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How to make a coin ring for cheap with FORGED: Coin Ring Making for Beginners

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Information How to make a coin ring for cheap with FORGED: Coin Ring Making for Beginners

Title :  How to make a coin ring for cheap with FORGED: Coin Ring Making for Beginners
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Frames How to make a coin ring for cheap with FORGED: Coin Ring Making for Beginners

Description How to make a coin ring for cheap with FORGED: Coin Ring Making for Beginners

Comments How to make a coin ring for cheap with FORGED: Coin Ring Making for Beginners

James codling
Awesome Thank you
Comment from : James codling

Party Mafia
So I have a set of ring sizing rings and a mandrel to see the size of ring but they are both plastic I guess the plastic one will not hold up to the forging of the ring with the hammer very well Have you had any luck finding a steel mandrel on Amazon by chance or any other suppliers? I just discovered your channel so I'm sure a lot has change since the 6 years that you posted this video lol I will continue to watch you other videos as well
Comment from : Party Mafia

Willy Wilmouth
Merci, sympa cette vidéo avec des explications claires On a envie d'essayer, mais, il faut un minimum de matériel Cdt
Comment from : Willy Wilmouth

Tony reptilesRfriends
Re-evaluate some of you're friends I like this guy already 🤣
Comment from : Tony reptilesRfriends

Stephen Hawthorne
how can i tell my ring size
Comment from : Stephen Hawthorne

Fieldking Studios
Awesome work! I am def gonna try my hand at one
Comment from : Fieldking Studios

samiran Jana
Can I by this
Comment from : samiran Jana

Angelo Yung
"The interesting thing about digital calipers is,brThey cost money"brbrI relate so hard
Comment from : Angelo Yung

I wish you’d stop using the word forge, it’s not what you’re doing
Comment from : leonidude

Eddie Zambrano
How much would you charge me for a 1991 California quarter ring????? Please let me know
Comment from : Eddie Zambrano

christian Dalida
My eyes see very amazing thing when you are making that ring ,I ❤️JESUS" GOD bless to you sir❤️
Comment from : christian Dalida

Daniel Ehr
Cool video, any recommendations on how to keep the quarter from spinning while you drill?
Comment from : Daniel Ehr

Maureen Heath
I LOVE JESUS too! I saw your sticker on on the wall behind you :) Great video! I'm going to practice a time or two and then make one from my a 1945 quarter I have from my grandmother after she passed away
Comment from : Maureen Heath

Alain Rivera
Is there any alternatives to a mandrel?
Comment from : Alain Rivera

B Mitchell
What do I need to need to make a 9-9 1/2
Comment from : B Mitchell

Terry Swails
Thank you Skylar, my Dad was from Georgia, grew up on a farm, and at 18 joined the army, during WW2, proudly served this country, he was involved in some top secret things in the military, he passed away 7 years ago at 90 , I made a ring from a Georgia State quarter which I proudly wear in his honor, he was a Great Man and Father too, great husband to my wonderful Mom and all around Great man I miss him very much, one day I will get a silver Georgia State quarter and make another one in his honor God Bless our Vets, the Brave Patriots the keep us free
Comment from : Terry Swails

robloxs local trash
Step-bit what you tryna dooo
Comment from : robloxs local trash

JP Ramsey
What size is your Tapered step bit?
Comment from : JP Ramsey

Alden Bronson
How come it doesn’t get distorted?
Comment from : Alden Bronson

Terry Swails
Great video, love the I Love Jesus sticker
Comment from : Terry Swails

Default Animations
Hey, I heard you talking about the annealing process, it seems like a pretty important step because the ring is cold forged, so for best result you could try letting it air cool This will soften up the metal's crystal structure, whereas the sudden quench stresses the crystal structure, making it harder Just a tip, don't know if it might help or not
Comment from : Default Animations

Where can you get one of these
Comment from : coldpizzagamer21

Flying Fool
Yes, forging
Comment from : Flying Fool

Donna Deering
So cool
Comment from : Donna Deering

jonny me123
I love the I 💕 jesus sticker in the back
Comment from : jonny me123

flavia claudino
make one for me please
Comment from : flavia claudino

Ted Tower
Poor sound quality
Comment from : Ted Tower

My finger is green
Comment from : Blazethespacewizard

Frank H
I learned to make rings from coins using nothing but a spoon This is cheating
Comment from : Frank H

Daniel Rodriguez
Would the metal of a dollar coin make any difference in this process?
Comment from : Daniel Rodriguez

Alexander Francois
Hey! Is it possible to do coin rings without electrical tools?
Comment from : Alexander Francois

