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Learning disability - definition, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

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Information Learning disability - definition, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

Title :  Learning disability - definition, diagnosis, treatment, pathology
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Frames Learning disability - definition, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

Description Learning disability - definition, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

Comments Learning disability - definition, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

whoops i think i have like all 3
Comment from : anna

I'm 20, I've had LD my whole life, but I am concerning being reassessed for something like autism I'm learning disabled in everything mentioned here at a moderate level
Comment from : ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

i have all three of these and man, do i feel stupid
Comment from : choazyy

Alejandro Rangel
I’ve failed the ASVAB test because of having these 3 stupid problems and I got a 20 which is not good I needed a 31 or higher, I hate having this why was I born with this dear god😩😩😔
Comment from : Alejandro Rangel

Hafsteinn H
I think i have dyscalculia i just dont understand anything
Comment from : Hafsteinn H

John Bernardini
I remember when I was a young kid and I had so much trouble learning especially reading and grammar and my teacher was getting fed up with me telling me that I'm not even trying but really I couldn't understand the work problems and times when they make me cry because back in those days they made me feel worse and plain just want to give up feeling like I was going no place whatsoever That Really Sucked!!!!!!!!!! :-(
Comment from : John Bernardini

Hate it when the tutor or teacher in special ed dosen't given me the chance to at least read it or try to automatically sound it out and then cuts me off After I read it, they will REREAD it what I just read, like honestly, why bother to even ask me to read if your gonna read it again yourself, smh 😓
Comment from : XxDarkMasochistxX

what is level of intelligence among children with learning disorders?
Comment from : trulyrookie

Lilly Perruccio
great i was just diagnosed with a learning disability fml
Comment from : Lilly Perruccio

i have difficulty in learning in reading and writing my age is 25 still i practice us hard as i can still it is difficult form me to learn it even my mom teach me before and my brother, still i cant read and write in fluently maybe i need a psychologies sometimes i feel bad about myselfbrstay safe and God Bless You
Comment from : X0X0

Idk if college is even worth it
Comment from : CoolingSoda2000

Marissa Naumchick
I was born with learning disabilities
Comment from : Marissa Naumchick

Abby Jardin
Everything you said is just a myth for my Asian family it's really hard
Comment from : Abby Jardin

Dyscalculia is normal for a lot of people Math in general even for smart people can be very challenging brbrMath is a difficult subject and makes many students nervous
Comment from : Teffy2105

I have a learning disability but I also have short term memory I was born like this I had alot of seizers when I was born and I was really close to die because because I didn't had enough oxygen in my brain but luckily survived It is clearly NOT a disease or sickness People who were born like myself are just like that Sometimes it takes me time for my memory to remember anything while learning something new I have never tried before or just don'tknow how to do things like for example: how to cook or how to do any construction, how to solve math, where to go in any places to know, etc It also takes time and patience for a person to understand and teach me anything I have my family who helps me and supports me how to learn ANYTHING and they have to repeat the same thing until I memorize it I was born like this and it's clearly not a bad thing I also write notes for myself just in case if I forgot something I also have low IQ Don't judge or make fun of someone just because we're all different human beings I'm really lucky I have a family who supports me and loves for who I am ❤ By the way, I used to suffer with depression and anxiety but thankfully I take my meds and I feel much better, thanks to my Father's help ❤
Comment from : Ashley

viivi Mäkelä
I have dyscalculia and the thing that always hurts me is when i ask my friend what some math problem means anf how do i get the answer and they just say you should know or should be able to count some things without a calculator by now Im 17 and still can't remember certain math problems This really hurts and they dont understand that its hard for me do math and remember all the different math formulas
Comment from : viivi Mäkelä

i have hydrocephalus i developed a learning problem you see, i'm not able to understand or explain things sometimes i have a short attention span and forget things easily the easiest things are difficult also i get really anxious when writing and my handwriting looks like a child's, but i can't help it i'm lucky my teachers don't make comments on it i'm not sure whether to tell my mom or not, i doubt she'd believe mebrbri ran through first to fifth and then it all went downhill my reading pace went down a lot and i had bad problems with keeping up with words it's like i need someone by my side explaining everything to me, REALLY detailed
Comment from : ketu

