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How to select the best subwoofer for audio

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Information How to select the best subwoofer for audio

Title :  How to select the best subwoofer for audio
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Comments How to select the best subwoofer for audio

al-balushi Abid
Using genesis advanced technologies pair of G928 and works perfectly with music and movies with minor tweaks for each setup
Comment from : al-balushi Abid

Zarmin Drow
Proper headbanging My homeboy
Comment from : Zarmin Drow

Using higher efficiency subwoofers [email protected]/M that may roll off closer to 30Hz are going to be fast enough for accurate musical instruments at least up to 200 to 300Hz Even though you would cross much lower Subs with a heavy surround and stiff suspension are going to play low but NOT accurate I think Most SUBS designed for car audio are made to play loud and low but sound like crap to an audiophile I prefer the larger efficient 10" to 15" subwoofers made for a sealed enclosure
Comment from : jimthvac100

Right, you can use ported (HT) or Sealed (Music) however, and I could be wrong, I've heard that a SEALED design would be more nuanced for music audiophile types That PORTED HT subs excel at SPL but are not nearly as articulate outside of their narrow boomy freq range
Comment from : D G

Amaresh Augustine Pereira
Thank you very much Paul!
Comment from : Amaresh Augustine Pereira

Gruesome two-some
Comment from : Maalario

Barat Vinayakan
Thanks for the nice explanation Could you help me understand the test of how well my sub woofer has integrated with my mains
Comment from : Barat Vinayakan

What is the best subwoofer in terms of speed , resolution and texture
Comment from : whatsoever

Hey Hey
If you want a subwoofer for mostly music then I would stick with an 8- or 10-inch sub Larger subs, like 12- or 15-inch, tend to be not as fast Also sealed subs tends to be more musical but I have found some good ported subs for music as well I have an older 8-inch Pioneer by Andrew Jones, it is very musical and is ported I have heard Rel and SVS are also good for music
Comment from : Hey Hey

Gerard Slootweg
Comment from : Gerard Slootweg

nitin kanchan
Totally agree with Paul The HT 1508 sounds very good in stereo listening and integrates well too The "HT" prefix is a misnomer
Comment from : nitin kanchan

tl;dw any sub will do for music?
Comment from : ermonnezza74

DJ Force
There is a distinction between HT subwoofers and music subwoffers HT subs play lower for the sub-audio shaking in special effects (like explosions) Audio subwoofers typically roll off around 30Hz, but can offer more sensitivity and possibly musical accuracy They prioritize different things
Comment from : DJ Force

Bob Withrow
In my experience, ported subs work better for movies/home theater and sealed [acoustic suspension] subs work better for music
Comment from : Bob Withrow

Bruce Mibus
For my preference without going too deep into the reasoning, I would normally choose a sealed sub for music, and divide the budget to obtain 2 subs, unless you have access to equalisation programs aimed at subs There's so much to gain with 2 subs working well versus a single sub, even though the absolute power output is likely to be lower than with a single sub, since getting 2 cheaper subs will reduce the maximum output and possibly the extension
Comment from : Bruce Mibus

LFE is the specific stem going in the sub
Comment from : Alexandre

Ranger Smith
For any sort of acoustic music, avoid ported subs That's not easy because most subs are ported for the HT market
Comment from : Ranger Smith

I use car audio subs and amp made by kicker in my home
Comment from : DarthKane

Davy Bloggs
But Paul - you DIDN'T say "How to select the best subwoofer for audio", you just talked subs, in general Also, If REL make subs SPECIFICALLY named as for film use, 'HT', and ALSO make subs with high level inputs for music, why are you saying it makes no difference?? Even John of REL says it does
Comment from : Davy Bloggs

Hakan Gursel
Glad to hear Rammstein
Comment from : Hakan Gursel

The question was what sub is best for musicThe answere would be a sealed box type sub requiring higher amplification power delivering a faster tighter baseNot to many train wrecks and explosions in typical music that need to go as low as movie theater
Comment from : muddyriverdogz