Belinda Jones
Thank you so much for sharingcan't wait to try it myself!
Comment from : Belinda Jones

Comment from : DANIEL BOONE

Wildman Studios
It wasn't perfectly centered
Comment from : Wildman Studios

Chris Driver
Awesome I have two that I bought and wear all the time Now I can make my own Didn't realize it was that easy
Comment from : Chris Driver

Gayle A Griffin
Love your videos I’m just starting out Where do you suggest getting punch and dye set?
Comment from : Gayle A Griffin

so u made a ring out of a $2000 coin
Comment from : MyloV

If you don’t have one, ask a friend If they don’t have one, consider getting a new friend brbrLol what about your friend with a drill? Should he consider getting a new friend who doesn’t take all his tools 🤨🤣
Comment from : Faub

Julian Johanson
it’s rare to find a tutorial that’s helpful and funny you sir have passed the vibe check
Comment from : Julian Johanson

Piper Barlow
i cant fucking hear you bro
Comment from : Piper Barlow

Denise Hahn
"Maybe you should reevaluate some of your friend choices" 😂😂😂
Comment from : Denise Hahn

The I❤️jesus sticker 😂
Comment from : J L

Sinful Composites
Can I do this with a gold coin about the size of a dime I don't really want to use a step bit cause then I'd have gold shavings everywhere
Comment from : Sinful Composites

I know silver can’t be hardened but doesn’t quenching make it harder rather than just letting the coin sit until cool
Comment from : Surtac100

S Reynolds
I thought it was against the law to deface federal property??
Comment from : S Reynolds

Zeyad Alsheikh
I think if you annealed it without quenching it would be softer and later quench it after finishing
Comment from : Zeyad Alsheikh

Kevin Speaks
Really??? You had to show them how to tape wood on the vise??? They have big problems then forget about making anything and go back to pencil pushing 🤣 Great video!
Comment from : Kevin Speaks

Phil Weisgerber
Tell me about the coin ring you have on your left ring finger in this awesome video
Comment from : Phil Weisgerber

Christopher Sanchez
😆 just made 2 rings today with only the rawhide mallet and a drift tool that was tapered Not to shabby looking for a hour of work
Comment from : Christopher Sanchez

Spoken like a true gentleman If you don't have a friend with one of these, maybe you need to reevaluate for friend choosing process brLove it!!
Comment from : YOURmom?

Load Aim Shoot
How can u adjust the final internal diameter ? is there a trick ?
Comment from : Load Aim Shoot

sick of liberals
That's pretty nifty 👍👍
Comment from : sick of liberals

il try this thanks
Comment from : DERBY EYE

David Bryan
I've tried a few with varying success I keep having issues where when I flip it Im not able to get the other end to seal up and it has more of a bell shape If I try and seal it more I end up getting it sized too big Anyone have any advice?
Comment from : David Bryan

Bønzëaux Błëuxgrēn
Question: When you flip the ring around on the mandrel then pound it with the mallet, doesn’t it leave the ring in an uneven inner diameter because of the conical shape of the mandrel?
Comment from : Bønzëaux Błëuxgrēn

When you used the torch you were working on a pad made of what! Would you call that a soldiering pad ?
Comment from : elli003

William Comtois
Is there a special technique you need for a silver quarter
Comment from : William Comtois

Frank Moyer
FYI: Its better to drill metal at low rpm
Comment from : Frank Moyer

after you anneal how long does it takes for the coin to harden?
Comment from : perroblanco49

Adam Miller
You make this look so easy I'm 17 and very interested in turning coins into rings I made my first 2 and they are so crooked and lopsided Hopefully I get better
Comment from : Adam Miller

can you do this without annealing ?
Comment from : perroblanco49

frie jemi
You clearly don't know ANYTHING about this brAnnealing- heating metal, letting it cool AS SLOW AS POSSIBLE!brHardening- heating metal, cooling it fast to LOCK the crystalline structurebrTempering- slightly heating to reduce hardness a little but not all the way annealedbr---You hardened it by quenching, the opposite of annealing
Comment from : frie jemi

Seth rifkin
I’ve been trying for a few days with quarters, never could get it centered right (about 8 quarters in) the step bit isn’t working the best to get that beveled edge In my use using a larger drill bit to drill slightly in, kinda like counter sinking for a screw gives me that shape I’ve only had luck centering with a dollar coin And that was a size 8 1/2 I need 6 1/2
Comment from : Seth rifkin

8:40 I was born and raised in Georgia and never knew that Georgia was "incorporated" in 1788
Comment from : hobonickel