Roaches_ ___
I’m here Bc my brain doesn’t work 😺✌️ and I haven’t learned anything since 2nd grade :T
Comment from : Roaches_ ___

I have Dyslexia & Dyacalculia, u must be thinking I'm probably lying since my English is so good but no that doesn't count on a country which has 3 languages (Hindi/Marathi & English) and I mean India I know English-speaking write and read, hind only speaking not know how to read nor wrote I can read little cuz I know my alphabet but bharakadi is bad cuz not being able to join words and pronuce correctly and I'm an introvert who is bad at memorising Maths :*
Comment from : Vιιzισn

Yvonne Angelica C De Leon
When I was 4, I had difficulty identifying and processing things I couldn't read, write nor math, I was about to start my school year When my parents noticed I had a problem, they didn't think that I am lazy Instead, they immediately brought me to a specialist to check what is the problem I don't understand, what they are talking about, but I knew that there is something wrong My parents arranged a special treatment for me They gave me one-month special lessons from my school They thought me how to read properly and write and count After one month I made progress, my parents were happy that I got better I am thankful that I have parents who support me Without them, I wouldn't achieve my goals
Comment from : Yvonne Angelica C De Leon

Samiksha Dhungana
Comment from : Samiksha Dhungana

miss Jackson
I have learning disabilities
Comment from : miss Jackson

Julia Baida
It’s definitely from not being taught i DONT know a lot of shit cuz I never payed attention in school
Comment from : Julia Baida

Gachamay Official
I have a problem with reading and math brDue to my disability it makes me feel stupid cause I always need extra help and it makes my life harder
Comment from : Gachamay Official

its called being pendejo
Comment from : FOUR AZTECAS

sam carter
I definitely have dyscalculia! My brain stars to misfire- in math that is beyond basic algebra
Comment from : sam carter

Amor S
What’s frustrating is having an LD and they only give a few bits of info about it and not even mentioning it in the overview at the end 🤯
Comment from : Amor S

Liliana Ferizaj
I’m 13 I have had Learning problems since first grade all through Elementary school I went to reading and math groups during schoolThen I went to middle school and I didn’t go to regular math I went to A math class that helped me a bit more it wasn’t a big class it was a pretty small class as well as that I went to a special reading class as well then in seventh grade I got out of the reading class but I was still in a math class that wasn’t the regular math you would go to no I’m in eighth grade I’m still in a special math class it’s hard I always feel like I’m not smart and it gets frustrating
Comment from : Liliana Ferizaj

Im Skye
✨ bLEARNING DISABILITY/b ✨brbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbr ✨ bIS/b ✨brbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbr ✨ bHARD/b ✨
Comment from : Im Skye

Tbh ever since I got diagnosed with LD I just been depressed I was always late to school ,I’d fail every class and I never wanted to accept the fact that I had a LD I just wanted to “Normal” But school was just hard I never understood math
Comment from : Tbhidek

Miguel & merci
Wow I'm keeping reading 😔 I think my daughter suffered She neva gets better grades in school and I see she tried so hard ,she cried she gets upset, even I heard her saying was going on with me I can't retain anything in my mind I keeps forgetting even I study, saying I hate my self, I don't want to go school no more 😔 I go to meetings, even teachers saying they don't see anything wrong with herI don't know what to do,please can someone tells me if she have any LD😔
Comment from : Miguel & merci

Dibberss 2K
5G, glyphosate, vaccine adjuvants impact the growing child's brain
Comment from : Dibberss 2K

Dibberss 2K
Check your kid for heavy metal toxicity thru a hair test analysis as it wont show up in the blood, aluminium and mercury have an affinity for fatty brain tissue and interfere with neurotransmitter regulation Once properly chelated investigate neurofeedback
Comment from : Dibberss 2K

Black Barbie
I have Dyscalculia, I'm 13 as well so you know that shit miserable I'm labeled as dumb, I'm good at reading and amazing at writing tho
Comment from : Black Barbie