Rick E
I've had a REL T9i supporting to my B&W 804s(see my vids) I sold it but to be honestnow I regret the selling brNow 2 SVS 3000 micro's are in my thought🤔🤔🤔
Comment from : Rick E

googoo gjoob
REL is 'pushed' for bmusic/b first thats why these newer icheaper/i REL subs are called HT theyre trying to shine a little focus on their capability to do HT
Comment from : googoo gjoob

Andrew Rice
Loud mids on your monitoring system there
Comment from : Andrew Rice

Richard Edens
This was so helpful Thanks a million
Comment from : Richard Edens

Cartoons Funny
Here's a list that helped me outbr"whinylcom/bswf-guide/brIn the end, I went with #4brbrbr3:40
Comment from : Cartoons Funny

My subwoofer has a LFE input
Comment from : lowkeyy_nxthxn

High sensitivity, sealed for all types of music Paper cone - best for decent max volume, other cone materials for higher than decent max volume
Comment from : constantin58

Julia Watsica
A real sub-woofer lover always loves to listen his favorite song with smoothly sound quality So we will help them here brLearn more: outdoorsumocom/best-8-inch-shallow-mount-subwoofer/
Comment from : Julia Watsica

kc Jones
I really believe this guy is in the employment of RELL brTalk about Colored soundbrHow about colored advertisement bris this A RELL ad?
Comment from : kc Jones

Swing and miss here I thought we would go far deeper into sealed vs ported vs cone size vs ect
Comment from : ThunderStruckMTB

I found that servo subwoofers don’t make good 2 channel stereo sub
Comment from : disneyjoe7

Dmitry S
There are brands that do music specific subs REL have a line of subs (T5i, T7i, T9i) that is marketed as music specific They say the driver is paper made so is faster, therefore integrates with the speakers better So is it all just marketing blabla or there's some truth in that? brbrbrAlso would be cool to hear your opinion on REL's speakon connection method against the regular sub connection as that doesn't make any sence to me They say you have to connect the sub to amplifier's speaker terminals(with 3 bare cables, speakon on the rel sub end) to send the exact signal out of the amp that your speakers are getting What's the point in that when the sub is an integrated A/B amp and it reamplifies the already amplified signal Anyways i'm not an engeneer by any means but there's so much bs in high end audio marketingbrCheers
Comment from : Dmitry S

Chef Chutardo
Rammstein !
Comment from : Chef Chutardo

Lucian S
I've got two B&W PV1 subs and I'm happy
Comment from : Lucian S

C Johnson
I wish that viewers submit these types of questions they give just a little more information about their needsbrTo be more specific, the main music type and average volume they they like to listen too, as well as the type of bass they desire (tight and fast or low), as in frequency ranges, and maybe even room size too (house vs condo/apartment) brMusical subs are rare indeed, and more expensive as well REL's are your best bet, and they are actually one of the better priced for SQ, they are very tight and very fast brIf you want the best of both worlds, you are going to need deep pockets for something like a JL Audio Fathom f113v2 or 2 (Note: even on an acreage your neighbors might hate you!) brMy advise, don't get any ported sub, especially for music, you will need a DSP with time delay to just keep it in phase; ports only aid in reaching deeper notes to pressure a room plus they sound loose and sloppy 99 of the time
Comment from : C Johnson

forgive me for asking this, but how is that a mastering room without any acoustic treatment? and also, how are you able to evaluate speakers in that room?
Comment from : andreimiricescu

Julia Set
There is a problem with subs labeled home theater: a lot of musicbronly users will be turned off, thinking they are not appropriate forbrmusic
Comment from : Julia Set

Michael Triolo
Rel recently created a home theater line of subs Their S and reference Series subs are designed for music first but can also do HT This individual is looking for a music sub so to point him in the right direction I would suggest Rel S/reference or rhythmic servo controlled subs
Comment from : Michael Triolo

