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romance books that made me cry.

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Information romance books that made me cry.

Title :  romance books that made me cry.
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Frames romance books that made me cry.

Description romance books that made me cry.

Comments romance books that made me cry.

Bright side, all your perfects, ugly love, a thousand boy kisses
Comment from : Misha14r

Ashima Ahlawat
'the light we lsot' and 'if he had been with me' are two books that made me cry! please check them out steph!
Comment from : Ashima Ahlawat

Niqabis Diary
It ends with us 🖤
Comment from : Niqabis Diary

Sahar Dlala
All ur perfect 🥲🥲🥲
Comment from : Sahar Dlala

Nariman Elkomy
I adore sad endings❤️❤️❤️
Comment from : Nariman Elkomy

Vivian Forbes
I literally read sad books so they can cure my depression but they just make it worst 😂
Comment from : Vivian Forbes

I LOVE Steph and her videosbut I feel like I can't watch book recommendations anymore because most YouTubers give away a lot Like with It Ends With Us, I would've hated knowing about the letters beforehand cause it was like a cute surprise
Comment from : Sophia

Beca Paraíso
Comment from : Beca Paraíso

you can be a good story teller
Comment from : A

miah brently
i like sad books- pulls out archers voice ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!?! i need something like binding 13/ keeping 13 i need recs where one of the mcs is abused and keeps it a secret and either they get out themselve or the other mc helps
Comment from : miah brently

Sreyneang Makeup
Wow you have many excellent book
Comment from : Sreyneang Makeup

Gift me some please 😭😭
Comment from : Luca

shazije neshati
One of us is lying
Comment from : shazije neshati

shazije neshati
One of us is lying
Comment from : shazije neshati

Gaia Iaga
I really recommend you “the wish” by Nicholas Sparks, I never cry when I read emotional books BUT THIS!! It literally broke my heart😭😭
Comment from : Gaia Iaga

Priyo Khan
You should be casted in a Netflix series as a Main Character where the girl would be a Book sadist just like you!
Comment from : Priyo Khan

Amy Smith
Hey steph! I know you love a thousand boy kisses but please check out the Hades Hangmen series by Tillie Cole I am sure you will love it
Comment from : Amy Smith

Gibrán Marín
You are beutifull You expresions are adorables🥺🤚
Comment from : Gibrán Marín

Ezrani Anna Maria
THANK YOU FOR THE RECOMMENDATIONS i’ve read 3 of those books you mentioned, and yea i cried a lot on them i definitely will buy the rest i havent read, cause im excited to get sad 🥹
Comment from : Ezrani Anna Maria

Emma Mccrea
I cried when you simply just said It Ends With Us
Comment from : Emma Mccrea

aziza 💙💚larrie • 28 years ago
Tsoa broke my heart into thousands of parts
Comment from : aziza 💙💚larrie • 28 years ago

999 vamp
im currently reading where the crawdads sing and id recommend it to anyone its A Murder mystery with plot twists and an emotional story about a young girl who grows up in a marsh and about her life while trying to solve a murder she was independent at such a young age and witnessed and experienced things you would have no clue someone at such a young age could endure
Comment from : 999 vamp

MaKylee Lenning
Ya’ll need to read If He Had Been With Me by Laura Nowlin if you like A Thousand Boy Kisses
Comment from : MaKylee Lenning

Zuzi Bts
And here is me who is amazed by his books collection bruh time by time I see every book name like colleen's heart bones
Comment from : Zuzi Bts

Kisses and croissants 🥹🥹🥰🥰🥰
Comment from : Areanah_J

The Something in the Way Saga fucked me up…now Idk what to read next
Comment from : danethedood

not yours
i need to stop paying more attention to the books in the background like, "Oh s/he read this book? okay ill keep watching"
Comment from : not yours

Celenes Crazy World
Not gonna lie, I’m one of the ppl that didn’t really enjoy reading it ends with us At the time, I thought it was alright The writing was decent and the characters were meh, but looking back, I can appreciate the message it sent out Whether you’ll dislike it or not, I think everyone should read it It’s really mind opening and I think will help ppl gain a deeper understanding of domestic violence (Ofcourse don’t read if you can’t cause of the trigger warnings)
Comment from : Celenes Crazy World

Saloni D
A thousand boy kisses is the best book i ever read the way every chapter had written make me cry It is definitely so beautiful yet heartbreaking book I cried so much when I complete this book 😭
Comment from : Saloni D

Mariam sameh
Archer’s voice is giving me twilight vibes😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Mariam sameh

what i realised that i am a book sadist too haha
Comment from : zam

Ananya Shrivastav
I loved it ends with us 🥺
Comment from : Ananya Shrivastav

27Sohini Chowdhury
Full tilt all the way 😫😭😭
Comment from : 27Sohini Chowdhury

i read it ends with us in 2 days and omg😃
Comment from : kayleigh

Miledy Trujillo
If you love Wattpad, I’ve never cried to a book but “In 27 Days” made me sob 😭
Comment from : Miledy Trujillo