The one
Yo learning disabilities are fake because my school made me this way they kept me back a grade so I missed so much work so I’m not as smart
Comment from : The one

My problem is my reading my spelling my science and my hand writing I’m not a good hand writer by the way back than I had speech problems
Comment from : 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪😂😂😂😂😂

🌻 I grew up with so many memory issues and learning difficulties I've come out of 90 of them and now have a Youtube Channel here offering the BEST STRATEGIES to help those with LEARNING DISABILITIES become SUCCESSFUL in life
Comment from : LEARN ALONG

I have a serious learning disability I'm bad at math, I have bad hand writing My reading is actually pretty good My grammar is ok but my punctuation is not good as you can see I was a special ed kid all throughout school I tried college 3 times Once in 2008, 2009 and again in 2013 It just didn't work out for me
Comment from : NintendoFanBoy07

I am seeing so many sad and down hearted comments on here And a lack of positive comments and repliesbrbrIn order to combat something, you have to be strong and positive If those two things are lacking, then it must be obtained But by just saying things like: "I am having difficulties I am dumb I can't overcome this People say, this or people say that about me, you are allowing those things to win and take over Seek professional help Speak to people who can encourage and even help you with your disability So that you can succeed and win! Nobody is perfect and we all have weaknesses and need help in particular areas
Comment from : livelovelaugh

Jordan Boteler
I have learning disability I’m normal it’s just that I have difficulty with work and I’m smart it’s just that it doesn’t click like any other person I have all 3 as well I have speech reading writing and math problems
Comment from : Jordan Boteler

I'm struggling with my parents😭
Comment from : NEIL2K20

Polo m Dark place
I was gonna end it all because how hard it is but imma keep pushing 🤦🏽‍♂️
Comment from : Polo m Dark place

Shota Aizawa
Could of been perfect if I didn't have a learning disable
Comment from : Shota Aizawa

Orensita Dalleda
Gud pm sir im Orensita B Dalleda # Learn As One PH
Comment from : Orensita Dalleda

Jordan Boteler
I have a learning disability I’m not dum I get good grades but I will not do well if I didn’t have IEP I have trouble with all 3 I’m in 9th grade I still have it I had it since kindergarten my sister is a little worse I have all the same symptoms I have trouble with a lot of things
Comment from : Jordan Boteler

Excuse me, but can anybody tell me their experiences or symptoms of these three learning disorders? I just want to clarify if it was the same as mine
Comment from : Your_ONCE

Does the symptoms have to occur often?
Comment from : Your_ONCE

Justin Reillyhyers
I've had a learning disability with all this and more my whole life
Comment from : Justin Reillyhyers

Illuminate King
I think I have Dyscalculia but I will never know
Comment from : Illuminate King

h20forthis h2hoe
Y’all ever just get so frustrated with yourself and you just wanna scream and cry but your in class and you don’t wanna embarrass yourself
Comment from : h20forthis h2hoe

Funny Storm
I’m 16 I’m about to be 17 soon and I Struggle trying to learn and understand I am scared because I wonder how my future will be I always pray to the Lord for help😕
Comment from : Funny Storm

Gaming with alex
I have all 3 of these conditions and I am crying right now, I am 28 years old now and I don't have a job
Comment from : Gaming with alex

Mahée-Li Coudé
You forgot Dysorthographia why does everyone forget it ? It’s such a pain for us to even write correctly dysorthographia 🤦🏻‍♀️ Dysorthographia is a learning disability that causes chronic issues with spelling and/or writing Symptoms of dysorthographia include problems with written spelling, grammar, and speed in writing and spelling We can write the same word 6 different ways without realizing it One of the best way of compensating this disability is to learn by heart how to spell every words
Comment from : Mahée-Li Coudé

I’m just stupid
Comment from : KEVO CR

Amal Ahmed
Please I need some references about disgraphia
Comment from : Amal Ahmed

Amal Ahmed
Please I need some references about disgraphia
Comment from : Amal Ahmed