Costa D
Paradigm ultracube 10brbrSo sad they discontinued it
Comment from : Costa D

Stephen S2R
Subs and matching them to speakers is an art with 2 channel audio Paul l think that you missed the point this time
Comment from : Stephen S2R

dale gosnell
MTX audio is all you need to know
Comment from : dale gosnell

JL Audio make home audio subwoofers They are made for home audio Also, they are sealed IMO sealed subwoofers are better for music, while ported are definitely the way to go for the big cinema sound and exteme low (subsonic/ bass that rattles the foundation) All of VS sub models come with a choice of either ported or sealed If you are a audio fanatic, the reps at SVS are going to recommend a sealed sub If movies are your thing, those same reps are going to recommend a ported sub SVS ported subs are unique in that some of them come with port plugs that allow you to tune your sub for music or movies, meaning you can make them function as a sealed subs to some extent For music lovers that occasionally watch a movie, a sealed sub will serve you well in that area also Sealed subs have a tighter bass that is more accurate and suitable for music, to include a faster bass response time JL Audio specializes in music, in particular, bass SVS does both, music and movies JL Audio subs are more expensive and better IMO for music only SVS are an excellent choice as well because they have various subs with cheaper and different price points for a wider range of consumers and I think, though I'm not sure, SVS has the best warranty on the market that is pretty much hassle free Just so you know, JL Audio home audio subwoofers start in the low $2k and max out above $12k each You can get a pair of SVS subs well below $2k if you're on a tight budget!
Comment from : wil0009

Not sure you addressed the question at all
Comment from : I S

Tiago Duarte Wedding Photo
I have a Rel S8 subwoffer in my music Sistem and is Fantastic, I tried others subs but Rel is the Best, Alwayssss
Comment from : Tiago Duarte Wedding Photo

Justin Parkman
no sub is the best sub for music especially when you have well engineered speakers
Comment from : Justin Parkman

Kevin Welch
I built custom cabs for 2 aluminum coned Hartke 10" drivers from a 4x10 Transient Attack bass cabinet for my home theater They are DELICIOUS I believe it all about having the correct power ratio for the bottom to the mids and having ample headroom
Comment from : Kevin Welch

Jeff Lashway
I had a pair of Gallo sealed subs that were terrific They even mated with Maggiies well
Comment from : Jeff Lashway

Bennett Lewis
Boy this was REALLY BASIC
Comment from : Bennett Lewis

Dean Zelles
Get one custom made for your type of music
Comment from : Dean Zelles

Dan Donna
music sound like Ratt song Round And Round
Comment from : Dan Donna

Albie Palbie
Multiple RELs - obvious for bass but also for space and better imaging brings everything together
Comment from : Albie Palbie

Jim Farrell
I dont know if tbey are available in the US or mainland Europe but I am a big fan of BK Electronics subs BK used to design and manufacture for REL but now sell under their own brand direct, not through dealersbrTheir Monolith Plus is a highly flexible, superbly made home cinema sub and much cheaper than comparable models from the big brands I have one in my cinema room and two double gem subs in my hifi system The Double Gems have a 300w amp driving two 10" drivers in a sealed real wood veneered enclosure Two of them have transformed my system Cost for two delivered, about £800
Comment from : Jim Farrell

Charles Ferguson
Easy Buy from a company that makes audiophile speakers Done
Comment from : Charles Ferguson

lance kluemper
Just find a sealed sub I think it dont matter too much on brand brPeople love RelbrI like Jl audio since they make some of the best sound quality subs for vehicles Focal makes subs, b&w, Martin logan etc Cant go wrong with any of them if you ask me
Comment from : lance kluemper

RSL speedwoofer / PMC T line sub brJBL studio Subwoofer brHe didn't need a sub if he would have researched Russel K RED towers
Comment from : DED NSIDE

