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22 Things 90s Kids Totally Remember

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Information 22 Things 90s Kids Totally Remember

Title :  22 Things 90s Kids Totally Remember
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Comments 22 Things 90s Kids Totally Remember

Brenda Lewis
I was born in 91 I remember all of this growing up I really miss this so much
Comment from : Brenda Lewis

Michael Hoak
i was born in 1998 but alot of this stuff applied to me since the 2000s wasnt too different but experienced a lot of things changing so quickly
Comment from : Michael Hoak

Willl Lawhun
Just learned that tamagotchi was just a Digimon toy with out a battle function
Comment from : Willl Lawhun

Thestaygold girl
Ok so I was born in 2008 I remember a lot of these things from my grandma and mom The things I don’t remember I still know about Also I ate a dunkaroo yesterday
Comment from : Thestaygold girl

Audrina Bassett
Also floppy disk is what got the BTK killer caught
Comment from : Audrina Bassett

Audrina Bassett
Dunk-A-Roos are back
Comment from : Audrina Bassett

Laura Swann
The 90s was the last relatively normal decade before the government started messing up our world on us
Comment from : Laura Swann

I miss the 90s 😭
Comment from : Daudge

Tabitha Silva
Im a 90s baby i never paid mash
Comment from : Tabitha Silva

Mr Wonderful
Post Y2K kids SUCK
Comment from : Mr Wonderful

There are two terms which lots of people misuse interchangeably There's a "90s kid"br And then there's a "child of the 90s"br I was born in 1979 and had HeMan and NES and Transformers and all that other stuff in the mid 80s when I was a kid So I'm definitely and "80s kid"br BUT I came of age in the 90s High school, parties, girls, drinking, drugs, started college, etc So I'm a "child of 90s"br It's the same how we always hear of hippies who were college age back during the Vietnam War era referred to as "children of the 60s" That's different than my uncle born in 1960 who spent the decade watching Gilligan's Island and the Munsters and I Dream of Jeanie
Comment from : MarvinMonroe

Andee Harry
I loved the paper fortuuneI wonder what happened to them
Comment from : Andee Harry

Ugh!!! The walkman is still bothering me
Comment from : HELPME100

Chris Williams
Being born in 87, its always hilarious when people born in 99 say they are 90s kids
Comment from : Chris Williams

Blood Shadow
I still own two Sony Disc Players lol
Comment from : Blood Shadow

Jeff Yoba
I'm disappointed that invented stuff are the topicnot 90's thought
Comment from : Jeff Yoba

bg capone
Dunkaroos are back tho
Comment from : bg capone

Comment from : Hotlux666

"They used paper for entertainment because they had little else"? We didnt live in the prairie 😂 The 90s was actually a wonderful time to grow up We had technology, but it wasn't too much I truly love the years I grew up in Many good memories!
Comment from : C N

Trevor Perry
Wait people still use dial up? No way that’s weird!
Comment from : Trevor Perry

Nikki Scorel
I was born in 92 and it was a blast!! I remember every single thing on this video great memories! Wish we can go back to this genre was the best!
Comment from : Nikki Scorel

Bruh, we did The Macarena as exercise when I was in 5th grade around 2005/2006! So many memories flooded through me, I'm laughing so hard!
Comment from : Monipulator3216

Gav Lar
I was born 1980, 90s was good memories, long hot summersbrNintendo’s Walkmans brRaleigh burners, denim ,bomber jackets , 2 stroke scramblers wrestling tv shows music mtv tree houses and camps in the woods taken it in turns to finger girls round the by the duck pond or ole ww2 bunker
Comment from : Gav Lar

Vicente Diaz
93 baby, 90's kids were built tougher because we had Sock'em Boppers
Comment from : Vicente Diaz

Matthew Helmuth
I was Born in 95 and Thank God! Many Reason! I’m Blessed to have been Apart of these Legendary Things! I’m Sad bc it’s gone😔 but Happy I was there!😌🇺🇸
Comment from : Matthew Helmuth

Fluffy Bunny
No furbys?
Comment from : Fluffy Bunny

Shane Wholihan
I’m sure I’m late but DUNKAROOS ARE BACK BABAYYYYY!!!!!
Comment from : Shane Wholihan

Jose Gonzalez🇲🇽
Born in 88 so I consider myself a late 80s baby and a 90s kid Back then we had good music especially hip-hop and heavy metal/alternative rock and pop good console games and good TV shows and cartoons riding our bikes in our neighborhood seeing kids play basketball, football, catch, kids jump roping, playing cards, board games, yo-yos, etc etc Back then we didn't have no social media and no violent video games either Today's generation has nothing on what we grew up on back in the day
Comment from : Jose Gonzalez🇲🇽

vampires templar
I miss the 90s TV shows were better music games People interacted with each other more I remember the dail up internet doug funny
Comment from : vampires templar