I have dyscalculia and dyslexia 😔
Comment from : GJ

ProX Paider
I have dyslexia The weird thing is I didn't know I even had a disability until 2015 (I was 13) because I always get extra help than others but my brain didn't even notice that this help was because of my disabilitybr I didn't speak until 3 years old and I didn't speak multiple words at a time until I was 5 My writing is good and my math is excellent Every year in school I'm always expose by others by how my math skills are better and they don't even have disabilities! Algebra work is a hobby to me (I wish I can go back to my previous classes but got ahead to trig now statistics)br I prefer independence so finding friends isn't my style I get so many invites from other people to sit with the group for lunch because I'm always at a table alone, but I refuse their offer I get frustrated when teachers come to me saying why I sit alone br Fun Fact: I got only 2 friends that are Dysgraphia and Dyscalculia, weird isn't it?br To this day, I got awful speaking, trouble with vocab, my brain doesn't pay attention to new words I never heard before, get task but only give them what they told me (Ex I was told to shovel, but my mom said I didn't add salt when I finished), and over-focused on a task (I ignore my surroundings)br It is weird to ask yourself "how are you better at this but others are not" I do that all the time but realize that I'm dumb for saying thatbr If you listened to my story with or without dyslexia, I appreciate it
Comment from : ProX Paider

DŁizzyBîrb Nubes
I don’t know if I’d make it to collage with learning disabilities
Comment from : DŁizzyBîrb Nubes

Dan Jackson
Come on brain work
Comment from : Dan Jackson

Pinky Balona
Oh my I think I have all this three why I'm not doing anything good in school dispite of my hard work
Comment from : Pinky Balona

Austin Gordon
I am disability I have slowly learning
Comment from : Austin Gordon

Elite Gaming
I don’t have any of these but i feel as a child that I might’ve given my brother some type of condition like this, when I was 5 and my brother was around 2-3 years old I was at my grandmas house and I remember sleeping and then I think he jumped on top of me and for some reason my hand and my body didn’t react right or i don’t know and I didn’t want to hit him but I hit him with something I had in my hand I don’t know why and I didn’t know what to do and my grandma got angry at me thinking I did it purposely and so did some of my relatives, there wasn’t no blood or anything but it was a reallly bad experience having to get the blame for something I never did want to do that but they still think I purposely did it but I really didn’t want that to happen to him but it is what it is😣😔😖☹️Right now I’m about to be 12 and he’s 8 and he acts normal and everything but he sometimes has problems with grammar and learning and other stuff,it isn’t that he’s struggles with everything in life or anything he knows how to play on a console he has common sense gets 85’s 90’s 100’s in class and he sometimes impressively better at some things that I struggle with though I feel he’s gonna struggle in life a lot since I struggle keeping up in PRE-AP classes already though PRE-AP and your average Elementary school and middle school are very different in standards and the difficulty it’s still gonna be hard for him and also on me since I gave him this difficulty I’m guessing, and I’ve taken this for almost 7 years and get the blame though he is pretty smart but has some problems that are gonna affect him but i feel he can still get through it 💪
Comment from : Elite Gaming

Madhu SudhanN
Pencil is the very good tool used to write on 4 lines books to understand the words PROPERLY and for clean handwriting, by doing this itself we used to understand the words easily and It Wil print on our mind As we are 90s kids we used to write in pencil for till 5th class Cursive writing Small letters, big letters on 4 lines books Then cursive writing This makes us to understand the alphabets and words easily We are very blessed to have a teachers in olden days like that If we do a mistake they used to punish us to write the words for 100 times
Comment from : Madhu SudhanN

Sakil Mahaldar
Comment from : Sakil Mahaldar

I just found out that I am Dyslexic After going through Life filling dumb, Inadequate, Abandoned Divorced from 10 years of marriage with two boys, I am now fighting to get on my feet, a place of my own for 50/50 Custody over my boys It is killing me to not be able to hold my boy, to talk to my boys,  and wake up in the morning from them jumping on my bed I am writing a Manga comic about my life, wrapped in fiction to help me vent my frustration I have graduated high school bin to college I am a Whole life fashion designer of 20 years, graphic artist for 15 years & animator for 2 years Is there anyone out there that can help Me organize my life?
Comment from : MISTERDOT ME