Delatom Vione
Open Baffle Subs all the way!
Comment from : Delatom Vione

AJ Afterparty
RAMMSTEIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤘😎
Comment from : AJ Afterparty

Hare deLune
Why would you not look for the same qualities in a subwoofer, as you would in any other speaker?brSpeed, accuracy, and transparency Build quality, and quality electronics in the crossoverbrbrBass is not just a thumping soundbrBass guitars, for example, have their own individual tones and textures Yes, a lot of this is in the mid-bass frequencies, but having a fast and accurate bottom end will support those mid-bass sounds, instead of hindering thembrThis will have a knock-on effect throughout the frequency range, and if carried out correctly can transform an already good sounding system into a great sounding onebrThe opposite holds true, as well
Comment from : Hare deLune

David G Perfectdaycalendar
Heh I used to have that same office furniture!
Comment from : David G Perfectdaycalendar

Lasse Kolb
I also have a REL (Strata II) at home and I love it so much!
Comment from : Lasse Kolb

bKick that bass!/bbrReminds me of high school 👍
Comment from : Qorax

Budget Audiophile
I build all of my subs and find that a good "home theater" sub is a good musical sub and vice versa My builds are capable of 100+dB at 10Hz , if that kinda headroom isn't good for music, then I don't know what is, LOL!
Comment from : Budget Audiophile

Button Man
Honestly this isn't great advice I enjoy your videos Paul, but you should have made a distinction between ported vs non ported sub woofers Ported sub woofers are terrible for music I use a JL sealed sub and it is loud, goes very low, and most importantly, it is quick Ported subs aren't nearly musical
Comment from : Button Man

Yaniv S
As far as I learned from SVS seller a sealed subwoofer is better for music since sealed cabinet makes it respond faster and mor3 accurate Ported sub is better for movies as it’s boomier
Comment from : Yaniv S

G Tric
When i first was in the market for a sub i listened to a Pyramid and all it did was shake the floor had no real good bass, just rumble Decided to go with a HSU for 600 bucks i felt i made a good choice, goes down deep for movies yet very musical imho
Comment from : G Tric

Ali Shafai
Paul - What band is that? It sounds awesome! 🤘🏽
Comment from : Ali Shafai

Moritz Neumann
The best subwoofer for hifi is none at all Same thing goes for tweeters, 1 fullrange driver is the optimum
Comment from : Moritz Neumann

Hi paul can i have your opinion, what is the best japanese speaker for you?
Comment from : sinauna

Chad Barker
That's a rockin ass track Paul!
Comment from : Chad Barker

Home Cinema Guy
I have a master and slave Seaton SubMersive HP+ /w 4000 watt amp I have heard most subwoofers because of my business and prefer the current SubMersive to any others They are very fast, high output and very low distortion
Comment from : Home Cinema Guy

Cole Johnston
I own a 12" 200 watt self powered Velodyne with built in "loudness curves" you can choose between "Jazz/Classical" which is completely flat or "Movies" which has much bass boost Also variable gain and crossover points from 40htz to 120htz I only use for music but video with the Movie setting would be thunderous! It blends beautifully with my vintage (owned since new) full range Boston Acoustic A200s
Comment from : Cole Johnston

Cyclist Man
In my opinion and experience Acoustic Suspension (sealed box) subs driven high speaker level (speaker outputs from the main amp) perform and sound best for a music only system And two subs in stereo for a two channel system is the best Careful placement and adjustment of the subs crossovers and levels is crucial to get them to "blend" with the main speakers If this can be achieved you will be rewarded with truly full range sound and the subs will not only provide the impact but also the subtleties in low frequency content that typically only a properly configured stereo sub set up can provide I use dual ported subs for my HT setup as they move a lot of air and absolutely precise pitch definition is not always required for most movies Peace
Comment from : Cyclist Man