8:40 I was born and raised in Georgia and never knew that Georgia was "incorporated" in 1788
Comment from : hobonickel

Adrienne Bed Bugs Dead Bugs
I am afraid that I have all girlfriends Not one of them owns as many tools as I Alas, I cannot re-evaluate my friendships, but I did have a very good laugh I am so excited to use your techniques and make a wack-load of Christmas gifts Prior to this, I have been quilting and this seems a whole lot less expensive as a gift!!! Thanks for your great info
Comment from : Adrienne Bed Bugs Dead Bugs

Adam Miller
Will this not oxidize and cause your finger to turn green? That's what I'm worried about The state quarter's aren't silver
Comment from : Adam Miller

a b
Dude this is the best vid I've seen this year! I'm so inspired I'm off to purchase the tools today!
Comment from : a b

Gina Disantis
Beautiful! Thanks for sharing how to do this correctly! I'm gonna make a bunch of them, from coins of different countries Thanks again!
Comment from : Gina Disantis

Jessi James
WHERE are your GLOVES? I about had a heart attack thinking you may hurt yourself kiddo But love the video
Comment from : Jessi James

David Farley
I think your rings would look a lot better with the lip removed or a lip on both edges loos odd
Comment from : David Farley

Mary Childers
You do know that doing that to money is against the law, right? See section 331 Title 18 Illegal to deface or mutilate any coin minted in a United States mint
Comment from : Mary Childers

Jn Hook808
Coolest thing I've seen in a long time
Comment from : Jn Hook808

Just not as easy as it looks!
Comment from : 41815

Well, I bought a steel mandrel and got as far as the first anneal and fold over I have annealed 5 times now and just don't get the evenness you show!
Comment from : 41815

Darth Nihilus
Would a ring made like this oxidize your skin?
Comment from : Darth Nihilus

After seeing this video I made a ring out of a 1943 copper penny that I found in my deceased grandmother's coin purse I'm so proud of myself!!!!!
Comment from : tcalcut

Adam Earle
Yeah I’m sure the feds have a lot more important things to worry about but destroying us currency is illegal bud
Comment from : Adam Earle

RedRoad Runner
Made first ones today I even tee ried a nickel
Comment from : RedRoad Runner

ur mom
Change You Can Wear: How to Make a Ring From a Coin!brMe: Wait that's illegal
Comment from : ur mom

Will this same process work with a silver quarter?
Comment from : Joshn569

Chuck Campbell
" if your friends don't have onemaybe you should re-evaluate your friend choices " bahahaha
Comment from : Chuck Campbell

Weathered Memories
Very cool!
Comment from : Weathered Memories

Dose it matter what thickness the wood is?
Comment from : BoeSpren

rashad smith
Awesome video! Thanks for posting Hope you are doing well!brbrbrRashad
Comment from : rashad smith

Gypsy Treasures
Audio sucks
Comment from : Gypsy Treasures

Is it legal to destroy legal tender?
Comment from : Murch2013

The Great British Coin Hunt
great video and idea, thanks for sharing
Comment from : The Great British Coin Hunt

Carlos Mejia
Hello how are you , i have a question for you do i need the folding cone or i can use the doming block for all the process¿
Comment from : Carlos Mejia

Just curious why you don't anneal the coins before drillingbrbrGreat video! Love the ideas!
Comment from : dolfinmagikpro

Wow Cool Im Gonna Make This When I Am Older :)
Comment from : BoeSpren

Cynthia Fagen
I'm here now trying to get ideas for an old fart type coin collection, it's been 5 years, got it out and spent the 2$ bills, there are a couple trade tokens I am going to auction, there is a bicentennial dollar coin, 5 Sacajawea, 2 Betsy Ross a bunch of penny's, a couple foreign and the typical small bundle of junk silver you might find in estate of man born in 1940 I plan on holding the silver "investment" LOL, I feel bad if I spend the recent dollar coins, I might do something with polyurethane
Comment from : Cynthia Fagen

Roger Jolly
Is there a way to find out which diameter you end up, with which starting hole?
Comment from : Roger Jolly

Terron Perry
That’s pretty cool but keep old coins and destroy new because old coins can be worth look so I would destroy the old ones
Comment from : Terron Perry

Striking Tiger- Filipino Martial Arts
That's so very cool! Thank you!
Comment from : Striking Tiger- Filipino Martial Arts

Krithikrao Rao
I got my own coin need to do ring
Comment from : Krithikrao Rao

Skinny Jack
What about turning your finger green?
Comment from : Skinny Jack

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