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10 Things That CHEAPEN Your Appearance

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Title :  10 Things That CHEAPEN Your Appearance
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Description 10 Things That CHEAPEN Your Appearance

Comments 10 Things That CHEAPEN Your Appearance

Anna Bey
Thank you for watching! Register for a private (FREE) bonus video where I share the secrets on how I upgraded myself and my life: levelupsecretcom
Comment from : Anna Bey

Christine Rocher
Tell me your rich, without telling me you're rich Listen to your own advice Nr 5 is for you hun
Comment from : Christine Rocher

Timotheya Smart 😍
😂😂😂 her foundation is sooo the wrong colour 😂😂😂
Comment from : Timotheya Smart 😍

Jana Moon Femme Philosophy
Penhalligan's Iris Prima is so classy and different 🥰
Comment from : Jana Moon Femme Philosophy

Ахриман стоппер
Most expensive outlook is a good fluffy unpainted natural hair, girls :)) kind of "old money" :))))
Comment from : Ахриман стоппер

Static InWonderland
I've been slowly getting into femininity now that I'm trying to not be so introverted Altho I'm covered in tattoos, and basically a tomboy, this stuff is pretty fun and I'm enjoying learning it and it feels good to look pretty Slowly but surely I'm getting there lol this is good stuff here thank you 🙂
Comment from : Static InWonderland

My favorite perfume is Tocca Stella is is so sophisticated but subtle Suits me well
Comment from : TsunamiTommi

Jania Amenra
I love Rihanna’s fenty perfume I also love lira casamorati by xerjoff
Comment from : Jania Amenra

Buen video 😃
Comment from : Paulina

Brow lift is good or no ?
Comment from : CandyFruity

Sharon Omotola
My eyebrows are naturally really thick and dark, but I keep them threaded so they don’t look unkempt But they’re so noticeable lol
Comment from : Sharon Omotola

Denise Becker
Chanel Gabrielle,Creed Love in White
Comment from : Denise Becker

K Olsen
I love Le Labo perfume - ylang ylang
Comment from : K Olsen

4:45 My favorite perfumes of all time are the ones from Zara They are inexpensive and smell really elegant What I also recommend is the Gucci Envy me 2 perfume it's quiet expensive but pleasant It smells clean as if you just got out of the shower and it's not too intrusive for your surrounding As well as Carolina Herrera Very good girl it smells elegant and feminine My hidden gem is and will always be Versace Crystal noir (trust me on this one) I had this classmate whose perfume you could smell from miles away which is not cute
Comment from : Salsa

Si Kaka Fun
Great videos
Comment from : Si Kaka Fun

Sulvana Albeladi
My go to perfumes are Versace crystal noir, Gucci Ambrosia, and YSL Libre ❤
Comment from : Sulvana Albeladi

Okay I have to say it her roots look bad Too orangey/yellow and it doesn't look natural yet she's giving hair tips Blonde is not her color
Comment from : JJ B

JESUS versus the world
Best perfume ever,, Serge Lutens - Ambre Sultan
Comment from : JESUS versus the world

Sine Yıldız
İ wear Shalimar since 3 years, its a bit spicy but suits my skin and smells classy
Comment from : Sine Yıldız

Shimmering Chimps
When I worked for very wealthy people some years ago, I noticed they all had perfect skin and rarely wore foundation or makeup Even if they were dressed sloppily and their facial features weren't that attractive, expensive-looking people all had that golden trifecta of healthy hair/nails, great teeth, and perfect skin As for behavior, a main difference was they took expensive belongings for granted Tossing a $2K designer purse onto the floor, trashing a $100K car and simply getting another one, living in a gigantic house with breathtaking views and not caring at all, etc You can't be part of that crowd or seem expensive if you don't have the golden trifecta plus the nonchalant attitude
Comment from : Shimmering Chimps

Yanet Huerta
I miss your long hair😭
Comment from : Yanet Huerta

Sow a Seed
Cool complexionash blondebrWarm complexion golden blonde
Comment from : Sow a Seed

Wtf is "cheapen"
Comment from : pieonmyface

Rescuing Greek Animals 🐱 🐶
I'm in love with Chanel No 5 ❤️
Comment from : Rescuing Greek Animals 🐱 🐶

Finally, FINALLY someone said it! Juvenile perfumes are a NO! I have always thought that, even when I was a teenager I hated juvenile perfumes as my impression was that they had a huge LACK OF PERSONALITY I usually go for Elizabeth Arden perfumes Thank you Ana, you are the best!
Comment from : 𝐀ɑ

Nadine Liavaa
Anna is so much more exciting to watch than other elegance content creators because she has so much personality and her video editing is fantastic Keep up the great work Anna
Comment from : Nadine Liavaa