I have learning disability and artism i am 12 i am still suck in 4 grade i am sad now these days it it feel embarrassing but i am trying my best
Comment from : PurpleGlowTM

I have dyslexia and dyscalculia
Comment from : GJ

Cobblecroach Gaming
I think i have dyscalculia 😞 math is so overwhelming for me😢
Comment from : Cobblecroach Gaming

Venkatesh Rocky
Sir nee sollder tha purila tamil la sollderga la
Comment from : Venkatesh Rocky

Monuto Booket
I have a learning disabilities
Comment from : Monuto Booket

Mahamad Ch
I have dysgraphia
Comment from : Mahamad Ch

Sarah Adams
I have learing disability I don’t know math, spelling and I have trouble writing
Comment from : Sarah Adams

naruto uzumaki
What difficulty with life is called cause I'm having one
Comment from : naruto uzumaki

Raven Bonilla
I have a learning disability
Comment from : Raven Bonilla

DownSouth Ninja
I just came across this video and it makes senseive always had a problem "even trying not to" with mixing upper and lower case letters,ive done it since i was a kid,i actually have good hand writing but my sentences if i write on paper are like " Hey GrAndMa wHatS uP" i try not to do it its just wierdi was in wierd special ed classes in highschool cause i couldn't learn basic math or even understand it as hard as i triedi got into art and found out it was the only thing i was truly good at and failed high school because i pretty much shut everything else out
Comment from : DownSouth Ninja

holy shit i was just search for fun why i have trouble learning and the all apply with me?
Comment from : 22zero

Natalie Schlegel
I can relate to all of this I have been able to live a daily life without people noticing I have these problems But for me I will always know I still get nervous reading in front of people I have problems with remembering certain words I have to fully memorize math problems and if I don't I wouldn't even know where to start I have so much in my brain and wish I could express my thoughts more thoroughly but i never quite can Once I got into middle school, math became less of a problem for me but reading/ writing always has I love learning and out of all my friends I'm the most thoughtful I know not being able to read as fast as other people my age can make me look stupid But I don't want people to think that way about me I've always valued wisdom and even though it takes more time for me to study for a test it doesn't make me any less smart
Comment from : Natalie Schlegel

I think i have dysgraphia, tho I haven't checked to be diagnosed I've ALWAYS hated spelling, would get everything right in tests but never got a perfect score because I spelt things wrong Even simple words like ground i would spell it as grond When writing essays in exams i would have multiple red circles around words, even words that were spelled correctly because my handwriting would get sooo poor after a couple sentences the teacher wouldn't understand I thought it would get better over time but up until i graduated college, its been the same So i wonder if I have dysgraphia
Comment from : Joyjlyn

eye science international
It really sucks if you are misdiagnosed with this
Comment from : eye science international

John Rudge
It's not a learning disability we just have different brains to normal people
Comment from : John Rudge

Crazy bad Cuber
I have all of the dyslexia’s math writing and reading and I get made fun of caus3 when I count wen I’m at 79 I go to 90 and it’s just like I cant
Comment from : Crazy bad Cuber

samuel vaz
Man I suck at maths big time
Comment from : samuel vaz

People with dyslexia please don’t look done on what you have at one point in my time I hated it and always blamed it for why I was made fun of or why I couldn’t be accepted just focus on yourself and thank the people that can understand you I am now in college still have trouble writing and reading but I’m on my last semester of college with ALL passing grade all we can do with this is improve learn accept and in the end this turns us all into a person who is nothing but strong Amd has GRIT I hope anyone with dyslexia reads this and knows that your not below the normal person we are at there level just on a different track of work thank you for reading this and taking the time peps
Comment from : EPICxPWNAG3

Heart of fire
I have 3 of them :')brMy life sucks, especially in schoolbrI am having a hard time:br- just to construct the words togetherbr-took about 3-5 mins just to think the word for constructing sentencebr-even this video, some of the part I don't understand :)))br-reading the books, and identifying the situationbr-math :))br-being idiot in answering or reading the questionbr-being hestitated of which words I can putbr-communicating 'cause they've never understand what I'm talking about, even me, sometimesbr-I always borrow the idea from classmates 'cause I don't know what that means based on questionbr I'm really glad that I'm not the only person who has that kind of condition :)brAnd I've always wanted to give up on my school due to that condition, because I can't do this like fcking hell Additionally, I've always talked to myself that I really want to remove my useless brain and spill those waters out of my head
Comment from : Heart of fire

