videos or somewhere? Guys can you up this comment with likes?:)
Comment from : Fatih çağlar

Trevor Philips
6:24 stan lee
Comment from : Trevor Philips

I watched the whole video But how should I remember information then?
Comment from : KarolineThePaganWitch

Lit E
Good show sir
Comment from : Lit E

Malic Zarith
Im never uploading my memory into a cloud Though I would be more than happy to download the knowledge of others
Comment from : Malic Zarith

so where can i get the posters
Comment from : dklamara

Samantha Filipovic
I like to m make puns about what I’m learning and somehow I remember that
Comment from : Samantha Filipovic

Luca Tortiglione
retrieval strength = Stan Lee
Comment from : Luca Tortiglione

Xavier Guillaume
Starting my semster at university in one week and this is one of the most useful videos I could possibly have watched I am definitely going to try the study cards in the boxes for my vocab and concepts learningbrbrAlso, the study fact concept of gradually prolonging study intervals to maximize learning potential is something I might have to try I will have to create some sort of calendar system though to keep track of what to study and when which feels kind of unyieldy especially with continuously growing intervals I might get the hang of it though Fortunately I am not working while in school so I can just focus on learning :)brbrYay!
Comment from : Xavier Guillaume

Kyle Countryman
saveing mind colloapses of releames langues thanks for sorts
Comment from : Kyle Countryman

Mayra Zuniga
Can you do one for adhd for study tips
Comment from : Mayra Zuniga

Today we'll be talking about memory [INSERT MEMORY JOKE HERE]
Comment from : The_Weeaboot

SS Queens
Sir please what do you say little bit slow
Comment from : SS Queens

YO IT'S THAT DOORMAN DUDE I'M SO HAPPY THERE'S AN ADVENTURE TIME REFERENCE I had to look in the comments to see if anyone recognized him
Comment from : lixoshi

Aria Hauser
Hey, be nicer to Finland!! It is a great country!!
Comment from : Aria Hauser

I've actually looked this guy up (Thomas frank) Apparently, he has a major in Management Information Systems (basically, IT) No to be offensive or anything, but, if you wanted to be a better student, wouldn't you go to somebody like a psychologist or an expert In a field that involves being a better student then a person with a background in IT?brbrEdit - Management Information Systems is basically a combination of business and computer engineering
Comment from : InfernoBeetle

Business With The Basix
does the librarian intentionally look like stan lee?
Comment from : Business With The Basix

This guy is so good He could teach me anything
Comment from : BlackMamba

Naomi A
Really like the flash card box idea! Will definitely be trying it to help for exam topic study! Thank you
Comment from : Naomi A

Jesa Freese
Nothing against this guy, but I miss John and Hank They’re more fun which helps me to absorb the information better
Comment from : Jesa Freese

Diana Colvin
Very helpful while cramming for my Neuroscience final!!! 😀🙏🏻
Comment from : Diana Colvin

This video was soo good Wish I found it earlier in the semester :'(
Comment from : Addir

Anyone else here from Helsinki Finland? XD
Comment from : jinnin

Did I spot Stan Lee as the lazy librarian? hahaha
Comment from : Nielsen

deborah otu
What does that mean under box 4?
Comment from : deborah otu

Phuong Bui
I use Mindmaps :)
Comment from : Phuong Bui

Can you make the Leitner system into a game?
Comment from : AG_Tardis_11

Evil Exists
Fantastic !
Comment from : Evil Exists

ai i
I'm gonna have to rewatch this many times to fully utilize it It is extremely helpful though so it's worth it ✨👍
Comment from : ai i

Jawad Haidary
All this fantastic information for free on YouTube! That’s what we call HUMANITY!
Comment from : Jawad Haidary

Rick Weber
Upvote for Ghandi with a nuke!
Comment from : Rick Weber

Ronan Shiroshi
I also forgot what he said I need to watch it everyday or every 3 days haha
Comment from : Ronan Shiroshi

Vishal R
Awesome work Thomas
Comment from : Vishal R

thank you
Comment from : Peace597

Aweesssooome i luv u guys
Comment from : lsaathvik

Pick Now
Stan Lee is a bad librarian
Comment from : Pick Now

Comment from : ghumashenaa

Arabic translation is very bad please edit it
Comment from : Sleepy

Aaron Ogletree
Those footnotes though 😆 10/10 for me 😏
Comment from : Aaron Ogletree

ASAP Mangos
This seems very useful
Comment from : ASAP Mangos

Soul Tandem
Cramming Works for me ! meh!
Comment from : Soul Tandem

Phương Hà
AAAAI need Vietsub huhuhu TT^TT
Comment from : Phương Hà

Valentino :)
I swear this guy has his own channel
Comment from : Valentino :)

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