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We Invested Over $100,000 In Gold Coins!!!

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Information We Invested Over $100,000 In Gold Coins!!!

Title :  We Invested Over $100,000 In Gold Coins!!!
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Frames We Invested Over $100,000 In Gold Coins!!!

Description We Invested Over $100,000 In Gold Coins!!!

Comments We Invested Over $100,000 In Gold Coins!!!

Wow, this advice aged poorly Dave Ramsey gives out terrible advice at times It would be great to do a follow-up show with people that called in to see what happened I bet his success record is no better than throwing darts at a board
Comment from : Vicarium

Dave is a crook!
Comment from : C H

Great fundamental break-down
Comment from : Chris

Eric P
Dave is only somewhat useful for poor people to get out of debt He’s pretty awful if you’re interested in generating wealth
Comment from : Eric P

Jimmy Philip
Do you want to learn more on investment principles and strategies?
Comment from : Jimmy Philip

Jose Aguilar
Is this guy stupid o what
Comment from : Jose Aguilar

SMH he correct lady, please send this garbage over to my house I’ll get rid of this horrible investment for you PLEASE
Comment from : Jorge

Caller bought it at a top and he advises her to sell it at a bottom Sounds right This is perhaps one of the dumbest things I have ever witnessed
Comment from : jdm1066

I feel for this lady
Comment from : Jason

Phong Nguyen
Probably save money on mortgage by paying off the house with money loss
Comment from : Phong Nguyen

Clown 🤡
Comment from : Los

Shelving2go Channel
Omg Dave bad advice The caller hopefully uses her brain
Comment from : Shelving2go Channel

Kate Seagrave
If only they had held until April 2020…
Comment from : Kate Seagrave

Darrell F
Dave his so f! condescending! and rude he interrupts constantly Narcissistic, claims to be a Christian but has no Humility
Comment from : Darrell F

Scott Matlock
This hasn't aged well with the current situation lol Thats because people don't do their own research I would never have sold it considering we are going through a currency reset
Comment from : Scott Matlock

Silver Ahi
?? really
Comment from : Silver Ahi

David Jones
The wisest thing that should be on everyone mind currently should be to invest in different stream of income that doesn't depend on the govt especially with the current economic crisis around the world
Comment from : David Jones

Here in 2021 with the crazy inflation this turned out to be awful advice
Comment from : 2ATexan

Comment from : MGTOW CHAMPION

Yeshu Aggarwal
Did you cry in 2020? LOL
Comment from : Yeshu Aggarwal

This guy is an idiot he doesnt understand money inflation leverage and power of borrowing to invest when fiat is becoming worthless
Comment from : Heshkin

Ramsey came out pretty wrong on that one huh
Comment from : Zinnshady24

What do we think the dollar going to do in the future??? Well we know! Don’t listen to this idiot!
Comment from : Bob

Janice Lee
Wow! His advice was dead wrong She bought high and sold near the bottom, just before new all-time highs I guess that is why fool listen to these television pundits
Comment from : Janice Lee

Hope she didn't follow his advice he is so opinionated
Comment from : SAM SOUM

The way you analyze whether to hold an asset is not to reflect on whether you would buy it today This is very poor logic Whether you close a position today is a completely different decision as to whether you would open a position on something you currently don't own I hope she didn't follow his advice
Comment from : Mike

M Love Spring
Mr RamseyI thought you were joking I saw a video of the broke cousin you always referring to who perhaps live in his mother basement Scary guy!
Comment from : M Love Spring

Shane C Hostetler
Why sell it if you don’t need the money? It cost way to much to sell
Comment from : Shane C Hostetler

my question is, now that we're heading towards more continual inflation, do you shoot for investments that double what we lose on inflation, or where is the alternative investment if you don't trust the USD
Comment from : ywamdan

So 2018 it was in the 1200-1300 ballpark, now (2021) it in the 1700+ ballpark Hmmmmm
Comment from : johnboylong40

Javi Garci
Ramsey right now 🤡
Comment from : Javi Garci

Bart Van Riel
Just follow Buffets advice to never lose money When it’s down, WAIT!
Comment from : Bart Van Riel

Kp GuttaTownMuzik501!!!
Comment from : Kp GuttaTownMuzik501!!!