Rachit Gautam
According to asian parents LD is a mythbrAnd you can get disinherited if you have discalculia and live in china or india
Comment from : Rachit Gautam

I have all three of these back then they used to call it slow learning disability To this day I still haveI would love to get more to computer programming but it's hard for me to understand I could barely learn another language I wish there was a pill that would make this better I'm also bipolar depression is hard on Everyday it feels like there's a weight crushing my mind
Comment from : Tricko

You only discussed the pathology what are the remedies for someone to combat dyscalculia?
Comment from : Polycarp_237🇺🇸

Autistic Danielle
When it comes to learning disabilities I have the maximum problem except I do not have autism problems with reading writing math comprehension all of it I have went through school when people trying to help me then when I got moved from public school to the school for the blind I ended up not getting a tutor to do one on one help that I was promised so I did everything orally by listening and if I had people to write stuff down for me I would do that and anything I want to read I would have people read it to me so quite literally I could not do writing math or understand comprehension wise of literally anything I just wish my life would’ve been a lot easier because I’m in my 50s now and the only way for me to do anything is to have people read stuff to me and people to dictate to to have things typed or written out I can’t even do anything in the kitchen because I can’t work with a measuring cup or measuring spoons or anything they have to deal with measurements so I stay out of the kitchen and overall I am not a kitchen girl
Comment from : Autistic Danielle

Polar_ Bear0110
The math one is my biggest weakness It's been a battle my entire life because all the people I'm exposed to either don't understand or, don't care about my condition I am a social outcast from my own family because no one understood my condition and didn't care to because it was "inconvenient" to do so My in-laws and her family didn't accept me so I couldn't count on any support To be honest I don't know what keeps me going in this life anymore No friends, no family, no one wants to listen or try to understand
Comment from : Polar_ Bear0110

Im seeing a neuropsychiatrist soon to help me since im in college and its torturing me with this learning disability
Comment from : Holisticmel

So i have dysgraphia and Dyscalculiayay
Comment from : DA EpiC DoGE

Tunaka Tuccu
Thank you so much 😊 Learned so much
Comment from : Tunaka Tuccu

Russell Stone
I'm handy capped with all 3 😭😨🤕
Comment from : Russell Stone

✧・゚:  baro *✧・゚:*
I have dyxlesia AND ADHD ugh,brbut sometimes i wonder to myself if i am a demigod or notbrbrbrpj&o fans anyone?
Comment from : ✧・゚: baro *✧・゚:*

Honor Motion
I have dyscalculia and i struggle everday with it my teacher doesn't help me and when im doing honework with math i forget with the question is
Comment from : Honor Motion

Bubbles Awesome
I have all 3and I wish i was treated the same as everyone else I am just like else I’m very smart in other things Just because I can’t do math or sound like a robot doesn’t make me an idiot I just wish the teachers at school stopped teaching me like a baby
Comment from : Bubbles Awesome

Angiedeangie world Martinez
I have dyspraxia eith hyperactivited
Comment from : Angiedeangie world Martinez

Cant be Tamed
so my brother practically had all three in all Why him?
Comment from : Cant be Tamed

I have 2 of 3 of these symptoms (I don’t have any difficulties reading) A lot of people on the internet would think I don’t have a learning disability because of my writing (spelling/grammar/punctuation/overall structure) well, typing, that is My ihandwriting/i isn’t very good and occasionally I struggle in math I hate this, because for one, it makes life harder than it should be Secondly, I have been the face of ridicule and have been told I am dumb many times, which reinstates my first reason - and occasionally, I fall into that belief Sometimes I think deeply and wonder what being dumb actually meansbrbr(PS My apologies if I have already made a comment on here)
Comment from : Jbmorris289

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