What books are alike it ends with us?
Comment from : Syd-Knee

mia diaz
I LOVE this
Comment from : mia diaz

Moumita Mondal
It ends with us It made me sad how things fell off between Lily and Ryle There should be something for Ryle I want justice for Ryle My heart shattered in the last chapter
Comment from : Moumita Mondal

When you realise you have read all of them
Comment from : ayush

Anisha Sahoo
If you love "It ends with us" so much then you must read "Full Tilt" and "All in" by EMMA SCOTT I assure you that it will break you heart into thousand pieces"All in" is my favourite book among all the recommendations You should read "Full tilt" first in order to understand and feel all the scenarios in "All in"❤️
Comment from : Anisha Sahoo

i agree with "it ends with us" definitely!! i believe its life changing and all but i PLEASE for some fans, please stop romanticizing this book, stop calling it romance The disrespect to the victims of abuse and ESPECIALLY colleen's mother
Comment from : mia

Okay so I just finished reading 'A thousand boy kisses ' and I loved the book 😍 but also I cried so much that my eyes are burning 😭 Read it ASAP and I am sure you won't regret it And whoever says a book can't make you cry just make them read this book It is one of the best romantic books I have ever read This book made me believe in true love and soulmate 😍
Comment from : Ishita

Daniella Marie Canama
I'm just sad that "the seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo" wasn't part of this
Comment from : Daniella Marie Canama

Jesus saves ❤
Comment from : carmin

Indie Songs
the light between us by Jill santapolo had me like that towards the end omg (6:22)
Comment from : Indie Songs

Ruhi Gianchandani
love the video but not sadist, masochist
Comment from : Ruhi Gianchandani

Izzy Kives
I pretty much added all the ones I haven’t read yet to my “want to read” list on goodreads 💀
Comment from : Izzy Kives

Imani Chilcote
I have a question about it ends with us:brIs Ryle’s name pronounced (ry-lee) or (ry-el)?brI heard it both ways but always pronounced it Ry-lee
Comment from : Imani Chilcote

it’s been a month since i read IT ENDS WITH US and i cannot bring myself to stop thinking about that book it lives in my head rent free istg
Comment from : stella

World Observer
Beautiful young woman, but I don't think I care about any of the books reviewed I will watch a few more videos
Comment from : World Observer

Are these young adult
Comment from : Animefoodchill247

Hello! I rrly am looking forward to these books but if i may ask, do any of you guys know romance books that the mc is a male or starting with a male like his POV throughout the whole story as i really wanna see a novel like that because i want experience what ot feels to see a lady from a male’s perspective 🥹brIf u do pls recommend me some!
Comment from : Avoline

Kaydi Lee Scott
Not me trying to watch this for new emotional recs and realising I…have…read…every…single…one…😭😭😭😭
Comment from : Kaydi Lee Scott

When there is hope is one of the best books I've read and it really is heartbreaking
Comment from : Assalamualaikum

Nukhba Iftikhar 66
just came here after reading FULL TILT and I am heartbroken
Comment from : Nukhba Iftikhar 66

Nicole Fontannaz
Tons of spoilers in this video 😵‍💫
Comment from : Nicole Fontannaz

I just finished reading 'It ends with us' and now I realised why there are so many people recommending this book It really left a huge impact on me I was so emotional reading the last few pages 🤧but still loved the ending 😍
Comment from : Ishita

Melanie Wang
I watch your videos over and over again I love how you talk about books
Comment from : Melanie Wang

it's been a week since i completed it ends with us and i am still in emotional trauma lol so now i am willing to buy the Spanish love deception i think its kinda juicy book IMAO
Comment from : Alice

emuva 5
am i the only one who wasn't surprised at all when ryle did what he did? i just knew it would happenotherwise the book just wouldn't make sense yk I didn't cry but still liked it💕
Comment from : emuva 5

Itz Me Jac E
Reminders of Him - Colleen Hoover!!!
Comment from : Itz Me Jac E

Full Tilt broke my heart into a billion piece
Comment from : Jasmin

It ends with us I cried so much!
Comment from : Unknownmozz

Hargun Dogra
I read it ends with us full well knowing my family is abusive and I have a lot of examples to relate to AND THAT BOOK BROKE ME LITERALLY I COULD NOT SLEEP AND CRIED FOR DAYS SOOO MUCH PAINNNNN
Comment from : Hargun Dogra

Katie carter
Not me trying to see her bookshelf to see if I have read them before
Comment from : Katie carter

raegan s
It Ends With Us KILLED me It makes it no better that I read it in one day in class, and I was sobbing at some points It was my first Colleen Hoover read, and I've been obsessed since
Comment from : raegan s