They got Dunkaroos at my Walmart
Comment from : FaithOverFear

Jesse Garcia
Blockbuster was cool but Halloywood video was right down the street from me as a kid
Comment from : Jesse Garcia

sista love
I guess I’m a 80s child since I was 20 in 89’
Comment from : sista love

Brandon Reid
When you realise they make Dunkaroos again and WAY more things with the flavoring now 👍👍👍👍
Comment from : Brandon Reid

Where’s slim shady?😂
Comment from : Astrodom199o

Rj Simas
Born in '85 I consider myself a 90s kid
Comment from : Rj Simas

A few years ago I used to play with slapstick’s
Comment from : Imakestuffathome

If you say pog to kids now or even young adults, they think it means "good", "awesome" etc but POGs was a fun game Its crazy how the 90s was the same in most countries I went through nursery, primary school and then joined high school all in the 90s It was literally the best times of my life, we played outside, built dens, played split screen games, went to arcades, had sleep overs Had my Dad still There is a certain song by the cranberries called Dreams that gives me the biggest nostalgia I really do miss the 90s and being care free
Comment from : meh

Thank you Japan for all the cool nostalgic toys, video games and tech! 🥰
Comment from : Indescribable

Carissa A
I used to love Pokémon! I still do And the kids I babysit are into collecting the cards now and I love that
Comment from : Carissa A

VHS: shows audio cassette tape
Comment from : baconhanger

New Atlantis Republic
The 90sbrPC gaming, Playstation, Seinfeld, 90210, Power Rangers, Twister, Jurassic Park, Independence Day, The X-Files, SLiders, Hercules the Legendary Journeys, Xena WArrior Princess, WWE the Attitude Era, 90s animebrAdd to the List
Comment from : New Atlantis Republic

Victor Fontaine
Yes and we thought we had it all figured out in our teens & 20’s Then cellphones and social media came out in our 30’s and realized we got it all wrong Had babies we didn’t raise Drug and mental problems that got worse and here we are 30 years later still spinning our wheels while drowning deeper in debt Did I miss anything?
Comment from : Victor Fontaine

Ron Doiron
I remember all of itbrPs blockbuster was the shiiiit
Comment from : Ron Doiron

Silure Queen
I’m starting to feel old it’s weird
Comment from : Silure Queen

Ha ha ha "pogs" the sad part or that is I still have slammers for that game!! and the same goes for, whole CD suitcase lol oh man
Comment from : BINKX

Having far to many flashbacks I’m leaving 😅
Comment from : FeRGie

JonnyCs Everything
MTV How'd you forget that? Lol that's a BIG one
Comment from : JonnyCs Everything

Danny sands
Chia pets
Comment from : Danny sands

Arpan Gurung
Much a Walkman
Comment from : Arpan Gurung

Omg im crying😭😭😭😭
Comment from : OSH DURAGE

I was born in 1986, now I'm in my mid 30's I still listen to my CD'S, cassettes, Vinyl and my ipod classic as well as still playing board and video games new and old school, anyone up for a game of POGS or NBA JAM: Tournament Edition on Sega Genesis? I know I'm going to sound like a stereotypical old man when I say "the stuff we had back in the day is wayyyyyy better than a good margin of the dumb pc garbage we have today!"(give or take)
Comment from : BlueTarantulaProductions

Christina Gleave
I found dunkaroos the other day!
Comment from : Christina Gleave

I ever had Slime
Comment from : QueenMoonbeam

You were NOT Supposed to ever blow on your games like that, per the prosbrPogs are out again! Just like Polly Pocket and nano pets
Comment from : QueenMoonbeam

Berlyn Grey
Who remembers playing Oregon trail in school?
Comment from : Berlyn Grey

Holden Pittman
Power rangers?
Comment from : Holden Pittman

Mike Fisher
I always thought the Pokémon card game was around before anything else Pokémon🤔
Comment from : Mike Fisher

Mike Fisher
Yeah little did we know as kids Gak is another name for heroin I never heard that until way after I was already an adult
Comment from : Mike Fisher

Mike Fisher
Bop it was the upgrade from Simon says💯
Comment from : Mike Fisher

Fun fact… 5:31 is the 1988 slam dunk contest at Chicago Stadium!
Comment from : IFLYBFJ

Kenny L
No yo-yos???
Comment from : Kenny L

Kenly Klaproth
No PBS love? Reading Rainbow, Wishbone, Ghost Writer, etc?
Comment from : Kenly Klaproth