You are wrong here! Not everyone looks good in cool blonde You can look washed out and not up to date, especially without slightly darker roots, wich looks more natural If the hair is very blond and unisont it can look cheap and homecoloured (like eastern Europeans) Golden or strawberry blonde can look very classy with the right skin tone
Comment from : I AM SVEA

Heoma Ihuaenyi
For the Hair, dark skinned girls can get away with it
Comment from : Heoma Ihuaenyi

Winnie Asara
Some people say I have a nice dental formula but that has been perfected by how I smile and talk I have a gap due to a dental procedure that I didn't finish because my dentist kept on adding more money from what was quoted before the process My face becomes more asymmetrical each day because I'm trying to cover the gap when I talk, smile and chew unevenly I'm saving for a full procedure but boy, insecurities are killing me brBad teeth really destroy the whole appearance
Comment from : Winnie Asara

Anna, I have been swearing by Thierry Mugler’s Alien perfume, since my teenage years ✨🤌🏼 brbrNo other perfume can top it
Comment from : Nirrini

I will never surrender my Jimmy Choo Blossom and Orange Blossom scents
Comment from : Sarah

Yajhaira M
Not all perfumes suit on me, they impregnated too much on me, even I get allergies, so I can only use some soft or lighter ones
Comment from : Yajhaira M

Shrishti Bagul
Ohh it made me happy when u spoke about perfumes,, my favorite is Royal BaronI usually wear men's perfumes because they smell so so good and are long-lasting
Comment from : Shrishti Bagul

Ward Omari
coco Channel Mademoiselle ✨
Comment from : Ward Omari

Nails,hair split,hair colour, eyebrow, perfume
Comment from : Sonal

Eyebrow, perfume,nail ,teeth
Comment from : Sonal

Mayonnaise girl
I’m obsessed that she went straight into the video ❤
Comment from : Mayonnaise girl

This was spot on Anna! The perfume part; I like to buy organic perfumes with essential oils Sometimes they can smell musky but I go for ones that have a light flowery smell, especially if it has honeysuckle or ylang ylang is the best natural organic yet young smelling, if you get the gist! :)
Comment from : FV

Cha Cha
Not really about eye brow… brooke shield has a thick eye brow and still look so gorgeous
Comment from : Cha Cha

Keri Park
Is it just me or she actually sounds like Gina from Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Comment from : Keri Park

Destiny M
I've been wearing juvenile perfume 😔
Comment from : Destiny M

How about the tattoos??
Comment from : Maria

Jenny Tarraya

Comment from : Jenny Tarraya

Johanna Alzona
Hermes twilly perfume is my “elevated” perfumebrbrBvlgari omnia amethyste has been used my most people but its very feminine and smells really really nicebrbrI also love d&g light blue and although very common, it has a nice touch to it Very fresh scentbrbrAnd also i looooove eclat
Comment from : Johanna Alzona

bkd potato
Well, this is some very accurate advice My grandmother thaught me those things from when I was little, and it's proven to work ☺️
Comment from : bkd potato

christina mitini
What about "Girls Can Say Any Thing"
Comment from : christina mitini

4:56 Anyone noticed the Indian woman in saree bindi applying perfume on her wrist?
Comment from : tm

My favorite perfumes: La vie est belle (Lancôme), Good girl (Carolina Herrera), Olympea(Paco Rabanne), Dylan Blue (Versace)
Comment from : Mela

i love and i mean LOVE the smell of stockings
Comment from : dagny

I have full eyebrows and would absolutely never shade them in for this very reason I make sure they are always manicured and perfect because they are a striking feature
Comment from : J W

Just went on a 4 day group vacation and there was one woman with horrific breath This also counts!
Comment from : J W

Ruth Hazel
I don't think she is referring to people's natural brows like some people think she is I think she means when you add makeup that is very harsh (like when Instagram brows were a thing, very unnatural looking)
Comment from : Ruth Hazel

Iris Guerra
I get a lot of compliments from men and women for my perfume: Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet Don't need the validation but it is genuinely my favorite perfume
Comment from : Iris Guerra

Did you cut your hair short???
Comment from : Smile

Donna Morrow
For eyebrows, have a soft toothbrush handy If you apply too much makeup, brush the brow and then rub the toothbrush on a face cloth, towel, etc to remove the excess makeup Repeat if needed
Comment from : Donna Morrow

Anna, you’re great and cruel at the same time 😂
Comment from : Taty

Omar Bidik
Thank you all information you so elegant and beutiful
Comment from : Omar Bidik

Chiara C
I always bring my own polish to a mani/pedi This way, if I get a chip I can touch it up brOf course if it's more than that, I keep a bottle of polish remover at home Bare nails are better than chipped ones
Comment from : Chiara C

Alina Smith, Dave Is Home
I’m guilty of the hair tie around wrist!
Comment from : Alina Smith, Dave Is Home

Momma Bear
I love Versace Yellow Diamonds and Bright Crystal
Comment from : Momma Bear