Fast forward, isn't this interesting to listen to present-time I cannot believe he recommended selling her precious metals especially given her stable financial circumstances at that time 😔 Interesting he mentions critical thinking 🤔 Clearly, Dave does not have ALL the answers!!!
Comment from : OverTheRainbow

Chayton Wendler
This did not age well
Comment from : Chayton Wendler

Ryan Le Gras
Your wrong on every point you make about everything Dave, good luck going bankrupt "again"
Comment from : Ryan Le Gras

This boomer will never convince me to give up my shiny rocks
Comment from : MMWALSH98

Terrance Cole
No Dave, you're wrong on this one
Comment from : Terrance Cole

El Barto !
Wow, what a bad decision to sell when she did She must feel bad that he badgered her into selling
Comment from : El Barto !

Josh Harrington
Brilliant this aged wonderfully
Comment from : Josh Harrington

Luis King
I respect Mr Ramsey and have fallowed many of his financial principles through the years he was wrong here and time has proven it so
Comment from : Luis King

Jackson Taylor
I bet she’s wishing she had kept it now
Comment from : Jackson Taylor

Bruh, if you don't need this money right now, DON'T SELL IT WAIT Ughhh, this was such stupid advice The decision to sell with any investment isn't one made and executed the same day It's you saying, okay on the next swing up, I'm getting off the ride Dave cost this poor woman a lot of money
Comment from : Anon

jake luongo
Bet they wish she never called Dave ramsey
Comment from : jake luongo

Jose Badillo
Goodness more often than not I feel like Dave is a charlatan smh
Comment from : Jose Badillo

Musa I of Mali
Welp, Ramsey made another "TIMING" mistake 3/9/21
Comment from : Musa I of Mali

Tibor Hribar
I'm not surprised why u feel better then u deserve
Comment from : Tibor Hribar

sell today lol
Comment from : Alovei

Dave came across as arrogant and gave this woman horrible advice brThe study of economics and personal finance is > radio talk show host advice🙄
Comment from : HighPlainsDrifter

Mike Grace
Should have held on to it
Comment from : Mike Grace

Comment from : samzach2057

Nirmal Hruday
Watching this in march 2021 Lol
Comment from : Nirmal Hruday

Treasure Hunters Illyria
Hello Archeology group beautiful coins
Comment from : Treasure Hunters Illyria

protools fanatic
at 48 seconds did she say we don't need the money? well good for her
Comment from : protools fanatic

Leadership Help Desk
Oh Boy Dave
Comment from : Leadership Help Desk

Buy high, sell low
Comment from : ADA FTW

The_true_nderue daved_q
If someone flies a couple planes to a couple towers 😂 Why would he use that example
Comment from : The_true_nderue daved_q

Moises Gonzalez
Poor lady se would have made a nice profit on 2021
Comment from : Moises Gonzalez

Chevy stepside MIA vibez
I disagree God's money is always a good investment It's the buyers duty to buy at the right time
Comment from : Chevy stepside MIA vibez

ben cruz
I would like to hear more
Comment from : ben cruz

Eff Ramsey the pompous toad
Comment from : mwngw

Bet she wish she waited to cash in those coins since it's worth a lot today
Comment from : jon

Christopher Pring
The poster of this video should be really embarrassed about the awful advice that he gave He should put a statement in the description explaining his errors He comes across as really cocksure and arrogant in the video and now looks foolish
Comment from : Christopher Pring

Unnamed Exodus
This guy is becoming more of a sham everyday
Comment from : Unnamed Exodus