G Mak
Super long winded comment warning I am typically not critical of Paul's videos but I have to chime in here First some mis- information LFE is NOT low frequency extension or just summing the two channels to monoIt actualy stands for low freq effects and usualy has a 10db boost I am going to paste this next piece from Dolby Labs site:LFE does not equal subwoofer Dolby Digital programs may include a bass-only LFE channel, but this channel does not correspond directly to a subwoofer output It is possible for a program to contain an LFE channel, but a decoder may provide no subwoofer output because all of the bass information in the program, including the LFE channel, can be reproduced by the main speakers The opposite is also true: it is possible for a program to not contain an LFE channel, yet a decoder may provide a sub woofer output because some or all of the main speakers are unable to reproduce the bass information in the program The difference between the LFE channel and the subwoofer output is that the LFE channel is used to carry additional bass information in the Dolby Digital program while the subwoofer output represents how some or all of the bass information will be reproduced) Now outside of just saying that most subs are marketed to HT basically and don't be too concerned about that Yhere was no real guidance as to what to look for Some guidelines may help such as picking out a sub that matches room size, possibly using more than one sub to even out the in-room response and taking it a step further and using a calibrated mic (available for under $100 bucks in some cases) to get a good idea of how the room and speaker system are responding as well as dealing with room modes Going over placement tips as far as peaks and nulls to get the desired effect Another piece of the puzzle to look at is the speaker system type Typically panel type vs dynamic speakers usually have very quick transient response and take more care to match so the sub doesn't sound detached The benefits of servo controlled subs sometimes are worth looking at to help in this regard (kinda surprised servo didn't come up being the history with Infinity and such, Sorry for the super long winded drop in and love the videos just felt it necessary
Comment from : G Mak

I'm actually surprised since Paul always talks about servo controlled subs that he doesn't talk about wwwrythmikaudiocom/
Comment from : Tom9933

Janina Palmer
I have 2 subwoofer 800watt plate amps that are identical and each has a switch on the control panel which converts the amplifier from HT to normal music response It's very useful and works very well
Comment from : Janina Palmer

Sean Heisler
It does kind of feel like there was a missed opportunity here to talk more about ported vs sealed and the differences in performance, speed, definition, etc
Comment from : Sean Heisler

Jurmalafi Xo
A chipmunk can design a subwoofer, design your own with a *mini dsp amp plate which will drive 2 subs, if you're not DIY savvy buy a Rel, the way they connect helps a great deal with blending with your mains IF your amplifier can tolerate the speaker level connection Can't connect the Rel speaker level then get a sealed SVS wooferbrbrbr*You can make very good subwoofers with the Focal 10" car woofer Sub_p_25_db- or the Focal 33 WX 13" Utopia Be® Subwoofer Depending what budget you require
Comment from : Jurmalafi Xo

Danny Blaha
gr research made for music
Comment from : Danny Blaha

Tharaka Mapalagama
It’s me who sent you this question 😊 Looks like my name was auto corrected to “Thank” Anyways, thanks a lot for your answer, sir!! 😊brActually I added a REL subwoofer to my system and yes, it made a huge improvement to the sound My Focals only go as low as 50Hz and not only the subwoofer extended the low end, it appears like the highs and minds are more prominent nowbrThanks again for your wisdom and we all learn from you a lot Planning to visit PS Audio again next year!
Comment from : Tharaka Mapalagama

J Herberger
JL = Last sub you'll ever buy
Comment from : J Herberger

(⁠☞⁠ ⁠ಠ⁠_⁠ಠ⁠)⁠☞
Did and comparison between Klipsch Promedia 21 (65" sub) and the PB-1000 (10" sub) using this song youtube/qMsbc_hz-1Y And surprisingly the smaller sub sounded better Ofc, the SVS kills the Klipsch in terms of movies But man, the Klipsch does the beginning part really well
Comment from : (⁠☞⁠ ⁠ಠ⁠_⁠ಠ⁠)⁠☞