Sunnie Davis
Great advice! Thank you
Comment from : Sunnie Davis

Harriene Banaybanay
Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia 🎉
Comment from : Harriene Banaybanay

Val  M
I always think that the coco channel perfume always smells elegant!! brI could tell when someone is wearing it and it usually comes from wealthy looking lady’s
Comment from : Val M

I like Shalimar perfume created in the 1920’s maybe NJ
Comment from : Victoria

Raman Preciado
Never realized but whoa, I've always seen a woman with that band around the wrist a bit childish
Comment from : Raman Preciado

Hannah Frazier
this is one of the funniest videos I've seen in a minute just do you babes, alll woman are hot
Comment from : Hannah Frazier

I grew up so afraid to be feminine bc of the area I live in and how I was raised Thank you for helping girls like me educate ourselves!
Comment from : ericarenee2000

Dream Lander
Umh i wanted to refine myself and just perhaps pick up on a few tricks, but all I’m getting it that I need to look and smell expensive?
Comment from : Dream Lander

lori mcnally
Comment from : lori mcnally

yeolbabe cy
The hair band on wrist will ruin almost any outfit
Comment from : yeolbabe cy

Jane Elizabeth
my perfume are musk or dolce gabbana blue
Comment from : Jane Elizabeth

Love these videos😆😂! We didn't have YouTube when I was in highschool
Comment from : J W

Theresa Lutz
Celine Parfum
Comment from : Theresa Lutz

Alpha Omega G
Sadnees my eybrows so bad and i dont know How to fix it (very bad tattoo 2015😢
Comment from : Alpha Omega G

Sugar Sugar
Cartier Panthere parfum just smells rich
Comment from : Sugar Sugar

Lisa Stewart - Hartsock
Burberry perfume brHermes marseille perfume brEuphoria perfume all smell great
Comment from : Lisa Stewart - Hartsock

Angel Fuchs
I love that you said things that also pertain to you!
Comment from : Angel Fuchs

Christopher Newsom
My Favorite Sent is women's Estee Lauder Pleasures
Comment from : Christopher Newsom

Bruno Acampora’s porfumes are the best 🌿
Comment from : giuliarai1

The eyebrow thing is me in a nutshell except I don't do it again because I don't have many hairs
Comment from : angelofchrist

Ruffa Rivas
I just don't dying my hair or polishing my nails, because I don't like maintenance and if you don't maintain them you will look dirtybrBut I do clean my nails, and trim my hair
Comment from : Ruffa Rivas

I love the perfume, Baby doll, by Yves Saint Laurent!!
Comment from : Gail

Jemina Leppänen
Dear Anna I love tour agenda and mindset Lets talk about a second how we who Have budged Are able to Be (not just Look) expensive Been cheap means Bad behaving, Bad soul Been a lady IS all about good manners, kindness and self dignity Value of things that Queen Elizabeth was known Not just appearence Dignity, Grace and warmheart comes from The inside When that IS check, our appearence matters Its something i see New money people thinks too much about money, nyt they cant buy true royalty IT comes to know your value as human and giving that same value as other human beeings <3 Teach us that royalty, what ever IT means
Comment from : Jemina Leppänen

Anna Clare
I love coco maidemoiselle😍💕
Comment from : Anna Clare

Anna Clare
I love these tipsOnly thing is my hair is a strawberry blonde/red naturally,so it already looks an orangey blonde😂
Comment from : Anna Clare

Martie Sible
Prada amber is my best scent
Comment from : Martie Sible

Karina Aguilar
Wow great video Thanks 😊
Comment from : Karina Aguilar

Ellie Alavi
Chipped nail polish is my pet peeve That and wrinkly un-ironed clothes (I don’t mean Linen)
Comment from : Ellie Alavi

Denise Cruz
Classic 360 degrees by Perry Ellis!,,
Comment from : Denise Cruz

Sucre Dulce
I looove Allure from Chanel Also, Tocca hair perfume I love that my hair smells great even after gym
Comment from : Sucre Dulce

Vanessza Bertalan
My favorite perfume is Gorgeous from Michael Kors and Paco Rabanne😍
Comment from : Vanessza Bertalan

Jessica Petrin
For perfume, I feel Chanel never disappoints :)
Comment from : Jessica Petrin

Maria Matos
Cartier all day (perfume)
Comment from : Maria Matos

Daniela Goldshmidt
Perfums: Creed and Prada smells like fresh and clean like u just had shower for me is a good way to having my day
Comment from : Daniela Goldshmidt

Alaska Cosplay
For my hair, I would have my hair down or in a very lady like updo inspired by historical hairstyles like Victorian era or something, usually a long braid pinned into a bun with loose bits in the front either hanging loose or pinned on either side of the bun, almost Jane Eyre style
Comment from : Alaska Cosplay

Cynthia A
I think Paul Sebastian's Design perfume is elegant and classy
Comment from : Cynthia A

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