Mrs Berry
I was born in 1978, so I was just a little tot in the 80's, but the 90's was a Wonderful era for me, I was in middle school and I remember all of the emerging technology That era, at least for me will always hold a special place in my heart 💜 1990 - 1999❤️
Comment from : Mrs Berry

No more cursed 666 comments
Comment from : Boston

Lia Lia
Oh my god, trying to ride my bike while carrying my CD player and not getting the headphones tangled wee the hardest ever lol I actually had that exact blue CD player that they showed here
Comment from : Lia Lia

Sean Nguyen
good times !!🤙🏼
Comment from : Sean Nguyen

nintendo ds vibes lol
Comment from : StEvE FRoM MiNcRaFt

me who knew all of this eventhough im a zoomer
Comment from : StEvE FRoM MiNcRaFt

2:54 you mean chatterboxes right?
Comment from : StEvE FRoM MiNcRaFt

You should have touched on the grunge scene, Sam goody and trapper keepers
Comment from : World-Wonderer

It was an experience to go to blockbuster It was more then to just rent a movie
Comment from : World-Wonderer

Tyler Mankins
Grew up in the 90s and don't remember any of these
Comment from : Tyler Mankins

Dunkaroos are still around Amazon boiiii
Comment from : Weedsmith93

wrecking ball Jones
Tamagachis and movie stores Hollywood videos my tamagachis kept dying books and books of CDs damn throwbacks i saw all this stuff from my childhood went from nostalgia to damn it's been that long😟 are we really getting old ?
Comment from : wrecking ball Jones

wrecking ball Jones
Tell you what the anti skip on the CD player was bs 😅 had to stuff it in your pocket they were so big and bulky i was born in 87 hahaha I remember all this
Comment from : wrecking ball Jones

jon powell
Video stores and arcades were what I miss the most Before the days of online dating and the # movements started ruining everything video stores and arcades were where a person could get a date If not then at least they could leave the video store with a good movie or video game and could continue having fun and/ or socializing with their friends at the arcade
Comment from : jon powell

I loved gak
Comment from : izChris

Levi ORourke
They still have dunk-a-Roos are still around in the states Definitely not discontinued But the cookies are a new shape icing is the same and the package
Comment from : Levi ORourke

Levi ORourke
Color of them old computers was the most affordable refined plastic to handle the weight mild temps and last through kids It was a thick cheap plastic that served a purpose Fashions seem to come after a new item hits markets an gets feet under it then they make it fit individuals
Comment from : Levi ORourke

Dunkaroos are back!!!
Comment from : Modack44

Chancey Kelley
Is it me or did I just see Sky from Paw Patrol when they showed the Nick Slime Time 🤔
Comment from : Chancey Kelley

I remember watching everybody enjoy these things while i just didn't have a thing but to run around and wonder what's this life all about
Comment from : kaN

Monkey Dog
Ah the floppy disk This is where I store my Diablo characters because my brothers always deletes everything
Comment from : Monkey Dog

Jonah Innuksuk
Up next by Wacky Universe: 22 Things 1850s Kids Totally Remember Number 1: Leather boots when fake leather didn't exist; Number 2: All women wore dresses; Number 3: Wooden horses made of real wood; Number 4: Books were written on paper
Comment from : Jonah Innuksuk

So, the way I pronounced It Tammagucci was incorrect
Comment from : L3G3ND4RY_ST4TUS

We weren't allowed to play with pogs in school because it was considered a form of gambling Another thing I loved were Creepy Crawlers
Comment from : quotidian

Joe Momma
MASH game Total throwback
Comment from : Joe Momma

I just look at the 90s and think "that was normal!" 👈
Comment from : Shoot_The_Glass

My_eyes_ hurt!
What size is your toaster?!
Comment from : My_eyes_ hurt!

ZilleAli Hamdani
Ahhhh, The trip back to the 90's
Comment from : ZilleAli Hamdani

I was born in 1994 and I'm glad I can remember the world before 9/11 and smartphones I feel blessed to have had such a nice 90s early childhood
Comment from : CheerfulTurtleGirl

a lot of kids from the early 2000s remember these like nobodys bussiness sorry 90s kids you share your childhood with those 2000 babies
Comment from : Johncas416

PSTRIPPLEE • 90 yr ago
Member when 50 cent made the song pimp and showed his airpods
Comment from : PSTRIPPLEE • 90 yr ago

McDonald's purple gack shakes
Comment from : brooksysdead

Martin Kuliza
0:37 LOL that's my fucking walkman the black one
Comment from : Martin Kuliza

colorful buildings, actual good music, good cartoons, two genders, being happy, movies, etc it's a shame the banker tribe took over and made everything crappy now
Comment from : Ravalin

Danielle Romero
I actually found dunkaroos on shelves at Walmart
Comment from : Danielle Romero

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