Juan Pablo Munoz
Far more important than the brand of your subwoofer is setting up a subwoofer properly You can have the most expensive home theater setup and if it’s not setup correctly it will sound like crap I have a fairly cheap Klipsch subwoofer It sounds better than my brothers b&w subs because he cranked them up way too high
Comment from : Juan Pablo Munoz

If you are looking at a floor standing speaker then you have a crossover filter or passive / analog equalizerbrto adjust the sound so the ear hears the sound as flat as possiblebrbrOn most bass boxes you don't have this! so it's not just hooking up a bass box to believe the sound will be right The sound in the bass box is then not adjusting properly in relation to your speakers and the sound quality is not always correct!brbrNo speakers have flat sound without a little help!
Comment from : Ford

I use a REL Storm One strange thing that I've noticed is that a little bit of low bass seems to open up the midrange somewhat I guess it's a psychoacoustic effect
Comment from : rjy8960

Bij Bij
What about ported and closed? I thought ported was for movies and closed cabin for hifi
Comment from : Bij Bij

Hugo Bloemers
None the less, I can imagine some lesser (high end) sub woofers being adequate for home theater where you just need a roiling thunder to accompany the pyrotechnics whilst they would sound mushy with music, ie rumbling pyrotechnics and mushy music versus dry base :D
Comment from : Hugo Bloemers

M&K push pull subwoofers for music cannot be beat I've owned Rel, SVS, Velodyne, and many more The accuracy and quick, tight bass response to music is unmatched
Comment from : VEGAS LIMO GUY 23

Nick Pantazi
Besides Paul’s recommendation of REL, SVS or GR Research seem to be great choices as well, the latter being a DIY kit, and most likely the most bang for your buck
Comment from : Nick Pantazi

JL Audio is the best of best,REL is not even close to it
Comment from : Ethan

Big Jay
SEALED, done!🤭🤭🤫🤫🤔😬🤪🤯 Paper doesn't hurt!😉🤫
Comment from : Big Jay

Charles Ludwig
I purchased my JBL B380 sub back in 1996 Only now is it fully appreciated from some of the latest dance music out there today BTW, my sub is used for movies too, I manage bass for movies and multi-channel music via an OPPO-205 and for stereo music via a Pre-Pro
Comment from : Charles Ludwig

Dr Zoidberg
Why does no one ever mention the roll off? There's a big difference between 12dBA and 24dBA per octave That can make or break a system
Comment from : Dr Zoidberg

Quino Rodriguez
It would usually depend on the size of the room and speakers for your subwoofer Normally one would match the nominal wattage of the subwoofer with the minimum wattage of the speakers (My rule of thumb)brbrBut then, my setup is just a humble Sony XO-V500W paired with a Sony SA-W55 active subwoofer They blend well enough I have the speakers near center of a 3m x 5m bedroom with the sub near the corner Acoustically, it's more than enough I'm not born with a silver spoon in my mouth so I make do with reliable brands from the surplusbrbrPromise, it all comes down with the fine settings like phase, turn over, volume vs your equalizer settings and receiver's volume
Comment from : Quino Rodriguez

Henrik L
Subs is a good way to destroy good sound ;)
Comment from : Henrik L

Anurag Saha
I want to know which Speaker is playing that heavy metal, is it a pro audio speaker or hifi speaker?
Comment from : Anurag Saha

Imad Choucair
Again 5min video 1 min oh, 1 min read the question, 1min wonder about the question, then I do not understand the relevance of being in that room to the question brbrA subwoofer for music has to be fast in response and that require better quality driver, cross over and the cabinet Home theater subs normally produce sloppy base which is good for explosion and other cinema sound
Comment from : Imad Choucair

Finn McCool
Wouldn't you know Sometimes Paul gets it right 😉brEven a blind sow finds an acorn now and then
Comment from : Finn McCool

Jamile Shaheen
I would use a SVS subwoofer sound good with AC/DC “ as well as” other rock music
Comment from : Jamile Shaheen

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