Andrew Tyson
David is clueless most of the time and most his intuition toward investment are logical and nothing new
Comment from : Andrew Tyson

Andrew Grant
Dave’s voice is so brutal
Comment from : Andrew Grant

Ashveer Mohadeo
This poor lady bought the top and sold the bottom
Comment from : Ashveer Mohadeo

Aaron Osborn
Dave’s fear of mortgages from his past stupidity is costing his listeners a lot of money today
Comment from : Aaron Osborn

David Dowling
Wow don't look in the past to predict the future Oh and look to the past to predict the future Make up your mind DAVE your giving us DAVE's a bad name
Comment from : David Dowling

Divine Mercy
Man this Joe is way off The writings on the wall with fiat currency unlimited fiat printing, hyperinflation, currency debasement and then collapseamazing people actually take his advice lol
Comment from : Divine Mercy

Dave went off his rocker in this one speaking gibberish
Comment from : Nick

Wow, not always correct!
Comment from : CLTinfo

Louis Martin
I love Dave, but he literally contradicted himself in ten seconds
Comment from : Louis Martin

Seth and Camille
imo don't take investment advice from Dave A lot of it is wrong imo He is very wise to help people get out of dept and to save their money but his investment advice is a little off imo
Comment from : Seth and Camille

Ride Ride
should have kept it and sold it today
Comment from : Ride Ride

I hope she held on, if not she’s kicking herself today
Comment from : Matthew4Nineteen

Uh oh
Comment from : Gene

jeremy laws
If she did what he said i Bet she hates dave now!
Comment from : jeremy laws

Kagiso Marvin Molekwa
proof that Dave is NOT God Can be wrong at times
Comment from : Kagiso Marvin Molekwa

bob fossum
What a clown
Comment from : bob fossum

Joseph Richter
If she had kept it tell now she would have Bank
Comment from : Joseph Richter

WhatsApp ₊₁₄₁₅₈₂₅₈₉₅₇
how do we get paid Through what kind of job,,?
Comment from : WhatsApp ₊₁₄₁₅₈₂₅₈₉₅₇

Mike Gamache
Had she not taken your advice, she would have recovered all her losses
Comment from : Mike Gamache

Billy Warren
If you keep it it's like buying it again? It absolutely is not That made no sense at all She bought high and he told her to sell low Oof She didn't need the money and today it would be sitting at $155k
Comment from : Billy Warren

Fans of Matt Cutts
Don't always take Dave's advice, he is good in few things in personal finance doesn't make him expert in all fields 😂
Comment from : Fans of Matt Cutts

Ramsey is good at helping people with poor choices in the past get out of debtand that’s about it
Comment from : D-dubs

Sell the coins at the Coin shop call around see who gives the best spot price
Comment from : S G

This didn’t age well
Comment from : McLovin

Perry Johnson
Well, if she kept it she would have made 50k as of today
Comment from : Perry Johnson

Perry Johnson
I typically like Ramsey’s advice, but really hope the caller didn’t listen to this one
Comment from : Perry Johnson

Des Kelly
$1300 when this was made, peaked at $2070 two years later, $1829 today Oh dear!
Comment from : Des Kelly

Andrew D
horrible advice
Comment from : Andrew D

Nathan Davis
This did not age well
Comment from : Nathan Davis

p s
Thank you Glenn Beck for pushing Goldline SMH
Comment from : p s

Joel Bondurant
Ok boomer
Comment from : Joel Bondurant

secret squirrel
Man I hope they kept them
Comment from : secret squirrel

Dave ramsey : Cant base an investment off what it does on the pastbrAlso Dave ramsey : have to look at what it did in the past
Comment from : Kevin

Roma Semyanko
buy signal
Comment from : Roma Semyanko

What an idiot it’s not about just making money it’s about protecting your money
Comment from : ARAB MUSCLE

Kerry White
First he says the past is irrelevant Then he says look at the past
Comment from : Kerry White

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