I’m on chapter 8 of ugly love it’s so good so far!
Comment from : y0urgff

margie lufkin
My first one is a thousand boy kisses by tillie cole! So amazing! And my favorite series of all time is broken trilogy by jl drake! When it rains series by lisa de jong is superb also Steel brothers series by helen hardt and last but not least is cake series by j bengtsson! If you guys have any more suggestions on either emotional books or books where people struggle with and or overcome abuse I would greatly appreciate it Have a great Sunday afternoon reading everybody
Comment from : margie lufkin

S y d n e y F o r r e y
“I like books that make me feel pain” -Steph (literally the only kind of books I read😂🤷🏼‍♀️
Comment from : S y d n e y F o r r e y

Lauren Pleace
It ends with us movie cast imagine Dylan o Brian and Sadie Sink as Ryle and Lily 🤭
Comment from : Lauren Pleace

Umar Asad
Lol Sadist Sometimes, one likes to wallow in pain Very true
Comment from : Umar Asad

Ayeisha Alonzo
Try to read the "You'ved reached sam"
Comment from : Ayeisha Alonzo

Ayeisha Alonzo
try to read the YOU'VED REACHED SAM
Comment from : Ayeisha Alonzo

stephany waleska
here is a challenge reading ''Blanca Olmedo'' without crying like a baby
Comment from : stephany waleska

Ugly love is my all time favorite too it's sooo sad
Comment from : Marella

Merle Riley
you should read twisted love by ana huang
Comment from : Merle Riley

Sweet creature
"A thousand boy kisses"- Tillie Cole : read it if you haven't Please You have to Its special As special as special can be
Comment from : Sweet creature

Shaina Arun
Y'all need to read "it ends with us"brIT hurts so bad it's goodbrbr, i was putting it off and then finally picked it up and oh lord, it broke me, we love that feeling dont we? I couldnt stop thinking about the story for two days straight i could do nothing except for crying
Comment from : Shaina Arun

Sunshine LA
now you can add reminders of him to this list 🥺
Comment from : Sunshine LA

Dean and Rosieee😭
Comment from : Booksanddrafts

Eva Morgan
It ends with is incredible, heartbreaking and you can get angry, happy, sorry you feel every feeling
Comment from : Eva Morgan

Not After and Harry Potter in the back like: brbrbrbrbr
Comment from : CloudyVoid

Babli Khanna
I just finished binge reading ugly love by Colleen hoover and also happen to stumble across this video ANDDDD oh lord does it make your heart hurt The ending is super emotional! Highly recommend ❤️
Comment from : Babli Khanna

Unicah Reiko Ilano
the book that almost made me cry was 101 days of heartbreak
Comment from : Unicah Reiko Ilano

Bashirah Tahreema
can someone please recommend me a book that is similar to 'it ends with us" or has a male character like Atlas corrigan who MIGHT I ADD IS SO PERFECT He spends time making himself worthy for the girl, and is happy for her even if he can't be a part of her life, like I need to find another male character like him somewhere in some book, because few chapters about him wasn't enough for me
Comment from : Bashirah Tahreema

Henni Duppstedt
i feel so safe and understood in your videos, thank you so much! It kinda keeps me going and i really enjoy listening to you talking <3
Comment from : Henni Duppstedt

Zoya Singh
I love how most of the comments are about "it ends with us" <33
Comment from : Zoya Singh

Valerie Kremserová
books that made me sob - everyting by colleen hoover
Comment from : Valerie Kremserová

Rats 🐀
Random question but have you ever read They both at end?
Comment from : Rats 🐀

You really really really need to read making faces by Amy Harmon, trust me, it's gonna make you cry and feel a Lot of emotions, it's just sooooo beautiful and so under rated
Comment from : Raquel

Nowelia Blake
Hey everyone Jesus loves you <3
Comment from : Nowelia Blake

Gurl u literally have an entire library ! Pls do a giveaway or sell em? I’m interested!
Comment from : Tia💕

layla farrell
when i read five feet apart i literally cried for so long while reading
Comment from : layla farrell

Rachel Hwang ヾ(•ω•`)o
Ok if you haven’t read Between the shades of gray YOU HAVE TO READ IT, ITS HISTORICAL, AND THERES IS A LITTLE ROMANCE, BUT NOT TOO MUCH And please recommend me some emotional books with a little bit of romance :)
Comment from : Rachel Hwang ヾ(•ω•`)o

Harini v
Did we forget about the legendric one*fault in our stars* ?
Comment from : Harini v

Madisyn Fleming
We’ve never met but I feel like you’re my friend I would love to just talk about books and stuff with you for hours
Comment from : Madisyn Fleming

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